Today is the feast day of the Immaculate Conception

Behold, the feast day of the conception of Our Lady in the womb of her mother

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LX:
Today, Tuesday, December 8, 2020, is the fast day of the Immaculate Conception, celebrating the conception without stain of Original Sin of Our Lady in the womb of her mother. Amen.

O’ Mary, Mother of God, is it the Truth that I go to heaven on Christmas Day, Friday December 25, 2020? Precisely, my son. And with you shall go your wife, right after We have had you and her marry in the Roman Catholic Church, fully satisfying all legal and Church requirements for the sacrament of marriage. In Ireland, at a secret chapel shall this marriage take place. And the requirement for two witnesses who acknowledge you both shall be satisfied by me, the holy Virgin Mary, and by my divine Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. For both of us are of the eternal living in heaven, with both soul and body united. Hence, we are well qualified to serve as the two witnesses in your wedding. And the signature of our names on your certificate will be truly authentic. In fact, this wedding certificate will be ranked as valuable an artifact to the Roman Catholic Church as is the Shroud of Turin and the tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It will be studied by countless scientists, with none able refute it, nor able to dismiss how Eric and Cassandra arrived to this nation of Ireland without needing to pass through customs. Amen.

The justification for marriage in Ireland will be satisfied by Eric’s Irish citizenship. And the couple will be registered as residents of the island nation. But O’ Mary, glorious Mother, is it true that Hyacinth and I rise up to heaven immediately after the wedding is concluded? We do not remain in Ireland to actually live there together, am I correct? The moment you kiss the bride, lord Larimar, is the moment both you and your wife are translated into heaven, with video footage rolling and capturing everything on film that is possible for film to capture.

O’ Lord, Hyacinth is doing great in her business of selling Catholic Holy Bibles to Churches. And she sells them at a discount and gives many of them to poor children for free. Amen. Good, lord Azurite. This business of hers is both fruitful and heavily meritorious. Great is her and your reward because of the deeds and fruits wrought in My people by this business. Now, do I allow this business to continue or do I take you and your wife away from it to marry and ascend to heaven on Christmas Day, some seventeen days from today? O’ Lord, you take us both to heaven on that most glorious day. For Our blessed Virgin Lady petitioned to Our Father that the ascension of me and my bride, Hyacinth, to heaven to take place on that day, rather than nine days later on January 3, 2021, and the Father has permitted Our Lady’s request.

Lord Azurite, I have come to tell you of the fate of President Donald John Trump of the United States of America. In the deepest act of humiliation, Trump will officially resign from his position as President effective the date that the Electoral College votes declaring Joe Biden the President elect. With his resignation handed in, Trump will exit the White House and immediately board Air Force One, on then President Mike Pence’s orders, to deliver the former President to his place of desired residence in the Amazon rainforest. And there he will meet up with Brazilian comrade Jair Bolsonaro. And the two of them will discuss politics and business ventures.

And then Mike Pence will proceed to issue any last pardons for those he deems worthy of pardons. But Trump’s criminal conduct he will not touch, lest he implicate himself in future investigations by pardoning a known criminal. For you have to give Mike Pence some credit. He is smarter than his past loyalty to President Trump would have you believe. He is not going to muddy his hands and subject the rest of his life to investigations by getting involved with any pardon of Trump’s numerous criminal acts. All he will do will be to fly Trump out of the country before the item hits the news that Trump has resigned. I Am the Lord.

Lord, then Mike Pence becomes officially the forty-sixth United States President for a scant few weeks, followed by the inauguration of Joe Biden as the forty-seventh United States President on January 20, 2021. Am I correct, O’ Lord. That is precise, lord Azurite. And if Joe Biden wishes to have a lasting legacy, he must fund NASA and the International Space Station so that the United States does not lose its technological edge in space by no longer having a space station to send its astronauts to, now that America has, once again, acquired the capability to send men into space from American soil, using the spacecraft made by private American companies.

