Eric I command to write

A voice crying out in the desert, “Make straight the pathway of the Lord!”

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LIV:
Behold, I have commanded Eric to write. And these are My words. President Trump, there is nothing worse than the pitiful sight of a sore loser. Make yourself a man and accept your loss and move on. You are a one-term President. Accept it. Do not bash your face against the wall. It is not going to change into a door and open for you. Realize that you have no path to victory here. Why waste everyone’s time observing a man who just cannot accept his defeat? You make yourself a fool and a laughingstock before the whole world. You are lowering the stature of the office of the President of the United States of America by behaving in a lawless manner and by not accepting the legitimacy of the elections, whose legitimacy has been confirmed by courts and the law. You make yourself less a man by not manning up and accepting that you have been defeated. Why is it so hard to imagine that the majority of Americans voted for someone other than you? All the polling averages before the elections said you had a long shot chance of winning. Why can’t you believe that someone else was chosen over you? Do you really believe that you are owed victory by the American people? Do you believe that America owes it to you to vote for you. I Who Am shall now declare unto you My judgement. So listen to ME!

United States President Donald John Trump, you served one term in office as the POTUS. Did you do a good job? Did you keep America safe? Did you manage the country fairly and justly? Did you maintain good relations with America’s allies? Did you maintain the necessary pressure on rogue nations like Russia to force them to yield to the standards of international law? Now I shall speak.

President Donald John Trump, you have been too cozy with Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. So cozy have you been that there may be a justifiable case of treason to file against you on that matter when you leave office. I wouldn’t recommend that you try to seek a pardon on that before you leave office. For it would make you appear to be a traitor to this nation in in the sight of the American people. You could get assassinated by a vigilante who believes that you have escaped the just course of law were you to get yourself pardoned from charges of treason.

Anyways, your Administration was one of war. You waged war against America. And you waged war against America’s allies. As for you actions in Israel, it was good that you transferred the embassy to Jerusalem. But it was a fatal mistake on your part to attempt to take land from Israel and give it to her Arab enemies. For that act, you are condemned. I tell you truthfully. It is because of your peace plan that you attempted to force upon Israel that is the root of why I had you lose the election. Eric did not have you lose. Eric voted for you. It is I, the Lord God, the One speaking through Eric, Who had you lose the elections. And you lost because you attempted to take Israel’s covenant land away from her.

Do you know why Jimmy Carter was a one-term President? He took the Sinai Peninsula away from Israel and gave it to Egypt in exchange for a pseudo-peace agreement between Egypt and Israel. I never forgave President Jimmy Carter for what he did. He also is condemned. And he will remain condemned for the remainder of his life. Amen.

Whosoever attempts to take land from Israel and give it to her enemies will be severely punished. If that one is a President, he will not be reelected. Do you remember the one-term President George H. W. Bush, that is, Bush Senior? He lost the elections directly because of his misdeeds towards Israel. Even Eric, the Emerald Player, elected to vote for Bill Clinton in those elections of 1992, the year Eric converted to Christianity as he set up into power the fourth and last Emerald Pawn, Yitzhak Rabin. Remember that Eric called Rabin forth, as a Pawn. But Eric did not call forth either President Ronald Reagan nor President George H. W. Bush. Rather, Eric used those U.S. Presidents from their positions already in power, though Eric did in fact vote for George H. W. Bush in the elections of 1988, which he won, to reign for one term. For Eric had turned 18 on June 24, 1988 and was eligible to vote that year.

