Eric is commanded to write.

Eric is commanded to write. And I Who Am shall dictate every word in it. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XXXII:
Behold, I Am speaking. Through Eric Am I speaking. Yes, Donald John Trump is losing the election. And it is over for him. Nor does he have the option to pardon himself for all the crimes he will be investigated for upon leaving office. And any pardons that he does on others before he goes will be subject to scrutiny and potential investigations of criminal wrongdoing on his part or possible connections between him and those whose criminal behavior he is pardoning. Trump is going nowhere fast. The moment he becomes a civilian again and is no longer President is the moment of his arrest. For he has done serious crimes that were never investigated due to his status as one who could not be put on trial. All that ends the moment he is no longer the President.

Someone asks, won’t he try to skip town and be outside the country on his last day in office, maybe playing golf with Vladimir Putin on a golf course in Brazil? Yes, he would be wise not to return to civilian life while in the United States of America, because the majority of Americans did not appreciate the greatness that Trump made America to become. A lot of Americans want to have socialized medicine. They want to be told what to do and where to go. They want their medical decisions to be made for them. And they want to abort their unborn with abandon. And they want to celibate the gay marriages of their gay neighbors in the church chapels of their choice without lectures or innuendos saying that what they are doing is wrong.

And they already have a plan on bringing the court back down from a 6-3 conservative majority to having a 5-4 conservative majority, with Roberts and Gorsuch providing the pseudo-conservative votes to align the court with the homosexual and transgender agenda. How are they going to do this, you ask? They are going to target proven cases of perjury against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to justify his impeachment and removal from the Supreme Court. This will remove an ultra-conservative Justice from the Supreme Court. And then they will pull a faggot from San Francisco’s gay bathhouses and nominate him to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court. Just as Joe Biden made the promise that he was going to limit his choice of Vice President according to gender and race, saying he would choose a Black woman to serve as his VP, he will make a similar promise in choosing the next Supreme Court Justice to replace Clarence Thomas, whom they will impeach. And that choice will be to choose a member of the LGBTQ group, preferably a Black because he will be replacing Clarence Thomas, who is very Black, but Biden will allow for the selection process to also consider those who are brown. Someone who is Black or brown, a fag and a clown, that is what they will put on the Supreme Court.

And that is how they will keep the court liberal and gay tolerant. The true conservatives, Alito, Kavanaugh, and Barrett, will remain in the distinct minority, and all gay legislation will be approved and ratified by the Supreme Court under this alignment, keeping the gays marrying, sodomizing, and successfully suing all who oppose abomination, and also keeping the abortion floodgates wide open for the flood of abortions anticipated to begin, starting at adolescence, where girls will learn how to check if they are pregnant and where to dispose of that before they learn about the responsibilities of marriage and the meaning of being faithful to one’s spouse. And girls will be told that they have the complete right to kill any being that comes to be in their bodies.

And the blade of grass theory will be taught to children to replace religious education. And the blade of grass theory, what is that? It is the teaching that all human beings are just as insignificant as blades of grass, and so it does not matter if you mow them down, you’re just killing grass. And grass grows back. What difference does it make if you kill a blade of grass as a seed or as a fully mature plant? Plants have no souls. And kids will be taught that neither do they. And so there will be no law, other than the law that there is to be no law. Right and wrong become, what I like and what I do not like. A universal being that determines right from wrong will be outlawed as the wrong belief to be teaching children. And parents who raise their children Catholic will be arrested for child abuse.

The Black people will get their woman in the White House, and then she will proceed to arrest them and send them to prison to serve as slave labor. She will send the Blacks to prison and blame it on the White conservatives. And Blacks will flow into the prison systems to serve as slaves. Remember what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris stand for. They stand for sending Black people to prison. They stand for mass incarceration. And they stand for putting Black people behind bars, regardless of their guilt or innocence. Joe Biden is the beast and Kamala Harris is the woman who rides it. (Revelation 17:1-18).

Freedom of religion will come to mean freedom to be of an approved religion. And Joe Biden will make good on his promise to help end discrimination and inequality. He will make it a crime for any religion to exist in America that doesn’t treat homosexuals and transgendered people and couples as equals with heterosexuals. If a couple in a Church want to get married in that Church and that Church discriminates against them on the basis of gender or sexual orientation, that pastor will be arrested and charged with having violated the civil rights of the LGBTQ members of his flock. And the pope will be ordered to make the Catholic Church in compliance with American ideals and principles, and any resistance will result in confiscation by the state of Church properties and possessions.

Also, Churches will not be allowed to have Masses where food is only given to an exclusive people who abide by a certain set of principles. Biden will call that discrimination and inequality. Either the Catholic Church open its doors to all peoples of all the LGBTQ persuasions, letting everyone partake of the one bread and one body indiscriminately, or else Biden will tell the bishops and the priests that they are just not welcome in this country. And Biden will give the Catholic authorities this ultimatum: “Either you agree that the sodomite is as holy as the Blessed Virgin Mary, and that you recognize gay marriages as having an equal status in the Catholic Church as those between a man and a woman, or else all who worship in the Catholic Church will be arrested and put in concentration camps for doing irreparable harm to the vulnerable and oppressed LGBTQ community.”

