Cardinal Burke to be made 267th Pope of Roman Catholic Church

Eric is to become a priest. It is now his inevitable fate. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XXXIX:
I Who Am have chosen Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke as My next pope, the one who succeeds Pope Francis as the 267th Pope of My Roman Catholic Church, and who is to take the papal name of Pope John XXIV. Amen. Cardinal Burke correctly identifies the act of living in mortal sin as no different than being a murderer or any other type of criminal or mortal sinner. For when society allows a woman to abort her child, or when society allows two homosexuals to live together as a sexual couple, that is no different than German society tolerating the genocide against the Jews under the Nazis. Allowing two homosexuals to live as a married couple is no different than tolerating the practice of kidnapping free African Americans and selling them into chattel slavery. Voting for politicians who endorse a woman’s right to choose to kill her own offspring in the womb is no different to saluting Adolf Hitler and bowing down to him, calling him master, while his Nazis were in the process of butchering and killing Jews, Poles, and any others that they designated as undesirables. For sin is sin. Mortal sin is mortal sin. There is no way to live in mortal sin and be found acceptable before God.

Lord, so many Catholic couples use artificial birth control, which is condemned by the Catholic Church. I once asked a deacon why they never preach against this sin from the pulpit? And he said that that was not the place for preaching such things, and doing so would be pointing the finger of accusation against the people in the pews. But what do You say about this matter?

Lord Azurite, those Catholic clerics who choose not to rock the boat, who choose to let the Catholic couples live in sin, rather than to save their souls, those couples who live in sin will indeed go to hell, but the clerics who failed to preach to them on that sin will be held accountable for their blood. I Am the Lord! For I did not appoint shepherds to allow wolves to run rampant among the flock, killing whosoever they desire. Such shepherds are those who feed themselves, and let the sheep be scattered and lost, as written in Ezekiel, chapter 24.

Lord Azurite, tell us of your progress in reading the complete Catholic Holy Bible. I have been assigned to read the entire set of scriptures from a 1953 copyrighted Catholic Holy Bible. And I have now read in that Bible the following books, in this order: (1) Job, (2) Song of Songs (Canticle of Canticles), (3,4,5,6) the four Books of Kings (which are 1&2 of Samuel and 1&2 of Kings), (7) Ruth, (8) Judges, (9) Genesis, (10) Exodus, (11) Joshua (Josue), (12) Hebrews, (13) James, (14) Revelation, (15) John, and (16) Mark. And right now I am back in the Old Testament and reading: (17) Ezekiel. And after I finish that book, I am commanded to read the rest of the Catholic Holy Bible in this order: (18) Daniel, (19) Lamentations, (20) Jeremiah (Jeremias), (21) Isaiah (Isaias), (22) Leviticus, (23) Numbers, (24) Deuteronomy, (25) Matthew, (26) Luke, (27) Romans, (28) 1 Corinthians, (29) 2 Corinthians, (30) Tobit (Tobias), (31) Esther, (32) Jonah (Jonas), (33) Acts, (34) 1 Chronicles (1 Paralipomenon), (35) 2 Chronicles (2 Paralipomenon), (36) 1 Peter, (37) 2 Peter, (38) Jude, (39) Judith, (40) Ecclesiastes, (41) Wisdom, (42) Ecclesiasticus (Sirach), (43) Ezra (1 Esdras), (44) Nehemiah (2 Esdras), (45) 1 Maccabees (1 Machabees), (46) 2 Maccabees (2 Machabees), (47) Proverbs, (48) Psalms, (49) 1 John, (50) 2, John, (51) 3 John, (52) Galatians, (53) Ephesians, (54) Philippians, (55) Baruch, (56) Hosea (Osee), (57) Joel, (58) Amos, (59) Obadiah (Abdias), (60) Micah (Micheas), (61) Nahum, (62) Habakkuk (Habacuc), (63) Zephaniah (Sophonias), (64) Haggai (Aggeus), (65) Zechariah (Zacharias), (66) Malachi (Malachias), (67) Colossians, (68) 1 Thessalonians, (69) 2 Thessalonians, (70) 1 Timothy, (71) 2 Timothy, (72) Titus, and (73) Philemon. And then I will have read all 73 books of the Roman Catholic Canon. This will be the first time I will have completely read the entire Holy Bible.

Lord, did You say that I am to receive a special Kingdom? Yes, and now I shall define the Kingdom that I Am giving you for all eternity. All of North America, Europe, and Russia have been given to you as part of your Kingdom of Polaris, the Arctic Triangle. But there is more that is to be of your Kingdom, lord Azurite. I also give you Antarctica. That continent will be part of your Kingdom of Polaris to the south. And in the future, as the polar ice caps melt, men will live there and build cities there. And you shall be the eternal King over all those lands. I Who Am have spoken.

