Last Day of the Novena Approaches

Prepare to be checkmated, Putin and Trump. For your time is now up. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XLV:
The sun has now set. Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 17, 2020, is the last day of the Novena, a series of daily Rosary prayers done as instructed by Mary, the Holy Virgin, with the promise that this shall defeat the Dragonborn who currently rule in Russia and the United States of America. President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin of Russia and President Donald John Trump of the United States of America are the Dragonborn, and they are to be thrown down and trampled upon at the conclusion of this Novena tomorrow, November 17, 2020. Amen.

Now, Eric, go home. We shall continue this post from your home. Amen. Lord, I have decided that I wish to remain virgin and celibate for all eternity. Do You agree or disagree with My decision, O’ Lord? I agree, Eric. And from this day forward, your path is to become My priest. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, I am to receive all the necessary cures? For without being cured, I would simply not be accepted. When do these take place, O’ Lord? For I know and believe that You shall now cure me in full and not leave in me a single infirmity. Am I correct, O’ Lord? Correct, Eric. And as for the timing of these cures, I will announce this event to all the world. It will coincide with My destruction of Putin of Russia and Trump of the USA, the two Dragonborn who refused to vacate their places of unlawful rulership, despite their knowing that My servant was praying the Novena that Our Lady instructed him to pray in order to wipe out those two sons of Lucifer.

Trump and Putin, breathe the fresh air of the surface of the earth for the last time. Now you shall pay. For you are on My crosshairs. And I, the Lord God, will surely wipe you both from the face of the planet once Eric completes the Novena this evening by praying the final Rosary prayers. Note, it is now 2:48 AM in the morning on Tuesday, November 17, 2020. It is the day you meet your Master and Maker, Putin and Trump. I Am your Master and Maker, but I Am not your Father. Rather, your father is Satan. And you are rightly called Dragonborn by My servant Eric. You will wish you had fled the country while Eric offered you that chance.

I will tell you a story. Eric fought and waged the Persian Gulf War, and in it, Operation Desert Storm. But he did not wipe out Saddam’s forces in occupation of Kuwait without adequate and plenty of pre-warning. Rather, Eric strongly urged Saddam to get his forces out of Kuwait to avoid the loss of life. And realizing he needed divine inspiration, Eric even called upon heaven to send Jesus to him to tell him to get his troops out of Kuwait. But I, Jesus, had it said to Eric that it would do no good. And then Eric, not yet one of Mine, said to the heavens, “Then let the Prophet Muhammed be sent against Saddam Hussein to tell him to get out of Kuwait.” I immediately complied with Eric’s orders, so that by doing so, I would win souls to Myself. And I sent Muhammed to visit Saddam Hussein in a dream, which he famously claimed the next day. But it was to no avail. Saddam Hussein received only military advice from Muhammed. But to prove that Muhammed truly had appeared to him in his dream, observe how Saddam Hussein behaved in his later actions in his life. He became religious and a believer in Islam. For seeing is believing. And in his final days before his execution many years later, after the war launched by Twilight, Saddam Hussein died while making the profession of faith of Islam.

Putin and Trump, notice what Eric did and all the lengths he went to to spare the lives of the soldiers in Saddam Hussein’s army in their occupation of Kuwait. But only when it was certain that Saddam Hussein was not budging from his conquest of Kuwait, and nothing was turning him to retreat, the War was begun. This was to be among the most one-sided major war victories in the history of warfare. It was to be the envy of every military general in the history of fighting war. Saddam Hussein’s forces in Kuwait were not only absolutely defeated, but the entire defensive positions of his troops were buried in the sands of their bunkers alive. I wiped out the soldiers of Saddam’s armies, but because Eric had given ample warning to Saddam, their blood was not on Eric’s head, but on Saddam’s head. And Kuwait was fully liberated and became a United States ally.

