The Rapture of Eric is on Christmas Eve

Eric shall come to Me and be given his share in My Kingdom very soon.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXV:
Behold, I now reveal a great mystery. Eric is coming to Me on Christmas Eve. I Am the Lord. Lord, do I not then become a priest in Ireland? For You have said that great are the celebrations now taking place in heaven at the news that I am to become a priest. How does this take place if I am raptured instead to Your Kingdom, O’ Lord? But at the same time, I would very much prefer to go to Your Kingdom in heaven than to remain here upon the earth, where I must continue to labor for the Kingdom.

You are coming to Me on Christmas Eve, lord Azurite. And your acceptance of this calling that I Am to give to you to become My priest on Christmas Eve concerns your divinely appointed and eternal position of glory and service to Me that I have decided to give you in the eternal hereafter. And I wish to now take you out of this world and bestow this reward upon you in the eternal glory of the world to come, the world without end. Amen.

Lord Azurite, you have planned to make some stock purchases this morning. Tell Us about them. Lord, I have decided to take a long position in certain stocks. Perhaps I should reveal the names of these stocks at the end of this post, when it is to be published, O’ Lord? Do exactly as you have planned. And I will tell you of the timing by which you are to carry out your plans. Amen. At the end of this post, I will have you reveal the stocks you shall purchase. And before you publish this post, the purchases shall have been made. Amen.

But Lord, I am to invest in stocks, but not be in this world to use the profits from them? Lord Azurite, you have triumphed greatly. Buy these stocks as you are commanded to do, but realize also that you are to go to heaven on Christmas Eve. You do not remain here. I Am the Lord.

Lord, also do tell me what becomes of Hyacinth, whom You say is grafted into the olive tree through me. She is taken with you at the same exact moment in time. I Am the Lord. Lord, is this event that you describe the Rapture of the Saints? It is your Rapture. The day and hour that I Rapture others I do not reveal.

But folly, great is the folly of those who I find unprepared for My day of wrath, which is soon to come. For I Am coming upon the inhabitants of this earth with blazing wrath and fury. And they will all be destroyed, all who walk upon the earth but not with Me. I Am the Lord.

For America, where did you get the concept that a man should be allowed to marry another man? And where did you get the idea that this behavior was to be protected, and that those who rejected this behavior were to be punished? From what abyss of spiritual state did you acquire this perverted logic? Tell Me! For is it not written that the innocent are not to be punished? You have manufactured crimes to charge the innocent with, while you in your hypocrisy kill unborn babies and, with abominable sins, defile everything that is holy within your midst. You have become a beast that must now be outright slain. And only by casting you into the fire, together with all your leaders and all who followed you, will My great anger be appeased. I Am the Lord.

Lord, many have followed this blog, and many will do so in the future. But I will not be here to write any further beyond Christmas Eve. Correct, lord Azurite. For I Am taking you up to heaven on that date. You were born on Wednesday, June 24, 1970. And you will be taken up into heaven on Thursday, December 24, 2020. You will have lived in this world for exactly 50 and a half years. You will have lived for span covering 18,447 days, or 2635 weeks and 2 days.

Lord Azurite, it is now time for you to make your stock purchases. Purchase them now, I thus decree. Amen. Lord, the market is not yet open. It shall open soon, lord Azurite. Lord, when I do make this purchase, what becomes of all this wealth? For I am leaving these shore in ten days time. Did you not read, lord Azurite, that the people of this world will be buying and selling, building and planting, right up to the time that Noah enters the Ark, and the floods come and wash them all away?

Lord, I feel that there is about to occur a great exodus of Your people from the earth up into heaven. Am I correct? Many will I take out when I take you. But know that this event is not like the Rapture of the Saints as imagined by the Protestants. Rather, it is an event undreamed of and unimagined by neither the saints nor the prophets.

For I Am taking you and many others out of this world by a most miraculous means. And those who preached the Rapture have fallen far short of what I Am about to do. I Am the Lord. Lord, I most long to go to You and to gaze upon Your face for all eternity. This will be your reward and the reward of the many, all who I rapture up into heaven, and all who now live there. But as for the damned and the accursed, never will I permit them to gaze upon My face. I Am the Lord.

Lord, it will come to a great shock to the wicked to see all the elect who You have chosen to take from the earth to have left them. Indeed, lord Azurite. It will be most puzzling and disturbing to them to see that this prophetic event has taken place. And it will be then that massive numbers of people will seek to come to Me, but will find the Church inaccessible, and that the people needed to save them gone. But My Church will still be here. My people will still be on the earth. It is just that the ranks of those holy within them shall have been thinned.

Lord, how do you decide which of those who are of your elect it is that you will take and which you will leave behind? Those who have washed their robes white in the blood of the Lamb Am I taking up. Those who have not I am leaving behind. I Am the Lord.

Lord, since you love all Your elect that You are bringing up, will this Raptured host be the ones that You collectively call Your Bride? All in My Kingdom are married to Me, lord Azurite. For there is no way into My Kingdom except through Me. Even those who had died before My crucifixion, who were dwelling in hades, to where I descended to to free them, they were freed and made members of My Bride by My election to save them. All who heard My voice and who were found worthy did I save. For great is My Kingdom of Heaven, and the rolls of My elect extend all the way back to the times of Adam and Eve. For salvation has been offered to the entire human race, should they choose to accept it. Amen.

Lord, does the taking of me and the other elect who have washed their robes white in the blood of the Lamb constitute the end of that Age of Salvation called the Millennium? Yes, you are correct. And then Satan and his legions will be released from hell to wreck havoc upon the souls upon the earth. I Am the Lord.

But even then, Your elect upon the earth will not be abandoned. That is correct, lord Azurite. My elect on the earth I do not abandon. But they will be as sheep without a shepherd. And many will perish and fall away. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I have not yet seen Lazurite. Does he appear as soon as I am taken away? When I take you away, that is when I Am pouring My Spirit out upon Israel. And young men will prophesy and old men will dream dreams. For on Christmas Day, Friday, December 25, 2020, does salvation return to My people Israel in force. Amen. And then will you see My servant Lazurite prophesying in Israel as I command him until the end of this world. Amen.

Okay, I have just made my purchases on the stock market. And I elected to invest a good long position into TSM (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company), for they are the foundry that will be making the new M1 chips Apple has designed to replace Intel chips in their Mac desktop computers, and they are opening a factory in Arizona to do this. I have also taken a long position in Apple (AAPL). But I have elected to keep my long position in Intel (INTC), for that company is going to continue to dominate the data center for some time to come. Also my long position in Boeing (BA) remains unchanged. And I increased my long position in GM, for I believe in the electric vehicle technology that is being developed in that company under CEO Mary Barra. Those are my investments for today. And let it be understood as a disclosure that no one is guaranteed to make money on the stock market. Each person must do his own investigation and research into the matter. And no one should invest anything that they cannot afford to lose, though extensively researching and wisely investing and choosing not to follow the herd are good strategies to making money on the stock market. But realize that for each investor, the responsibility of when to buy and sell and which stocks to choose are ultimately his own. Also realize that when done with skill and knowledge, investing in the stock market is not gambling. If you consider this gambling, then stop and make no investment, for you have not done the proper amount of research that is to go into any buy or sell you make here. Amen.

Eric, you have passed the test. Publish this and then go to work. For you are working today. Amen.

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