The Antichrist is here.

Joe Biden is the Primary Pawn of Lucifer-Man – the Antichrist par Excellence!

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXXI:
The sign is finally realized. The banning of the Catholic Mass, allegedly for the sake of controlling the COVID-19 pandemic, while allowing liquor stores and sports events and commercial activity to continue, despite the COVID-19 risks, is the handiwork of Antichrist’s deception. For Antichrist is mortal enemy to the Catholic Church. And Antichrist knows that by banning Catholic Church services, he will both financially starve to death Catholic churches, which are highly dependent on tithes from parishioners attending Mass, while also spiritually starving the Catholic laity, by depriving them of the Eucharist, which requires a Mass.

And Antichrist has chosen as his Primary Pawn an alleged devout Catholic, Joe Biden, who is actually already automatically excommunicated, due to his complicity in abortion, of which he has guilt on a massive scale, along with his support of abominations in place of marriages, which they call “gay marriages”, which are unions of sodomizing men, which are now given, under Lucifer-Man, the titles and benefits and rights that actually only belong to heterosexual couples. The sodomizing gay couple is that abomination causing desolation that stands where it does not belong. And the banning of the Catholic Mass is that act by Antichrist to abolish the daily sacrifice. Hence, America and the world are now hip deep into the Reign of Antichrist. And with the rise of Joe Biden to power, Lucifer-Man will gain firm control over America. And he will then turn the military might of that nation against both Israel and the Catholic Church, seeking to destroy both. Antichrist is here, folks. Those who voted for Joe Biden voted in Antichrist.

And where did Joe Biden spring up from? He is the little horn that has sprouted from the horn called Obama, Pawn of Pyrite, which is another name for fool’s gold. Joe Biden is the Primary Pawn of the Antichrist par Excellence, also called Lucifer-Man, and also called, Contradiction, for this one will contradict all that is True. All Truth will be contradicted by this man. If you thought Donald John Trump was evil, you have not yet seen true evil in its purest form. For evil oozes out of Joe Biden’s mouth like cum oozing out of a sodomite’s dick after sodomizing his partner in the ass. Joe Biden is the Sodomite King, the Ruler over Sodom and champion of the Sodomite Way. And he will declare gay bath houses to be called “essential services” while requiring the worship of Jesus to be banned to stop the spread of disease.

Yes, Antichrist has come. And Joe Biden is the frontal face of Antichrist in America. And Pope Francis is the frontal face of Antichrist in the Roman Catholic Church. And compare the two men together. They both have very similar facial features and very similar, sinister smiles. For they are both puppets of the same diabolical lord, the Prince of Darkness, Lucifer himself, the primary devil who led the primordial rebellion at the beginning of time. And Lucifer-Man is a man who has completely handed himself over to Satan. And Satan has taken up firm residence in him. And he knows his time is short, for the human mind, occupied by Satan, can only last for a time, two times, and half a time, and then that mind becomes a useless quagmire of filth that falls to its ruin in utter flames, ending its reign in a crash landing into the very fiery lake of hell, with a splash of hatred as it is ultimately consumed into the deepest and darkest abyss of the underworld of the damned. Now I Who Am shall speak.

Yes, Lucifer-Man has come and taken over the whole world. Then how, O’ Lord, am I to escape Lucifer-Man by being raptured to Ireland? For will he not hunt me down there, O’ Lord? For even there, the Churches are already shut down. And there are no public Church services allowed there anymore. What dost Thou decree, O’ Lord? When I rapture you to Ireland, together with your wife, Hyacinth, We shall complete the sacrament of marriage that has begun between you two, and the sacrament will be completed, and fully recognized by My Catholic Church, and by the Irish government under which it takes place. And then you depart from this earth, together with your wife, recognized in heaven, and I bring you both up to receive your eternal reward, your life and labor over, and your eternal rest having begun. I Am the Lord. Hence, you do not remain on the earth beyond Christmas Day, 2020. I Am the Lord.

Lord, the end has come at last. The final chapter of Antichrist is now here. And the times of the Great Tribulation have now begun. Lord, so many Catholics and Christians have lost their soul. And so many pagans have not found the Way into salvation. Realize, lord Larimar, that when I take you out of this earth, so great a disruption shall your departure from this earth be that it will be as though two neutron stars collided and exploded as a kilonova and merged to form a magnetar. And gold, platinum, uranium, and other heavy elements shall be created in the process. But so great will be the loss that Eric’s departure will be to this world that a massive manhunt will get underway in an all out attempt to find and recover you, but to no avail, for you shall have been taken from the earth. Amen. People will look for and hunt you down in every corner of the earth, including in the extremities of the south and north poles and into the depths of the deepest ocean trenches. And untold thousands shall die seeking you out. But no one will find you, for you will no longer be here to be found. Also, the death tolls of COVID-19 will continue to climb. And the shutdowns of the Churches will not halt the spread nor stop even one person from dying. I Am the Lord.

