Eric offers a Truce to the Besieged Trump Administration.

The woods are lovely, bright, and gold, and untold treasures does it hold.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XLVIII:
Donald John Trump, the game is over. You are surrounded, and the minute you step out of the White House as a civilian, you will be surrounded by enemies, all of them with a vendetta to settle and vengeance to serve. They will put you down in every way you can imagine, both legally and by illegal means. And your money and your mansion guards will not protect you from their wrath. Big man behind big weapons you were, but as a little man you may become when you no longer have big weapons to protect you. You talked tough when the constitution protected you. What will you do when it no longer does?

But you do not have to go into that battle to be destroyed at the end of your Presidency. For I offer you this Truce. Two things I want from you are this: (1) Do not ruin America for future Americans. Leave office with America as a better place than it was when you entered office. And the second is this: (2) Let us keep the Senate in Republican hands. Use your magic, and I will use mine. And let us do what we have in our abilities to make those two Republican Senators win in the Georgian runoff elections. Republicans now have 50 Senator seats. That is exactly half the seats. Democrats control 46 seats, and there are 2 independents who reliably vote Democratic, giving them effective control over 48 seats. And 2 seats are now up for grabs in the Georgian runoff elections. Note also this. The Party who controls the White House casts the tie breaking vote in the event of a tie in the Senate. And that Party is going to be the Democrats, not the Republicans, because Biden won the elections fair and square. Admit it, I voted for you, but you lost anyways. Accept it like a man and do this last good for your Party by using the magic you have left to get these two wins for the Republicans. Republicans will control the Senate if they win either one or both seats, giving them 51 or 52 seats in the Senate. Democrats would control the Senate only if they won both seats in the Runoff elections, giving them 48 seats + 2 independent seats + Kamala Harris’s constant presence there to cast all tie-breaker votes.

So we need a win in one or both elections. Let’s shoot for both. And now We shall tell you what We shall do for you in return. Do the two things faithfully above, and the Republicans who will control the Senate will remain faithful to you. You cannot pardon yourself. And it would look bad on Pence were you to resign early so that he could pardon you. So forget about getting pardoned. Rather, trust on the Republicans holding the Senate to, with their control over it, to not have bad things happen to you that requires Congressional approval. Amen. Trump, let it be that the 46th President shall be Joe Biden. Let an orderly transfer of power take place now. And We will forget all the tantrums and things you have done since the election results said you lost. For we need there to be an orderly transfer of power now so that the Republicans can win the White House again in 2024. Think strategically for Republicans at 2024. You yourself do not win then. For the Firefly Reign ends now. The Contradiction Reign is to last for four years (actually for 3 1/2 years). And then the Azurite Reign begins. Hence the Pawn to win the White House in 2024 will be from Azurite, not from Firefly. Help the Republicans win and keep the Senate in Republican hands, and allow for the orderly transfer of power to take place for this brief four year Democratic control of the White House to take place, and your friends in Congress will keep you safe. Amen.

Kamala Harris will be running for President in 2024. And she will be running against the Azurite Pawn, whose identity will emerge after you, Trump, fade quietly into the background. Cooperate here with Me. Be a team Player for the Republican Party, and you will remain having friends in high places. It is Eric who holds out to you this Truce. You will signal your agreement with this Truce by no longer contesting the Presidential election results. If there were some illegal votes cast for Biden, let it be. For there were not enough of such votes that, were they to be disqualified, to turn the election results back into your favor. Allow for this orderly transfer of power to take place, and you will continue to have friends in high places when you are no longer in power. I have spoken My truce with you. And I sign it with this oath:

I Who Am vow, through Eric My servant, that you shall not depart from the White House friendless, but will depart with friends in high places, including Eric, if you agree to the orderly transfer of power, making Biden the 46th President, and by using your magic that you have left to secure Republican control over the Senate for the next two years. And Eric will pray his rosaries, starting today, for those runoff elections to take place in January that will decide who controls the Senate and the fate of this nation. Let us have teamwork and We shall win. But Trump, teamwork requires each team member to play by the rules and to work as a team with the other team members. Many voted for you, more than in any other election, so you have nothing to be ashamed of. You had many votes. It is just that Biden had more. And there is nothing that can be done about it, other than manning up and accepting defeat as a man.

