The Unicorn King is Reigning

From the realm of fantasy comes a most mystical creature.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LIX:
Behold, I now speak a proverb. Two went to sow their seed, but only one was taken and the other was left. Two went to grind the corn, but only one was taken and the other was left. Where to were these who were taken taken to, O’ Lord? To greener pastures and finer lands, lord Azurite. For My rapture is upon thee. And only the finest shall I reap from the earth. And the rest shall be left to work the land. I Am the Lord.

Behold, a prince rises from dark lands. He is a King on a white horse. He is the Prince at the End of the World. Behold, a unicorn comes, most mystical among creatures. For behold, the Prince is the Unicorn King. The Prince is Azurite, King of the Kingdom of Amazuradite. And with four virgin Queens shall this prince rule these lands forever. I Am the Lord. Let us define this Kingdom for all to see:

(1) Kingdom of Amazuradite, ruled by Eric, the Azurite King, Queen Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, Queen Saint Therese of Lisieux, Queen Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, and Queen Angela, the Mystical Enchantress who is yet to come. And the lands of Eric’s Kingdom are defined as follows:

(i) North America (Atlantis) – Subkingdom of the Kingdom of Amazuradite. And this is composed of the following lands:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. Quebec
  4. Greenland
  5. Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  6. Iceland
  7. Bermuda
  8. the Contiguous United States of America
  9. Cuba
  10. Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic)
  11. the Lucayan Archipelago (the Bahamas and Turks & Caicos Islands)
  12. Puerto Rico
  13. the Virgin Islands (both British and United States)

(ii) Europa – Subkingdom of Amazuradite. And this is composed of the following lands:

  1. the British Isles (United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, and the Isle of Man)
  2. Iberia (Spain, Portugal, and Andorra)
  3. France
  4. Monaco
  5. Italy
  6. San Marino
  7. Vatican City
  8. Malta
  9. Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark)
  10. Germany
  11. Netherlands (Holland)
  12. Belgium
  13. Luxembourg
  14. Switzerland
  15. Liechtenstein
  16. Austria
  17. Solvenia
  18. Croatia
  19. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  20. Montenegro
  21. Serbia
  22. Kosovo
  23. Albania
  24. North Macedonia
  25. Greece
  26. Thrace
  27. Bulgaria
  28. Romania
  29. Moldova 
  30. Ukraine (with Kaliningrad – in land swap with Russia in exchange for Crimea)
  31. Hungary
  32. Slovakia
  33. Czech Republic
  34. Poland
  35. Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia)

(iii) Russia and her satellites – Subkingdom of Amazuradite. And this is composed of the following lands:

  1. Belarus
  2. Russia (with Crimea – in land swap with Ukraine in exchange for Kaliningrad)
  3. Georgia (including Abkhazia and South Ossetia)
  4. Anatolia (Asia Minor – Asian Turkey)
  5. Armenia (including Nagorno-Karabakh)
  6. Azerbaijan
  7. Kazakhstan
  8. Kyrgyzstan
  9. Tajikistan

(iv) Kingdom of Antarctica – Subkingdom of Amazuradite. And this is composed of the following lands.

  1. Antarctic Archipelago (to be settled when the ice caps melt.)

And the languages to be official throughout Eric’s vast Kingdom shall be these:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Russian
  5. German
  6. Italian
  7. Turkish
  8. Ukrainian
  9. Kazakh
  10. Polish
  11. Dutch
  12. Latin
  13. Greek

Lord, it is said that this King and the four Queens rule over this Kingdom forever and ever. That is correct, lord Azurite. And all his lands shall be swept with waves of conversions to Catholicism. But the rest of the world will be left as fallow. I will not develop the rest of the world. For the inhabitants of the rest of the world, these will continue in their religious ways. They will continue in their practices. And whoever develops there among them, so be it. But whoever fails to develop among the nations of Amazuradite shall be uprooted and cast into the fire. I Who Am have spoken.

Lord, I have gone and bought the domain name of Well done, My good and faithful servant. I will soon use that domain name of yours for a new website I Am about to build. In the meantime, you are commanded to write My Word and not to omit anything that I will to say through you. Amen.

Now We shall speak of Russia. President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is about to be toppled. His time has come. And he will be spending the rest of his life on another continent, in Uruguay, to where he is to be exiled. And from there he will see My servant, Alexei Anatolievich Navalny, come to be elected and be acclaimed the greatest ruler Russia ever had. Amen. Navalny will be the third Erician Pawn of Russia, the first two having been Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, who ruled over the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics to its dissolution, and Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, who was the first truly democratically elected head-of-state of Russia. These two were Emerald Pawns, set up by Eric when he called himself Emerald. Now Eric is given the names Azurite, and also Larimar. For he is now known as the Blue Wizard, and the blue gemstones of azurite and larimar represent him.