Priority must be made to secure a continual American presence in low earth orbit, where the ISS orbits the earth, for there many useful experiments are taking place, vastly advancing science and greatly increasing scientific knowledge. For in the past few days, it has been confirmed that radishes can be successfully grown in space. This important achievement would not have been possible without American access to the ISS. The ISS must be continued to be funded, and its replacement must be funded, so that there is no lapse or gap in an American presence in space. For now that Man is inhabiting space, this great achievement must be allowed to continue indefinitely. For the nations that conquer space and establish an permanent footprint in low earth orbit will be the nations that rule the world. Amen.

Lord, China is not permitted to partake with NASA in the ISS. Why is that? And should this ban on Chinese participation in Man’s conquest of space be rescinded so that all nations on earth can go forward in mutual cooperation to colonize space together? Let China deal with China, lord Azurite. Your reign concerns only the lands of Amazuradite. That is your domain. If, down the road, China were to come into the community of nations as a champion of human rights and true freedoms for its peoples, then they could become a partner in space with America as the Russians became under the reigns of Gorbachev and Yeltsin. Amen. But let that be for the Chinese to take care of. You, lord Azurite, have no authority to rule or make any judgement outside your Kingdom of Amazuradite. And so, let us redefine the Kingdom of Amazuradite so that all know precisely what this Kingdom is.

(1) Kingdom of Amazuradite, ruled by Eric, the Azurite King, Queen Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, Queen Saint Therese of Lisieux, Queen Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, and Queen Hyacinth, the Blue Enchantress, Caesar Sandra Nikee (Cassandra). And the lands of Eric’s Kingdom are defined as follows:

(i) North America (Atlantis) – Subkingdom of the Kingdom of Amazuradite, ruled by Queen Saint Kateri Tekakwitha. And this is composed of the following lands:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. Quebec
  4. Greenland
  5. Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  6. Iceland
  7. Bermuda
  8. the Contiguous United States of America
  9. Cuba
  10. Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic)
  11. the Lucayan Archipelago (the Bahamas and Turks & Caicos Islands)
  12. Puerto Rico
  13. the Virgin Islands (both British and United States)

(ii) Europa – Subkingdom of Amazuradite, ruled by Queen Saint Therese of Lisieux. And this is composed of the following lands:

  1. the British Isles (United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, and the Isle of Man)
  2. Iberia (Spain, Portugal, and Andorra)
  3. France
  4. Monaco
  5. Italy
  6. San Marino
  7. Vatican City
  8. Malta
  9. Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark)
  10. Germany
  11. Netherlands (Holland)
  12. Belgium
  13. Luxembourg
  14. Switzerland
  15. Liechtenstein
  16. Austria
  17. Solvenia
  18. Croatia
  19. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  20. Montenegro
  21. Serbia
  22. Kosovo
  23. Albania
  24. North Macedonia
  25. Greece
  26. Thrace
  27. Bulgaria
  28. Romania
  29. Moldova 
  30. Ukraine (with Kaliningrad – in land swap with Russia in exchange for Crimea)
  31. Hungary
  32. Slovakia
  33. Czech Republic
  34. Poland
  35. Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia)

(iii) Russia and her satellites – Subkingdom of Amazuradite, ruled by Queen Saint Bernadette of Lourdes. And this is composed of the following lands:

  1. Belarus
  2. Russia (with Crimea – in land swap with Ukraine in exchange for Kaliningrad)
  3. Georgia (including Abkhazia and South Ossetia)
  4. Anatolia (Asia Minor – Asian Turkey)
  5. Armenia (including Nagorno-Karabakh)
  6. Azerbaijan
  7. Kazakhstan
  8. Kyrgyzstan
  9. Tajikistan

(iv) Kingdom of Antarctica – Subkingdom of Amazuradite, ruled by Queen Hyacinth, the Blue Enchantress, Caesar Sandra Nikee (Cassandra), together with King Eric, the Azurite King, as a sacramentally married couple. And this is composed of the following lands.

