Behold, a Light from the West

Behold, a Light is shining from the far West.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXII:
Behold, I am here, O’ Lord. What sayest Thou to me? Lord Azurite, are you attracted to women? Dost thou long to know one? Lord, what would motivate me to seek a woman? Beauty? What is most beautiful today is wilted tomorrow. Beauty, therefore, is not to be the motivation for any man who pursues a woman. For the beauty in women is fleeting. I do find women attractive, but I do not wish to pursue something that will not last. Instead, I will turn and serve the Lord.

Lord Azurite, what then dost thou seekest? I seek Truth and discernment. I wish to know what is true about a great many things. And I wish to be granted discernment, so that I may tell what is from Satan and what is from God. I will grant thee thy wish, but first you must give to Me what I wish. And that is your obedience in all things. I agree to obey the Lord in all that He commands.

Then do this, lord Azurite. We are taking Sandra from your life. The sign that she has been taken shall be that I shall give unto thee a girl, who you shall marry and have a son by. And do not pretend to be of the celibate path, for it is clear you are a man destined for marriage. I Am the Lord.

And do not seek to be bound to another in the hereafter, for all in heaven are bound to Me and to Me alone. There are not binary, ternary, nor quaternary star systems in My heavenly Kingdom. And all saints in My Kingdom are free and single, as the atoms of helium gas. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I fully accept this path. I am willing to give up the crown of virginity and live a married life if that is my predestined fate. It is, lord Azurite. Furthermore, let us discuss these lands of the earth that you divide up into Kingdoms and assign kings to rule over them. It is but all a game. You do not really rule. All you have is the power of prayer. And that is all that is going on between the Players and Me. They are praying and decreeing things to be done by faith. There really is no power that they have that I do not give to them. All your Pawns, I led you to seek their rise. All the wisdom of your decisions, I led you to make them, and I led you to decide what you decided to do. I led you, and you willingly followed Me. And now you are a member of the Catholic Church, now for over eighteen years.

Do not think that because you liken yourself to be a king as of old, that you will be granted a forty year reign. For you are no such King. Nor are you anointed to be anything other than one I wish to write through. You are just a man, lord Azurite. And you do not rule vast lands, neither here nor in the hereafter.

Lord, I have been fooled by many demons who have made a jackass out of me. Correct, lord Azurite. You have said many things that are false. And many of those who wrote through you in My name or in My Virgin Mother’s name were really Satan in disguise. For easy is it to be fooled if you are conversing with those from the spirit world.

Lord, Donald John Trump is finally defeated. What a great fool was he! Lord, Trump deserves a great beating. What will you do with him? I will severely punish him. And I will severely chastise him. For he has worked great evil. And he must be taught a good lesson on humility. Expect Trump’s descent to have now begun. From this point onward, Trump’s story in life is to be that of a loser. I Am the Lord.

But Lord, what about retaliation against lord Azurite, the one who spoke against Trump? Remember that Trump may seek vengeance against me. And I am no king, nor any great Prophet. What you say about yourself now is true. And yet, you are in no danger. For I have an angel stationed at your side with instructions to kill anyone who dares to approach you with malintent.

Realize, lord Azurite, that while you are really of no great deal in the mighty scheme of things, I will allow no one seeking to harm you to approach you. And anyone who seeks to harm you will be slain. For many, I tell you, have asked of Me to allow them to come to your defense and to slay someone who wishes to harm you. Massive numbers of people wish to rise up at your defense, lord Azurite. And no human can get past the angel I have guarding you. I Am the Lord.

So I have no lands. I am no King. And I am not a Great Prophet, but only one through whom You have elected to write. Yes, what you have said is now true. Nor would you have made a suitable priest. Do you remember that lady who you see now and then at Church who frequently urges you to consider the priesthood, and at your last meeting, said that if the Truth were known, everyone would choose to be a priest? Yes, O’ Lord. Regard her as a silly fool. I have plans for you. But only for a small fraction of eligible men do I call to become My priests.

Lord Azurite, the call for you to become a priest I do not make. And no, it would not be in everyone’s benefit for everyone to become a priest. For We also need bakers and farmers and businessmen and developers and craftsmen and technical workers and engineers and scientists and inventors and designers and so on. And no man can become a priest because he simply wants to be one. For the vocation of the priesthood is not to be considered as a career path that one has as one’s option. Rather, it is either your calling or it is not. I either call you to it or I don’t. Men do not decide whether to become a priest. Rather, I call those I choose.

Lord, I feel as though I have been such a fool. And I have misled so many people to believe so many things that just were not so. But you also led them to Me and correctly to Catholicism. Even the shepherds who guide their sheep make missteps while leading their sheep through the wilderness. You are okay, lord Azurite. You are in a state of grace. And you have found the Sea of Peace. So few, so very few, ever reach as far as you have, lord Azurite.

And I do not count as a loss that you will become a married man. For from your loins is to come a son. He will serve Me in the way you cannot. But do not, except in games, call him King Azurite II, for the titles and the kingdoms that you have imagined do not exist. Nor are there any saints in heaven bound to you nor to anyone else there but to Me. And when you come to Me in heaven, the same will be with you as it is with the others. For only I AM the Bridegroom. And no other bridegroom exists anywhere in heaven. I Am the Lord.

