Azurite’s Fate

In marriage does Eric enter in the sunset of his life. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LII:
Behold, Eric’s fate is an open book. I Am pleased with My servant, Eric. And he has served Me well. Now he shall proceed to his fate. For the time has come for Me to award those who have served Me and to punish those who have done Me disservice. Many I tell you who have died either did not believe in hell, or else believed that few go there. Such people always go to hell. And then there are those who sinned and did not avail themselves of the font of mercy that is within the confessional before a priest. These are most punished. For they had the chance for forgiveness and grace, but took it not, for they were too proud to confess. For the requirement that all Catholics confess their sins to a priest at least once a year, and to confess all mortal sins before receiving communion, is simply not done by the proud. This requirement was set up specifically to weed out the proud. For the proud I do not desire for My Kingdom.

Many men and boys masturbate but refuse to repent or confess these sins. So, O’ Lord, what happens to these men and boys, those who refuse to confess their private sins? They never heal, lord Azurite. They never get better. And when they receive communion, they sink ever into a worser state. Amen. Confess your mortal sins. And if you are not sure if it is a mortal sin, or whether you have sinned mortally, go and speak to a priest about it. There, the Holy Spirit will speak to you through that priest. And He will guide you. For the sacrament of Holy Orders that makes a man a priest also gives him divine wisdom that is from God in speaking to those who are confused about what is and what is not a mortal sin.

God does not make the Way into heaven impossible. But neither does He make the Way into heaven easy. You can get there if you do not give up on God. For whoever remains in Jesus, Jesus will remain in him. Also realize that self mutilation is not the Way into heaven. Do not destroy your flesh to get there. Rather, learn to live with your flesh, and tolerate the passions of the flesh. And realize that the human flesh was derived from an animal and infused with a soul in the Creation of Adam and Eve from a lower primate. Mankind was not made from nothing. He has an evolutionary history in which he was formed throughout ages of evolution, until a specimen of primate was granted the soul of a man and became the first human being. And O’ Lord, from whence came Eve, the first woman? Adam was presented with all the animals in the Garden of Eden. And when he was presented with Eve, his soul leaped for her, and the Spirit that was in him entered into her, and she became woman. Hence, in the eyes of the Spirit, Eve was derived from Adam. And after this spiritual transformation of these two specimens of the same species of primate, a spiritual separation was made between animal kind and humankind. No one from humankind could hybridize with an animal. And no animal could hybridize with any human. For the spiritual transformation of the species was a clean break. And Adam and his descendants, in God’s command that he subdue the earth and all birds and beasts, set about wiping out all his close relatives in the Animal Kingdom. And that is why, of all the species of hominid that once existed, only Homo sapiens sapiens currently exists on the planet earth. Black people are not a separate species. For it takes more than different morphology to define distinct species. They have to be genetically distinct. And no group of human beings exist today that have that threshold of genetic distinction necessary to be classified as a separate species. Amen. The Neanderthal (Homo sapiens neanderthalensis) was a distinct subspecies, but of the same species as modern man. Hominids that were distinctly separate species include Homo floresiensis, Homo erectus, and Homo habilis. These distinctly separate species were not Mankind. But Neanderthals were of the human species and they hybridized with modern humans that left Africa, giving them larger brains and other traits where they were superior to those modern humans migrating out of Africa.

Lord, is it true that the Eurasian brain is more developed and advanced than those of their African counterparts? Yes, for the northern and colder climates served the need for advancing evolutionary brain development. Hence, those who live in northern latitudes farther from the equator tend to develop more brain matter than those who live in more tropical habitats. For there is an evolutionary advantage to have a larger brain in the colder climates farther from the equator. This also explains the technological superiority that existed in Europeans over Africans when the two cultures came in contact with one another, and why it seemed reasonable to the conquerors that the superior races of the north should enslave the inferior races to the south.

Lord, the Black man remains the slave to the White man to this day. Is this not the case? It is the case, lord Azurite. Africa is not make up of prospering highly technological nations, but of raw material producers and primitive subsistence cultures. All the highly technological nations remain those of northern Eurasia and North America. The southern regions tend to be very primitive. And in their primitive states they will remain as they are slowly wiped out and made slaves to northern nations that control all their wealth.