Eric was mandated to conquer the Iraqi forces in Kuwait and to free only Kuwait, but he was ordered to leave Saddam in his place and not try to remove him from power in Iraq. Eric obeyed Me except in all but one detail. Eric had the people of Iraq rise up against their Iraqi dictator in an attempt to overthrow him by popular uprising. But these uprisings Saddam crushed. And as a rebuke to Eric for his disobedience to My command, I had his one-sided victory tarnished by having a rogue Iraqi operative successfully bomb the barracks where United States troops were stationed, killing many. Eric then, realizing his rebuke, humbled himself and made no further violation of My commands. And Desert Storm was recorded down as the single greatest military victory in the history of warfare in both the United States of America and also in the entire history of the world. Amen.

It was to relive that glory was one of the strongest motivators in America, years later under the Player Twilight, in the push to return to war under Twilight Pawn, George W. Bush. And that was the fatal mistake of America. America refused to heed the warnings from Eric himself. And they went to war unjustly. And they paid the severe price of ending up in endless war in that second war in Iraq. Great was the folly of these fools who went to war, seeking to glorify themselves, in the unlawful killing of their neighbors. For war is not a game. War is not to be done for glory or pleasure. It is to be used only as a last resort. And only when the war is just should any ruler turn to wage war upon his neighbor.

And now We see President Trump exploring making a military strike on Iran in his closing days in office to mire America into endless war with Iran! The nerve of that utter coward in the White House! Trump, I will have you on your knees begging for mercy. And I will show you no mercy. Eric has given you ample warning, and you did not take it. Why did you not take Eric’s warning and resign from your position, Trump? Tell Me! For I Am now going to show you the full firepower the armies of God. I will completely wipe your name and your house from the face of the earth. Your position in this world and all your Trump Towers and all your family wealth will be totally obliterated by My coming and sudden wrath upon this world. And I will take you down from your heights. And I will cast you into the lake of fire alive! (Revelation 19:20). For you have failed in your life before My eyes. And all the good that you did in your single term as President, I have irreversibly forgotten all of it! Rather, you will be judged on all the evil and foul deeds that you have done, both as President, and since you were soundly defeated in the elections. And great are those evils. There is no greater evil ruler in the history of the world than you, President Trump! You are the most evil of rulers in the history of rulers. I want you to know that distinction that you will have before I utterly destroy your legacy and your name in this world and make your flesh become the feast for maggots and worms. I Am the Lord God. And I have made My ruling.

Tonight, when Eric makes the final rosary prayers in this Novena, you can kiss your sons goodbye. But who knows? Maybe they will join you in fiery lake of hell when their time comes to die. Your time has now come. You will be shortly visited by My servant, Death. And he will escort you out of the White House to your place and permanent position in the fiery lake of hell, where you shall be tortured nonstop forever and ever by the demons I have assigned to be your eternal torturers in hell. Let it also be understood this. Eric is the one who has conquered you. And at the Last Judgement, when you are resurrected for Judgement before the whole world, I will have Eric, seated on his throne, put his feet upon your head and shove it into the mire. And then I, too, I the Lord Jesus Christ, shall put My feet upon your head. And I will proceed to shove your head down so deep into hell that you will wish you were Judas Iscariot, who will have been given a lighter sentence than you in that deepest and most infernal of pits in hell. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Now, holy angels at My command, take this evil piece of filth and you know what to do with it. I want him beaten, scourged, and thoroughly humiliated. He is to go down into hell as one of the biggest losers in the history of losing elections. He is to suffer the greatest humiliation that I can devise for a soul upon the earth to suffer before his departure into hell. That is all. I have judged this incompetent mess of a Commander-in-chief. Now dispose of this unsightly piece of filth. I want him out of my sight. Cast him out into the most fiery lake of hell of the netherworld, and never let his screams of torment there come to reach My lofty throne ever again. I Am the Lord. And I judge and I execute justice fairly. And I have judged Trump and found him most unworthy, both of his soul and of his life. Now by My divine judgement, let God’s justice be done. Let Trump suffer the just penalties that his terrible crimes have merited for him. I AM the Lord!

