Eric is set to Reign

Eric survived the battle, and is now ready for war.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LIII:
I Who Am do now ready Eric for his anointed position in My armies of heaven. Note to President Trump: There is nothing you have in your power by which you can delay the ascension of Joe Biden from taking office on January 20, 2021. Even in a state of war with Iran, that will not prevent this transition of power from taking place. Rather, you must let go of the Presidency and focus on those things that matter. Your new Supreme Court appointee, Justice Amy Coney Barrett, has proven her worth already on the Supreme Court by her deciding vote to rule against the enemies of religion who wish to use the COVID-19 epidemic and consequent lockdown as a means of wiping out religion from this country. By the twisted logic of those enemies of religion, they argue that whorehouses and brothels and liquor stores are essential services, but that the gatherings in Jesus’ name are not. Such enemies of religion must be slapped down and put in their place with the hypocrites and the dogs. One such pseudo conservative, Justice John Roberts, has made the fatal choice of siding with the enemies of religion. He will need to be removed from the Supreme Court once Republican control is restored to the White House. What matters now, President Trump, which you can directly affect, is the runoff elections soon to take place soon in Georgia. Let all Republicans and conservatives join in Rosary prayers with Eric for sake of victory for the two Republicans running for the two Senate seats for Georgia. For this victory in both seats will give the Republicans an essential 52 vote majority in the 100 member Senate, which is crucial to constrain the evildoing and Satanic acts that Joe Biden will be attempting to do during his four year term. For I tell you this Truth. Should the Democrats come back to power over the Senate, with a Democrat in the White House, they would so pump the Supreme Court full of baby killers so as to resemble the abortion mill as it pumps out its steady supply of dead baby corpses. For Kamala Harris is a vampire, drunk on the blood of dead baby corpses, which she drinks daily. That is why she is so adamant that babies continue to be slaughtered in the abortion mills. For she craves human blood and she drinks the blood of slaughtered babies and eats their flesh for dinner.

Eric, that curse you have just issued shall go into effect soon. For now, be patient. For I know when to conduct destruction on My enemies. I know when to enact My vengeance. Now, go with your father to pick up that item your parents ordered, and when you come back, We shall continue this post. Amen. For I see the white hot anger of your eyes. And your anger is holy. And it will exact a heavy toll of the transgressor who has trespassed against you. For whoever says to this tree, be accursed and may you never bear fruit again, and does not back down in Spirit, that very tree shall shrivel up and die. Amen.

I am back, O’ Lord. Good, lord Larimar. Now We shall speak. Woe unto this land for its infidelities. But because of those who do good within it, I shall spare the land from its destruction. The land shall not be destroyed. But the evildoers who live within the land shall be uprooted and cast into the fire. Amen. I Am the Lord! All those who abort babies, realize that I Am sending My angels of wrath against you, and that I will have them abort you. And in the same grisly method by which you cause babies to be dissected and aborted from their mother’s wombs, so also shall I dissect and destroy you. You have slaughtered My loved ones. Now I shall slaughter your loved ones. Everyone who supported or voted for Joe Biden, beware, one of your loved ones is going to die a very grisly death today, on account of the slaughter of My loved ones that you caused by voting in the bastard. A life for a life. And a million lives for a million lives. By the sight of your dead loved ones strewn upon the pavement, so shall you pay for the sins that you have accrued against Me.

But as for those who stand with Me against abortion and against the sins of homosexuality, I will not destroy them on this night of death. I Am the Lord!

MENE, TEKEL, PERES. (Daniel 5:25-28).

MENE: God has numbered your Kingdom and put an end to it.

TEKEL: You have been weighed in the scales and been found wanting.

PERES: Your Kingdom has been divided and given to the Medes and the Persians.

And who are the Medes and the Persians, O’ Lord? Who do these refer to in this age, as the prophecy is applied to this land, O’ Lord? I know that Iran is also called Persia. But what do You mean by this prophetic utterance from that Biblical passage as it is applied to the modern day situation? The Medes and the Persians are symbolic of the Kings from the East. I Who Am have spoken. And the Great River the Euphrates is being lowered, symbolic of the defenses of Babylon the Great, to make way for the Kings of the East to invade, to conquer, and to rule the land. (Revelation 16:12). Amen. COVID-19 is the perfect weapon to carry out this objective, for it kills the people, but leaves the water supplies, the food supplies, and the infrastructure largely intact and ready for usage by the invading armies when they come. The Chinese did their homework in their design of this agent of bioweaponry. Amen.

