All Truth is backed by the Sea of Peace

That which is backed by the Sea of Peace is of God. That which is not is not of God.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXIV:
Behold, the means of discernment has now been revealed. This is how one is to know whether something is from God or from the devil. It is is of God, it will be backed by the Sea of Peace. And if it is not backed by the Sea of Peace, it is not of God. Only those who dwell in the Sea of Peace can know of this method and what it means.

Now, Eric, I will speak unto thee. And you will know that it is of God if what I say is backed by the Sea of Peace. Lord, speak unto me. And reveal what is of God and what is not. Do I marry a girl? Do I have sex? Or do I remain of the celibate laity? Or do I become a priest? Or do I become a monk? It is of the celibate laity where your vocation lies, lord Azurite.

Then what becomes of Hyacinth? For she is still here, and I am still with her. I have not forsaken her. I still give to her, so that she may live. Who is Hyacinth to me, O’ Lord? And what is her fate with me, who shall never marry and never have sex? Hyacinth is the fruit that grows on your branch, for you are a branch grafted onto My olive tree, and Hyacinth is bearing fruit by being of your branch. I Am the Lord. It is as has been said unto thee. As long as you provide for Cassandra, so also shall We provide for you. I Who Am have spoken.

For realize this most important thing. All that belong to me are grafted into My olive tree. But not all are directly grafted in, but rather, most are indirectly grafted in by being grafted onto another. For when the Patriarch of Constantinople, Michael Cerularius, broke from communion with the Roman Catholic Church in the year 1054, that was a decision made by one man, so why then did all of the Eastern Church fall? It is because Patriarch Michael Cerularius was a major branch, onto which all of Eastern Europe was grafted into the olive tree through him. So when he fell away, so did they, because of his decisions. He in hell will pay for the damnation of untold billions of souls, lord Azurite. You are different. You are a much more humble branch, upon which is grafted one ewe lamb. And yet, you must feed her and keep this ewe lamb well taken care of. For she is of My Kingdom. And if you were to let her perish, so also would I let you perish. I Am the Lord.

Then, O’ Lord, do I do good? Am I good regarding her. O’ Lord? Has she received all she needs from me? You have obeyed Us in Our command that you take care of her. And thus, We will continue to provide for you. Not all men are faithful as you are, lord Azurite. Many abandon those that I mandate that they take care of. And they justify themselves by saying they are breaking no laws. But My law they have broken. And thus, I abandon them to their ruin, just as they abandoned the ones I entrusted to them. A man is entrusted with certain goods and people. If he is faithful with what I have entrusted him with, I will save him. But if he is unfaithful with what I have entrusted him with here in this life, why would I entrust him with eternal goods in the hereafter? Rather, those who I find unfaithful and untrustworthy I do not admit into heaven. Their place is the lake of My eternal wrath. I Who Am have spoken.

Many deacons and priests say homilies that help no one come to salvation. Instead, the vast majority in their flock, upon hearing their words, continue in their herd to hell. For the deacons and the priests do not say things that they consider judgmental because they do not want to be pointing fingers at anyone. For had they done so, they might have actually saved one soul. But because they do not, they save no souls. For think about it. Does cracking jokes and entertaining the flock save souls? The people get enough of that from the world, and none of that saves anyone. Instead, the deacons and priests who do nothing to stop their flock from going to hell are rightly called servants of Satan. And if you are in My eyes a servant to Satan, greatly mistaken are you to expect salvation from Me when you come before Me to be judged at the end of your life.

Eric knows and sees all these things. But can Eric stand up before the people in Church to preach to them? No, Eric has no such platform to preach to My people. If he were a cleric (a deacon, a priest, or a bishop in My Catholic Church), he would have the right to preach. But Eric does not preach because he has no right nor authority to do so. Rather, Eric writes here, as he is commanded to. Were he to become a priest, he would make a most excellent preacher. But alas, his heart is to remain writing code as a career choice. He is in his niche, and prefers that to serving the Lord.

Lord, I hereby state thus: My career in IT is less, much less in importance to saving souls. My heart is to serve You as a priest who will preach with authority to Your people, O’ Lord. I am willing to serve You as a priest if you call me, O’ Lord. Just put me under obedience to a wise bishop who will not command me to be silent, O’ Lord. For the priest is under a vow to obey his bishop. So you, lord Azurite, are willing to submit yourself to My bishop and to preach as I command you to? Yes, O’ Lord. And I am willing to serve you as your priest. I Am no longer going to diverge from this path. I Am no longer going to consider marriage. And now with my knowledge of how to discern what is from God, call me to the priesthood and I will know if this calling is from God.

Lord, do You call me to the priesthood? For I am willing and able to serve if You call. I just need to be cured, as You both know and have the full ability to do so. Perform this test of obedience to Me, lord Azurite. And if you are found obedient and worthy, I will tell you My answer. Tell me the test, O’ Lord, and I will accept the answer that comes from Your divine judgement. Judge the nations of Europe and Russia. And decree your decision as to what is to be done regarding those nations. And by your answer, I will have My decision ready. Oracle of the Lord.