Eric, the reason why I have such a deep loathing against President Trump is because he is a traitor to his own people of America. He has betrayed his own American people in his sick and twisted acts of self worship. Thus, this man, by American law, is unworthy of life, but is justly condemned by America’s own laws of treason, which carry with it the penalty of death. Hence, by America’s own law, Trump must be executed. Now, will I have Trump executed by American law for his crime of treason? I have better and more effective means of disposing of this filth. For I Am the Lord. And My plan for avenging the blood of those Trump has had slaughtered shall be executed as I, the Lord God, have decided to carry out. I Am the Lord.

Lord, what about the Player Firefly, the one who set him into power? What becomes of her? It is good that you have asked Me this very question. For Firefly’s very first Pawn was Sarah Palin. And she, too, was a failure in My sight. Now, Eric, I command you to repeat the entire list of Players, along with all the Pawns you know they have set into power or will set into power. And then I will reveal unto you the fate of Firefly.

  1. Emerald – Set up Gorbachev, de Klerk, Yeltsin, Rabin, used Reagan, Bush Senior. Assoc. by Pope John Paul II.
  2. Ebony – Set up Mandela.
  3. Crimson – Started long lasting wars in triangle around Israel: In Caucasus, in Horn of Africa, and in the Balkans. (a Muslim).
  4. Vesper – Set up Clinton, Barak, Putin, and others. (a female).
  5. African Death Grip – Failed to achieve African Empire. Caused wars, death, and carnage across the continent.
  6. Twilight – Set up Bush Junior, Sharon, and others. Assoc. by Pope Benedict XVI.
  7. Pyrite – Set up Obama. Assoc. by Pope Francis.
  8. Firefly – Set up Trump, Bolsonaro, Johnson, and others. (a female).
  9. Mercury – Arab Spring – a failed Player in attempt to revolutionize Arab countries. (a Muslim).
  10. Contradiction (Lucifer-Man) – Set up Biden, with others expected.
  11. Azurite – (Emerald born again) to Set up Navalny, and others. to be Assoc. by Pope John XXIV.
  12. Lazurite – (A Hebrew Catholic) to be Assoc. by Pope Benedict XVII.

Lord, this is my list. Is it fully accurate? Correct me if I am wrong anywhere, O’ Lord. Eric, by your claim to have knowledge as to the next two popes’ papal names, I say this. I will reveal the next popes who are to come when they come. You do not know the papal names that I will have the next popes choose to take. Nor do you know which cardinals I will select to become those popes. But you are correct to acknowledge that the pope who succeeds Pope Francis will be associated with you. And you are correct to count yourself as the eleventh Player in the game called, earth. And you are correct to call yourself Azurite. And you are correct to say that the Player after you is called Lazurite, and that he is a Hebrew Catholic, and that the second successor to come after Pope Francis will represent him. Amen. Furthermore, Alexei Anatolievich Navalny will be the next Russian President, the one who is to succeed President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. And Putin is the Dragonborn that I will dethrone in Russia in the same act by which I will also dethrone Trump in the USA. I Am the Lord, the God of Hosts. Amen.

Firefly, like Vesper, is a ruined female Player. Both Players will see their Pawns absolutely defeated today. And both Players are doomed to be utterly destroyed. Amen. For you, Eric, are a Player that defeats other Players. Amen.

Lord, will Trump seek to take action against Azurite before his time comes to its end? If he does so, he will be making a move against a Prince among princes, and he will then be broken without a hand being raised. (Daniel 8:25). I Am the Lord!

This post hereby comes to its end. And I will make you my priest, Eric. Amen. Now publish this post. It shall gain the attention of many, but you shall be held guiltless, Eric. I Who Am have spoken. And then go and eat your breakfast. For you shall have a long day today ahead of you. And it is now dawn, 6:15 AM, Tuesday, November 17, 2020. The Novena will be completed today when you pray your assigned Rosaries. And then I will move against the two Dragonborn, and they will no longer see the light of day. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

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