Eric is seated upon his throne

The Beatific Vision is the outpouring of Uncreated Light into the vessels of created light.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XXXIV:
I Who Am shall now speak. And I will now hear and execute all of Eric’s decrees. For upon a throne do I seat the Azurite King. Listen well all of thee gathered to hear the Prophet speak. I Who Am Am now speaking through him. Let us discuss from whence comes the Azurite King. When Azurite was but a child, he read in a Children’s Holy Bible the Words of Jesus, Who said that if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move over there,’ and it shall be done for you. Eric believed what he read with a child’s faith, for a child he indeed was at the time. And so he then went outside and looked up to what he understood as the higher beings, and he said these exact words: “Let a ruler rise up in Russia who will be a good ruler and not corrupt, and who will carry out many reforms and end the Cold War.”

It was many years later, in 1989, after the Greater Emerald Reign began at the onset of the Devastation Breakdown, which began on Thursday, February 2, 1989, the day Eric fell sick in his senior year in high school and never returned. It was in a hospital bed in UCLA Medical Center, in the Psych Ward, in the spring of 1989 that Eric issued his first decree of the Greater Emerald Reign, calling for the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was after Eric’s release from the hospital and his entrance into Whittier College as a freshman in the fall of 1989, that Eric saw his power was real. And it was then that he recalled his request that he had made as a child and realized Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev was the direct fulfillment of his exact words. He later gave a name to these entities and to the ones who called them forth. The entities called forth he called Pawns. And the ones who called them forth he called Players. This terminology is found throughout the entire fourteen handwritten books of the Emerald Trove, dating from 2000 to 2017.

There were earlier Emerald Trove books written, but these were purged when Eric saw his sins in them. For it was only when Eric started on the road of attending the Catholic Church in the year 2000 that the Holy Spirit commanded Eric not to destroy any further of his books that were written starting then. Now someone asks, how did Eric go onto college having missed his spring semester of his senior year in high school? Eric had taken many summer school courses during his high school years, and only needed to complete two courses to graduate from high school, which he took that summer of 1989. In college he majored in biology. His grades at first were low, due to his recovery from his breakdown, but as the years progressed, his grades improved, and thus he graduated from Whittier College in the spring of 1993 with a B.A. in biology and a cumulative GPA of 3.2 where A = 4.0. Eric tried many different disciplines in college, trying his hand in drawing and painting classes in his junior year. But in his senior year he found his niche in computer programming, in which he aced the courses at the top of his class. He took programming in Pascal in his fall semester in 1992, followed by Programming in C in the spring of 1993. By these courses Eric realized the fields where he truly excelled beyond most other people. For in his biology classes, though his interests in these were great, he scored only a B+ on average. But in computer science courses he was a straight A student.

Note that this new direction in Eric’s career took place right after his conversion to Christianity in July of 1992. At the time of his conversion, he was taking General Chemistry class with his brother Mark at California State University, Fullerton. Eric was taking this course with the intention of pursuing graduate work in a biological field. But Eric did not go further onto graduate school when he graduated in 1993. Rather, he drifted in various career pursuits, until 1996, when he entered the computing field, programming in Perl, followed later by a mastery of Java.

Now Eric is mastering Rust, the latest systems computing language. Eric is a master of many computer languages, and he learns computer languages fast. And his main way of learning them is to buy a book that details the language, which he reads from cover to cover, understanding all the rules of the language. And after he has read the books, he then proceeds to develop in the language, and master it by doing actual work in it. Amen.

As for Eric’s line of work, he configures servers and sets up commercial websites and manages them, using the Magento platform and running on Linux servers. Eric’s skill in Linux is excellent, both server side and embedded. And his computing workstations and laptops of choice are now all Macs. For Eric does all his work using Macs. He never uses Windows computers anymore. And he sets up all his Linux servers over the cloud from his Macs using the Terminal App and the Linux command line and other tools available on or for the Mac.

When Eric first made the switch from Windows to Mac in 2006, that was when Apple came out with Intel based Mac computers, which made them compatible with Microsoft Windows. In Eric’s early years of using Macs, Eric used virtualization software to run Windows on top of his Mac in a separate window. No longer does Eric have need for doing this, for nothing on Windows does Eric need anymore that he cannot run natively on Mac. The last versions of Windows used by Eric with any seriousness were Windows 7 and Windows 8. As for Windows 10, that is a beast Eric has no interest in.

