Eric and Hyacinth shall marry in Ireland and then rise to heaven

In Ireland shall I wed you to Hyacinth, and then you shall both rise to your eternal reward.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXIX:
I Who Am Am now speaking through Eric, who I call to serve Me. Lord, I have failed Thee. I am sorry that I am unable to keep to Your commandments. You are forgiven of your transgressions, lord Azurite. For I see your heart. And in your heart I see that you love Me. Hence, though you may fall from time to time from My standard, you do not become separated from Me, for you do not sin with deliberate consent, but rather, the sin is compelled upon you from natural inclinations. Realize that it is common among men to fall to this sin. And realize that because you do not give up on Me, I will never give up on you. Amen.

Eric, Pope Francis’ papacy is coming to an end. And in his place, I Am seating Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who shall take the papal name of John to be called Pope John XXIV. This Cardinal Burke is holy and righteous. And he truly loves Me. He does not get caught up with the current fad where people now think homosexuality is okay. For this fad will pass, and those who look back on this generation will consider it to be the Generation of the Sodomites. Many priests and bishops have fallen to believe it is okay to practice homosexuality, and they even go so far as to believe that homosexual couples should be blessed by the Catholic clergy. Such is the fulfillment of the scriptures where it said, “The abomination that causes desolation will be seen standing where it does not belong.”

Lord, does this mean that You are about to come and wipe out the evildoers or to rapture up those elect who have washed their robes white in the blood of the Lamb? Only you and Hyacinth Am I rapturing up at this time. Oracle of the Lord. You will be raptured up due to your holiness. For though you may fall from time to time, you never leave Me and you never abandon your station. That is good. Such is useful to Me for the position I have prepared for you to fill upon your arrival here. And I Am rapturing up Cassandra also, for she has become like you, for she alone among women has truly received you. Amen. For whoever receives a prophet like Elijah will receive a reward like that which goes to a prophet like Elijah. Amen.

You and Cassandra will rise from this earth. I do not give you the hour, but the day will be in the Christmas season. I Am the Lord. You and Cassandra will be raptured up immediately after you have both been to a Christmas mass. Amen. At the same moment in time shall this Rapture take place. Only two shall rise in it: Caesar Sandra Nikee and Eric Robert Dunstan. I Who Am have spoken. And this rapture cannot be halted. It cannot be derailed. For My decision is imprinted in heavenly gold. I Am the Lord.

Then, O’ Lord, I do not continue to reign upon the earth for forty-two years? And am I not then the Great Monarch who lives and reigns at the same time as the holy pope? Is, therefore, the one who is to be the Great Monarch a king who is yet to come? For perhaps I have transgressed to think that I fulfill many prophecies when it is rather that I fulfill only a few, or only the one: Revelation 6:2? Perhaps the Great Monarch is a King yet to rise? Am I correct, O’ Lord? And am I correct to say that he rises to power in western Europe and reigns at the same time as the papacy of Pope John XXIV, to be followed by the papacy of Pope Benedict XVII? Am I correct, O’ Lord?

Lord, am I to be raptured from this earth to heaven at Christmas, or do I reign upon the earth for forty-two years? For I have heard and written both prophecies. What dost Thou sayest, O’ Lord? I take you from this earth by Christmas Day, lord Azurite. You do not remain here. As for the forty-two year reign that I promised you, you will serve Me as that Prince reigning from heaven. I Am the Lord.

Lord, Hyacinth needs my help. Am I to send her help? And if so, how? The time when you are sending help to Hyacinth is coming to an end. But I will help her. And she will have all that she needs. Now think, lord Azurite. If I have bound you and Hyacinth together, such that you both rise to heaven at the same moment in time, then it must also be true that you will continue to see to her needs until the time comes for your ascension into heaven. I Am the Lord. Your ascension into heaven cannot be delayed and cannot be overturned, neither by meritorious deeds on your part, nor by transgressions that you may fall into. For it is predestined of you that you rise on that date. It is not by your sins or your transgressions that your earthly life comes to an end now, but rather, because you are predestined to rise to your glory on that date. I Am the Lord.

And Cassandra goes with you due to her holiness and that she belongs to you and you to her. For I have saved you through her and her through you. You have both been saved through the charity that flowed between you two and from you two to others. Hence, you will find that whatever need she has of you, that you will be able to supply it to her. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I will then not be here in America to continue to bring blessings to this nation, O’ Lord? That is correct, lord Azurite, for you will be coming to Me. For your time in this world is coming to an end. I Am the Lord. Also, you know of the commandment I make to those I take from this world: Do not look back at the things you are leaving behind. I Am the Lord. And the means by which you shall rise shall be that you shall be translated from this world to the next. And then no more shall any see you or Hyacinth in this world until the end of time. I Am the Lord.

So then, O’ Lord, will I receive the crown of virginity? And will I leave no descendants in this world? Yes to both questions, lord Azurite. For it was never My intention that you lose your virginity. For the position you are to fill in heaven can only be filled by a male virgin raptured from the earth. I Am the Lord. Lord, Christmas Day is in seven days time.

Lord Azurite, go to confession this Saturday and confess your sins of impurity. And realize that you will rise to your eternal glory at the appointed time. For your time here is now coming to an end. And you will have been made perfect by that coming date. I Am the Lord. Note that I make Sandra your wife. She you shall wed the moment after I rapture you to be together, just before your dual ascension into heaven. At a hidden chapel in Ireland shall this wedding take place. Do not be concerned with any issues of logistics or what you must bring with you. For I have prepared everything, even the two witnesses who shall sign the certificates, which will be immortal relics in the Catholic Church at that chapel in Ireland. And those two witnesses shall be Me, your Lord Jesus Christ, and Mary, My Virgin Mother of God, for We two are in Our eternal resurrected states already in heaven. I Am the Lord. And this wedding in Ireland will take place on Christmas Day, Friday, December 25, 2020, in Ireland. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And on the earth, immediately after I take you and Hyacinth up into heaven, Antichrist takes over America and the whole world, and My servant Lazurite shall then begin to prophesy. I Am the Lord. He will live in Jerusalem. And he will be prophesying to My Jewish people. I Am the Lord. He will be a Jewish Catholic who will preach Catholicism to My Jewish people. I Who Am have spoken.

Also, regarding the Great Monarch and the holy pope who was to come, such was a prophetic fantasy. There is no scriptural basis to this prophecy. And hence, all the prophecies of the Great Monarch and of the holy pope are a matter of private revelations, as are also all the revelations recorded in this series of books, called the Emerald Trove. I Am the Lord.

Whoever does My will to the end of his life, I shall save. And whosoever fails to obey Me shall be condemned. You have done My will, lord Azurite. And I do not consider your failures from time to time to be true disobedience, but rather, a stumble along the Way of the Lord. I Who Am have spoken. This post is now complete. Publish it and then go and eat. And then you shall go to work. I Am the Lord. Amen.

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