Trump’s Reign has come to its end.

Azurite orders the Republicans to leave Trump behind, focus on the future of America.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXI:
I Who Am have sent Eric to reign. Trump’s reign has ended. And he will have no position in the 2024 race. I Who Am have spoken. My servant Azurite will call forth a Pawn to rise for 2024. He will win the Republican nomination. And he will not be like Trump, who is Pawn of Firefly, the power that was behind Sarah Palin, Jair Bolsonaro, and Boris Johnson. Rather, the Pawn of Azurite will be cautious and rational, as is Alexei Navalny, the one Azurite has called forth to replace Vladimir Putin. And also he will be like the four called forth Emerald Pawns, Gorbachev, de Klerk, Yeltsin, and Rabin, in the order of occurrence. Azurite is the name God has given Eric. Emerald was the name Eric called himself during his Emerald Reign before becoming a Christian.

Lord, Trump is doing everything he can to attempt to stay in power. And yet, he does nothing to deserve it, neglecting his duties to the people to take care of the COVID-19 crisis that is unfolding, while the country runs on autopilot. What is the sentence for this man who does nothing for the people and the nation, and is utterly consumed with extending his legacy, and with overturning an election he clearly lost? This man is mad with the desire for power. His ego has gone so big that he cannot acknowledge his defeat. He chooses that other human beings should die rather than that his pride be wounded. So this is My judgement on Trump.

Trump, you have failed as a President. The good that you did as President will be outweighed by the evil that you have done to this country since you lost the elections. Instead of getting your face on Mount Rushmore, your name will be recorded among that notorious list of the worst Presidents in United States history. Your name is mud. Millions of people are dying and will die and you will be blamed for it in the history books. You will be known as the power hungry devil who went mad when he lost the election, trying every trick in the book to stay in power, and failing. It is good that you lost the elections, Trump, now that it is seen what kind of man you are. Your type are unworthy of leadership. Your type are unworthy of positions of power. Your grade as President is F-.

Had I known that you would devolve to utter madness in your attempt to stay in power, I would not have voted for you, but would have voted for a third party candidate, as I had been doing since the elections of the year 2000. Many other Republicans who voted for you this year feel the same way. You have no chance in hell of getting anywhere close to nomination in 2024. For you are mad and everyone sees that. No rational man votes in someone who has gone mad. That would be like a man adopting a rabid dog. For the only thing you can do with a rabid dog is to put it down with a bullet to its head. The only solution to a mad dog is to shoot it dead. There is no other means of dealing with a mad dog. And if you don’t shoot the rabid dog dead, and let it go willy nilly wherever it want, it is going to bite people and give them rabies. That is why rabid dogs are always shot dead. And you, President Trump, are rabid.

Lord, what are the chances that Trump leaves the White House in a casket? I know that was once prophesied. Is that scenario in the cards, O’ Lord? Does President Trump leave the office of President through a possible assassination. I know that at least half the country wouldn’t mind seeing him die, and would also approve of pardoning the assassin, maybe even awarding him a medal of honor for serving his country.

Yes, lord Azurite, the cards say that Trump does in fact die in office. He has gone so mad that he will have to be shot. And it may go like this. He may go on a rampage and die, not by assassin’s bullet, but by suicide by cop. And what is suicide by cop, you ask? Suicide by cop is the death men die by when they do acts that a rational man would know would endanger themselves because they would require a policeman or an officer of the law to put them down for the sake of the welfare of the neighborhood. One good example is that infamous incel (involuntary celibate) Eliot Rodger, who went on a planned out rampage of killing willy nilly only to be shot dead by a cop. Eliot Rodger’s madness stemmed from his refusal to acknowledge that he was just not attractive enough to acquire a girl. His ego was too big to admit his faults that turned away all women. If he only could have acquired some humility and addressed his faults that were turning away women, he would have entered the pathway to correcting himself, and then it would have become possible for him to find a woman who could accept him. Men who are unable to concede that they are less than what they claim to be invariably must die by suicide by cop. They cannot accept that they are less, and so they must go on a rampage and be shot dead by a responsible lawman.

Hence, Trump will die, not by an assassin’s bullet, but by the bullet of a responsible lawman, who will shoot him because Trump will have chosen suicide by cop. And that lawman will go on to receive a medal of valor and distinction for serving his country well by putting down a raving lunatic. I repeat. The bullet that passes through Trump’s thick skull, exploding with blood and brain matter on the other side, will have come from a lawman’s gun barrel, fired by a responsible lawman acting in the line of duty in serving his country. Yes, Trump is to die in office. And Trump will perish because he will have gone mad and be consequently put down by law enforcement. He will be thus put down by a bullet to the head. And his super giant ego will be matched only to the super giant explosion of brain matter and bone fragments that erupt from the other side of his head from where the bullet enters in.

