Law of the Players Explained

This world is governed by a divinely decided sequence of Players, who set up Pawns.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXVI:
Behold, it has come to me and I have understood at last. Consider the Book of Judges in the Old Testament for biblical precedent in this idea, and you will realize that this teaching has its roots in Biblical literature. In the Book of Judges, the people of Israel, before the time of the Kings, were ruled loosely by a series of divinely appointed rulers, called Judges, who came from time to time to help Israel, in a divinely decided sequence. Samual of the Books of 1 & 2 Samuel, or 1 & 2 Kings, where Samuel and Kings are combined to form four books of Kings, Samuel is considered the last divinely appointed Judge, and after him ruled the Kings. God preferred the system of Judges to the system of Kings. (1 Samuel 8:1-9). And Israel would have fared better had they remained ruled by Judges whom God chose to appoint and to anoint to rule from time to time as He saw fit.

Lord, tell me my vocation. Am I to remain in the celibate laity? Or do I become a priest? I am willing to be made a priest, O’ Lord, God willing. In the celibate laity lies your vocation, lord Azurite. And you are a Judge in the system of Judges I have established in America. I founded America on the principles that found all men as created equals. The reason why slavery existed in America was because Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the Constitution, was not willing to part with his slaves and acknowledge them as his equals. Such is how power corrupts the mind. And it is how many Whites became corrupted by their power over the Blacks, thinking that they had a divinely appointed right to rule over Black people and to own them as their property, and to buy and sell them. And whoever took away their rights to their slaves they saw as wicked and evil. For their standard of justice was corrupted by power and the sin of pride.

But realize that only one form of slavey can be found just, and that is penal slavery, that is, slavery instituted as a means of punishment for crimes. And realize, God’s justice says that children do not pay for the crimes of their parents. (Ezekiel 18:2-4). Hence, in penal slavery, only the convicted criminal is made a penal slave, while his wife and family remain free.

Lord, do You justify the use of penal slavery for such crimes as being unable to pay a debt? No, lord Azurite, for the debt system in this world is unlawful, for it is based on usury. Only in a system where usury is forbidden and where all debts are forgiven every Jubilee year, and in which all slaves are set free, would I permit the use of penal slavery to be imposed as a punishment for the crime of being unable to pay one’s debts. Set up a system such as this, and I will be pleased, lord Azurite.

Lord, I will set up such a system if I am restored to power. Good, now you acknowledge two things. You were once such a Judge anointed and granted power. And you recognize that your power only lasted so long. I will now define the system of Judges I have set up in America.

In America, as recorded in the Emerald Trove, Eric has given a special name to the Judges I set in power to rule the land as a divinely appointed sequence of Rulers who set up Pawns and topple rulers from their positions. He has given them the name, Players. And he has given as the name of the heads-of-state that the Players set up by the power entrusted to them as called Pawns. Hence, Players are the Judges who come to rule, and they set up visible rulers in the world that define their reign called Pawns. Let us now record the list of the Judges who have come to rule from America, since the time of Emerald, the first recorded such Judge.

  1. Emerald – Ruled through Reagan, Bush Senior of USA, set up Gorbachev of USSR, de Klerk of South Africa, Yeltsin of Russia, Rabin of Israel. assoc. with Pope John Paul II.
  2. Vesper – Set up Clinton of USA, Barak of Israel, Putin of Russia, and others. – a female.
  3. Twilight – Set up Bush Junior of USA, Sharon of Israel, and others. assoc. with Pope Benedict XVI.
  4. Pyrite – Set up Obama of USA, and others. assoc. with Pope Francis.
  5. Firefly – Set up Palin and Trump of USA, Bolsonaro of Brazil, Johnson of United Kingdom, and others. – a female.
  6. Contradiction – Set up Biden of USA. – Lucifer-man.
  7. Azurite – To Set up Navalny of Russia, and others. to be assoc. with Pope John XXIV.