Lord, President Donald John Trump is still attempting to overthrow the election results and make himself a permanent President in the style of Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, who stages false elections and spews nothing but lies. Trump is attempting to seize permanent power in the United States of America. He doesn’t care that over three hundred thousand Americans have now died under his watch from COVID-19, which he has mishandled. All he cares about is to find a way to stay in power. So we have one devil who doesn’t want to give up his position of power, and we have an incoming devil who shall reign as Antichrist par Excellence when he assumes command of the ship at noon, January 20, 2021. And I assume Donald John Trump will be still clinging to power when that hour comes, and the military, no longer under his obedience, politely escorts him out of the White House to be arrested then, once outside, for the many crimes that he is charged with and to be litigated against and heavily sued for the rest of his life on the planet. And Lord, I do not think that the juries will be kind to Mr. Trump, many of whom will have lost loved ones due to the failures of the President to do anything substantial to protect them from COVID-19. That is correct, lord Azurite. President Trump will remain holed up in his White House and will not leave except by force. And he will be surprised to find that the military no longer obey him once noon arrives on January 20, 2021. For President Trump is not a student on the rule of law. He doesn’t know how it works. He thinks that he can decree law and truth. He doesn’t understand the concept of limits on power and that other people have rights, and that if he violates them, that he will suffer consequences. He fails to think that many moves ahead.

Lord, it seems as though all the pieces of the puzzle are falling in place. And Eric and his wife Hyacinth are about to depart from this earth. Lord, what relationship will Hyacinth be to Eric on the other side? Love has bound you two together. And love has united you and saved you. You will find that this love is one of the greatest treasures in heaven when you arrive there. And also, you will find there many of the people whom you showed charity to. I Am the Lord. For many have you helped in life, who were total strangers to you, and yet you gave to them of your resources. Such deeds do not go unrecorded in heavenly gold. For all charitable deeds done by My elect are written in heavenly gold for all to see and to read in heaven. Every deed that was good and noble is written there. I Am the Lord. And the time has come for you to receive your reward. Hence, you do not remain on the earth. You are coming to Me. And as two virgin Roman Catholics shall you enter into heaven sacramentally wed. I Am the Lord.

Lord, will Hyacinth go to a Christmas Eve Mass or Christmas Day Mass just before we are taken up into heaven? Both of you shall have attended one or the other form of Mass before you are both taken up, and at the same instant in time shall you both be taken away. This rapture concerns just you two. We will rapture certain others at other times, according to Our own judgements and discretion.

Lord, when Azurite and his wife are taken up, You will then begin speaking through Lazurite, your Hebrew Catholic Prophet whom you will have stationed in Israel. He will be the second of the Two Witnesses. And he will prophesy in Your name to Your Jewish people until the end. Tell me, O’ Lord, does Lazurite have a wife? Or does Lazurite marry as Eric will have married? Yes, he has a wife by the name of Angeline. And like you two, they too are eternal virgins and will retain their virginity unto the end. I Who Am have spoken.

Lord, it seems that the end of the world is now rapidly approaching. It may even arrive before the dawn of the third millennium of the Catholic Church, which would be in 2033 A.D., which is a mere 13 years away. Lazurite, like you, prophesies for only roughly forty-two months, and then I take him, along with his wife, up into heaven, as I will have taken you and your wife this Christmas Day of 2020. So do the math. Forty-two months from Christmas Day of 2020 brings us to June of 2024. Hence, now you know of when Judgement falls upon Antichrist, and when the grapes of wrath are trod in the winepress, causing blood to flow out to the height of a horse’s bridle for two hundred miles. (Revelation 14:17-20). For the time of the harvest is at hand. And the time to gather the wheat into My barn has come. The sun will set upon the earth for the last time prior to the three thousandth anniversary of the birth of My Catholic Church at Pentecost in 33 A.D. I Am the Lord! And then, in the darkness of that very long night, I shall come. And when the last day dawns, all Mankind that ever lived upon the planet will be resurrected and judged, one by one. And the books will be opened. And I will sit upon My throne, together with all My elect, also seated upon their thrones. And We will then proceed to judge all the earth and all its inhabitants who ever lived, every human being, ever member of Mankind, all those who had a soul and who were granted the ability to make a moral decision. I Am the Lord. One by one shall all of humanity be judged. Every human, starting with the last to die, and ending with the first to be created. This will be the longest day. And it will be the last day, a day with neither sun nor sunset. I Am the Lord.