Lord, I understand that I am to marry and have a son. And great discipline do you require of me to have in this marriage in that I am to have sex with my wife only when and if you command it, and that I am to cease all sex with her when the son comes to be born. For John, son of Eric, is to have no rival to the inheritance. And unlike the faithless Catholic, who uses artificial birth control methods that work by causing micro-abortions, Eric is to never practice any form of birth control other than abstinence.

That is correct, lord Azurite. For I have set you in My group of virgins. And I will not count you out of that group as long as you obey Me. For no one ever loses anything by obeying God. Hence, just as Mary’s virginity is called physically intact, for the Virgin Birth of the Christ child did not break the hymen, but rather, the flesh gave way to the birth of the Son of God without any tearing of the flesh nor any defilement from blood shed, so also are you to be called Virgin forever, even though you are to have sex with your future wife at My command. For understand that Christ entered into this world immaculately. But He exited His life in this world as a blood soaked, whipped, beaten, and crucified martyr. But when he was raised from the dead, His body was gloried and transmuted into the flesh of Light. Christ’s body remains flesh, but flesh made of Light. He differs from the angels in that the angels are spiritual beings made of light but without any flesh. Christ has both spiritual essence and flesh of Light. And Christ differs from all Mankind at the Resurrection to Life in that Christ is a Personality of God, whereas all the rest of Mankind who rise with Him are flesh of His flesh and spirit of His Spirit, but they are not Persons of God. They are rather images of God, whereas Christ Jesus is the reality of God.

You, lord Azurite, are but an image of God. I Who Am Am God. And I Am Who Am. You, lord Azurite, are he who resembles I Who Am. For you are an image of Me. But I Am no image. For all images radiate or reflect created light. But I the One Who Am radiate Uncreated Light. I Am Uncreated Light. And My flesh is Light that came down from heaven and became the flesh of Man in the womb of Mary. You are flesh of My flesh and spirit of My Spirit. And you are made into My image by receiving Me into you at each time you receive communion at Mass. But I AM the Master Light, whereas you are of the created light. I AM Uncreated. You I created. Light created light. Uncreated Light created light that came to be.

The greatest reward of heaven is to gaze upon the Uncreated One, seeing the Uncreated Light in created eyes. It is a vision that lasts for all eternity. For the Uncreated vision is greater than what the created eye and the created mind can encompass. You will see Me, but your seeing Me will last for eternity. For the finite vessel can never fill itself completely of an infinite sea. For the infinite sea always has more to give than the finite vessel can take in. Let Us say that the finite vessel is of endless depth. Though its depth is endless, its consumption of the infinite sea will never exhaust the waters of that sea, for she is infinite. And such is the nature of the Beatific Vision. It consists of happy souls created with endless depth, into which is eternally pouring the infinite Sea of Uncreated Light.

Only those who go to heaven are permitted to receive this Uncreated Light. And O’ Lord, what is the basic requirement that men must meet in order to be eligible for heaven when they die so that they may receive and partake in this Uncreated Light in the eternity to come? Receive Me! Come into My Catholic Church, go through the established means of entering My religion, and then receive Me. For each communion a man receives on earth widens the chasm and increases the capacity of your vessel of endless depth into which I wish to pour My Uncreated Light into and fill you with the bliss of God that is miraculously made possible by Me and by My sacrifice in a created being. For whoever receives My flesh and drinks My blood dines with Me on Uncreated Light. I Am not speaking of the symbols of the body and blood, as found in Protestant churches, but of the blessed sacrament, which contains the real presence of God. For even the Anglican Church, where the sacraments are attempted, that church lacks the power to effect the transubstantiation of the bread and wine into the body and blood of the Christ, for they lack the essential charism of Apostolic Succession in their ministers. Only he who has received from the original Apostles of the laying of their hands, or from someone in that chain of succession from the original Apostles, where only bishops consecrate new bishops and priests, in such a chain of succession that traces back to the original Apostles, all of whom received their authority from Me, does any such bishop or priest have the authority and power to consecrate ordinary bread and wine into the Eucharist, the living body and blood of the Christ. And note that the consumption of the body and blood differs from cannibalism in this way: The cannibal eats the dead flesh of another man for the nourishment of his own flesh. But the one who receives Me, eats Resurrected, Living, and Life Giving flesh that is composed in reality of Uncreated Light. The food of the Eucharist is for the nourishment of the soul.

