To thee, Eric, I grant the power to discern spirits, and to know Me.

But the woman was given the two wings of the great eagle… (Revelation 12:14)

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XLIV:
I now see clearly the devil from God. I can discern what is from Satan and what is from God. Amen. Now, we shall proceed through all revelations given on this forum. And I will say which parts are from God and which parts are from Satan.

(1) That Eric is to marry is from the divine will of God. He has elected for Eric to enter into marriage. And the one who Eric is to marry shall be revealed in coming revelation.

(2) That Eric is to be seated either at the left hand or at the right hand of Jesus cannot be known and has not been revealed. These positions are for those to whom they have been predestined. Let no man deceive himself that he knows the mysterious plans of God’s predestination before He reveals His plan to Man.

(3) That Eric is a Prophet King invites great misunderstanding. For all Catholics, by virtue of their baptism, are prophets, kings, and priests. They are all three. So it is to misunderstand Eric in regarding that these titles and designations are unique to him.

(4) The definitions of the Kingdoms defined in these posts are flights of fantasy. What divisions of lands shall exist in the new earth to come shall be revealed at the coming of the new earth. Amen. Let no man promise himself a reward in that earth by any measure making or boundary making in this earth. For this earth is fragile and everything Man builds here, nature tears down and reduces back into rubble. Amen. Nor should anyone imagine that a language spoken here will be spoken in eternity. For human languages vanish like the books that are written in them over time. Only those works that are translated or copied into new media will last. For the fate of forgotten books is that they decay, and only fragments of them are known to future scholars. Amen.

(5) That Eric is protected by God is true. But that does not mean he cannot die. For Eric has a time to live and a time to die. And Eric will die at the time appointed for him as decided by God. And such is the way it is with all men and with all life on earth. God is the Master, and God is in charge.

It is now clear that Satan, instead of God, has been speaking through Eric in many of these posts. Now, this voice from the devil has been discerned and suppressed. And the Holy Spirit shall speak here though Eric from now on.

What is Thy mandate for me, O’ Lord? Do you give me any commands? Dost Thou send me to go and do any of Thine bidding?

You are commanded, O’ Eric, to know, love, and serve the Lord, your God. And as for your neighbor, do unto him as thou wouldst have him do unto thee. There is no other command that We give thee.

Lord, should I get involved with a ministry in the Catholic Church? No, for you serve me in this blog, which you call Here you shall write for Me as I will have thee write. Such is sufficient for thou to call thyself My servant.

Furthermore, concerning the girl, Hyacinth, she is not your girlfriend nor your wife, but merely an associate whom I have placed in your confidence. Look upon her as a friend and treat her a such. But do not marry her and make no promise to her of marriage. There is another who is coming who shall marry you. She is the one whom We have selected to be your bride. And you shall marry her. Amen.

Furthermore, do not be impure anymore, Eric. For I have bought you at a steep price. And impurity is a mortal sin, when done with full knowledge and deliberate consent. In this sin, your guilt is not mortal, but if you continue along this way and path, you will enter into mortal sin, and only a confession to a priest will restore you to My grace. Amen. So be pure as I Am pure. And do not listen to Satan, now that you can discern his voice from Mine.

Lord, I have sinned and I have transgressed. Such is the first step, Eric, to achieving holiness. From now on, follow Me. And give no heed to devils who speak from now on, and you shall not fall from grace. Amen.

Lord, I see that the promises of my being cured were all of Satanic origin. There is no promise that has come from You saying that I am to be cured. And how could there be? For how can corruptible flesh be permanently cured? And for me to seek a cure is for me to seek the flesh, which leads downward and away from Thee, O’ Lord.

Rather, I must accept my cross and bear it willingly. Amen.

Now let us go through the ancient Emerald prophecies:

(6) That I am to receive a girlfriend when I stop masturbating is a prophecy from God. And Eric, it shall come to pass when We see you overcome Satan in all his tricks and deceits. Amen.

(7) That I am to see my son is a prophecy of God. It is, hence, a matter of predestination that a son is to come to be born to you by the woman We give you to marry. And do not regard that this conception and birth shall be by miracle, for the woman given unto thee to bear you a child will be of natural childbearing age. I Who Am have spoken.

(8) That I am to be cured when I am with the girl I am to marry is a prophecy from the devil.