Lord, the window of opportunity is changing fast. Do the Kings of the East begin their assault during the Trump Administration or during the Biden Administration? They will attack while President Trump is still in office. For this is the ideal time to attack, with so many top people being fired from their positions in government and being replaced with lesser qualified people whose sole qualifications are that they have loyalty to the President. Such a time as this is the best time for the enemies of America to attack America. For the turmoil in the government created by President Trump makes America most vulnerable to outside attack. For no one is currently manning the ship, which is basically running on autopilot. There is no better time to attack one’s enemies than when their leaders have slackened in their defenses and the government is in total disarray. Hence, Trump will get the war he wanted. And it will be grisly.

The brothers of Eric are perishing. They are dying in the street. And there is no one to help them. Such is the fate of all those who do not do My will, but who turn their heal against Me.

Lord, what becomes of that girl who befriended me years ago, but who then abruptly departed from me and no longer was friend to me? Lord Azurite, the Kingdom of Heaven is for friends, not for enemies. Those who are in friendship with Me I will let live. But those who are not in friendship with Me I will destroy. Now as for that girl who left you, realize that she misunderstood you. But nevertheless, realize she is not saved, for no one can be saved who is in a state of animosity with My servants. For whosoever builds walls against even one of My servants, he walls himself out of My Kingdom. I Am the Lord! Nevertheless, lord Azurite, you have no excuse to hold any grudges against this one, for it was Satan who got her to reject your friendship. And if she ever realizes her folly and seeks to return to your friendship you must let her. For the definition of My servants is that they hold no grudges and harbor no ill will against any soul, neither for their friends nor their enemies. I Am the Lord!

Lord, should I confess my sins tomorrow? You shall not be here tomorrow. But if you are, confess only those sins that My Holy Spirit convicts you of. Do not make up any sins. And do not confess sins of which I do not hold you guilty of. All men know of the sins I hold them guilty of by simple reflection in the silence of their soul and spirit. If in the silence of your spirit I convict you of any sin, that is the sin of which you must confess. And for those who need help, let it be known that My priests are endowed with divine wisdom imparted to them by the sacrament of Holy Orders to help the penitent to discern his sins in the confessional, so that, if he is honest with Me, that he might make a worthy and complete confession and thereby receive true pardon from all his sins.

However despite the holiness of the office of the priesthood, I have decreed that you, lord Azurite, will neither become priest nor enter into a sexual marriage. For I have better plans for you. Amen. And I will that you remain a layman for life. And you will thus remain of the celibate laity forever. But this I do require of you. Obey us here and you shall sleep in perfection from now on. Death now stalks the decks of the mighty Storm Dancer. Your time to die has now come. And your scheduled departure from these shores to ascend into heaven to take your seat in My Kingdom and to fill the role I have prepared for you has come. You will take nothing with you, except for the soul you saved, who is regarded as your eternal wife.

Lord, is Hyacinth to be trusted? Is she truly with me? Or is she my enemy? For I am beginning to doubt her honesty with me. But what sayest Thou, O’ Lord? Lord Azurite, despite her questionable ways, you are bound to her and she to you. Obey Our commands that We have made regarding her, and remain with her, as We have commanded thee, and all shall go well with thee, as We have promised. Amen.

Lord, some may object to the concept of eternal wives, for such is the heresy found in Mormonism. Eric, Mormonism is in error because they believe in eternal procreation with wives in heaven with whom they have endless carnal relations with. Such is heresy. As for Jesus’ statement that those who are considered worthy to attain to that age and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry nor are given in marriage (Luke 20:35), realize that this statement refers to contractual marriages by which wives and husbands belong to one another as each other’s property. Neither do such marriages exist in eternity either.

But as for marriages in the form of eternal spiritual bonds of friendship, these do exist eternally between souls. And many are the bonds of such friendships that form in the unchangeable eternity of heaven.