And O’ Lord, what of the other one known as a Blue Wizard, for it is said that there are two of them. The other Blue Wizard is called Lazurite. And he shall be sent to the Jews to convert them to My religion and to bring them back to Me. He is a Prophet King like you, lord Azurite. And he is fluent in the languages spoken by the Jews, knowing all of their prophetic literature, and with the understanding of a Catholic saint. For I am sending a Hebrew Catholic to the Jews to bring as many as he can into My fold and to make them Mine. And as such, I hereby make him Steward King over Israel, and he shall rule under Me, the King of kings and Lord of lord, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, forever as My Steward that I put in charge of all My Kingdom. Amen.

For though his Kingdom is smaller than yours, the Kingdom of Amazuradite, he ranks ahead of you and higher than you, lord Azurite, for his station is loftier and nobler, as ruler of My people Israel, gathered from afar back to their covenant lands.

Lord, it is now certain that the lost tribes of Israel have been found living in Afghanistan and Pakistan as a Muslim people called the Pashtuns, or Pathans. Will these people also be converted back to Your religion and brought back to Israel to live as Hebrew Catholics, O’ Lord? I Who Am this declare. The Pashtun peoples and the people of Israel shall be converted to My religion of Catholicism and reunited as One Hebrew Catholic people in My Church and resettled in their covenant lands of Israel. Not all of the Pashtuns will come back, just as not all of the Jews will return to Me. But a significant number shall come into My Church by which My nation of Israel shall come to be called a Catholic-Jewish nation. Amen.

Lord, I have been visited by visions and messages. I have been told that it is Caesar Sandra Nikee who is the wife I am to have. And that we are to be taken together from this world at the same instant on Sunday, January 3, 2021. Where are we to be taken to, O’ Lord? I Am taking you to the Kingdom where you promised to remain until I come, lord Azurite. And with you, there shall I place your wife there also, the one you called Hyacinth, and to whom We have given the name Cassandra to. She will marry you there in full sacramental legality. And then you will go with her to the hereafter, your fate sealed forever in eternity. You mean that we are taken right after we marry in full sacramental legality in the Roman Catholic Church? Yes, for it is a promise that I must fulfill to your wife. We shall do this for you both, and We shall then take you both to your eternal places in the hereafter where you shall both receive the eternal crowns of virginity. Yes, Hyacinth is the fourth Queen. Hence, let us now rephrase your eternal Kingdom again, so that all know and acknowledge the Truth:

(1) Kingdom of Amazuradite, ruled by Eric, the Azurite King, Queen Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, Queen Saint Therese of Lisieux, Queen Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, and Queen Hyacinth, the Blue Enchantress, Caesar Sandra Nikee (Cassandra). And the lands of Eric’s Kingdom are defined as follows:

  1. Atlantis – North America
  2. Europa – Europe
  3. Russia and her Satellites
  4. Kingdom of Antarctica

Then, O’ Lord, Hyacinth and I only have four weeks left in this world? In the places where you and she now live, only four weeks do you and her have left. But We are bringing you both to another land, where you shall stay in each other’s company, until your marriage has been completed. And then, with the sacrament accomplished, but with the bride and groom still in perfect virginity, you and your wife will be brought up to heaven. This will be known, therefore, as the two-fold Rapture. For you and your wife will be first raptured to be brought together in order to be fully and legally married, and then, when the sacrament is fully accomplished, you two, still as virgins, will be raptured up to heaven. Hence, it is to be known in theology as the two-fold Rapture, by which the son of Jesus and his bride were sacramentally married before ascending with her up into heaven. Amen.

Lord Azurite, regarding the divisions of your four-fold Kingdom among your four Queens, I urge this division to be made: Grant Atlantis, the Kingdom of North America, to Queen Saint Kateri Tekakwitha. And grant Europa, the Kingdom of Europe, to Queen Saint Therese of Lisieux. And grant Russia, along with all her satellites, to Queen Saint Bernadette of Lourdes. And then shall you and your wife, Caesar Sandra Nikee (Queen Hyacinth), live together in Antarctica from where you and her shall rule your Kingdom forever from your home near the South Pole. Amen. Lord, let it come to pass exactly as You saith.