Whoever betrays Israel gets punished severely. You, Donald John Trump, betrayed My people, Israel, by attempting to force her to give up land and accept a two-state solution. Whoever does that I punish severely. Amen. You have lost. And that is not all that you have lost. Many Americans now hate you. And by many, I mean millions have a vendetta against you, regardless of what the law might say or not. And many are going to seek their revenge against you. Whether it involves the willful destruction of your properties, or the boycott of your products, your business career in America is over. Any would-be visitors to your Trump Towers will choose other accommodations, if only to avoid being a victim of a potential terror attack on your properties by any of numerous terror cells that hate you. For you will be hated no matter where you go. And you had better hire your own security guards to protect you, for I don’t think that the United States security guards assigned to protect you will choose to take a bullet for you. I wouldn’t trust them with that. I wouldn’t trust the security guards hired by the state to keep you safe. Perhaps a secret bribe would be sufficient for them to let the bullet hit you. Who would know? Who would find out? And who would care to find out? You will be a walking target for termination wherever you go. And there will be bounties in the underworld put on your head. Many will like to see you fry. Hence, your career is now doomed.

My servant Eric warned you not to take land away from Israel. But did you heed him? Now you must learn the consequences of not heeding My servant Eric, with whom I Am well pleased. And why Am I well pleased with My servant Eric? It is because he is a doer of My will. Everything I command him to do he does. Eric waged Operation Desert Storm, but not for glory. Eric’s underlying goal was to restore Eden to the whole world, and he had calculated that in order to do this, he would first need to establish world peace. And thus, the Persian Gulf War was started only so that the issues of tension between Israel and the Arabs would be put into the headlines of the world’s newspapers, so that Eric could read them and figure out a solution to achieve world peace. Hence, Eric, who called himself Emerald, had come as a man of peace. And thus, most shocking was it to hear from the Christian at the booth in California State University, Fullerton, after Chemistry class that summer of 1992, who told Eric, not knowing who he was, that the Antichrist comes first as a man of peace. Yitzhak Rabin had just won the elections. He was yet to form his coalition. Eric had called forth Rabin to power to bring peace to the Middle East. Now Eric, who had sought to find out what the Christian view was of the one who was doing what Eric was doing, found out, face to face, that he, Eric, was Antichrist.

That night, after a severe scolding from his parents for talking to a Christian, Eric went to his room, and in the darkness, he confessed to Jesus Christ that he was Antichrist. And suddenly, legions of angels fled from his presence in terror. By this flight of legions of angels from his presence, Eric lost much of his power. And then, in the darkness of that room, Eric chose to follow Jesus as a Christian. And an angel sent by God came to Eric and ordered him to complete his setup of Yitzhak Rabin. And so Eric ordered that the Shas Party join Yitzhak Rabin’s coalition, giving him a majority in the Knesset, so that he could form a government and begin his reign. The Greater Emerald Reign had ended. The Watered Down Emerald Reign had begun. The Emerald Antichrist converted to Christianity the moment he took over Israel.

The assassination of Yitzhak Rabin in November 4, 1995, was just a little over four months after Eric the Emerald underwent the two Martyrdom Breakdowns of June 1-2 and June 24-25, of 1995. These two Martyrdom Breakdowns were tests by Jesus of Eric’s obedience unto death in doing his Master’s will. In both breakdowns, Eric yielded to his death in utter obedience to God, but God chose that he not die. And then God was assured that Eric, having died twice for God, would do whatever He told him to. For the one who has died has no fear of death.

When Eric had heard that Yitzhak Rabin had died, he felt a great relief as though chains that had bound him were lifted. But it was for Eric to decide who was to win the resulting elections. Eric by this time had learned some basics of Christian thought. And he knew that it was not in his interest to remain ruling Israel. (Zechariah 12:3). So he declared that the Israeli people will choose their own leader, and that he, Eric, would lean in neither direction. And then by the narrowest elections in Israeli history, the people of Israel chose Benjamin Netanyahu. And ever since, Benjamin Netanyahu has been a perennial Prime Minister in Israel, whose reigns have been punctuated by Vesper’s Pawn Ehud Barak and Twilight’s Pawn, Ariel Sharon, both of whom did not learn the lessons Eric had learned.

Eric redeemed himself in My eyes when he advised Vesper, who sought his advice back then, that she have her Pawn, Ehud Barak, seek to keep the land surrounding the Sea of Galilee in any peace deal he made of giving back the Golan Heights to Syria. And the net result was that no deal was made, and Israel kept all of the Golan Heights. Eric was very clever and very wise. Because by Eric’s advice to Vesper that caused Israel to ultimately keep possession of the very strategic Golan Heights, I hereby regard Eric as My Golan Heights of My Kingdom. For like the Golan Heights, Eric is My strategic possession that I did not expect to have.

