Eric will serve Me as My priest

Eric’s path is set. He will enter into My priesthood. I Am the Lord.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LVI:
Behold, I have decided upon it, and so shall it be. Eric will serve Me as My priest in My ordained priesthood of the Roman Catholic Church. And when shall I call Eric to this most noble of appointments, you ask? It is a fair question. For Eric is instructed not to start on this path until first he is cured of all things. And I Am curing Eric very soon.

Now, let us discuss women. Is there to be a special woman in Eric’s life, you ask? Eric’s mother was the first person in Eric’s family to become eternally damned alive. And Eric’s two brothers are both now irretrievably lost. But Eric’s father I will save. For in the key moments in Eric’s life when he needed someone as he was entering into the Catholic Church, and in attending the Catholic Church on certain momentous occasions, Eric’s father was there for him. And Eric’s father has always been just and fair in all issues of money. Therefore, I will save Eric’s father and I will grant that he recovers his hearing once I cure Eric of all things. Amen.

But as for Eric’s mother and two brothers, these are like dust that blows away in the wind. For God watches over the way of the just, but the way of the wicked vanishes. (Palsm 1:6).

Lord, am I to expect any girl to enter my life from You? And what about Hyacinth? What becomes of her? I Am sending you a helper, lord Azurite. But she you will not touch. She is My anointed sent to serve to provide holy translations of the works you write into the following languages: She is fluent in English, Spanish, French, and Latin. And from English to these other three languages will this servant of Mine translate your works. And I will also now reveal her name. Her name is Angela.

This Angela will serve as your personal secretary and translator. And she will be like you, sworn to eternal virginity and celibacy. Lord, do I give her a paid position as My helper? Yes, and you shall never be short in money to pay her for her services. Consider your relationship with Hyacinth as your preparation for this one about to enter your life. Before she enters, Hyacinth shall be taken away. And when you receive spiritual instructions to begin praying for Hyacinth’s soul, you will know that she is in Purgatory and must be prayed for. For very edifying is it to pray for the suffering souls in Purgatory.

Eric, you have a job in IT (Information Technology). How is that job going? It is going great, though the pay is somewhat low. That will be fixed. Starting on Monday I Am seeing to it that you get your raise. Amen. And then you will be properly paid. As for how long you shall work there before you enter My seminary, realize that your calling to enter My seminary will begin next year in April. And in the fall of 2021 shall you formerly enter the Seminary and begin your training to become My priest.

Meanwhile, as you are entering into the Seminary, Pope Francis will pass away, and Pope John XXIV will ascend the Seat of Peter. And this pope will be Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke. Lord, how will he be elected by the conclave? I Am toppling all the many bad Cardinals. He will be elected. Trust Me.

More concerned should you be about the many bad Cardinals that I Am about to topple. For they are about to go to very dark places. And those who I save will need your prayers. Now, listen to Me.

Mark and David, your two brothers, will soon die. Their fates are etched in stone. They die at this time. They cannot live beyond the time that I cure you of all things, lest they see the miracles and come to believe and I save them. They do not get to receive such graces. Hence, they are both to perish very soon.

Your mother will continue to live, like an old hag or a cackling witch. She cannot be saved. But her sins do not merit that I take her life at this time. Hence your parents will continue to live on, and your father shall regain his hearing and be saved.

Trump exits the White House soon and makes a sprint to South America, hoping to find lucrative deals there and to avoid the litigation he would face if he stayed in the United States. Also, he hopes to meet up with Vladimir Putin there when he is eventually deposed and exiled from Russia. Lord, why would Trump go to Latin America? Because he knows that that is where all the criminals and rapists come from and he therefore knows that he will fit right in. And you know, he has connections there. For it takes one to know one.

He will ask Mike Pence to pardon him. Mike Pence will be vague in his answers to Trump, but deep beneath, he will be resolved not to muddy his hands in the President’s crimes by pardoning his criminal behavior. Hence, Mike Pence will issue some pardons, but not for Trump. And Trump will no longer have power over the Republican Party. Whatever friendships he thought he would have in America have dissipated. And he will need to catch a quick flight out of the USA before his status as President ends. Hence, he will exit the office of POTUS remotely. And he may secure some taxpayer funds to his offshore accounts before vacating the premises. For remember that Trump always thinks of Trump. Amen.

Lord, I have some questions. Ask, My servant. Will I become ordained a priest before You come again? Or will that ordination take place after You come again? Well did you word the question as you did, My servant Eric. For My plans for you are the priesthood. But before you become a priest, this world shall experience upheaval. And many who are in this world will perish. Many countless thousands will perish. But when I come again, that I can never reveal. Hence, you cannot know whether something I have planned for your future will come to pass before the world passes through that veil of the end of time, during which all things in this world come to an end. Amen. You shall not end. But this world shall end. And then you shall be with Me. But when this happens, no man on earth can know it.

Did You not tell Saint Bridget of Sweden of the sign that would precede the End of Time? Was it the appearance of someone who was to be Antichrist? No sign have I given any prophet or prophetess of when I Am coming again, And neither shall I ever do so. No one has any inner secret knowledge to that upon the earth. Now this post has come to its end. Publish it.

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