King David’s sin

King David looked and saw a temptation that he yielded to to his destruction.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XXXV:
Now We shall analyze the sin of King David. Imagine you have just conquered your enemies and are strolling the roof of your palace, looking over your kingdom, and lo! you see a beauty that you must have. King David had to have her. But why? Why couldn’t this man who had slain Goliath not be able to slay the enemy of temptation to commit sin? Why couldn’t this man who had triumphed in battle with many enemies not be able to defeat the temptation of a mere woman? How did this conqueror king of Israel become conquered by the charms of a woman who was the wife of another? What was lacking in this man, O’ Lord, that he fell from such a great height?

King David fell, lord Azurite, because his heart was not firmly settled on Me. You, too, lord Azurite, were put to the test with a temptation of a blonde woman called Sam who worked briefly at the office. Why did you not fall to that temptation? For it was of a power designed to destroy you. I would have fallen, but I cried out to You, O’ Lord, and to Your Mother Mary, that you take away this temptation, lest I fall. And I took away the temptation, did I not, lord Azurite? You did, O’ Lord, and I never fell. Now let us consider this. Would you have had the power to resist this temptation on your own, without interceding to either Me or to My Holy Virgin Mother? No, O’ Lord, I would have surely fallen to the temptation and committed great evil had I not had You to call to for divine help. Now let us look at King David. Who did he have to call out to for help? God was not a personal God at that time. And the Holy Spirit did not dwell in any man. Nor was any man in a state of grace. For in that age, Man was under the power of Satan and fully in his possession. And he could wreck havoc with any man and destroy them willy nilly. And so he did. And fornication, adultery, and abominations were widespread. For none of the people had a personal savior. No one had any means to make themselves clean. And all were under the power of darkness. Hence, David’s sin was committed without access the all the graces and helps that you, lord Azurite, both have and avail of.

Then, are such men who lived in those dark days before Your sacrifice on the cross changed everything saved? Was King David saved? Could any man who lived in those dark days have been saved? And what would they have had to do to be saved in those days? I saved King David because he acknowledged his wrongdoing and because he submitted himself to My rebuke of him. For such men I Am able to save. But the man who resists his chastisement I abandon to his sins and do not save.

But no man, saved or damned, entered heaven or hell until I came and died on the cross. Rather, all the dead were stored in the levels of hades until I descended there at My death to sort the wicked from the just. The just were advanced to purgatory, while the wicked then descended to hell, and hades became two distinct places: purgatory and hell. No one could pass from one to the other. And all men who died from that point onward, received their judgement from Me and their assignment to one or the other place. Those in hell, that was their eternal place. Those in purgatory, there they remained until their debts to sin were entirely paid to My Justice. And then they ascended from the deep to their place in the firmament where they became a star of the heavens. For all the elect may be figuratively identified with stars of the heavens. And all who go to heaven are as the stars forever. Did you know that the numbers of the stars in the universe outnumber the grains of sand upon the earth by many millions of times over? Your scientists of the earth have realized such a calculation, lord Azurite.

Lord, is there any sin that a man can do that he can never be forgiven of, should he repent of it later and turn to do good? Each man is on a road and a path through live, lord Azurite. And on that path there are many forks in the roads. By a man’s decision, he goes one way or the other. Taking the wrong forks will eventually lead a man to his destruction. Taking the correct forks will eventually lead a man to eternal life. But do not promise yourself that if you take the wrong fork in life knowingly, that you will be able to come back to Me. For the farther away you travel from me, the fewer forks will you find in the road that lead back to Me. I do not condemn the humble and contrite heart. But I do condemn the impenitent soul and the deceiving soul, the one who seeks entry into heaven without also giving up his evil ways. And the secret sinner is never saved. Amen.

For the one who follows Me outwardly, but who inside is full of secret sins, I do not save. Such were those who condemned Me for eating with sinners and tax collectors. And it was to their hypocrisy that I chastised them and rebuked them publicly. And the reason why I ate with sinners and tax collectors was because their sins were seen and known, and I was teaching men that I came to save sinners. And I was also intent for all men to understand that they, too, were sinners like those I ate with. For all men had sinned, and all men were in need of a savior. I came to this world to save sinners. But I did not come into this world to save those who did not acknowledge their sins. Remember that it was by David’s acknowledgement that he had sinned by which I forgave him and saved him.