Lord, I have judged them thus. This people, the Europeans and the Russians, have been under a curse, particularly in the east, where Catholicism is quite rare, so as, in Dungeons & Dragons terminology, to be classifiable as the Dark Elves, also called the Drow. And when Eric first came to liberate them from their dark prisons, Eric was Emerald at the time, who knew not the Lord. And when Eric converted to Christianity in July of 1992, he still was not yet saved, for he had became a Protestant, which is a religion that belongs to the Drow, the Dark Elves. It was only finally on Sunday, May 21, 2000, the fifth Sunday of Easter of the year 2000, that Eric began to attend the Roman Catholic Church, for the sake of his father’s salvation, for his father told Eric he would go to Church with him if he went to the Catholic Church. Boris Yeltsin, the last reigning Pawn of Emerald, ceased to be head-of-state of Russia on December 31, 1999. And then the Emerald Reign was effectively ended, and Eric started on the path of Catholicism within five months of that date. Amen. Sunday May 28, 2000, was the first date that Eric tithed to the Catholic Church, in accordance to his pay dates. And Eric converted to the Catholic Church, formally entering full membership with the Church and receiving the sacraments of Confirmation and First Holy Communion on Easter Vigil, March 30, 2002. Amen.

Lord, when Eric as Emerald ruled and judged Europe and Russia, setting up Pawns and toppling rulers, the people of those lands did not know Eric as a Catholic. And due to this, this people did not convert. Let us give them a second chance, where Eric returns to power over them as Azurite, a Catholic Player. And let Eric set up Pawns again and topple rulers in those lands. For this second time, Eric would rule as a Catholic, and the people would taste Catholicism. And let Eric then preach to the people of Europe and Russia then, through the Pawns he sets up and by the decrees and rulings that he makes. And then, then let the people be judged. For then the people will have no excuse if they do not repent and convert to Catholicism. Such is my judgement and decree, O’ Lord.

Excellent, lord Azurite. I enjoyed reading your well thought out plan of your return to power over these people. By your judgement, you acknowledge that this people are unworthy, but you point out that the taste of My offer of salvation was not viably made to them through the Player Emerald during the papacy of Pope John Paul II, due to the lack of Catholicism in Emerald, and perhaps also due to the unholiness of the pope, who failed to consecrate Russia as demanded of him by Me through the apparitions of Mary to the seers of Fatima. And it is an admission of Eric that he never heard from the pope or from his Church that there was no salvation outside the Catholic Church, for had he heard this from them, he would have investigated this, and he would have converted much sooner. Hence, the failure of Eric to have been Catholic during the Emerald Reign was a direct failure on the part of the popes and the clerics of the Catholic Church who never spoke on this subject nor ever made this teaching known.

Now the question is, do I make the First Rider of the Apocalypse a priest in My Roman Catholic Church and send him to preach to My people as a shepherd over them? Lord Azurite, consider the prophecies of the Great Monarch and the Holy Pope. Is one subject to the other? The Great Monarch rules over secular things and issues, while the Holy Pope rules over matters of faith and morals. And regarding all matters of faith and morals, the Great Monarch is subject to the Holy Pope and must submit himself to all things that the pope rules on the issues of faith and morals, as well as the rulings of all previous popes and all Catholic Council infallible rulings. And the Great Monarch is bound to obey and fulfill Catholic teachings that come from the Magisterium. Good, lord Azurite. By your answer, I accept your entrance into My priesthood. For by your answer, you have demonstrated that you will obey My bishop and do as you are commanded. You are hence judged to well serve Me as My priest. Go to the priest this Christmas season. For I am curing you of all things.

When exactly am I to be cured, O’ Lord, and sent to the priest? For if the Christmas season begins on Christmas Eve, and today is Sunday, December 13, 2020, then there are but eleven days yet to come before the Christmas season begins. Lord Azurite, great are the celebrations going on in heaven to the news that you are to be made My priest. When you see the baby Jesus put into the manger at the Christmas Eve celebrations, that is when I will make your calling to become My priest official and cure you of all things and send you to speak to the priest whom I command you to speak to concerning your calling to enter My priesthood. I Am the Lord.