No, I do not believe that Trump will be presentable for an open coffin at his funeral parlor in the presence of polite society. And as for that horse drawn carriage that Trump was looking forward to to parade in through the streets, think again. For many will be those seeking to desecrate Trump’s dead body. Whatever grave he is buried in will be dug up, his body taken, and hung up on a tree for all passersby to throw objects at and ridicule, similar to how Benito Mussolini’s dead body was treated at the conquest of Italy by the Allies at the ending of World War II. Donald John Trump’s body will be stripped naked and men and women will laugh at Trump’s genitalia. And photos of Trump’s dead, naked, and desecrated body will fill the internet and all the tabloids. And someone will cut off Trump’s dead head, stuff it, and mount in on his wall, to be added to the trophies of killed animals. And public experiments will be done on Trump’s corpse. They will even cut off his dead hands and send them to his widow and ex-wives, saying, “Here is Trump’s hand given to you in marriage.” Such will be the nature of the macabre jokes done at the expense of Trump and his family. For such will be the intensity of the hatred that so many people, both Americans and foreigners, will have against this one man and his family.

Lord, this man must be really hated. It is so true, lord Azurite. People will want to rip this man to shreds. And because he will be dead, they will go after his family and descendants. They will not rest until every last descendant of Trump is put to death. They will not rest until the entire seed of Trump is completely wiped from the face of the earth. Joe Biden will actually have to commit troops to protect Trump’s family from assassination, as Trump Tower after Trump Tower is toppled and destroyed and razed to the ground. And all the Trump properties will be ransacked, looted, pillaged, and burned. And all the Trump golf courses will salted and poisoned to completely destroy the grass and utterly ruin the land. Men will actually bring in dump trucks loaded with salt and poisonous chemicals and unload them and spray all across the green grasses of all Trump’s golf courses to completely kill anything living there. Nothing will grow on any of Trump’s golf courses, for they will have been made permanently brown and dead.

And anyone who continues to support Trump will be targeted for assassination. All outspoken Trump supporters will be killed off, one by one. The Trump Presidential Library will never be built. And the city where Trump was born in will be demolished and rendered a no man’s land. The very name of Trump will become a byword. And the mere mention of Trump’s name will be taboo, except to curse him or his family. And like the law in France that makes it illegal to not acknowledge the Holocaust, whereby the Jews were slaughtered in the Nazi death camps, a similar law will be made in the United States of America that makes it illegal not to acknowledge the intrinsic evil nature of Trump and that he was such a rotten, worthless piece of pure evil. And many door mats will come standard with Trump’s face on them for people to wipe their shoes on. And toilet paper will have Trump pictured on it, for people to wipe the feces off their asses with. Everywhere Trump will be dishonored and rejected. An a cult of hatred against everything that stands for Trump will flourish in America and around the whole world.

Lord, with such an intense hatred against Trump, what will happen to Roman Catholics and the many Christian churches? And what will happen with the very good Supreme Court Justices that he nominated and that were confirmed with his efforts to the Supreme Court, along with the many good, conservative judges the he put on many courts throughout the land? I Who Am say this, lord Azurite. The Senate will, by your rosaries, and by your faithfulness, triumph in both runoff elections in Georgia and will win those two Senate seats, giving them a 52 seat majority in the Senate. This will give them power and allow them to put a check to the evils that will be coming from President Joe Biden, whose practice of Catholicism is false. The 6-3 Conservative tilt in the Supreme Court will continue. And the many conservative judges appointed throughout the land will remain in their seats. Even Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, against whom a judgement of perjury has merit, will remain unchallenged by any possible impeachment, for the Democrats will choose to wait until they have control of the Senate before they attempt to impeach Clarence Thomas. Hence, they will bide their time until the midterm elections.

But Lord, who will die or need to be replaced in the Supreme Court during the Biden Administration? There will be two deaths near the end of Biden’s term: Sotomayor and Kagan will be the ones who will die then. And since it will be close to the end of Biden’s single term as President, the Republican controlled Senate (they will still be in control) will opt to wait out the time, with the Supreme Court having a 6-1 conservative tilt, until after the elections of 2024, so that it will be the next President, who will be the Republican Pawn called forth by the Player Azurite, the one who is destined to win the elections of 2024, who will nominate and decide who shall be the two Supreme Court Justices to replace Sotomayor and Kagan. And this Azurite Pawn will not be encumbered by any sort of self imposed requirements to select a nominee according to race or gender. Rather, he will look at actual qualifications and choose someone who is well qualified, like Kavanaugh, Alito, and Barrett are. Pseudo conservatives, like Roberts and Gorsuch, he will avoid. And controversial candidates who commit perjury, like Thomas, he will also avoid. For though Thomas has voted correctly on many cases, the clearcut cases of perjury against him make him too easy a target by the Democrats to remove, and hence he was a poor choice to be put there, though the Republican controlled Senate cannot afford to let him be impeached. Had George H. W. Bush not committed himself to selecting a person of color in filling that Supreme Court vacancy in 1991, a good and worthy person, like Kavanaugh, Alito, or Barrett, could have been given that seat, and then there would have been no danger of his removal.

