I call Eric to celibate marriage

I Who predestine all eternal things, have also decided Eric’s fate in eternity.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LVII:
I Who Am have changed My mind. But Lord, is it not written that God is not a man that He changes his mind? (Numbers 23:19). I led you to believe that your calling would be to the priesthood to test your obedience, Eric. But note how I never actually called you. Rather, I said that you are to wait until you are cured. And then when you are cured, if you find yourself having been cured in the presence of one of My priests, or that you see one of My priests in your line of vision, upon looking around, then you are thus called to My priesthood. But if upon being cured, there are none of My priests present nor seen in your line of vision, though you look around, then I have instructed you that you are not to enter My priesthood, nor are you to attempt to do so, for you will not have been called. Hence, you see by this sign that I Am not changing My eternal mind, but rather, I am merely redirecting you in time. But as for My true eternal intent, such will be revealed when you are cured by this sign.

However, I now do reveal My eternal intent, lord Azurite. I will that you remain of the celibate laity. And as a celibate man, in a Josephite marriage, shall you marry the girl I Am giving you. Amen. You shall marry the girl I give you but not have sex with her, for she is to be called holy. And no stain of sex may be upon her. She will be sent to you to serve in the translations of your works. For I shall will that My works through you be translated by an inspired translator. Lord, is this girl I am to marry, therefore, the Angela of the previous post? Or have you yet revealed her name to me?

The girl whose name was revealed to be Angela, and who was to enter your life as a translator of your works, knowing fluently the languages of English, Spanish, French, and Latin is the very one We are giving you to wed in this celibate marriage. Note that this marriage will be sacramental. Hence, by entering this marriage, even though you will be celibate with her, as it was between Saint Joseph and the Virgin Mary, this celibate marriage will, nevertheless, permanently disqualify you from entering My priesthood. I Am the Lord.

Lord, how can I be sure that this revelation is of divine origin? Will Thou give me a sign, by which I may know that what is said here are not the words of a wondering spirit, but rather are the Words of the One and Holy God? Yes, this is the sign I give unto thee that these Words are Mine. Today, Thursday, December 3, 2020, is the day I cure you of all things. If you find yourself not having been cured of all things on this day, then regard all that you read in this post to be a lie. Amen.

Lord, I agree to do so then. Now tell Me the Truth. Am I really bound to the three virgins saints of the past in a molecule of NH3? Yes, lord Azurite. And in time, before you enter your eternity, Angela shall become the fourth virgin so bonded with you, making your union to become that of CH4. For this is Our eternal designation unto thee. And thou may never depart from this designation. Amen.

Lord, how common or uncommon are souls so bonded in heaven? Most male virgins are as Neon gas, an unbonded and single, inert, lighter-than-air gas, for by their sins on earth, they are unbonded in heaven. And most female virgins are bonded in one of the given molecules of heaven. For note that the gender ratio in heaven is nearly five virgin females for every four virgin males. Hence, a greater number of females go to heaven than males. But as for the gender ratio of those conceived, realize that there are about six males conceived for every five females. And as to the numbers of those non-virgins in heaven, the most common chemical that a non-virgin male is in in heaven is as Argon, an unbonded and single. inert, heavier-than-air gas, But the most common chemical that a non-virgin female is in in heaven is found as bonded in one of the heavier-than-air molecules. Now, let us respecify the fifteen chemicals that make up the heavenly court:

  1. Hydrogen (H2) This is the highest and lightest virgin union. And it is eternally between one man and one woman. Saint Joseph and the Virgin Mary are eternally in such a union. And Saint Joseph is thus so bonded due to a special dispensation made by God for this soul that lived and died before Christ’s death made entrance into heaven possible. Amen. 
    Molar Mass: 2.01588 g/mol.
  2. Helium (He) This is the highest and lightest of the virgin single souls of heaven. These are those virgins who are perfectly pure and bondless. The Apostle John is one of these. Also, Saint Faustina of Divine Mercy Sunday is also one of these. These are bonded only to God, Jesus the Lamb.
    Molar Mass: 4.00g / mol
  3. Methane gas (CH4) These are where one virgin male is united to four virgin females. And these unions may span across generations and ages. Eric is to be bonded in such an eternal union with three saints of the past along with a virgin who is about to enter his life in this world.
    Molar Mass: 16.04 g/mol
  4. Ammonia (NH3) These are where one virgin male is united to three virgin females. And these unions may span across generations and ages.
    Molar Mass:17.03052 g/mol
  5. Gaseous Water (H2O) These are where one virgin male is united to two virgin females. And these unions may span across generations and ages. 
    Molar Mass: 18.01528 g/mol
  6. Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) This is a union of one virgin male to one virgin female that may span across generations and ages. These are those binary holy virgin couples who lacked the perfection required to be ranked as Hydrogen gas.
    Molar Mass: 20.01 g/mol
  7. Neon (Ne) These are the single bondless holy virgin elect who lacked the perfection to be ranked as Helium gas. 
    Molar Mass: 20.17 g/mol
  8. Carbon Monoxide (CO) These are lower binary unions between virgin elect who were lacking in purity, but who were nevertheless saved and glorified.
    Molar Mass: 28.01 g/mol
  9. Nitrogen gas (N2) There are the binary unions between souls who lost their virginity, but who were saved and glorified. And this is the gas that makes up the bulk of the atmosphere of heaven, having roughly the same weight as air. The lighter-than-air gases above are composed of virgins, and the heavier-than-air gases below are of those who were sexually defiled.
    Molar Mass: 28.014 g/mol
  10. Oxygen gas (O2) These are heavenly binary unions between souls who come from sexually defiled pasts, but who repented and are saved. 
    Molar Mass: 32.00 g/mol
  11. Argon gas (Ar) These are the single bondless souls who come from sexually defiled pasts, but who repented and were saved. These souls represented here are in fact the most common of the bondless and inert gases of the atmosphere.
    Molar Mass: 39.9 g/mol
  12. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) These are unions of one male to two females in the eternity to come, who come from sexually sinful pasts, but who nevertheless are granted to enter the gates of heaven.
    Molar Mass: 44.01 g/mol
  13. Nitrous Oxide (N2O) (Laughing gas) These are unions of two females and one male for all eternity. They are of sinful pasts, but are ultimately granted entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven.
    Molar Mass: 44.013 g/mol
  14. Ozone (O3) (Smog when at low altitudes) These are unions consisting of one male and two females who make it to heaven by a miracle, having been lost most of their lives.
    Molar Mass: 48 g/mol
  15. Krypton (Kr) These are the lowest of the single bondless elect, those who committed abominable sins, but who turned from their transgressions and were saved. These souls are rarely saved, and thus, are represented by the rarest of the bondless or inert gases of the atmosphere. Amen.
    Molar Mass: 83.8 g/mol

Lord, this is great. But I notice that in all the molecules, that there is always just one male and one or more females. Why is this the case, O’ Lord? Such is how I arranged human nature, lord Azurite. For I made Man male and female. Males and females are distinct, both physically and spiritually. It is by their intrinsic distinctiveness by which I condemn all homosexual unions between two males as crimes that cry out to God for justice. Amen. If any two males come to lie together as a man lies with woman, I will destroy those two males. For they have violated My covenant with Adam. And those females who bond together as lesbians are only forgiven if they also bond with a male. Amen. For the female bond to another female does not involve the transfer of semen, which is the living seed from a man. And it is not lawful for a man to shed his seed outside of the conjugal act with a woman. I Who Am have spoken.

But Lord, what about in heaven? Do males and females lie with one another in heaven, as they do on the earth? No man becomes aroused sexually in heaven, lord Azurite. Nor do any women either. For all mankind who go to heaven return to the innocence of little children in the Kingdom of Heaven, while retaining the wisdom of the ancients. I Who Am have spoken. Hence, sex is neither possible nor desired in that Age that is to come, the Age of Eternity.