Every man who acknowledges his sins before Me I will save. But whoever denies he has sin I do not save. For was it not at My rebuke of Judas Iscariot for criticizing the woman who had poured perfumed oil upon My head and upon My feet that he resisted My rebuke and thereafter started down the road as My betrayer? For the man who resists My rebuke of his sins I do not save and I do not bring back into My company. That is why I said to him on that fateful day, “What you are about to do, do quickly.” He did not know that I knew of his intentions. But he obeyed Me, as all souls are under compulsion to obey Me. And he went forth to carry out the plan he had formed in his heart to turn Me over to My enemies for thirty pieces of silver. And perhaps he also sought positions and favor with the high and mighty who opposed Me after all this affair of My ministry was brought to an end.

But Satan left Judas Iscariot after he had done his foul deed, and then he saw to his horror that he had betrayed innocent blood. Why did I not then forgive him, for then, at that moment, he acknowledged his wrongdoing and confessed that he had sinned? (Matthew 27:3-4). Why, O’ Lord? Please do tell me. I will tell you. Judas had betrayed God. Such is a sin of unbearable guilt. He could not bear the condemning eyes in heaven looking down upon him, and so he threw the thirty pieces back to the Jews and turned and went off and committed suicide. (Matthew 27:5). I did not forgive Judas because he did not give Me the opportunity to do so. Had he resisted suicide and done penance for his sins, I would have forgiven him. For the penitent and contrite heart I do not reject. For suicide and penance are contradictory acts. They go in opposite directions. Suicide is the path to hell. Penance is the path back to Me. And no act of penance is to kill oneself. Penance is to heal oneself from sin and to bring oneself back to Me. Never mistake an act of suicide for penance, for they are opposite paths and with opposite fates. Amen. Hence, I could have forgiven even Judas, had he only done penance after his act of betrayal. But the one who commits suicide excludes himself from My ability to forgive him of his sins. And no one who has committed suicide has ever gone to heaven. Amen.

Thus, those acts known as assisted suicide and mercy killings are pathways to hell. The reason why some men and women die in excruciating pain is to lead them back to Me before they cross the veil and it becomes too late to save their soul. All that pain is necessary to save them. And if you cut it short by killing them, then you kill all chances that they had to be saved. Therefore, if you truly loved your dying loved ones, you would let them die all their agony, and you would fetch for them a priest so that they could make their confession or in some way atone for all the sins that they committed in life before they come before Me to be judged. Pain is a necessary evil I give to souls to save them before it is too late for them to be saved. For after death, no one who is outside My Kingdom can ever enter into it. And no repentance and no work on one’s soul is possible for those who have died. Amen.

Lord, are fat people still fat in heaven, at the Resurrection? And are those who died as children forever assigned to live in the body of a child? No sin and no effects of sin are persisted into the next world of Paradise. Being fat is the consequence of the sins of gluttony. And those who are fat and who are forgiven to be granted eternal life in the hereafter will find their resurrected flesh to be free of the effects of their sinful past, including gluttony. As for those who are children at death, at the Resurrection they are as they ought to be in their natural adult form that their flesh would have taken, were it to have been given a life free of disease, malnourishment, and mutilation, and allowed to reach full maturity. Now, O’ Lord, will some women at the Resurrection have large breasts while others have more modest breasts, for the natural forms of women vary greatly in both their beauty and the sizes and shapes of their body parts? Eric, the women at the Resurrection will be arrayed like the flowers of a vast and beautiful and highly varied flower garden. Each flower there will be in its perfect form, and yet, some kinds of flowers do indeed have larger petals, while other kinds of flowers have much more modest sized petals, but each flower there is of its own kind and beauty to behold. So also is it the way with both woman and also men in the Paradise to come. Amen.

Now, as for marriage, how can a man choose to marry just one woman when there are so many different kinds of women of vastly different beautiful forms in this world, you ask? King David and King Solomon both had a vast number of wives. But their many wives did not lead them to holiness, but rather, to their decline. Had King David only had one wife, his son would never have raped his half sister, for all his children would have been from one woman. For perversions in one’s children stem from the perverted forms of sex by which they come to be conceived. And the sex act done outside My commandments does not lead to blessings. Even the Law of Moses condemns the practice of Kings in taking many wives. (Deuteronomy 17:17). Therefore, the practice of the Kings of Israel of having vast harems of women was against My commandments. They did so in violation of My law. And that is why Israel fell. For in the beginning, how many wives did God give to Adam? For if Man were made for many women, why was there only one Eve? Why was only one women made from his rib? And even with just one woman, Adam fell to commit sin.

