Eric repents his sexual sins

The Holy Spirit guides all souls to the Truth, but that Truth must be founded on Catholicism.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XLII:
Eric has come to grips with his sexuality, and is ready to acknowledge true Catholic teachings and his own shortcomings. Lord, I have an addiction to sexual sins, such as masturbation. How may I overcome these sins in order to live a truly free life, O’ Lord? For I repent my sins, and I will confess them today. Help me make a true confession. And help me become as You will me to become, O’ Lord.

This is Our decree, lord Azurite. I will give you a life in this world in exchange for something that you will give me. What do you wish me to give You, O’ Lord? Realize that most of the movies in your large collections of movies contain much immorality. So also are the many movies and shows on television equally sinful in sexual content. For the world thinks similar as you have thought, in your addictions to sexual sins. The world and its movie makers embrace sexual indulgence and sexual self-seeking. They do not understand that true freedom comes from temperance, self control, and mastery over one’s sexual urges and feelings. For how is a man free who is addicted to a habit that destroys his spirituality?

What you will give Me, lord Azurite, in exchange for a long life in this world, is this. I want your obedience and your life vocation to be formed as I shall will it. Give Me that control over your heart and over your destiny, and you shall be granted a forty plus year reign on earth with whosoever is granted to you to be your lover. Amen.

Lord, I let you in. Take over my heart and my destiny. Shape it exactly as You so please. I give you everything. And guide me out of my addictions to sin. Amen.

Lord Azurite, go and eat an apple and then come back. Then We shall speak. I have eaten the apple, O’ Lord. Good. Now breathe in and relax. You will be taken to your destiny this morning, after the sun has risen. For this world is not fit for you any longer. You may not remain in it. For it is too ugly and you are too purified to remain in this sewer called the earth. Hence, this morning I Am taking you to heaven. Amen. And you shall no longer be in the land, but will be above, and see things as I see them. For you are declared free of all sin and all stain of all sin. Amen.

I consent to all of this, O’ Lord. Take me as Thou shalt. And I shall go unto Thee. These are My final Words of warning and guidance unto thee. Carry nothing with you. And be free of all self-seeking. For this is the day I take you up to heaven. Amen. Lord, do I go and cash my paycheck? Do I go and do as I promised to Hyacinth? Before you can do either of those two things, to Myself I Am taking you up from this world. Amen. This is a vow of the Lord. I Who Am swear by Myself and by My holy name, I Am taking you up from the earth by the dawn’s light. Be ready for Me then, for only you, and no other, Am I taking to Myself.

Lord, let me then make myself ready. And I hereby let go of all concerns in this world. Eric, by your willingness to be taken up, this is My plan for you. There is no more time left in this world for you to reign here. For this day is your last on the planet. And from this day forward, you shall be with Me in heaven. I Who Am have spoken. From now on, I make you My immortal servant in heaven. You shall be raptured and no one else. Amen.

Lord, this shall be the 319th extant post on (319 = 11 * 29). Lord Azurite, because you have followed Me faithfully to the end, I allow you to make one request of me to enact in this world at the moment I take you up into heaven. Ask for anything, and I shall tell you of My answer to thee. Amen. Let the homosexual revolution that has gripped the whole world be broken, and that the conservatives around the world, who belong to You, conquer the homosexual revolutionaries and restore the proper morality throughout all the world, ending the legal practices of abortion, gay marriage, co-habitation, and all the sinful sexuality seen in movies and television. Let the whole world return to the morality it once had in the past, when television was still black and white. And let their morality become greater and holier than it was back then, O’ Lord. Amen.

Lord Azurite, keep this request close to your heart. And if you wish it at the moment of My changing you into a creature of the Light, it shall all be done as you say, down to the last detail. Amen. And if you do as I say here, by that last request, this whole world will become known as Eric’s world. And it will be put under a spell by which it will not awaken. Rather, everyone will suddenly think and do as you do, lord Azurite. And they will see your logic and your reasoning behind everything. For all will see that you have been right all along. And all the world will then act accordingly to the Word of the Lord, including those Words from Me written through you. Amen.

