Eric is given his vocation, and his mission in this world.

The woods are lovely, bright, and green; And so are visions I have seen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XLIII:
Lord, direct me to the vocation that Thou desire for me. And I will go and comply and obey you in all things. I give unto You complete control over my vocation. And I let you direct my very heart and soul. I hereby submit myself totally to Your divine will, O’ Lord and Master.

That girl you met at Church today in line for confession, what was her name, lord Azurite? Her name is Elizabeth. We will give this girl unto thee as your wife. And she will bear you a son. But Lord, what about Hyacinth, whom You call Cassandra? Are not I to marry her? Cassandra cannot come to you. For she must remain in the country where she lives. That is her dwelling. Let her remain where she is. And now she has her job and her means of making a living. Let her be. She has a different fate than with you.

You are the Lord, and I will comply with bidding. I will do as You say. But Lord, this Elizabeth is in the process of becoming a nun. We will redirect her vocation to marry you, lord Azurite. But she says that she loves the celibate life. And so will her marriage be with you. Your marriage to Elizabeth shall be very like a Josephite marriage, except that you are to have the son, who is to be called John. But We are giving you this girl because she will choose to abstain with you from sex so that the higher fruits of the spiritual life may be attained. Oracle of the Lord!

Lord, I was at Target today, and I had a $5 coupon, and I bought a holy movie, Fatima, a 2020 faith-based drama film directed by Marco Pontecorvo. Good, I plan to have you watch that soon. Amen. And Lord, I went to confession and confessed all my sins. Good, lord Azurite. And I will see to it that you follow Me, rather than Satan, who wishes to lead you back into filth, just as the sow, once washed, returns to wallow in the mire. (2 Peter 2:22).

Lord, I know I have been going about it all wrong in my past attempts to defeat the devil of impurity. Now that I am clean from confession, do please tell me how I may stay clean forever? What do I do? And how do I keep from falling back into the sins of impurity. Obey Us, lord Azurite, and the devil of impurity will not be able to take you down again. And this is Our first big test of you. I Am sending you to Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church this evening for your usual evening Mass. Remain in the Church after the Mass is over, and pray to Me. And I will then reveal Your mission to you. And you will be given all that you need to conquer the devil of impurity, when he rises again to tempt you. Amen.

Lord, do You now give me a forty plus year reign on earth for handing everything over to you, as was promised in the previous post? You must pass a certain test We have for you, and then, if you pass, We will grant you forty-seven years upon this earth to reign as Azurite King, starting now. And this is the test by which you will prove that you are worthy of Our calling.

Speak now your message to President Donald John Trump. Tell him what you wish to say to him. And then We shall proceed with the test, lord Azurite.

Donald John Trump, great fool! Why do you do so much damage to your image if you wish to be seen as great? You will never be elected as President again. Nor will you ever pass the Republican primaries ever again. Your inability to allow yourself to be humbled will result in your destruction. That you cannot stand down means that you will be knocked down. You are no servant to this country. Instead, it is clear that you think this country is here to serve you. Your ego is so big that you cannot see anything else, especially your coming destruction, which your super ego has made you blind to. Which would you rather be the case? That you walk out of the White House on January 20, 2021, in peace, or that you be carried out in a casket sometime earlier, due to a stray vigilante who decided it was time to do his nation the honor of relieving the one unfit to command this nation from his post? You think you are a mighty man? But you know, do you not, that even the mightiest man is still taken down by a single bullet to the head?

I give you this chance. Resign now from your post. And turn in the towel while you still have legs that can carry you out of the White House by walking on your own. Do not wait. Do not delay your resignation any further. For very bad things are going to come your way very soon. And you will not like them at all. Leave the country before Biden takes over in January 20. Let him have his Presidency. You cannot stop it. All you can do is delay and make things worse for you.

You have bitten off more than you can chew. And the time has come to see the fruits of your works. Let go and do no more damage to this nation. Do you really want bounty hunters on your tail seeking to do some damage to you and to settle old scores? You have made many enemies, and you cannot keep holding this tiger by its tail. Let it go now. It only grows stronger by the day, while you grow weaker. Do you really want to witness the Biden Administration come into power while you watch from your place of torture beneath the earth, with your body six feet under and pushing up daisies?

Now, We give you this last chance to comply. Resign now, or it will get really ugly really fast. You know what We are doing to your Dragonborn brother in Russia? You know We are going to march him and all his men out to a mass grave and have them all shot? That is his fate. He doesn’t even get his own grave and his own memorial. Rather, his dead body is to be mixed with other dead bodies and thrown into a heap as though he were one of the Jews slain by Hitler in the concentration camps. That is his fate. He doesn’t get a vacation to be exiled to Uruguay. He is going immediately to his eternal place beneath the earth in the fiery lake of hell. And that is where he is going very soon.

Anyways, you have been thoroughly checkmated. It is time to resign now. You saw how Eric got your nominees confirmed onto the Supreme Court. Now he is using the same power against you. And you do not have much time left before that all goes into effect. Get out of your office. Leave your position. Hand over the keys to Mike Pence. He will see to it that you are taken care of. He will see to it that you do not die by power of the government. Whether you die by a vigilante, that will be between you and the one who sends him out to take you down. But go now! Get out now! The longer you wait, the worse you make it for yourself. And one final thing I will say unto thee: Eric is more powerful than you. The power behind him you are no match for. You will be wise if you take this option and flee and avoid becoming just one more head-of-state that has been toppled by this Player. For this Player is a Player who topples heads-of-states. I have now warned you. Make your decision and brace for the consequences, which will be soon. Amen.