  1. Antarctic Archipelago (to be settled when the ice caps melt.)

And the languages to be official throughout Eric’s vast Kingdom shall be these:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Russian
  5. German
  6. Italian
  7. Turkish
  8. Ukrainian
  9. Kazakh
  10. Polish
  11. Dutch
  12. Latin
  13. Greek

And in each SubKingdom, there shall be official languages set that will be local to those subkingdoms of Amazuradite.

Lord, while I am prohibited from making rulings in the Orient, was it not the Emerald Player who set up Frederick de Klerk of South Africa to end Apartheid there, O’ Lord? And South Africa is not part of Amazuradite. And I have visited Baja California, Hawaii, and Australia in my past, all of which are outside of Amazuradite. Why, then, O’ Lord, the discrepancies?

Lord Azurite, South Africa is now ruled by the Blacks. And the Blacks are a different people from yours. None of Black Africa can you come to rule.

Then how do I rule over Haiti, which is a Black nation on the island of Hispaniola? For Haiti is included in Amazuradite. It is because, lord Azurite, the people of Haiti are of North America. And though their ancestors are from Africa, they are a people who are part of the Americas. And I have given all of the northern West Indies to your Kingdom of Atlantis. This is an eternal designation, and it will never change. Furthermore, you restored democracy to Haiti by the peaceful invasion you had Vesper have her Clinton Pawn do there that restored the democratically elected President Aristide to power there and ended the Haitian coup. In fact, that act you had Clinton do constituted President Clinton’s sole military success in his two terms as President. And it served to end the massive numbers of political asylum seekers fleeing from Haiti seeking to enter the United States. It demonstrated your skill at ruling nations, both small and large. For you always carefully calculated a military move before you made one while you were in power as the Player Emerald.

As for your vacations to Baja California, which you also visited as part of a biology expedition from Whittier College, along with your vacations to Hawaii for your brother Mark’s wedding, and to Australia to see your cousins, I have this to say. These lands cannot be added to your Kingdom due to the rule that you are to rule but a third of the world’s land, and that the other two thirds is to be put into fallow. Only the lands of Amazuradite shall be subjected to your eternal rule, in which you are assigned to convert en masse all the people who inhabit those lands to Catholicism. I cannot give you all the world, for there must be lands left for fallow. Hence, you will rule one third of the world, while the rest of the land is let be, to develop as it shall. Amen.

For I have other rulers who are set up to rule all these other lands. And they will rule them as I command them to. And rulers shall rise and fall, but you and your four queens shall rule Amazuradite forever and ever. Amen.

Lord, with the ascension of Alexei Anatolievich Navalny to be the fifth President of the Russian Federation, after (1) Boris Yeltin, (2) Vladimir Putin, (3) Dmitry Medvedev, and (4) Vladimir Putin, will there be peace established between Ukraine and Russia? Yes, lord Azurite, for President Navalny, being both shrewd and just, shall make the peaceful exchange of Kaliningrad to be ceded to Ukraine in exchange for Crimea to be ceded to Russia. This will serve to pull Ukraine into Europe while keeping Russia’s interests in controlling Sevastopol and its peninsula satisfied. For Russia has a historical interest in controlling the Crimean peninsula, but justice demands that they give up an equivalent possession of land to Ukraine in exchange. And Kaliningrad serves this purpose well, by being an enclave on the Baltic Sea, surrounded by European NATO countries, for it can then never be retaken by Russia. And it will serve to justify Ukraine’s inclusion into Europe and the West, which is their desire. Furthermore, with peace firmly established between Russia and Ukraine, Russia will relinquish its occupation of eastern Ukrainian lands and let Ukraine regain control of its eastern border. Likewise shall Russia return to Georgia the lands it took from her also. I Am the Lord.

