Eric’s fate discerned

Eric’s fate is to marry a girl and have offspring by her. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LI:
Eric’s fate is now irrevocably decided. He will marry the girl I give him, and from his descendants shall I take the one who is to serve Me as My priest. Amen. Lord, this is a stark reversal from earlier posts. How can I know that this post is from God? I Who Am shall give you this sign. A girl will soon enter your life. And she will be from Me. And I will tell you then that she is the one. And you will be commanded to follow after her, sealing your fate as one who enters into the carnal flesh of the married life. For I have decided to take from your offspring, from your descendants, the one who will serve Me as My priest. Hence, you must marry and have such offspring. Amen.

Lord, how did You elect to reverse Your decision made in the previous post? For your sake I reversed it. For I know that you are better positioned to remain where you are. It is too much to demand from you that you also become My priest. For it is outside your niche where you excel in. Hence, you are to return to studying your systems programming language of Rust. This language you shall master soon. And you shall use it in future work. As for human languages, master Spanish, but do not concern yourself too much regarding Latin and Greek. For there is a limit to what a human mind can master.

So, O’ Lord, it is my fate to marry now that I have achieved perfect purity and perfect continence? Now that I am freed from the carnal desires of the flesh I am to enter into a relationship of the flesh? Remember the parents of Saint Therese of Lisieux (the Little Flower). They too were of the mind and disposition to live as Joseph and Mary lived and never have sex. But yet, I commanded them, through their confessor, that they are to have sex. And you know that this command was from Me by the fruits. Many daughters were born to them, all of whom entered Religious life, and one of them becoming a Doctor of the Church, whose writings helped millions. Hence, as counterintuitive as it may sound, when it serves God’s purpose that certain predestined elect are to come to be born to a virgin couple, God will have that couple wed and have sex. For the elect to be born from their union are more important to God than that the virgins in the couple receive the crown of virginity. For obedience is greater than virginity.

Then, O’ Lord, does that CH4 molecule of the virgin male eternally bonded to four virgin females now dissipate and vanish, for the male of that molecule is to obey God and marry and lose his virginity? And do I now become as N2, a union between two who are not virgins, a molecule that is not lighter than air?

The CH4 molecule of which you speak is of eternal bonds in heaven. It cannot dissipate. Rather, the bonds between it shall grow stronger, for you are losing your virginity not because of lust or the carnal desire for marriage, but because you are ordered to marry and have the offspring at the command of God. Amen.

And who is this woman I am to marry? And how does she relate to me in eternity? For she would not be of that CH4 molecule with me, would she? She is bonded in a different molecule to a different male. And now you know that the lighter than air molecules can contain non-virgins providing that these only lose their virginity under the command of God, and not out of carnal desires or from the motivations of lust. You no longer have carnal desires, nor are you under any motivation driven by lust. The nude that is pictured at the top of this post is not an object of lust for you. Rather, it is to you a symbol only of the carnal fate that awaits you, now that it is discerned that you will marry and have offspring.

Lord, do I have just one son? Or do I have several children? The woman I Am giving you shall be of age to produce many children. And you are of the health and capability of fathering many. Hence, many children do I expect from you. And I expect you to make no effort to control how many children come to you. You shall, hence, not use that Catholic acceptable practice of birth control known as natural family planning. Rather, you shall enter into your wife as often as I command it. Amen. And I will command it until your wife reaches the age where her child bearing days have ended. Amen.

Furthermore, I Am changing your fortunes. You shall now wax eloquently to become rich. I Am taking away the wealth that your brothers had. They will no longer have wealth. And I will now give wealth unto you. Moreover, your parents and your brothers do not die yet. Rather, they live to see you marry. And all of them shall attend your marriage in the Catholic Church. Amen.

And where do I marry the girl, O’ Lord? And by what name is she called? You are to marry in Saint Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Church, in Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, which is part of the Los Angeles Archdiocese and on an island off the southern Californian coast. Furthermore, the one you shall marry is called Isabela. Your marriage to her takes place next year in the fall. Furthermore, it is now sealed as to the one We shall marry you and to the number of children that shall come to be in your marriage. Carry out Our instructions to you carefully, lord Azurite. For you are no longer to walk the single, virgin path, but are to marry and have offspring by the command of your Lord and God. Amen.

Lord, how long then do I live in this world? For forty-two years longer do I will you to remain and to thrive here in this world. And after those forty-two years have passed, I Am sending My fiery chariot to collect you, as I collected Elijah when his time had come. (2 Kings 2:11). Amen.

And what becomes of Hyacinth, O’ Lord? Before Isabela enters your life, I Am taking up Hyacinth into heaven. For because she received a Prophet King, the reward of a Prophet King shall she also receive. Amen. Hence, in a whirlwind shall she also be taken up into heaven in the sight of many. Amen.

Lord, there may be some who will reject or find offensive the nudity in this post and other nudity in other posts in this blog. What sayest Thou to them? That which is natural and not depicting an act of sin is not sinful to display or to be viewed. One must learn the distinction between pornography and fine art. The purpose of pornography is to lead a man into sin and to lead him to masturbate and to commit impurity. But fine art, in contrast, lifts up the viewer by displaying the beauty of the human form, without the suggestion of lust or carnal sexual desires in it. The carnal man may indeed experience lust in viewing a work of fine art. But the moral man is not disturbed from his state of peace by viewing the natural naked forms as depicted in the fine arts.

This post now comes to its conclusion. Lord Azurite, you have your instructions. Carry them out in perfection. You know your place in salvation history. And you know that many generations are to follow you upon the earth before I Come again. Furthermore, Pope John XXIV comes to be pope at the conclave that meets in June of next year. And this 267th pope shall be Cardinal Raymond Burke. Now publish this post, lord Azurite, for it is now complete. Amen.

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