The checkmated Player in chess concedes the game to his opponent. You must now do the same to Biden. For it is honorable for the defeated candidate to congratulate the one who defeated him in a fair and open election. Do this, and you will greatly serve the Republicans in their campaigning to keep Georgia a red state for the Senate. (For those who do not know: red symbolizes the Republicans and blue symbolizes the Democrats. Why these colors, Eric doesn’t know, but you can google it.) Now, Republican outgoing President George W. Bush redeemed himself by helping the three big American auto makers from going out of business by diverting funds to bail them out in his last days in office. That served to keep America great. You must now serve as a team player with the Republicans so that they retain control of the Senate, and so that they win the White House in 2024. Amen. Do this, and you will redeem yourself in God’s eyes and all the bad things you have done, God will forget and throw away the records of them. Amen.

And let all conservatives out there now take out their rosaries and begin praying for all of these things. And let these Rosary prayers continue to the end. The Rosary did not keep Trump in office. And that is because we do not have full control. It is God who is in firm control over all who rule over all the kingdoms of men. (Daniel 5:21). And if God doesn’t elect to have things go our way, that does not mean that the Rosary didn’t work. For the Rosary did work. The Republicans performed well in both the Senate and in the House of Representatives. Understand that God’s Way is higher than our ways, as the heavens are above the trees.

But one distinction should be made for Trump. And it is this: America has now successfully returned to having the capability of sending men into space and to the International Space Station, under the Presidential Administration of Donald John Trump. Realize that the history books will say that America lost her ability to send men into space under Obama, and gained it back under Trump. And that is a verifiable fact. For while all this frenzy of the elections battles were going on, SpaceX successfully sent a full team of men in their space craft, the Dragon Crew 1, to the ISS. And that crew included one female American astronaut. This is now very big, for NASA no longer needs to fork out major money to Russia to get their men onto the ISS. The Russian monopoly on manned space flight has been broken, and this Russian monopoly was broken on Trump’s watch.

Okay, O’ Lord, now tell me my fate. For I have been told that I do not marry and that I remain a virgin forever. Amen. What sayest Thou to that, O’ Lord? And what is my vocation. And what becomes of Hyacinth, for she wishes to get married? And do I remain of the celibate laity, or do you make me a priest? And does any girl, such as that prophesied Elizabeth, enter into my life? And am I triumphant or do I fail to do Thine will?

I will anoint you, lord Azurite, to take your place in My Kingdom as My priest. And as an ordained priest in My Roman Catholic Church do I decree for you to become. In the fall semester of 2021 do I decree for you to enter into My seminary. And in the spring of 2021, I will have you groom your successor in the company where you now work, so that your departure from that company doesn’t spell a ruin for it and for all those who depend on it. Amen. For you will not be burning your bridges when you come to Me to enter My priesthood. And your B.A. in biology that you received from Whittier College in 1993, with a cumulative GPA of 3.2, where 4.0 = A, will greatly shorten the time and effort you will need to make in order to become My priest.

But make no mistake about it, Eric. You are becoming My priest. And I, today, Am a proud Father of you. For you have proven yourself to be a man, and not an animal. As for Hyacinth and Elizabeth, only one of these girls may be in your life at the same time. Before the business you plan to do with Hyacinth can take place, I Am giving you Elizabeth and taking away from you Hyacinth. And Hyacinth shall be in heaven. And from there shall she pray for you for all the days of your life. Amen. And Elizabeth shall serve as your platonic friend, so that you enter the priesthood with this experience and understanding of women, from a perfectly moral and chaste perspective.

Lord, is this Elizabeth of whom you speak the Elizabeth I met at Saint Bruno Catholic Church, who is becoming a nun, or is she another girl who is yet to come? She is yet to come. And she will be no temptation to you. And your relationship with her shall be pure and platonic. She will serve as your eternal friend. But lord, what about that CH4 molecule that you say I am a part of? The four women in it are now set. And Elizabeth is not to be one of them, is she? That is correct, lord Azurite. For your CH4 molecule becomes fixed when I cure you. And I cure you when I give you Elizabeth. So how could she become part of something that is already fixed at the moment that you meet her? Rather, Elizabeth is part of a different molecule in heaven. She is merely being sent to you to serve My purposes in making you My perfect priest. As for the makeup of the CH4 molecule that you are eternally now a part of, it is this:

In the CH4 molecule of Eric are bonded the following women to him for all eternity:

  1. Caesar Sandra Nikee (Cassandra) (Hyacinth)
  2. Saint Kateri Tekakwitha (Lily of the Mohawks)
  3. Saint Therese of Lisieux (the Little Flower)
  4. Saint Bernadette of Lourdes

And the list of these molecules and gases in which souls are arranged in for all eternity to come is shown below:

  1. Hydrogen (H2) This is the highest and lightest virgin union. And it is eternally between one man and one woman. Joseph and Mary are eternally of this union. And Joseph is here due to a special dispensation by God for a soul that lived and died before Christ’s death made entrance into heaven possible. Amen. 
    Molar Mass: 2.01588 g/mol.
  2. Helium (He) This is the highest and lightest of the virgin single souls of heaven. These are those virgins who are perfectly pure and bondless. The Apostle John is one of these. Also, Saint Faustina of Divine Mercy Sunday is also one of these. The are bound only to God, to Jesus the Lamb.
    Molar Mass: 4.00g / mol
  3. Methane gas (CH4) These are where one virgin male is united to four virgin females. And these unions may span across generations and ages. Eric is here bonded to three saints of the past and to Hyacinth, for all eternity.
    Molar Mass: 16.04 g/mol
  4. Ammonia (NH3) These are where one virgin male is united to three virgin females. And these unions may span across generations and ages. 
    Molar Mass:17.03052 g/mol
  5. Gaseous Water (H2O) These are where one virgin male is united to two virgin females. And these unions may span across generations and ages. 
    Molar Mass: 18.01528 g/mol
  6. Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) This is a union of one virgin male to one virgin female that may span across generations and ages. These were not as perfectly pure as those ranked as Hydrogen gas.
    Molar Mass: 20.01 g/mol
  7. Neon (Ne) These are the single bondless virgin elect who die in lesser states of purity. 
    Molar Mass: 20.17 g/mol
  8. Carbon Monoxide (CO) These are binary unions of the virgin elect who were somewhat impure, but who repented and were forgiven.
    Molar Mass: 28.01 g/mol
  9. Nitrogen gas (N2) There are the binary unions between souls who are not virgins but who were saved. This is the gas that makes up the bulk of the air and that is of roughly the same weight as air. The gases above are virgins, and the gases below are sexually defiled.
    Molar Mass: 28.014 g/mol
  10. Oxygen gas (O2) These are binary unions of souls who were sexually defiled but who repented and were saved. 
    Molar Mass: 32.00 g/mol
  11. Argon gas (Ar) These are the single bondless souls who were sexually defiled but who repented and were saved. This is the most common bondless or inert gas in the atmosphere.
    Molar Mass: 39.9 g/mol
  12. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) These are unions of one man and two women who come from sexually sinful pasts, but who nevertheless enter the gates of heaven.
    Molar Mass: 44.01 g/mol
  13. Krypton (Kr) These are the single bondless souls who committed abominable sins but who turned from their transgressions and were saved. This is in fact the rarest of the bondless or inert gases of the atmosphere. Amen.
    Molar Mass: 83.8 g/mol

Lord, what sayest Thou to the claim made by Democrats that a woman has the right over her own body to decide and to choose what grows and develops within her, and what does not? They are gravely mistaken, lord Azurite. For it is I Who made and make all flesh. Therefore it is I, the Maker, Who has the right to decide what grows and develops within the wombs of women. And when a woman decides to take that authority to herself, she makes herself her own God. And with such twisted logic, I Am most offended. And when she uses that logic to kill an unborn child, she passes into the ranks of the murderers. And it is rightly said that no murderer inherits the Kingdom of God. (Revelation 22:15). Amen.

And Lord, what sayest Thou to the global homosexual revolution that has taken place nearly everywhere? Gay marriages have now been made legal in most of this world. Eric, you and Lazurite I hereby send into the world to do battle with all these perversions and abominable practices. They can do no damage to you, but you will significantly do severe damage to them. And that is why they will hate you. And you shall both battle them, until your time for prophesying has expired and My Word through you both is complete. And then I will draw you both back up to Myself. The End. Publish this post, for it is complete, lord Azurite. And then I will see to your reward. Amen.

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