Lord, the sun rises here in Whittier at 6:24 AM. It is now 2:54 AM. Lord Azurite, when this world awakens this dawn, they will see and know of your ascension. And then they will know that I Am and that through you I have spoken.

Lord, will you convert Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the proper morality, so that they lead America correctly, as I would have them lead it, O’ Lord? Yes. Both of them shall be converted. And as for the two Dragonborn, Trump and Putin, they will be destroyed in their plans to destroy you. I Who Am have spoken.

As for your girlfriend, Hyacinth, We are taking her as well. For she may not be parted from you. Such is Our decree. Amen. Now, ask Us any question that you may have. And We shall answer it in full.

Is this to be an end times event, like a rapture of the saints? Or is the End of Time to soon follow this? Or is the End of Time now? Does your Second Coming occur soon, O’ Lord? Within this generation, O’ Lord, or the generation that witnesses the conversion of Israel?

This is the moment in history in which I say, “Come up here!” (Revelation 4:1 & 11:12). You shall rise. And so also shall your girlfriend, Caesar Sandra Nikee, whom We call Cassandra, and whom you call Hyacinth. Lord, today is Saturday, November 14, 2020. Lord Azurite, you have been a good prophet in My service. For you have prophesied exactly what I have given you to say.

Let Me say these Words to the world who shall read this post, and all other things you have written as I have commanded thee. I have gathered My wheat into My barn. Now I shall punish evildoers. Let it be known throughout all this world, those who do evil shall surely die. Mercy ends as of this evening. Confess your sins. Make your peace with God. For the time has come for judgement to wrack all the land. Those cities that have done evil will be razed to the ground. And those nations that have transgressed shall be scattered to the four winds. But I reserve glory for My nation of Israel. Now You shall see Your Messiah Coming to you, riding on the colt of an ass. He is Coming and is at the gates. Therefore, repent and turn to the gospel. Open your Bibles and read where it says, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, then I will enter his house and dine with him, and he with Me.” (Revelation 3:20).

This is the last hour. And you are in the last days. Amen. Eric was the Great Monarch of Catholic End Times prophecy. Now he shall rule his kingdom from heaven. Know Ye and understand, I have given the world two millennia to come to Me and to be saved. But those who did not avail of My offer, I shall now destroy. You did not do My will, so now I shall cast you on a bed of suffering. And you shall ache with the pain of the stings of scorpions for five months. (Revelation 9:1-12). And then you shall know that I Am the Lord. And you shall know that I do not tolerate your dissent from My laws and My commandments. Whosoever dissents from My Way, let him be slain by the vigilante. For from now on, what I decree through Eric is law that must be obeyed. And whosoever disobeys will be put to death. Amen.

Eric I seat upon a throne in heaven. You shall see him seated there, at My left hand. And to his left hand is Hyacinth, whom We call Cassandra. Amen. To My right hand shall be seated the prophet sent to My people Israel. He shall speak unto them, and they must obey. And to his right hand is his consort, whom We call symbolically, Clear-Crystal, for her real name is not yet revealed to men of this world. Amen.

Lord, let me enter into that state of perfect purity that is the Way to heaven. Lord Azurite, We have found you perfect. And now We shall reveal unto you your destiny. This is the last day of Eric’s life in this world. Eric has lived for 50 years, 4 months, and 21 days. Now We take Eric out of this life, for his time here is over. Amen. Congratulations, Eric. You have graduated from this world. And you have graduated with honors. Amen. This post now comes to its conclusion. In the remaining time I grant unto thee, read your Bible and pray that prayer request you made of Me. For you are now coming to Me and there shall be no more delay.

Now go and publish this post, correct all errors, and send a copy to Hyacinth. Amen.

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