Lord, Azurite is really Emerald come again, and of the Catholic faith this time, whereas Emerald ruled as a pagan, and later as a convert to Protestantism.

Therefore, O’ Lord, if this system of Players is established by You, O’ Lord, why are so many of the Players so wicked, along with so many of their Pawns? For the Judges of Israel were good and servants to the Lord. But many of the Players are completely corrupt and evil. I established the system of Players in America to serve as a basis for My coming judgement of her. But since you have converted to My religion, you, the first of My Players I established to rule America, I have forgiven her. And because you gave up your power as a Player to serve Me as a Christian at the height of your Emerald Reign, I hereby re-anoint to rule as the Seventh Player, who shall be called Azurite. And you will succeed Contradiction in the USA with your own Pawn in 2024.

Realize the Law of the Players whom I have established over America. The Player comes to power and cannot be dethroned until his reign has come to its end. Firefly’s reign in America ends on January 20, 2021, and after that, her Trump Pawn has no more power. So also are Players and their Pawns anointed by God. And whosoever kills one of God’s anointed dies. (2 Samuel 1:11-16).

Lord, since I do not become a priest, does any girl enter my life? And what becomes of Hyacinth, O’ Lord? Lord Azurite, I have commanded that you marry the girl I give you, but you must not have sex with her. I Who Am decree this to be. Hyacinth’s time is coming to an end. And by your faithfulness to her, I have saved her soul. And thus, you will be rewarded with good things to come. As for Hyacinth, We take her away when the time comes for the girl who We are giving you as a celibate wife is to enter your life. We are now pleased with you and with your progress. If you continue to please Us, We will grant you the one who is to be your celibate wife. This event is to come at the time that your purity becomes irrevocable. And this can only come by a grace from Us, together with your cooperation. We will provide this grace unto you soon, provided that you completely cooperate with Us in the purification of your soul. I Am the Lord.

But now you know why Trump cannot be removed from power yet and why America is helpless and unable to oust him from power. Trump is a Pawn set up by a ruling Player. I Am the Lord. But it has come to Our attention that many followers of Trump truly believe that Trump lost the elections by voter fraud. This is a lie. It is completely untrue. The fact is that the American people voted according to how the many polls before the election demonstrated how they would vote. This is a democracy, and in a democracy, the majority have the power to decide who they shall have rule over them. And the people voted to have Joe Biden be their President. The national elections agreed with the polls. Maybe if the polls before the elections were to have shown Trump ahead of Biden, there could be something to suspect. But when poll after independent poll shows Biden leading Trump by large margins, followed by an election where the actual votes show the exact same thing, how can you Republican fools continue to beat your head against the wall thinking it is going to become a door for you and open up for you? Come back to your senses. And do no evil to those Republican governors who did the right thing and upheld the law. For whosoever divides the Republican Party like that does not deserve to be a part of it.

Now, the Republican Party must unite to get these two Senators to win in the races in Georgia. And you must realize that Joe Biden is the validly elected President. For it is the law and it is just. But also realize that Republicans will once again rule in the White House in 2024, but under new blood. Trump is out. Do not even consider him for 2024, for such is a total waste. Do not give into the ego tripping of Trump. Free yourself from his spell of power, for it is coming to an end on January 20, 2021, and you must rule according to law and justice, and not according to a man.

The Azurite Pawn who is to come to power in 2024 will be righteous and just, similar to Alexei Navalny, who is to be the first Azurite Pawn of Russia, and similar to the Pawns of Emerald. I Who Am have spoken.

Lord, will there come to be an eighth Player in America, one who succeeds Azurite? Know ye, lord Azurite, that the Player Azurite is to be that prophesied figure known as the Great Monarch, and the pope who reigns during that time, Pope John XXIV, shall be the prophesied holy pope. And that holy pope shall be Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke. He shall come to be seated on the Seat of Peter in mid 2021. I Am the Lord. Now publish this post, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

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