And the LGBTQ community members will be encouraged to enter into Catholic Churches and schools and places of employment. And their purpose will be to litigate the Churches into compliance with the ideals and principles of the LGBTQ way. Whoever speaks against a homosexual will be sued. And whoever quotes a Holy Bible passage that condemns homosexuality as the abomination that it is will be arrested for making hate speech and in inciting violence against the LGBTQ community. Homosexuals will make it a rule that no one can use the word “faggot” unless that person is in fact a faggot himself. It will go like this: Only a fag can call a fag a fag. Any heterosexual caught uttering a word against a homosexual will be charged with a hate crime and arrested.

And then will begin the great effort to make a LGBTQ acceptable translation of the Holy Bible. And this will be called the Word of God. And it will contain additions and subtractions. And it will be taught in all schools. God will be replaced with Goddess. Lord will be replaced with Lady. And Jesus will be replaced with Jennifer. And Yahweh will be replaced with Eywa. And Adam will be said to have been born from Eve. And the human race will be said to have evolved, and to be no different from the animals from which they evolved from. And all enlightenment comes from hardcore sex while high on drugs. That will be the morality taught in that Bible. And all the miraculous stories and moral figures will be removed and replaced with sinful stories and LGBTQ characters portrayed in a favorable light.

And all schoolchildren will be encouraged to experiment with sex and homosexuality and bestiality. And the rite of passage to graduate from middle school will involve the requirement that the child lose his or her virginity. From the first moment that a child is able to have sex, he or she will be expected to perform. And they will have abortion quotas. School children not having enough abortions will be reprimanded for not having enough sex to form them into healthy normal sexual animals.

And from now on, all public bathrooms will be open to all transgendered freaks. And those sick deranged men who do not know which gender they prefer to be that day will be permitted to choose at their own discretion which gender bathroom that they wish to use that day. And women complaining about being watched by transgendered men in the bathrooms while they undress will be charged with violating the civil rights of those transgendered men for not regarding them as the women that they want to be regarded as. And sexual activity will take place in broad daylight, and no one will be allowed to stop it.

Sex will cease to be found offensive. And the sex offender registry will be replaced with the LGBTQ offender registry. Whoever offends LGBTQ people will go on that registry and become the new lepers of society. I Who Am have spoken.

Lord, for how long will You tolerate this foul people of this generation? For a time, two times, and half a time, and then I will thoroughly wipe them out. You do not remain here much longer, lord Azurite. I Am soon taking you away from here. I Am not leaving you here in this world for much longer. The day you have been told that you are departing, so shall it be the case. Amen.

And in your remaining days on the planet, I Am giving you a girlfriend, to counter the claims, made by some, that the reason why you have remained a virgin all these years is because you have never been close to someone that could tempt you. This girl will be your last temptation. She will be a temptation for you to enter married life. But if you choose to keep your relationship with her platonic, she will accept that too, and she will depart with you to the world We are taking you to. Amen.

Lord, I am unable to keep myself perfectly pure. What am I to do? Remain in Me. That is all I ask of you, and of anyone who wishes to follow Me. Remain in Me and seek My help to abide by My law, and I will remain in you. I do not demand perfection from anyone on the earth, but only that they remain in Me, and continue to do My works. Amen.

Lord, I guess I do not rule over a Kingdom on this earth. Your Kingdom is not a part of this world, but of the world that is to come. But your girlfriend who We will give you shall partake with you in the Kingdom that is to come. Amen.

Now, Eric, ask one last question for this post, and We shall conclude it. Amen.

Tell me about the Kingdom I am to be taken to. Is it of the next life, the afterlife, or is it to another world where I continue to live and to merit?

It is to Anchorage, Alaska, where you shall be taken to. And there you shall dwell until We come again. And your girlfriend shall go with you there. There you shall live, while the rest of this world perishes. But you and your girlfriend will remain safe there until I come. And I will have you buy an electric car there. And you shall serve Me and do My works.

Lord, I will not cohabit with my girlfriend, right? We will live separately? Such will be the essence of your temptation. Keep to My law and keep to your virginity, and I will save you when I come for you at the end of time. I Am the Lord.

This post now comes to its end. When I take you away from here, this world goes dark, and all you knew in life who remains here will undergo the test. I Am the Lord. Amen. Lord, do the people who remain here see me and my girlfriend go?

They will see and then that light will go out in their life. And never again will they see the light of day. Amen. As it was in The Matrix movie where people went outside the grid and looked up, they will see the sky will be scorched. Amen.

Now, can any of these people left behind be saved, you should ask? If they repent and seek Me, and come to follow Me, and if they are willing to die for Me, I will save them. But short of that, none of them will be saved. Amen.

Lord Eric, this world is unworthy of you and My Word spoken through you. That is why you are to be taken away from this people and given to another. Let this people burn in their destruction. Let them die like sparks in a fire. Do not pray for Mark or David, your brothers, for neither of them shall be spared. I Am the Lord.

But as for you, your salvation is certain. For I have saved you. And I know you. Keep yourself holy with the girl I Am giving you, and you will save her, and she will save you. Amen. Now publish this post, and then read it through, correcting all errors that you find. Amen. This world is now going bottom up. It is capsizing. No one here will survive. Amen.

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