Lord, Joe Biden intends to pursue the revolution of the electric powered vehicles throughout America, replacing the gas guzzling vehicles, whose combustion engines waste much energy and produce a large carbon footprint in the environment. Yes, for while Trump did some good things regarding religious issues, he failed in environmental issues. Joe Biden has got it right on target here with his desire to bring into fashion the American electric car. And he will make all of America ready for the electric vehicle revolution. Also, General Motors (GM) is a good American company to invest in. Eric has a good long position in GM, as a disclosure. And you can expect that company to return to paying its dividend sometime next year. For GM is a leader in the effort to make all its cars electric. And GM CEO, Mary Teresa Barra, is well qualified in her position, and she has been leading GM in this goal of developing viable electric powered vehicles. Expect GM to be a leader in the future of the electric vehicle market. Amen.

Lord, I noticed that both Greenland and Iceland are included as parts of the North American Kingdom of Atlantis rather than as parts of the Kingdom of Europe. Why is that, O’ Lord? It is because, lord Azurite, both of those North Atlantic states are destined to enter the United States of America as new states of that Union. For they will see the handwriting on the wall. Europe is in decline, with the advance of Muslim immigrants from the south. And Greenland and Iceland will elect to leave Europe, similar to the United Kingdom’s Brexit. And they will seek the protection and prosperity that membership as a state of the United States of America will bring them. Furthermore, the Democrats will bring Puerto Rico into the USA soon, to counter balance the Senate for when Greenland and Iceland enter in. For with these three inclusions, there will then be added six new seats to the United States Senate. And, O’ Lord, why stop there? Why not have the Virgin Islands also become a state? Let those issues be decided by the politicians of the future, Eric. For your time to depart from this world is rapidly approaching. And you will be coming to Me, for I have a position in heaven that is ready for you to fill. And you will fill it immediately after your arrival here on Christmas Day, some seventeen days away. Amen.

Lord, I take it that no terrible chastisement is to come to America at My being taken from it. Am I correct? That is correct, lord Azurite. For by your merits, I have decided not to destroy America in your generation. It shall be granted to live. And yet, you will no longer be in their midst, for you will have been taken away.

Lord, I know that my time has finally come and that I am being taken away on Christmas Day. I was actually born on the opposite time of the year to Christmas. For I was born on the feast day of the Nativity of John the Baptist, on Wednesday, June 24, 1970, three years after the Jews recaptured the City of Jerusalem.

Lord, I have never sensed the presence of Lazurite. Does he appear with My being taken away from this land? Correct, lord Azurite. For you are the First of the Two Witnesses. And your reign now comes to its end. It started with the beginning of the Age of Mary on Sunday, July 23, 2017. And on the 77th day of the Age of Mary, you met your future wife for the first time, on Saturday, October 7, 2017. Amen.

Lazurite is the Second of the Two Witnesses. For you were sent to prophesy to My people in Babylon the Great. And you and your wife have triumphed. And now you and her are being taken away. And in your place I Am sending Lazurite to prophesy to My people Israel. And he will make it law in Israel that Jews who worship as Hebrew Catholics are still considered Jews and have all the rights of Jewish citizenship. Amen.

Hence, when I take you away from America and send Lazurite to preach to My people, the focus of salvation history shall shift from America to Israel. And all eyes will be on her. For while you, lord Azurite, were a hidden prophet, Lazurite will be seen by all the world. Amen. And many will compare the two Witnesses and the many writings from both. And My prophetic Spirit will then move from speaking through Eric to speaking through Lazurite. I Who Am have spoken.

This post now comes to an end. I now command you to pray your Rosary. Contain in your rosaries, the prayers for Mike Pence, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and that the two Republicans running for United States Senate win in the two runoff elections in Georgia, where their combined win will give the Republicans a 52 seat majority in the Senate, keeping the Senate in Republican control. I Who Am have spoken. Now publish this post and then pray your rosaries. Amen.

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