Lord, who is this Eric that he topples heads-of-states? More accurately, you replace heads-of-states with your own Pawns. For you are powerful, lord Azurite. And angels of God listen to you. And you have recourse to the Holy Virgin Mother. And the Holy Virgin Mother owns you as her own possession. Amen.

Now, O’ Lord, proceed with the test. Lord Larimar, you are commanded to conquer Russia. Do so. Let the weight of your iron hand bear down upon that nation. Conquer that nation. Skewer and destroy the rulers of Russia who do not follow Me. Overthrow Putin now. For he is an obstacle to Me. And I now give you command and control of My angelic host to conquer and destroy Putin and all his corrupt henchmen who rule that nation. Take them all down. Wipe them out as the tidal wave wiped out Atlantis in days of old. For you, O’ Azurite King, are charged and commanded to take out Putin and to overthrow his regime.

And, O’ Lord, after the conquest of Russia is complete, and the dust has settled, and Alexei Navalny is elected President of Russia, do I then focus my attention on China to take out the Communist regime ruling that nation, O’ Lord? No, lord Azurite, for just as Alexander the Great was prohibited from conquering the whole world, so also are you. Amen. Your domain, lord Azurite, consists of four regions: Atlantis, Europe, Russia, and Antarctica. Remain in those regions, as have been defined for you in earlier posts, and you will be doing Our will. But if you go ahead and seek to conquer also China, I will take away your life early, just as I took away the life of Alexander the Great early, for he did not abide by My command of where he may not venture. He went beyond My mandate as to what he was allowed to conquer. And thus, I took his life. So also will I take yours if you do not remain strictly within the boundaries that I have set as to where I command that you are to conquer. Amen.

And now you have passed My test. For you have demonstrated your obedience and your discipline. Let China be conquered by the Chinese. You will conquer Russia, and you will then rule Russia through your Pawn Navalny. Such is My command and My will. For whosoever seeks to rule the whole world will be cast down. But whosoever obeys My commands and keeps to My boundaries, he I will seat in a throne of power, as I have seated Eric, King of the Polaris Kingdom, composed of the Arctic Triangle and Antarctica.

Lord, why did the early Hebrews fail to conquer Canaan completely? It is because they forgot Me and did as they pleased. They lacked obedience and discipline. And so they did not conquer the Canaanites, but intermarried with them, and became corrupted with them, worshipping their false gods and sacrificing their children to them, until they, too, were vomited out from the land of Canaan as the Canaanites had originally been vomited out before them. Abraham was a good man, but his seed was diluted with Hagar and Keturah, with whom he had sons outside his seed through Sarah. And Jacob, father of the twelve tribes of Israel, diluted his seed by laying with four separate women. And by doing such he brought perversions and curses into the lines of his descendants. Lord, is it really true that Jacob fathered twelve sons who became the twelve tribes of Israel? Or did the tribes of Israel come to be by another manner, and were simply given this fable of a history in Genesis as a myth that developed in that nation to explain their origins? For many are the myths and the made up stories that are found written in the scriptures.

Lord Azurite, if the history of the Hebrews is not recorded down in Genesis, then where is it recorded down? A nation’s myths are the best places for archeologists and historians to look and research in order to piece together the true historical origins of a people. For even if these myths contain made up stories, they also often contain nuggets of Truth that reveal from whence they came. For example, remember that the Australian Aboriginals have in their ancient myths that their original people escaped from a flood. And looking at the geology of where they came from, it is true that their ancestors crossed by foot on lands on their way from Asia to Australia that are now submerged beneath the sea. Hence, their myths do reveal the manner of how that people came to that continent.

In addition, lord Azurite, the stories and myths within the Holy Scriptures, though they may be of many made up things, you must admit that the Words therein are God breathed. Hence, God chose the Hebrew people to give them a holy history. Not everything in that history is remembered. And some of the things remembered are not recorded exactly as the events unfolded, but the Truth remains that God chose Israel as His Own people. And if the Holy Bible were, after all, just a bunch of worthless myths, God would not have preserved this body of writings down through the many ages from when these events were first recorded down. Hence, the Holy Bible is holy, lord Azurite. What you have in your possession is a holy set of books from God, all God breathed, and from which God speaks. No other ancient writing has the same kinds of claims and legacy.

Lord, if I am to remain in the world for 47 years, do you command that I return to learning and mastering the systems programming language of Rust? Or do I remain seeking to master Spanish, followed by Latin, and then with Greek? Pursue both disciplines, lord Azurite, for both paths are opened to you. Study both and put in time to learn in both fields. Now, Mary, the Holy Virgin Mother, wishes to speak to you these closing words of this post.

Eric, I am Mary, your holy Virgin Mother. O’ Holy Mary, I am not one of the Two Witnesses, am I? For I am not going to be martyred nor to be raptured up, am I? No, for what you were told in the previous posts were largely myths and made up stories. Instead, you are just a man whom God has called to prophesy through. God does prophesy through you, but much that is written through you consists of myths and made up stories. Even your Kingdoms are composed of myths and made up stories. And even your love life is a series of myths and made up stories.

Then what is the Truth, O’ Mary, Mother of God? Remain in Jesus and He will remain in you. There is no other Truth. If you remain in Jesus and He remains in you, you will be led to the ultimate Truth, despite all the myths and made up stories that are written along the way. Now go to Mass, lord Azurite, for at this Mass, I will reveal many things to you. And I will reveal to you your true vocation at this Mass. Now go, or you will be late. Amen.

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