Eric is a most valuable possession in My armies. He is the principle reason for why America has not been destroyed as Sodom and Gomorrah were. America I have elected to spare on account of him. He is the Terminator turned to serve Me in totality. He has now become opposite to Antichrist. Everything he does is now opposite to Antichrist. The very definition of Antichrist he is opposite to. But that does not make him the Christ. For Eric fully recognizes that while he was the First Rider on a White Horse (Revelation 6:2), he is clearly not the Final Rider on a White Horse (Revelation 19:11-21). And how is this distinction kept clear in Eric’s mind, you ask? It is because the Final Rider on the White Horse has his robes dipped in the blood of the Sacrifice. Only Jesus did that Sacrifice for sins. No one else could do that. Also, the Final Rider of the White Horse has the name written on his cloak and thigh: King of kings and Lord of lords. Only Jesus has this title in all of heaven. And while Eric may be called a king and a lord, only Jesus is called King of kings and Lord of lords in the Kingdom of Heaven. And finally, the armies of heaven follow Him, mounted on white horses. And Eric knows that the armies of heaven follow only Jesus. If any army of heaven is ordered to follow Eric, they do so only under orders from Jesus. Eric knows these things very well. Hence, Eric has never mistaken himself as the Christ, nor as God, nor as any ruler not under the authority of God. In fact, in Eric’s second Martyrdom Breakdown, when the policeman ordered Eric to kneel, Eric responded in a loud voice: “I bow to no one but God.” To this the policeman responded, “I am God.” But Eric responded, “No,” and continued to stand. To this, the policemen took Eric down and locked him to a chair by himself in a dark room until midnight. And then he was released.

Pity the man who thinks that he is great. He stores up great humility lessons that he must undergo in the future. Pity the man who projects himself as so great a person that he cannot accept that he has been defeated. Pity the man who cannot accept chastisement. He will be cut off, and eventually thrown into the fire. For I command that all worship Me, the Lord Jesus Christ. He who is unable to submit, I chastise, and if he does not repent, I cut him off. The man who does not serve Me serves the devil.

Was it not Satan’s logic by which he uttered, “I would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven,”? And then there is the critically fatal logic of the one who hates God: “I choose to go to hell in order to deny You of the happiness of my salvation!” Such are the thoughts and words of those who go to hell. The most common characteristic of those who go to hell is that they believed, while in their earthly life, that there either was no hell or that few go there.

I rebuke and chastise those I love. But if those I rebuke and chastise bite the hand of the One Who feeds them, I cut them off and throw them away. Hatred is a most deadly sin. Most people who die spiritually die because they come to hate someone in the world. The mortal sin of the hatred of one’s neighbor can only be ended by letting go of that hatred and by forgiving that person from your heart. If a man cannot forgive the sins of his neighbor and forget them, neither will I forgive nor forget that man’s sins. And by his sins of hatred, that soul can not enter heaven nor even purgatory. For the man who hates another man descends into hell at his death. Amen.

Trump, you are a man of much hatred. For your sake, I recommend these spiritual exercises. Go into the privacy of your room. Turn off all the background music and noise. And then think of those you hate the most and say to them in the darkness of your room, “I forgive you. Go now in peace.” Do this, and I promise that peace will come to your soul of war. I Who Am have spoken.

Eric, I have commissioned you to serve Me as My prophet for the next three and a half years. Serve Me as My prophet well and I will see to it that your eternal reward in heaven will be great and bountiful. You will be to Me as Elijah was. Joe Biden will be as King Ahab was. And Kamala Harris will be as Queen Jezebel, King Ahab’s wife. And when the three and a half years have passed, I will take you up into heaven in a whirlwind. That is all that I will reveal for now. Now publish this post, for it is complete, and many shall follow. Amen.

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