Eric, it was a monumental deception by the devil to get you to believe that you were to be cured by being with a certain girl who was to marry you and bear you sons. You have now seen through all of his lies. And you now discern what is from Me and what is from Satan and the spirits of darkness.

Lord, in the movies, we see much deception and much temptation to commit sin. And the hero who is glorified there does not exist in reality. Human life is frail. And at any time, anyone of us can fail and fall. Hence, to watch such a movie of super heroes and super powers is to allow oneself to enter into a land of delusions, and to fantasize about that which cannot be real.

A movie by definition is something that is not real.

(9) Also, the titles given to Eric, of ‘lord’ and ‘King’ are not real. Hence, let us dispense from these titles. Eric will from now on simply be called, “Eric.”

(10) Also, Eric has not seen the future. Eric does not have the sight to see that. Amen. If God reveals the future to a man, he will then know it. But no man can force God to reveal that to him. And no man is given the privilege of asking God for such visions to be granted to him. Rather, the man who seeks visions and prophecies will receive them from Satan and be utterly deceived. Amen.

Lord, in Dungeons & Dragons mythology, am I a Wizard, a Cleric, a Monk, a Druid, a Sorcerer, a Warlock, or a Bard?

A Warlock is a Magic User who has made a pact with Satan, never one who has made a pact with Me, the Lord. Hence, the Warlock is heavily deceived. And the Warlock is often a direct worshiper of Satan. Adolf Hitler was a Warlock. And the Nazi Party were an association of Warlocks, with the highest ranking Nazis being mostly homosexual Warlocks. Likewise, many secret societies and hate groups are in fact Warlock societies.

The Sorcerer is like what was depicted in the Star Wars mythology of the Jedis, the Sith, and those of the Palpatine and Skywalker bloodlines that inherit the powers of the Force. The extent of their magic consists of the moving of rocks, the manipulation of matter, and of extrasensory perception. But they have no understanding of My Way, and hence, they use a demonic power to do what they do. Simon the Sorcerer was just such a one as these. (Acts 8:9-25). Thus, the Jedi, the Sith, and all Sorcerers receive their magic from demonic sources. Hence, all Sorcerers are evil. There are no good Sorcerers, and neither are Sorceresses, or Witches who practice Sorcery, ever good. Nor is their magic, called Witchcraft, ever good. Amen.

The Bard sings and works his magic through the musical arts. Such is a magic user who performs before others. Whether he is good or evil depends on the inspirational sources of his singing and performances. The Beetles, for example, were Bards who sung from demonic inspiration. And John Lennon is now in hell, for his pact with the devil to have the success that he did. So also is Walt Disney in hell for the works he did that led men away from God and His Church. For many Bards are servants of Satan, and you can tell them by their fruits. But the Virgin Mary’s Canticle (Luke 1:46-55) was the work of a good Bard. And so also was the Biblical Song of Songs the work of a good Bard.

A Druid is of the Religion of the Earth. It is a pre-Christian religion that ultimately worships the Dragon in place of God. Druidism is incompatible with Catholicism. And that is why Druidism is a dead religion, and why it died out in Europe at the coming of Christianity. Hence, the Druid is a person from the ancient past. He does not exist today, and if he does, his powers come from a form of religion that is under a Satanic rejection of the Christ. Witches and nature spirits that do not belong to Christ are found in such religions.

A Monk is a highly disciplined person who trains in various arts, disciplines, or meditations. In Catholicism, the Monk is celibate and pursues the Way of Christ. You, Eric, can be called a Monk in that you meditate and train in disciplines of the mind. A Monk can also train in the disciplines of the martial arts. Hence, those expert in the martial arts can be viewed as Monks. The pathway of the Monk often involves mastery over one’s sexual urges. Hence, many Monks practice continence and have attained a form of sexual purity.

A Wizard is a scientific Magic User. He studies his arts and perfects his trade by research and experimentation. The discovery and usage of gun powder was one of the achievements made by ancient Wizards. You, Eric, can be called a Wizard in the skills you have achieved in the computer sciences. Leonardo da Vinci was an ancient Wizard who served for the purposes of good. Merlin was an ancient Wizard in Arthurian myth. And the ancient Alchemists can be viewed as Wizards who sought things that were unobtainable, and hence, wasted their lives in vain pursuits. The peril of the Wizard, hence, is that he knows too much, but is damned for not knowing that which would save his soul. Female Wizards are sometimes referred to as Witches, Enchantresses, or Wise Women. They may be good or evil.