Lord Azurite, you are a holy and charitable man. You will make a lovely priest in My priesthood. And you will obey My bishop. You will not serve Me here, but in Ireland. I Am sending you to Ireland to be made a priest there. I Am the Lord. I accept, O’ Lord. And I believe and will trust in Your Word, O’ Lord. Lord, I have a question. Ask, My servant. Do I bring my computers with me to Ireland, for you know how expensive they are over there compared with here. Only your 16 inch 2019 Mac Book Pro will you take with you. I Am the Lord. The rest of your computers you are leaving behind. I Am the Lord. And your back up hard drive you shall also take with you. Amen. Lord, since that is the computer I do my work on at the office, do I continue to do work for the company I work for in California when I am in Ireland? Yes, your work for them will continue. For you do all your work for them on the cloud. And you can thus work anywhere. Even as a Seminary student, you will do this work for this company on the side. Amen. And they will pay you to your Chase business bank account, which will still be accessible from Ireland. I Am the Lord. For they have no choice but to continue to have you do work for them. You are their entire IT department, and you have access to all their servers and only you know how they were all set up. Amen.

So then, O’ Lord, I go to Ireland by normal air travel, not by rapture? Am I correct, O’ Lord? In the last plane to leave America will I have you fly out on. And then the prison shall be shut. And no one will be permitted to leave fortress America. I Am the Lord. Lord, that sounds a lot like Antichrist is coming to rule over America. Is this the case, O’ Lord? Yes, Antichrist takes over America with Donald Trump vanquished. And America will then become a place of utter darkness and desolation. For it is the Babylon the Great that is to be utterly destroyed. Amen.

Lord, then I take it that this departure from America is to take place before Joe Biden’s inauguration as the 46th President on January 20, 2021? Am I correct, O’ Lord? Leave quickly when the command is given and do not look back at what you are leaving behind. Amen. I will provide you with the means to go. And the quarantine you will need to go through you will manage well. These are among the last Words that I write through you on this blog. When you are in Ireland, the time of your prophesying will have come to an end, and you shall prophesy no more. Instead, you will begin studying and mastering the disciplines you shall need to serve Me as My priest, and you shall have entered the seminary. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Now go and take your medication, lord Azurite. And realize that the time in which you take medication is coming to an end. Amen. Lord, what do I do regarding U.S. federal and Californian income taxes while I am in Ireland? Do not be concerned about such things, lord Azurite. The computers systems that track all that information are going to be wiped out. And the U.S. Dollar will cease to be the world’s reserve currency. This will be the combined work of Russia and China at the departure of Trump from office. They will consider Joe Biden to be a pushover and therefore, the perfect President to be ruling America when they dismantle the United States Dollar as the world’s reserve currency. For they will see that this man, Joe Biden, will cooperate with Russia and China and willingly give up that privilege that America has had over all other nations for decades.

And O’ Lord, which nation will then possess the world’s reserve currency? Which nation will then control global commerce, O’ Lord? The Dark Ages do not have any one single power controlling global commerce, lord Azurite. Also, NATO comes to an effective end with the wipe out of America as a superpower. Amen. America will be thus wiped out as a superpower, and then all attention will turn toward Israel. And then the United States of America under Joe Biden will join with Israel’s enemies in demanding the dismantling of the Israeli state.

And with that act of betrayal by a United States President toward My people Israel, I will commence with the utter destruction of America. And nothing will be left of the United States of America but the towering ruins of her deserted ghost cities. I Am the Lord. And the roads and transportation systems of America will become like those of the Roman Empire, marvelous to behold, but broken and no longer usable. Read Revelation, chapters 17-18, to see the fate I have planned for the United States of America under the coming Biden Administration. And Kamala Harris will be that witch dressed in scarlet who rides the Beast. I Am the Lord.

Yes, America is to be utterly destroyed. For it is now clear that America will not end its homosexual marriages or its abortions. America is not coming back to Me. And hence, I will now destroy her utterly. I will not give her a second chance. But those who are Mine will be taken out of the way before My iron fist starts beating this nation to a pulp. I am breaking this nation and utterly wiping her out.

But Lord, what about the achievement of good Supreme Court Justices on the Supreme Court? And what about all the good that has been achieved by those in America who do your will, O’ Lord? Do you destroy all those good people who seek to do right? For is not America divided? Is there not a righteous minority who seek a return to morality and cleanliness? That is just it, lord Azurite. How does America, a democracy, return to Me if they can only do so by voting, in which only the will of the majority is made law? For by your own assessment, those who are in the majority are against Me. Since America has abandoned Me, I will now abandon them. But I will not destroy those who are Mine within her. Rather, the nation of America, which has left Me, I will destroy, but the remnant who are Mine I will take out of this nation and lead them to greener pastures and springs of living waters. Amen.

Yes, you will use your Irish Passport to set up yourself in Ireland. And thus, I shall make sure you bring it with you. For your departure from here shall be rushed and sudden. And you will not have an opportunity to return to your house to get anything from it that is left inside. For anyone who does so will be left behind. No one knows the day or the hour of the Coming of the Son of Man. Therefore watch and be ready. For at a time you know not, the hour will come when My people are taken away. I Who Am have spoken. Go now, lord Azurite. For this post has come to an end. When I cure you, you will be writing very few further posts here. And soon after you are cured of all things shall be your departure from this nation. I Who Am have spoken. I Am the Lord. Amen.

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