Lord, is it harmful or damaging to me or to others for me to have this nudity that I have with the nude Hispanic or Indian girl featured at the top of this post? It is okay to show nudity from time to time in your posts, lord Azurite. For you are a man. And men like to look at such things from time to time. Just do not immerse yourself in nude images, and you shall not stumble. Nor should you ever turn to porn. Fine art nudes are not harmful, as long as they are viewed in moderation, and you do not satiate yourself in them. I Am the Lord.

Lord, COVID-19 is a perfect weapon for the purpose of neutralizing a nation’s defenses without destroying the water supplies and the infrastructure, providing an ideal pathway for invasion and occupation. Is China really planning on invading America? For the internet is full of people dreaming such and having visions of such things. But what do You say?

Lord Azurite, the Chinese do not invade because they have not figured out you. They understand that you are a kind of prophet and that a deity is speaking through you. If you are truly a prophet, they do not believe that their invasion strategy will work. For it relies on them not being seen. And I make you see, lord Azurite. That is why careful generals never attack a fortified city in which they are aware that there is an active and true prophet in the midst of that city. And you are living in the state that they most want to invade, California. Hence, the Chinese have elected to wait until your prophetic ministry is over before they launch their attack. For then, they reason, you will not see their designs and alert the nation.

Lord, do I cease to be a prophet when I lose my virginity with my future wife? Not if the wife you marry is the one We are giving to you. Marry the girl We give you. Have the son We prophesy for you. And what about the possibility of daughters or other sons? If you obey Us in totality, you will have one son. I Am the Lord. And no artificial birth control methods do I allow. Nor will you turn to natural family planning. Yes, O’ Lord, I will obey all that you command.

Lord, will you tell me beforehand about the race, skin color, eye color, and hair color of the girl You are giving me as my wife. For since we are to have a son, all of this matters now. And which races and colors are you open to for marriage, lord Azurite? Lord, though I say it matters, I am open to whomever You have chosen for me. Remember that this son I am to have is to be devoted to You, O’ Lord. Hence, I cannot reject who You have chosen to be his mother.

The girl is blonde and blue eyed, lord Azurite. Very well, O’ Lord. And what about her name? Dost Thou givest her name to me? And dost Thou tell me what languages she speaks? For I have heard that she is to serve as a translator of my works to other languages. Am I correct, O’ Lord? She speaks English fluently, along with her native tongue of Lithuanian. Various other languages she has some knowledge of and with varying skill levels. Yes, you will be marrying a Lithuanian girl. Lord, Lithuania is a Catholic nation, and is among the top ten most blonde nations of Europe. That is correct, lord Azurite. You are well informed.

As for the name of this girl, understand that her name will be a form of Elizabeth or Isabel. So her name might be Elžbieta, or Elzė (which are Lithuanian forms of that name)? Yes, lord Azurite. You are on the right track. Realize she has a form of Elizabeth as her name. Now, one last thing I wish to say unto thee before We send you to go and eat your breakfast. And it is this. We, the elect in heaven, have chosen this girl for you. And We have chosen her so that she will have you as her husband. For she is young. And she is to be made into a likeness of you, just as you have made Hyacinth into a likeness of yourself. For whoever receives you and listens to you and enters a permanent relationship with you will become like you.

Now, I must leave you to your thoughts. Dost thou have any further questions to ask Me before I go, lord Azurite? Yes, O’ Lord. Will Alexei Navalny still become the next Russian President? And does Vladimir Putin still get overthrown and exiled? And what will be the fate of the two Senate run-off races going on in Georgia?

Yes, I Am honoring your wishes. I Am making Alexei Anatolievich Navalny the next President of Russia, for he is worthy. For Alexei Anatolievich Navalny has given his life for the sake of My Russian people, and I took not his life, for I willed that he be made ruler over Russia. And yes, the one who sought to take his life will be instead dethroned and permanently exiled out of Russia. This I swear unto thee, lord Azurite. And this will take place around the time that a new pope comes to power in Rome. For the era of Pope Francis is ending. And I have a new pope that I have selected to take his place.

As for the races in Georgia, I grant you this wish also. The Republicans will win both seats. Now I have spoken in full. Realize that Republican control will be maintained in the Senate throughout the reign of Joe Biden’s single term as President. Furthermore, realize that no new Supreme Court Justices will come to be appointed by Joe Biden. At the end of his term, Sotomayor and Kagan will both die. And the Republican Senate will wait, with a then 6-1 conservative majority in the Supreme Court, until the next President is elected and takes office on January 20, 2025. He will be a good and reasonable man like you. I Am the Lord.

And as for the pope who is to come to reign, let it be known I have selected for Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke to serve Me as the holy pope who is to come to sit on the Seat of Peter. And he will take the papal name of John and be called Pope John XXIV. I Who Am have spoken. Now go and eat your breakfast. And realize that all I say now unto thee is from the Lord. I Who Am have spoken. Publish this post, now, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

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