The Arctic Triangle Defined

Behold, the Kingdoms of the Two Witnesses, Polaris and Lazurite. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XXX:
Behold, I give to Eric to rule and reign over the Arctic Triangle. And he shall make all his subjects Catholic. Every knee shall bend and every head shall bow to the Crucified One, Jesus Christ, the Lord God. And lord Eric will rule these nations with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall he shatter them. Amen.

Here is the latest update on the elections: Trump is set to win! Now go to work, lord Azurite. you will publish this post after hours in the office before you head home from work today. Amen. Remember that Eric works as a separate business entity and not as an actual employee. And all the work he does is done on his own equipment in the office, and hosted on servers in the cloud. Amen.

Lord, I had an especially long day today at work. So I am completing this post at home. So here I am, ready to obey whatever You say, O’ Lord Jesus, and whatever you say, O’ Mary, holy Mother of God. So command me and tell me what it is that I am to do. Amen. Speak, O’ Mary and O’ Jesus, for your servant is listening.

Eric, We are not making you a priest. Neither are you to enter the married vocation. I accept all these things, O’ Lord and O’ Mary. But tell me what is my vocation, if you please? I have made you a conqueror of nations. You shall conquer all of the northern lands from North America throughout Europe and across Russia from Europe to the Pacific coast. Is it like that map I have made above, O’ Lord? We will make a better map in a later post. Just consider your map to be a very rough approximation of the true definition of the Arctic Triangle Kingdom that We have now given unto thee. The exact lands of the three subject Kingdoms will be defined later. For now, listen to Us, for We are speaking to you.

There is no girl that We will send to tempt you. Just as Satan did not bother to tempt Jesus with a girl, neither will We subject you to any further such temptations. For you are now well beyond them all. But tell Us this. What state, country, or territory would you like to spend the rest of your life in in perfect service to Me? Remember that your answer will be binding on you. Can I choose California, the state where I live now, O’ Lord? Or, what are my options? What states do you wish me to make my selection from? Choose any state you wish, lord Azurite, but remember, whatever state you choose, it is final and cannot be changed.

Lord, I feel an inner compulsion to choose Alaska. And so that is my choice. Amen. Excellent, you have been well guided, lord Azurite. For Alaska is the ideal place for you to be eternally stationed. Amen. Now, O’ Lord, I have heard that it can be pretty cold in Alaska. At what exact place am I to be so stationed in that state? I Who Am have chosen Anchorage, Alaska. There you will go and there you will remain until I come. And when do I head there, O’ Lord? When I conquer this nation and upheave it. When this nation is destroyed, to Anchorage, Alaska, shall We take you. You do not drive there yourself. We take you by angel flight there. But take you there We shall before We destroy this nation.

But Lord, the news is that Trump is going to win the elections. Why is there then all this talk about destroying this nation? For isn’t a Trump victory to be rewarded with good times and renewed prosperity? For look and see! Amy Coney Barrett is now Supreme Court Justice, and she is now hearing arguments and making good and sound judgements on the Supreme Court. We got rid of that bitch Ginsburg and replaced her with a good Justice of excellent quality and sound reason. Lord, this act has to be rewarded with good things to come! It is screaming for a reward to come down from heaven. Do You not agree, O’ Lord?

Lord Azurite, this is the reward We will give unto thee for your part in the setting up of this Justice into the Supreme Court. I Am replacing Hyacinth, whom you have now abandoned, with another girl who will pray for you more sincerely. You are giving me a girlfriend, O’ Lord? Yes, and this will be a strictly platonic relationship. But it is in Our interests that you have someone who prays for you. Amen. This girl will not come as a temptation. Rather, she will come to you as one sent by God. Amen. I accept this O’ Lord, for it is in agreement with the ancient prophecies of my distant past. Good, We shall tell you when she comes so that you will know to accept her. Amen.

And what about a reward for this nation? What about a reward for the people of this nation? Will a reward be coming to the many who prayed for Amy Coney Barrett’s successful confirmation? For I know as a fact that I was not the only one making intercession to Mary and Jesus. We have selected to reward those whom We have selected. And these, like you, shall be taken out of the way before the wrath of God descends.