Lord, what determines whether a soul shall be bondless or bonded to another? My Virgin Mother is in charge of the bonds between eternal virgins in the Kingdom of Heaven. Souls that especially serve the Holy Virgin shall the Virgin Mary elect to so bond. Then, O’ Lord and O’ Mary, why is Helium the second highest rank in heaven if the bonded state is better than that of the bondless? It is because, lord Azurite, I do not force any soul to be bonded. To be so bonded, souls must at their free election, consent to the bonds. And realize this also, females in heaven are more likely to elect to be bonded than males, by their inherent nature. And such is also why most of the molecular chemicals contain more than one female bonded to one male.

Lord, the people in China have skewed their gender ratios to have a far greater number of males that survive to adulthood than females. But you say that even in that case, more females enter into heaven than males? Yes, for the gender ratio of those I admit to heaven cannot be influenced by murders and killings taking place upon the earth. Hence, I will consistently accept more females than males into My Kingdom of Heaven, no matter what the gender ratio is upon the earth. Amen. Lord, is this because females tend to be holier than males? It is because the filthiness found in women is less filthy than the filthiness found in men. Menstruation is less filthy and less shameful than is pornography and masturbation. I Who Am have spoken.

Lord, is it true, as some have speculated, that all men masturbate? As I will demonstrate in you, lord Azurite, perfect continence is not only demanded of men, but is also a possibility for them that do not give up. You were once a masturbator. Now you are of perfect continence. But this is by a gift and a grace, and therefore not a work by you by which you may boast. You confessed your final sins of this impure nature last Saturday. Due to your now perfect continence, your confessions from now on shall focus on other imperfections in your soul that We shall work on, and no longer will you need to confess your impurities, for impurity you shall no longer have. For this is the reward that We grant to all Mankind who never give up the quest to become pure and who never get discouraged.

Lord, Hyacinth has just contacted me. And she is in need. What shall I do? Lord Azurite, please tell the audience by what logic you used by which you chose to give to her. I decided, O’ Lord, that I would rather give to one who appears to belong to Christ, but who doesn’t, than to not give to one who does not appear to belong to Christ, but who does. Hence, I would rather be found having given to a thief and a deceiver than to not have given to a saint in need. Good, lord Azurite. Your logical thought will be remembered throughout all of history to come. Now tell Us. What have We ordered you not to do? You have commanded that I not give to Hyacinth. And which is greater? Sacrifice or obedience? It is written, O’ Lord, that obedience is greater than sacrifice. (1 Samuel 15:22). Correct, lord Azurite. And you are ordered to do likewise, and you shall be saved. Amen. For those who are disobedient to Me I save not. Amen. Now go, lord Azurite, and eat your breakfast. And when you are done, you may come back here, and We shall complete this post. Amen.

Lord, I am back. And there is not much time left before I must go. What sayest Thou? And what sayest Thou regarding these chemical molecules of eternity? Are they a kind of eternal marriages between souls of the Eternal Age? Look upon them, rather, as stars in the universe, where some stars are single, whereas other stars are binary, ternary, and quaternary. For all My saints in heaven are as stars in the firmament. (Daniel 12:3).

Now, one last thing I wish to say unto thee, lord Azurite. You are a Player, more powerful than you were when you called yourself Emerald. And your first Pawn shall be Russian President Alexei Anatolievich Navalny, who is to come to be elected right after I dethrone Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, who is scheduled to be exiled to Uruguay at his overthrow, at Putin’s agreement never to set foot again upon Russian soil. Amen.

Also, lord Azurite, Pope John XXIV, the one to ascend to throne next year, right after the death of Pope Francis, shall be the pope who represents you. And he shall be holy. For Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke is to become this Pope John XXIV. And by his ascension to the Seat of Peter, the heart of Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill shall be moved to conversion, and every Russian Orthodox Christian who follows him shall follow him into the new Eastern Rite Catholic Church that Kirill’s Orthodox Church shall become.

Now go and take your shower. This post is completed. And remain faithful to Me throughout the day. I Am the Lord. Now go, or you shall be late. Amen.

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