Lord, with me ruling so much of the earth, there doesn’t seem to be much left for other Kings to rule over? You, lord Azurite are the Arch-King. Many Kings and Queens rule and reign in Kingdoms beneath yours in levels and layers below your Arch-Rule. And who is King above me, O’ Lord? As one of the Sovereign Kings of the Earth, only Mary, Queen of Heaven, reigns above you, among created rulers.

But what about the Apostle John? For isn’t John my superior commander, O’ Lord? What Kingdom does he rule then? John is above you in rank in My Kingdom, but he is not granted a Kingdom to rule over in this world, but rather, in the hereafter. For My Father’s House has many mansions. And I have many Kingdoms not found in this world, nor definable among the lands of the earth, to award those who love Me.

Lord, I have had sexual fantasies. And I feel guilty for doing such things. What is my judgement, O’ Lord? For I repent, and I wish to have a clean mind from now on. Good, lord Azurite. Stay on My path and you shall not err nor fall away. Sexual fantasy does not kill a man, but rather masturbation and the viewing of porn. I Who Am have spoken. When you go to communion today this morning, remember your repentance and speak it to the Lord in silence. And when you go up and receive Me, all these venial sins that have entered your mind shall be washed away. I Am the Lord. Furthermore, I am bringing you to enter the path of the priesthood very soon. When you are cured, then you will receive your instructions on where to go and who to tell your vocation to. I Am the Lord.

Lord, there was a priest who, desperate for cash, sold tickets to people to have the privilege of eating a meal in the Rectory with the priests. Was that unlawful for that priest to have done such a thing, O’ Lord? For I am not sure if that is the sin of simony. It is, lord Azurite. That priest sinned grievously against the sacredness of his vows and his priesthood. One may not monetize and sell spiritual goods. For I alone Am Master and Owner of all spiritual goods. Whosoever sells spiritual or religious experiences in My Church is no different to the money changers and the thieves that I drove out of the Temple with a whip for making My Father’s House of Prayer a den of thieves. Amen. No one may ever sell My goods and My works for money, lest he die. I Who Am have spoken.

What about the fees people must pay for such things as wedding ceremonies? My Church ministers I permit to require a donation to be made for such services, providing that they do not discriminate against those who are poor, and deny such services to those who cannot afford to pay the fee. For remember that My ministers are not businessmen. My Church is not a business seeking to make a profit. Rather, I set up My Church where it is win souls for heaven. That is why it is there. Focus must be kept on the salvation of each member of the flock, and not on the money that can be tithed from the people. I Who Am say these things to the ministers who minister to My people. Amen.

Lord, what is going to happen to President Donald John Trump for his refusal to concede that he lost in the elections? Once he is dethroned, he will be prosecuted severely. He will be like an elephant being taken down by a thousand swarming wolves. He will have no escape. And his legacy will make him noted the infamous Hall of Shame. He will go down in history as the most shameful, deceitful enemy to the state that ever sat in the Oval Office, due to his rejection of law and order and due process as the top law enforcer and commander-in-chief. He will proceed from the White House to the jail, and the reality shows he will star in shall consist of endless trials he will endure, like those of O. J. Simpson in his murder trials. For he will be fighting in court as a defendant for the rest of his existence on the planet. He gave no mercy, hence, no mercy shall be given to him. Amen.

Let him go, lord Azurite, for he is wicked. And his place is in the netherworld. He was never a good President. He only did a few good things, in a sea of incompetent destruction to the planet, the nation, and the world. Amen. But realize this also, lord Azurite. America will have gotten rid of a Dragonborn, only to take on the devil-incarnate as their leader. For Biden is Pawn of Antichrist par Excellence. Amen.

Lord, am I really granted to rule all of Antarctica? Is this really to be given to me as a Kingdom? Rule that Kingdom, lord Azurite. For at the Resurrection of the Just, I Am setting you up on such a throne over all these lands. Lord, is there to be two separate Resurrections? One for the Just and the other for the wicked? Yes, for the two parties are resurrected for different purposes. The Just are resurrected to reign over their inheritance, while the wicked are resurrected to be judged and sent to hell, the second death.

Now, lord Azurite, I instruct you to go and study your Spanish. For you are to be made proficient in that language by year’s end. And just so you know, as a Spanish speaking priest, your opportunities will be all the greater in the Los Angeles Archdiocese where I will station you as My priest. I Who Am have spoken. Now, go and eat your breakfast, go to Church, and then come back and read the Holy Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church in Spanish. Do this each day to the end of the year, and you shall become proficient. And after you have mastered Spanish, We will refocus you back to studying Latin, and after that, to Greek. All three of these languages you will gain proficiency in lord Azurite. I Who Am have spoken. Now publish this post and go. Amen.

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