Whoever wins Michigan wins the election.

When you’re checkmated, you’re checkmated. Learn to accept it and move on.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XXXI:
Behold, I am not like Trump. I recognize the fairness of the vote. And I recognize the fairness of the elections. And given the current trends, I see that whoever wins Michigan will win the elections. Only 93% of the vote is in in Michigan, and Biden and Trump are neck and neck in that race. That is the election that will decide this race. The elections were fairly run. And if Biden is declared the winner, there is no Supreme Court challenge or lawsuit that can change the election results. Hence, I advise Trump to accept his fate.

For Biden now has 238 electoral votes. He is leading in Nevada and Wisconsin, which together would bring him 238 + 6 + 10 = 254 electoral votes. Michigan is neck and neck. It has 16 votes. If he gets that, he reaches 270 and wins the elections. That is what the math says. A prophet’s prophecy does not decide who wins the elections. It is the electoral math. And Biden didn’t steal the elections from Trump. Biden didn’t do anything illegal or unfairly to win the elections.

As for Trump demanding that vote counting stop, it shows he fundamentally does not know how elections work. Who wins the election is not decided by stopping the vote counting while you are ahead, but by counting all the votes, however long it takes, to see who won. And you know what? If the vote counting were stopped right now, at 6:23 AM, Pacific Time, Wednesday, November 4, 2020, then Biden wins, because as of right now, Biden is winning Michigan by 0.3%. And no, Biden is not doing anything illegal to win this election. Biden did not steal the elections from Trump. The elections were run fair and square. And automatic recounts are of course the thing that will be done in any close elections results.

Also, do not count out the other close elections in the states. Nevada has not yet been decided to be Biden’s. And Georgia and North Carolina have not yet been decided to be Trump’s. But my analysis says that, if Biden keeps Nevada and Wisconsin, both of which he narrowly holds, then Michigan decides the race. Amen. But if Biden loses any of those three, he loses to Trump.

Now, speak, O’ Lord, for Your servant is listening. I accept who shall win this election. And I am not going to ask You who it shall be. Rather, I will let the vote counts say who it shall be. But tell me my fate, O’ Lord? Do I become a priest? Do I marry and have many children? Do I marry as Joseph wed Mary and remain in my eternal virginity. Note that Hyacinth has left a message on my iPhone saying that if she loses her virginity that it is my fault. What sayest Thou to that?

I will first tell you who shall win the elections, lord Azurite. It is Biden’s destiny to squeak by a victory in the electoral college. All he needs now is Nevada, Wisconsin, and Michigan, all of which he is currently winning by narrow margins in the vote counts. He needs no other states to claim the 270 votes that make him a winner, I know you faithfully prayed your rosary for Trump to win. And you kept your part of the deal to stand with Firefly to the end. Hence, you are not a traitor. You are not a turncoat. You remained loyal to your station to the end.

Hence, Joe Biden is not going to persecute those who were against him in his coming Administration. Rather, he will seek to be the President for all Americans, both those who were with him and those who were against him. You, Eric, worthily stood in your post to the end. And you shall be rewarded. Amen.

Also, Hyacinth cannot be your girlfriend. If you return to friendship with her, you will become financially insolvent. For she is like a bloodsucker, sucking you dry of all your cash. Go no more to her. Give nothing more to her. And because you have obeyed us in this matter, We will grant you a reward.

I hereby give you this option. You may accept My path where you remain celibate and virgin. It will lead to a higher reward in the hereafter, And it will bring you here a holier life. Or you may elect to enter the marital embrace. And then your fate would be subject to any sins you commit and any failings you experience. Lord, I choose the celibate and virgin route. I am not going back to the path of the marital embrace.

Then you have passed My test. You will remain working where you are working. Increase your skills in Rust, though, for I have a new job lined up for you that will involve your Rust skills. And you will be well paid. And that is My statement on all matters.

As for a girlfriend, We shall decide that when We see whether you will retain the purity you now have. And if you do, We shall give you a girlfriend and cure you. But keep in mind that this relationship will be strictly platonic. There shall be no making out in it. And the girl We give to you shall be holy. Amen.

Now, go have your shower and go to Church. And publish this post. For it is done. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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