For example, Sotomayor and Kagan have no qualifications to be on the Supreme Court. They were chosen merely because they are women and because they have ultra-liberal, pro-choice, and pro-gay agendas. Now while Trump made the error of committing himself to choosing a woman to replace Ginsburg, the one he chose, Amy Coney Barrett, was well chosen and well qualified, and it would be terribly unjust to say that she was chosen because of her gender. Rather, Amy Coney Barrett is well qualified to sit on the Supreme Court, just as Brett M. Kavanaugh and Samuel A. Alito, Jr. are also well qualified to be Supreme Court Justices. For understand that the clearly unqualified Justices, Sotomayor and Kagan, were nominated by Obama, who himself was clearly unqualified to be President. And now you can see that clearly unqualified people will also nominate clearly unqualified people.

Lord, was Obama even validly a President of the United States of America? Obama is a disgrace to the Black race. And he made a mockery of the Black race by telling them to support gay marriages, and the Blacks obeyed him. Obama will be laughing at his own people all the way to hell. But he will stop laughing when he arrives in hell, right, O’ Lord? Yes, Obama will no longer find it funny while being tortured for all eternity where I Am sending him in his eternal damnation. Black people worshipped the devil Obama just as they still worship the devil Martin Luther King Junior. For the Black race does not seem to come to grips with the fact that Martin Luther King Junior was a serial adulterer who was in bed with two white hookers the night before he was assassinated and sent to hell to spend all eternity in the lake of fire. Why cannot Black people see the devils who don Black skin to lead them into sin? For though I voted for Trump one time, only at the second election, not at the first, I see clearly that Trump is a forked tongued White devil. If I can see Trump for being the forked tongued White devil that he is, why cannot Black people wake up and see Obama for the forked tongued Black devil that he is and do some thinking for a change? Who is good and bad in politics is not a simple matter of being Black or White. Race or skin color does not make you good or bad. But the Black race doesn’t seem to get that. The Black race doesn’t seem to get that Obama, who is Black, can be bad. Black people, if Obama is your God, then Jesus sure isn’t. For Obama was the incarnate of all that is evil. For what kind of fruit has Obamacare proven to be?

Lord, what is the best solution to the nation’s healthcare problems? The only solution, lord Azurite, is for America to return to the state where health insurance is not needed by average people. If something is not needed, then prices will be lowered to attract customers to it, and benefits will be raised in it. But if health insurance companies are required, then they can demand the earth. And that is why healthcare costs have risen through the roof. Let America return to the way it used to be where having insurance was optional and mostly unnecessary. Let America return to where the average person had access to normal prices for medications and medical services. The situation where only the insurance companies have access to low prices for medicines and medical services, and the uninsured must pay sky high prices is unjust and monopolistic. Let the people have the freedom to pay the same prices for medicines and medical services as the insurance companies pay, and you will solve half the problems of healthcare in this country. And that is the only solution to healthcare. For Joe Biden to wish to bring Obamacare back from the dead, that is going to look like one of those very cheap zombie movies that no one wants to watch. I say, leave that steak that has been driven into the heart of Obamacare to remain there. Let that corpse remain dead. Do not try to resuscitate the undead. Obamacare died. Let it remain dead. Amen. The solution is to end the monopoly insurance companies have over prices people must pay to see doctors, receive medical services, and to buy medications. End the need for Americans to have insurance, and the healthcare crisis will go away. Amen.

Lord, it was said in previous posts that I go to heaven soon. Is this the Truth? No. You remain on the earth, lord Azurite. You continue to reign and to set up Pawns, to overthrown despots, and to cast down the proud and the insolent. I Am the Lord. For I have made you ruler over many nations. You shall rule the nations with an iron scepter; like pottery shall you shatter them. (Revelation 2:26-28). Nor will you ever lose your virginity nor enter a sexual relationship. I Am the Lord. For you are eternally a virgin servant of the Lord. And I will prophesy through you until I Come again. I Am the Lord.

Now take your rest, lord Azurite. For you are working today. And you must have some rest. Also note this. I hereby make you impervious to the temptations of women. And any woman who considers tempting you will see Me and withdraw. For I Am a most terrifying God to behold. Let no woman approach My anointed to tempt him. For whoever touches the Larimar King to tempt him will surely be thoroughly put down. I Am the Lord. And I have now spoken fully and sufficiently in this post. Publish it and take your rest. I Am the Lord. Amen.

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