Eric, write this. I Am coming soon. And I come with My recompense, to give to all who have eagerly awaited My arrival. Whoever has done good will receive a hundredfold for all that he has produced. But whoever has not produced, he will be cast down, and whatever he possessed will be taken from him and given to one who has produced more. I Am the Lord. No one who has had sex outside of wedlock will be rewarded with a high position or a great reward on the Day of Judgement. But the one who kept his or her marriage bed spotless will be highly rewarded. And the one who kept himself or herself virgin for Me will be called highest in all My heavenly Court. I Am the Lord. For virginity and chastity matter highly in My election in giving out the heavenly rewards.

To the virgins who keep to My Ways and who come to Me clean in heart, I will give to them vast estates and many lands to rule over for all eternity. Like Eric and Hyacinth, they will be granted Kingdoms to rule over and great will be their possessions in the new earth to come. I Am the Lord.

To the married souls who never sullied their marriage bed, and who honored the marriage that I joined them in to their spouse, these will be called lord and ladies in My Kingdom. And they will be kind of highborn nobility in heaven, beneath the virgins, but above the rest of My elect. They will be granted great positions of authority and will be seated on seats of high honor and distinction. And the inhabitants of cities will be governed by their power. Amen.

And to the men and women who made themselves clean, though their past was filthy, for they had illicit sexual relations with another, but saw their folly and repented of their ways and reformed themselves while the sun still shined upon their path, these men and women are those who attend to the concerns of the Kingdom. They are appointed servants. And they carry out My will throughout My Kingdom. They neither rule nor govern. Rather, their place is to serve and to obey. I Am the Lord.

And those men and women whom I converted to My religion, not in the summer or spring of their life, but in the winter, and at their last hour, these men and women are saved only through fire. And in heaven, these souls are, though greater than all outside heaven, are the poorest class within heaven. And they are granted to sit at My table and eat with Me. I give them a room in My Father’s house, and they spend eternity gazing upon the face of God. Amen.

Lord, a long time ago, it was revealed to me that I die by heart attack. Is this to be the case as to how I ultimately go on Christmas Eve? Or do I really get raptured up, as Elijah was, O’ Lord? Lord Azurite, since you will not be here to witness the earth after you have been taken away from it, how would you know the difference one way or the other if you were to leave here by dying or by being translated up to heaven. For as far as you shall shall experience it, you shall instantly depart from this world when the time comes that you are called up to heaven. Amen.

Lord, are there a great many in Your Kingdom of Heaven? Is the number of the elect very high? Lord Azurite, the number of My elect are exactly that number required to fill My Great City of Jerusalem, that New Jerusalem whose shape is a cube, each side being approximately the distance between the worldly cities of Rome and Jerusalem, as an aircraft or a bird would fly. And throughout My vast City are many mansions and many rooms.

Lord, given how late the hour is, is there no more time or opportunities for those who are outside Your Catholic Church to enter in? Do you see any opportunities, lord Azurite? We are in the final age. And those who were to become Mine have entered. And those who refused to enter in will now find entry to be rather difficult. Another goal of Lucifer-Man is to destroy Church life so that no further souls can be saved. And yes, the thousand years of Revelation, chapter 20, have come to their end. I Am the Lord. And Satan has been released from the abyss.

Now one last thing I wish to say to thee in this post, lord Azurite. And it is that you were never alone in all your journeys upon the earth. All those times where you narrowly escaped destruction, many, I tell you, were with you to see that you did not fall or fail. For all My elect in this world are guarded closely, for you are My treasure, and I will not tolerate to see My treasure defiled. Amen. This post now comes to an end. Do you have any last questions for this post, lord Azurite?

Yes, O’ Lord. Am I still King over North America, Europe, Russia, certain states of the Orient and the Pacific, and Antarctica and certain southern islands, O’ Lord? And does Queen Hyacinth reign over all those lands with me? And do we reign together over all these lands forever, O’ Lord? I will give you a test. Pass it, and I will give you a large Kingdom with many lands. Fail it, and you will have a few lands and an estate, like most eternal virgins are granted in My Kingdom. Tell me the test, O’ Lord. Or what is My test, O’ Lord? Your test is to not fall to impurity for the rest of your life. Pass this test, and you shall be granted an enormous Kingdom. Fail it, and a small plot of land and an estate shall be yours, as it is with most of My virgins. I Who Am have spoken. Amen. Lord, I believe in this promise, and for the sake of this enormous Kingdom that you have promised me, I shall no longer fall to any impure sins. Good, lord Azurite. And you hence have four days and several hours left to live. Do as you say, and if you triumph to the fourth day, I will announce your enormous Kingdom in your final post. I Am the Lord.

Now publish this post, for I have completed My Word that I wished to prophesy through you today. Amen. And note to all readers of this post, the same promises granted to Eric also apply to you, should you seek to follow after the path that Eric has blazed. Amen. For Eric has blazed a pathway to heaven. And many are invited to follow Me, the Lord, as I lead you on this path that Eric has cut through the woods. For Eric is a great trailblazer. And he has come to Me with a trail of fire lit up for all to see and to follow. Amen.

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