Lord, why is there so much hatred between the races of Mankind? It is because one race is driving the other race to extinction. And in such an event, there will be those in both camps who hate those of the other camp. The Black man riots because that is all he knows how to do. He cannot improve his lot, simply because he does not have the mental capacity to compete. The superiority of the Eurasian races outsmart him. And he cannot find a means to compete. Nor will he, unless a hybrid of his race with the Eurasians can develop to possesses the necessary genes needed to compete. All those successful Black people tend to owe their successes to the hybridization that their Black ancestors had with Whites and other north Eurasian races in their past. Remember that during slavery, it was a common practice for White boys to have sex with the Black slave girls. But most White men have higher standards. And thus was the purpose of the Quadroon Balls, which served White men with slave girls who were White enough, due to hybridization, to be sexually attractive to them. And in these Quadroon Balls, the White men would take whatever slave girl he pleased for a night’s pleasure. And thus was the White man’s seed heavily sown into the African American peoples during the era of Negro slavery in America. And thus is why an African American man is many times more likely to trace his paternal lineage back to Europe than his maternal lineage, which tends to be from Africa.

Lord, the African Black men were cheated of their women. The White man took the Black man’s women as his lovers while making the Black men his slaves. That is correct. But this is not a crime when viewed from an evolutionary perspective. For it makes sense for the superior men to take all the women while the inferior men do not successfully reproduce. Such is why so many Black men are currently serving time in prison. Note how the men are locked up in cages there like animals. And they have no viable means of reproduction there. Kamala Harris is fine with Black men being locked up and denied viable reproduction. Remember that she is taking care of her evolutionary future through her marriage to a White man. Kamala Harris only poses as one of the Blacks to get their gullible votes. But she will do nothing for them, just as Obama did nothing for them. Obama was a tool of the White Democrats in controlling the Black masses. Whatever Obama told the Blacks to do, they obeyed. And hence, Obama was useful to the Whites in power in their control of Black thoughts and speech. Kamala Harris is the Black thrown onto the ticket to passify the Black rioters and to convince them that good things are coming their way.

A Black man who makes it to the level of shoeshine boy for Obama is a proud and happy man. So, O’ Lord, what will Blacks consider an ideal position to attain under a Biden/Harris Administration. If the Black man can make it to be Kamala Harris’s butler, he will be a proud and happy man. And when Biden gives his orders to his Black supporters, they will respond unanimously, “Yes Sir!”, unless they have been to prison, which in that case they will respond with a “Yes Sir, Boss!” Kamala Harris will have some difficulty in deciding exactly how she is to be addressed. But in the end, she will opt for the title: “Madam Vice President”. But Black men will likely call her, “The Missus,” partly due to the fact that Kamala Harris uses sex to gain power. And she probably would be like those White elite plantation women who exploited Black slave men for sex, threatening to cry “rape!” if they did not comply with their wishes. For the White people who controlled the Black slaves were not 100% moral. And much sexual abuse occurred, both by White men against Black slave women, and by White women, more secretly, against Black slave men. And don’t forget the homosexual twist. Homosexual White masters and mistresses also had their way with gay and lesbian sexual exploitation of the slaves. And these cases were much more insidious. For they left no possibility of conception and pregnancy to reveal their sexual abusive behavior against the slaves.

Lord, will the Black African American go extinct in the near or far future? Lord Azurite, there are always extinction events going on. There are always genocidal movements. And there are always cases where one people subdue and enslave another. Blacks would be no different to the Whites were the tables to be reversed. They too would abuse and rape their slaves. Now, when we say, “They too,” We do not mean all of them, but rather, many among their ranks would commit the same evil.

Lord, why did you make it so that certain people were entirely dependent on other people? And why did you make it so that one man’s failure would cause the failure of so many others? For it was by King Henry XIII’s rejection of Catholicism that doom came to so many in England and the lands that were colonized by the British that they would grow up separated and outside the Catholic Church.