It is not by membership in My Catholic Church, but by Apostolic Succession, by which all the Eastern Churches that are separated from Rome continue to produce valid eucharists. For he who receives communion in an Eastern Church that has maintained Apostolic Succession still receives Me, even though that Church may be separated from My communion that comes with the recognition of the primacy of the pope in Rome.

Lord, then can a person in an Orthodox Church, cut off from Rome, who receives the valid Eucharist, still go to heaven? For it is written: “Outside the Catholic Church, there is no salvation.” It is true, lord Azurite, that no one is saved outside My Catholic Church. For My Catholic Church is the only established door on earth by which men may enter into heaven by entering into. But it is possible for there to be those who are inwardly Catholic, though outwardly Orthodox, and these I also will still save. But no one has salvation who does not receive Me. For outside those who receive the body and blood, no one may enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Hence, the Protestant, who consumes just symbols of My flesh and blood, does not receive Me and I do not recognize him as Mine. But the Orthodox who consumes Me, and who is inwardly Mine, I will save. And how can the Orthodox who belong to a cut off Church be inwardly Yours, O’ Lord? I know Mine and Mine know Me. He Who is inwardly Mine is really Catholic in Spirit, and he I will lead to become Catholic if that is possible for him in his circumstances. Hence the Ethiopian Orthodox Christian, during the Middle Ages of Europe, when access to My Catholic Church based in Rome was not possible, could still be inwardly Catholic by his spiritual assent to all My requirements of him for salvation, and thereby be made worthy of the Kingdom. For though he received Me outside My communion of My pope in Rome, that he received Me nevertheless opens the door to his entrance into My Kingdom. Hence, the membership of My Kingdom is in such tiers as follows:

  1. Those of the Communion in the Catholic Church.
  2. Those of a cut-off, but still Apostolically valid Communion.
  3. Those of baptismal grace, but of no reception of valid Communion.
  4. Those of the baptism of John, which includes all Old Testament saints.

Such are the four stages and four degrees of saints who are permitted entrance into heaven. The highest, that of communion in My Catholic Church, are of My Kingdom. And those who are of a valid communion by Apostolic Succession, but who are not of My communion established under My pope, I reserve to be seated in the Outer Court of My Kingdom, where they are not counted. (Revelation 11:1-2). And those who are merely baptized, but are not of any valid communion, are not granted a seat, but are of the assembly that gather outside My City Walls. And those of the baptism of John, which includes all those saints of heaven who received not of the Sacraments, these are of the heavens that are below. I Who Am have spoken.

Someone has asked Eric this question: “So how are you feeling today? The Beast and the Woman who rides the Beast are now in power? What is it you expect them to do that will be so disagreeable to you, after you supported the Destroyer of the World as we know it?” What answer do you give to this one, O’ Lord?

You will find that the True Destroyer of Souls is now behind the one who has set Joe Biden into his place. And he is determined to destroy. Celebrate his victory now you may, but give it time, and you will see the fruit of this tree. For a bad tree only produces bad fruit, whereas a good tree only produces good fruit. Biden is a bad tree. Expect bad fruit from him, and watch how the fruit of Biden will rot America to the core. I Who Am have spoken. But realize that when We say, “The Beast and the Woman who rides the Beast are now in power,” We do not mean that this is the only fulfillment of this prophecy, nor that it will not also be fulfilled in the future again. For the Book of Revelation recurs over and over throughout salvation history.

Lord, you have answered this man’s question. Now go, lord Azurite, to Church. But first, publish this post, for it is complete. Amen.

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    1. It is as you say. But a virgin receives the crown of virginity in heaven only if he also makes himself pure. Hence, being virgin alone is not enough to gain the crown of virginity. For the reward for being a virgin also requires that one become clean and holy.


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