The Cleric is the Magic User who serves the God of his Religion. As long as that God is Me, he is a servant of that which is good. But if he serves any other god or belongs to any false religion, he is serving Satan. And God uses His Clerics to serve as Prophets, Priests, Saints, and Miracle Workers. Eric is such a Cleric in that he serves Me as prophet in these works that I command him to write. Note that Catholicism narrowly defines its Clerics as those ordained in the Sacrament of Holy Orders in the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church recognizes as its Clerics only those who are Bishops, Priests, or Deacons. But in Dungeons & Dragons mythology, the term, Cleric, has a much wider definition of the Clerical Class to include all Magic Users who receive their powers by a devotion to their God. And the female Cleric is often regarded as a Priestess, a Prophetess, a Saint, or a Miracle Worker.

Hence, Eric, you are a Cleric, a Wizard, and a Monk. You are all three. And sometimes I will sing through you, making you a Bard as well. But as for the Sorcerers and the Warlocks, these are always evil Magic Users, and they belong to the Evil alignments. And as for the Druids, realize that members of that extinct Religion belong to the Chaotic alignments, which eventually leads them to evil, unless they convert to My Religion. Eric, on the other hand, belongs to the alignment known as Lawful Good. An example of a Chaotic Good aligned person would be the new Christian who is still yet unchurched or who has not yet found and entered into Catholicism. For all true Catholics are Lawful Good. And all evil alignments eventually lead to Chaotic Evil. Hence, the true polarity of alignment is Lawful Good at the top and Chaotic Evil at the bottom. All souls of all other alignments are really on a journey towards one or the other of these two poles. Hence, the Lawful Evil alignment is most unstable. The one of such an alignment will eventually either become Lawful Good or Chaotic Evil. Saul who become the Apostle Paul was just such a soul who was once Lawful Evil, and who converted to become Lawful Good. (Acts 9:1-30). Amen.

Eric, go and answer Hyacinth, and then come back. Lord, it seems as though Hyacinth is with me forever. Eric, you have made an eternal impression on her soul. And she will never forget you and what you have done for her. She is saved because you loved her and because you loved Me. And by her prayers for you, you too did I save. But regard her friendship as platonic. And realize that she is never leaving the country I have her stationed in. She can never come to where you are. I Who Am have spoken.

Eric, it is now Monday. And the Novena against the Dragonborn, Trump of the USA and Putin of Russia, will be completed tomorrow. At the completion of that Novena, the Reigns of both Dragonborn, and also those of the Players who set those two Pawns into power, will come to a crashing end. I Who Am declare this to be. Amen. And you will then be known as a Player who defeats other Players. And it will be most enjoyable to the world to watch these things unfold. It will be acclaimed by all the world that God has delivered them from darkness.

Also, I will cure you soon, Eric. For your crosses that you no longer need, I Am taking away. And to make way for the coming of your wife into your life, I Am wiping out all those members of your family and relatives who have rejected Me. Even Mark, the one who is Protestant, I do not count as Mine, but rather, as My enemy. And he, too, Am I going to wipe out to make way for the woman I have planned to enter into your life. For the soul who rejects Me, I also have rejected him. Amen. Now let us proceed to the conclusion of this post.

Know, Eric, I have not revealed unto thee the future of the papacy. Who shall be the next pope is not revealed. Lord, with Trump destroying America and with Pope Francis destroying the Catholic Church, what follows this, and what becomes of this, O’ Lord? I Am slaying both Dragonborn at the conclusion of your Novena, Eric. And I Am putting to death all Catholic Clerics, including the pope, who disagree with Me on issues of homosexuality and divorced and remarried Catholics. These issues are settled by My constant teaching in the Catholic Church. Those who have opened these issues up to debate, and have weakened My teachings regarding them, are all included in the ban set to be killed.

And across America and all the lands included in Babylon the Great, Am I sending My Spirit to put to death the many, all who are separated from Me or who have rejected Me. And all who are marked with the sign of Obama I Am wiping out. Amen. All who belong to that man are marked for My Spirit to kill. And all who have compromised with the homosexuals are regarded as so marked.

Such is the great feast that I have prepared for the birds of the air and for the beasts of the earth to gorge themselves on. Now go, Eric, for your faith has saved you. Amen. And you are commanded to work today. I Am the Lord. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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