Lord, Azurite, I never made the guarantee to any member of the human race that he would have a chance, let alone an equal chance, to gain salvation. I never made the contestants in this race to be saved equal in their graces and gifts and abilities to succeed, neither in life nor in eternity. Mankind has no right to demand from Me anything. And Mankind does not have the right to life, liberty, nor to the pursuit of happiness, for if they did, I would be a criminal God for violating these rights all the time. But no man has such rights. The belief by the founders of the United States of America that all men were created equal and endowed with the inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is not from Me. America is a Satanic creation. For if America were a holy creation, why has it descended to the point where human embryos are being legally experimented with in Frankenstein style experiments, where they are ultimately killed? Why has the majority of America chosen Satan as their father over Me? Do you know that the crimes of Sodom and Gomorrah cried out to Me for vengeance? (Genesis 18:20-21). And you know that I utterly destroyed those lands? Well do you know that the sins of America and her many neighbors cry out to Me even louder and fiercer for vengeance than did those of Sodom and Gomorrah? Am I to act or Am I not to act? Tell Me, lord Azurite. I entrust you to make judgement, for it is your lands that are at stake.

Lord, I am a resident of California. And my own state of California is deep in sin. And the Californian electorate transgressed Your law by voting for Proposition 14, which funds embryonic stem cell research, where human embryos are experimented on and killed, using taxpayer money. Lord, I do not want my taxpayer dollars going to fund this slaughter of innocents. So I demand that sufficient fire fall from heaven to put a halt all of this sin. Let it be that the American people die rather than to allow them to continue to kill innocent human life. For I would rather see a city razed to the ground than for that city to stand and to know that legalized killing of innocent human life is taking place in it. And I would rather see human bodies lying dead on the ground and in the streets than to see those same human beings alive and know that they are complicit in the destruction of innocent human life. And I would rather see America totally wiped out as a nation than for America to continue to stand, knowing that innocent human life was being killed in her midst legally by her unjust and perverse laws. So I say, destroy her. Let her be burned and be utterly destroyed by fire. Let the whole land and nation by utterly wiped out. And do not spare her sister nations who are also complicit in the same sins. For I prefer a total wipe out of all such wicked nations than to allow mortally sinful nations that kill the innocents to exist. But Lord, at the same time, I decree that all who are innocent within her be so marked and sealed, so that Your angels of destruction will pass over them and not destroy them. And I also decree that for the sake of this remnant that the nation’s resources and infrastructure shall survive for them such that they will be able to recover as a new nation, though one founded on Catholicism, rather than on the bogus rights to do evil and to commit sin. So I command that the evil-doers be destroyed, but that the innocent be spared and passed over. Amen.

Excellent. I will implement your plan tonight. Note that this post is the 329th extant post on (329 = 47 x 7). For the time has come for judgement to be done against a very sinful people. And the Americans need to be taught a lesson. They need a good whipping. And I will whip them with fire falling from the sky. This fire will burn down houses and crops and start numerous uncontrollable fires, raging in cities and lands across the continent. The firemen will be powerless to stop it. For the fires will be literally falling from the sky everywhere. And nowhere will be safe. Both expensive mansion and humble shack will be razed to the ground. Both expensive car and junk car will be buried in ash. And the roads will be paved with the dead bodies of the people. I Who Am have spoken.

Now, what sayest Thou, O’ Eric? How do I avoid dying, O’ Lord? As Enoch and Elijah were taken out of the way, so also will I take away you and your wife before the fire begins to fall on that great and terrible day. Amen. And who is my wife, O’ Lord? The one you exchanged such vows with, she is considered your wife. Hyacinth is she. Amen. And will I need computers and money in the new location you are taking me to? It is not a where, but a when, that We are taking you to. Beyond the veil, beyond time into eternity, but not by death, are you about to depart with Us from these shores. Amen. And you are going with Us now, within hours of your publishing of this post. I Who Am have spoken.

And note this fact well. You are being watched. And in the instant that I take you away, your house will become entombed. And no one will know where you have gone. This brings these posts to a close. God bless the innocent who do God’s will. I Who Am have spoken. This post now comes to an end. And you are righteous. Amen.

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