Now, what was the nature of Adam’s sin, you wonder? What was the meaning of partaking in the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, a tree that was forbidden them? Tell me, O’ Lord, tell me the nature of their sins? The Original Sin, by which Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden was this. They partook in a pleasure that was unlawful for men and women to have together. For as long as Adam was alone in the garden, he committed no sins and was in no danger of being cast out. And Satan had no means of tempting him to commit sin. Hence, the sin of Adam and Eve entirely was about what they did with one another. Adam and Eve transgressed and committed a sin with one another that God had forbade them. But because this was to be written in the Holy Bible, it was represented by the metaphor of eating of the fruit of a forbidden tree.

For the laws on sex are unchangeable. As they exist today, so also did they exist in the times of Adam and Eve. What God requires is absolute obedience. Oral sex is wrong today, and was wrong yesterday, and was also wrong back in the days of Adam and Eve. And when Adam and Eve were cast out of that Garden, Mankind forgot all the Law, and had to relearn it again through Moses. Hence, the Law of Moses was a restored Law, not a new Law never before known to Man.

The Law of Moses was the first installment of the Law from God. And the Catholic Church is the final installment of that Law. Hence, the Law of God as taught by Catholicism is the full and complete Law of God. Every question on what is right and what is wrong has its answer in Catholic teaching. Not only is it wrong to engage in oral sex, even between married couples, but any form of sexual activity that leads to ejaculation outside the conjugal act is condemned. Committing any one of such sins, therefore, would cause the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. For remember that the Law of God did not come to be. It always was. And Man knew the Law of God even at the time of his creation. For in the Original Sin, the Law of God was cast away and forgotten by Man. For do not be a fool. No rational being can exist in Paradise unless he knows and fully abides by the Law of God. Hence, Adam’s sin was David’s sin. They both sinned similarly in that they fell to pursue a woman contrary to what they knew to be God’s Law.

The Way to heaven is to limit oneself to only those pleasures that are permitted by God’s law. As regards to sex, a couple who wish to abide by God’s law must not partake in sexual pleasures with one another until they are sacramentally married. God’s law is not some arbitrary line in the sand. Rather, God’s law is inscrutable. Many are the reasons one can see into the wisdom behind the law that there is to be no sex before marriage. But understand that this law is not the product of the wisdom of men, but rather, it come from God and has always been. For if it were the mere product of the wisdom of men, no one would die by breaking it. But whoever breaks the least law of God dies a death from that breakage. And if this sin has these three components: (1) the matter is a serious matter, (2) that God had forbidden it was known in advance, and (3) the violation of God’s law was done with deliberate consent, then, with all three of these things being true, the death that comes from breaking this law is mortally sinful, and a true and complete breakage has occurred between the transgressor and God. But were one of those three things to be lacking, then the death that comes from the breakage of the law is called venial sin, and can be healed by simple repentance. As for mortal sins, only a priest is able to forgive such a person of such sins in the sacrament of penance. And for the one entering into the Catholic Church, all such past sins are wiped out at their reception of baptism, including the debts to them. The sacrament of penance, however, does nothing to the debts of sins, but only restores one to grace. Hence, it is incumbent upon the penitent soul, after having been forgiven of his sins and trespasses at the sacrament of confession and reconciliation, that he seek to atone and pay his debts to these sins to God in the form of acts of penance, prayers, devotions, and good works. For example, it is written that almsgiving wipes away every sin, once forgiven by God. (Tobit 12:9). Note that the Book of Tobit is found in the Catholic Canon of the Old Testament, for it is part of the Greek Septuagint. For those who are Protestant, you will find this book in your Holy Bibles that contain the Apocrypha.

Now, this brings this post to its conclusion. Understand, therefore, that everyone sins. And that all are expected to repent and acknowledge their sins and then to turn and sin no more. And that I came to eat with sinners and tax collectors was My Way of showing to men that I came to call sinners to repentance. And I did not come to help those who denied that they were sinners, but only those who acknowledged that they were sinners. For only those who acknowledge their sins can be healed. Amen. Now publish this post, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

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