Lord, I believe that friendship bonds in heaven are not required to be only between males and females. For I believe that males can bond with other males without any sins of homosexuality. And so likewise females can bond with other females without any sins of lesbianism. For King David said of his male friend, Jonathan, who had died, “More precious have I held love for you than love for women.” (2 Samuel 1:26). And thus, I believe that the chemical molecules and atoms that metaphorically make up the heavenly atmosphere were incorrectly represented in the form of arrangements where only male to female bonds are eternal. Am I correct, O’ Lord?

No, lord Azurite, only those spiritual bonds in which a male is united to one or more females are eternal in the hereafter. Thus, souls will either be single and bondless, and thus be bonded exclusively to the Lamb, or else they will appear in molecules, made up of one male bonded to one or more females, up to maximum of four females. And these heavenly bonds are ranked according to their purity and holiness.

And who chooses which females go to which males, O’ Lord? I Who Am say this: To the Virgin Mary have I given full irrevocable power to determine and to decide to which virgin male elect shall be bonded which virgin female elect. For she is the one who elects who is bonded to whom. And in their earthly lives, do these bonds that are to form come to be formed. For no work and no change can take place once one passes the veil of death.

Then, O’ Lord, how are these bonds formed between me and saints of the past? For those of the past, they are shown the one they will bond to by a vision of the future. And for those who are to be bonded with saints that preceded them, they are shown those saints and given knowledge of them that they might bond with them and complete the bond that had been initiated in the past. For the decrees of Predestination are never undone. Amen. And it is Mary who decides the fates of all virgin souls in the hereafter regarding their eternal arrangement in her Kingdom.

Lord, since I am given four Kingdoms and four virgins are eternally bonded to me, do each of these virgins rule one of these four Kingdoms with me? And are You sure that Hyacinth is trustworthy? For I have caught her in deceptions in the past. And I am not sure that I can trust her behind my back. O’ Mary, fairest holy Virgin Queen, what sayest thou on Hyacinth? Do I trust her or do I cast her away?

If you manage to trust Hyacinth for this last passage of your life, We will reward you abundantly in the life to come. But as for the four virgins ruling with you your four Kingdoms, realize that I do not give them the authority that is given unto you. They do not become your queens, but are rather friends in eternal friendship with you. Your place, lord Azurite, is to rule the nations with an iron scepter, and to shatter them like pottery. (Revelation 2:26-28). The positions and places for the virgin elect bonded to you are by judgements that I render for them. Each saint has his or her own rewards, and no rewards are shared between saints. I Who Am have spoken.

Lord, you speak of this last passage of my life. Do I pass away on, before, or after January 3, 2021? Do I have hours, days, weeks, months, or years yet to live upon this earth before You take me up into heaven? I Am taking you into heaven on January 3, 2021, lord Azurite. Hence, you have 36 days left to live. Amen. Do as I command you, and all shall go well with thee.

Lord, am I to continue to send money to Hyacinth? And if so, how? You are correct to ask Me, ‘how?’. For it is no longer for you to supply her with funding. The time has come for you to be independent from her. I Am the Lord! Give nothing more to her. Such is My decree. Amen. But, O’ Lord, what of that command that was made of me? And what of those consequences that were told to me that would take place if I obeyed that command? Give nothing more to Sandra. Those are My direct orders. Amen. For by My removal of the means to give to her, so also do I communicate My will to you that she is to no more be given to. Amen.

Lord, is it really so that Hyacinth is bonded to me for all eternity, as one of the four virgins? No, We are removing Hyacinth, for she is not one of those four. Rather, you are bonded to three. Amen. Then, O’ Lord, I cease to be represented by CH4 (Methane), and become represented for all eternity by NH3 (Ammonia)? Such is correct, lord Azurite. And the three virgins now associated with you for all eternity are the following three female saints:

  1. Saint Bernadette of Lourdes
  2. Saint Therese of Lisieux (the Little Flower)
  3. Saint Kateri Tekakwitha (Lily of the Mohawks)

And this is now the corrected list of the thirteen gases that make up the atmosphere of heaven, metaphorically:

  1. Hydrogen (H2) This is the highest and lightest virgin union. And it is eternally between one man and one woman. Saint Joseph and the Virgin Mary are eternally in such a union. And Saint Joseph is thus so bonded due to a special dispensation made by God for this soul that lived and died before Christ’s death made entrance into heaven possible. Amen. 
    Molar Mass: 2.01588 g/mol.
  2. Helium (He) This is the highest and lightest of the virgin single souls of heaven. These are those virgins who are perfectly pure and bondless. The Apostle John is one of these. Also, Saint Faustina of Divine Mercy Sunday is also one of these. These are bonded only to God, Jesus the Lamb.
    Molar Mass: 4.00g / mol
  3. Methane gas (CH4) These are where one virgin male is united to four virgin females. And these unions may span across generations and ages.
    Molar Mass: 16.04 g/mol
  4. Ammonia (NH3) These are where one virgin male is united to three virgin females. And these unions may span across generations and ages. Eric is bonded in such an eternal union with three saints of the past. Amen.
    Molar Mass:17.03052 g/mol
  5. Gaseous Water (H2O) These are where one virgin male is united to two virgin females. And these unions may span across generations and ages. 
    Molar Mass: 18.01528 g/mol
  6. Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) This is a union of one virgin male to one virgin female that may span across generations and ages. These are those binary holy virgin couples who lacked the perfection required to be ranked as Hydrogen gas.
    Molar Mass: 20.01 g/mol
  7. Neon (Ne) These are the single bondless holy virgin elect who lacked the perfection to be ranked as Helium gas. 
    Molar Mass: 20.17 g/mol
  8. Carbon Monoxide (CO) These are lower binary unions between virgin elect who were lacking in purity, but who were nevertheless saved and glorified.
    Molar Mass: 28.01 g/mol
  9. Nitrogen gas (N2) There are the binary unions between souls who lost their virginity, but who were saved and glorified. And this is the gas that makes up the bulk of the atmosphere of heaven, having roughly the same weight as air. The lighter-than-air gases above are composed of virgins, and the heavier-than-air gases below are of those who were sexually defiled.
    Molar Mass: 28.014 g/mol
  10. Oxygen gas (O2) These are heavenly binary unions between souls who come from sexually defiled pasts, but who repented and are saved. 
    Molar Mass: 32.00 g/mol
  11. Argon gas (Ar) These are the single bondless souls who come from sexually defiled pasts, but who repented and were saved. These souls represented here are in fact the most common of the bondless and inert gases of the atmosphere.
    Molar Mass: 39.9 g/mol
  12. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) These are unions of one male to two females in the eternity to come, who come from sexually sinful pasts, but who nevertheless are granted to enter the gates of heaven.
    Molar Mass: 44.01 g/mol
  13. Krypton (Kr) These are the lowest of the single bondless elect, those who committed abominable sins, but who turned from their transgressions and were saved. These souls are rarely saved, and thus, are represented by the rarest of the bondless or inert gases of the atmosphere. Amen.
    Molar Mass: 83.8 g/mol

Lord, since You have commanded that I no longer help Hyacinth, and have said that she is to be taken away, what is my fate here when she is gone? Prepare for your rapture from this earth, lord Azurite. For I Am taking you soon to heaven. For there is no further purpose for you to be here in this world beyond January 3, 2021. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Lord, do I rule a Kingdom of this earth forever? Or is the Kingdom that You shall give me not of this world? You rule nothing that belongs to this world. For you are here in this world as a pilgrim on a journey to a promised land. It is in that promised land, not here, that you will find and receive your reward of your eternal rulership over a Kingdom. Amen.

Look no more to girls of this world for comfort, for you shall not find any girl here as coming from Me. Rather, you are now celibate, eternally virgin, and perfectly continent. I Am the Lord. And this is the final post you shall write before I take you up in the whirlwind. But Lord, You said You are taking me up to heaven on January 3, 2021. Do I not still have some 36 days left in this world. Or do you take me to heaven now? I Am taking you within hours, lord Azurite. For it is said of My Coming, no man knows the day or the hour when the Son of Man shall arrive. I Who Am have spoken. Go now, and prepare for My imminent Coming. And no more shall you speak here on this blog. I Am the Lord. Amen.

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