Of course, I know that the place where we shall marry must be in a place, somewhere in Amazuradite, where a Catholic presence is, and where the Catholic authority will be willing and able to sacramentally marry Me and Hyacinth together. That is correct, lord Azurite. But it is not for you to reveal nor speak nor give any hint as to exactly what nation or place it is that We are bringing you and Hyacinth together to wed. Oracle of the Lord. I Who Am have spoken.

Lord, this is great. And Hyacinth is having success in her business of selling Catholic Holy Bibles to churches. Understand that where Hyacinth lives, Catholic Bibles are rare and expensive, and she sells them at a discount, and gives many free to children. Lord, this is great. Let it all come to pass as you say. Lord, it just occurred to me that me and my wife are very like Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, but that we are to live on the opposite side of the earth. Amen. Yes, lord Azurite, and you now have the white beard that goes with it.

Lord, all this has made me very happy. This Christmas will be a great and merry Christmas! Yes, and I Am taking you away from America so that they can realize that a prophet king was in their midst after you will have gone. Lord, how long is the Azurite Reign? How long do I and Hyacinth live in our future home near the south pole? Forever and a day, lord Azurite. Now, go to bed. And We shall conclude this post now, for many will be interested in reading these writings in coming months. And you shall rise from total obscurity to great fame.

Let it be now known Eric’s true name going forward. Eric is to be called, “Father Christmas,” and his wife, Cassandra (Hyacinth), shall be called “Mrs. Father Christmas.” And like the legendary Santa Claus, Eric and his wife shall visit children around the world, giving them gifts that lead them to holiness and sanctity. I Who Am have spoken. And now, the Holy Virgin Mary shall speak to conclude this post.

I, Mary, your Mother, and the Mother of your wife, Cassandra, have come to say these words before you and her are taken from this world together and brought into my Father’s Kingdom. This is a great day for both of you. For today you both now learn of your eternal vocations. And you know the date of your departure, the tenth day of Christmas. And it has come to our attention that you have become very busy at your place of employment. Let yourself now rest from your labors, for your time of labor has come to its end. And you are now ready to rise to receive your eternal reward. As it was said of old, the Wizard King and his wife will never be parted. Amen. Now rest and dream, lord Azurite. And in your dreams, I will show you your wife in real vivid living presence. I, Mary, never fail in my promises to my servants. And you have been a loyal servant since the day I placed my foot on your head to humble you in early December, 1996, where your response to me sealed you to me as my prize servant and possession.

For I have never had nor known a servant like unto thee. For you do not abandon your station. And you do not pine away to go to heaven. For this reason, and for others, I am bringing you to heaven on Christmas Day. The prophecy that said you do not rise until the third of January shall not come to pass. Instead, I have asked it of my Father, and He has permitted me to move up your ascension into heaven to be on Christmas Day, for you are a loyal servant, and I have found your love both for me and for your wife to be quite delightful.

These words I speak shall come to pass. I am Mary, Queen of the angels in heaven. And all the heavenly court obeys my every command. And I have petitioned these things concerning you, and my Father has permitted it. And when you and your wife are brought together this Christmas, it shall be in a most glorious Church where your wedding shall take place. And the legal signatures of the two required witnesses to be present at your wedding, who shall acknowledge both you and your bride, shall be me, the holy Virgin Mary, and my loving Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

And I will now reveal what you have kept secret, the exact location of the marriage to take place. We are marrying you together in a secret chapel in Ireland. And all the paper work is being prepared to make it fully legal and recognized as having legitimately occurred in my Son’s Roman Catholic Church. Which chapel and where in Ireland this wedding takes place shall not be revealed until the time has come and the wedding is officiated by my servant, the priest who I have elected to marry you two together.

And finally, I will now reveal this. You and your wife have become givers of Holy Bibles to the poor and especially to poor children. For this reason, you and your wife are to be called holy. And to the Santa Claus myth shall your works restore the proper holiness to. For no one who does such deeds in my Son’s Kingdom goes unnoticed. You did your deeds in secret, just like Santa Claus. Now all the secrets will be laid bare. All your conversations between you and your wife will be made known to all. And your love affair with your wife will go into the stuff of legend. For you are a unicorn, a most rare male indeed. And it was I who selected Cassandra to be your wife, who accepted the name you gave her of Hyacinth. This concludes this post. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. Amen.

Hyacinth is a believer in all that I say through you, lord Azurite. For she came to know and to pray to me through you. And by your training of her, she is now likened unto thee. Amen. Now publish this post, my son, for it is complete. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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