Okay, I accept. Do I bring my computers with me to Alaska? And what is all that I am bringing with me? Or do I just go as I am? Everything will be dead both here and there when you arrive at your destination. Your computers would be worthless were you to take them with you. Yes, a series of electromagnetic pulses shall render all electronics all over North America quite dead. On that day, one will be blessed if one misses one’s flight. For all those flying in the air at that moment will crash. Maybe a pilot with excellent skill can glide a powerless plane to a safe landing? A possibility that may be.

So, O’ Lord, are we talking about a military invasion of the United States of America? Precisely. And the Chinese will be the masterminds behind this plan of invasion. And Russia and North Korea will go along to partake in the spoils. So then, O’ Lord, how am I safe in Anchorage, Alaska? Alaska will be retaken by Russia. And Russia will come under the power of Alexei Navalny, for a coup is brewing in Russia. Putin is to soon be dethroned. And Alexei Navalny will be taking over. Hence, being under Russian occupation will be good. You will be better off there than in California, which will be conquered by the Chinese and the North Koreans, jointly.

For Russia will just retake Alaska, and then let the Chinese and the North Koreans devour the rest of North America. That is why Alaska is an excellent choice, and why Canada and Hawaii and the contiguous United States will not be good places to live in. The dead will line the streets. And the stench of rotting human flesh will pervade the air. Neither would it be good to go to Europe. For while Russia will only retake Alaska from North America, this is not being done out of benevolence, but rather, by strategic design. For Russia knows that with the United States of America decommissioned, Europe will become a conqueror’s paradise. And they will send in their armored divisions to take up as much land as they desire for a Russian controlled Europe. But they will stop at the Atlantic and not invade Britain. An armistice they will declare with the United Kingdom. And they will let the British Isles remain in peace while they consolidate their conquests.

Tell me, O’ Lord, how will a nuclear war be avoided? For if there are nuclear weapons involved, a nuclear winter would ensue. Is that the case, or will nuclear war be avoided? Russia has its servants in high places in the American and NATO forces. And they will see to it that no nuclear offensive is launched against Russia, China, or North Korea. And by the time these secret plants are removed, the invasion will have achieved total control of NATO command.

Lord, the Chinaman who dreamt up this plan would have to be twice as giddy and proud of himself as the Chinaman who hacked into MIT to make himself approved for admissions there to study aerospace engineering. Eric, there is yet one brain that this Chinaman has yet to hack, and that is the brain of the Emerald King. But your brain will not be hacked, lord Azurite. Amen. For though they will study you in depth, to understand your logic will be an enigma and a mystery to them. They will never fathom the depths. For your word is actually My Word. It is I, the Lord, Who Am speaking through you. And you merely write whatever you are commanded to say. Amen.

Lord, I have been praying, as you instructed, that third rosary for the triumph of King Bombyx and for the victory of the Catholic Church in China over the Chinese Communist government. And now it is the third day. And I will pray that third rosary again today. Good, lord Azurite. And the Catholic Church will conquer the Chinese Communist government by that third rosary that you are to pray today. I Who Am have spoken.

Lord, how far away is this invasion by the Axis Powers of China, Russia, and North Korea? While the elections are being conducted, China will invade. I Who Am have spoken. That means today, Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Am I correct, O’ Lord? You are, lord Azurite. For while America is concentrating on its internal affairs, the waters of the Great Euphrates shall be lowered, making way for the kings of the East. (Revelation 16:12). For the masterminds of China have calculated that at the time when America is completely focused inward, that is the time to invade. Amen.

Lord, what will NATO high command do if they receive warning, such as from this post coming to their attention? The Chinese and Russian plants will persuade NATO high command that it is all rubbish, and that Eric really is just a fool who thinks God talks to him. Otherwise, if the warning is heeded, the invasion would be called off. For it only works if they have the element of surprise. Amen.

If that is the case, then when do I get taken to Anchorage, Alaska? That genius Chinaman has a plan B to execute if plan A gets found out. And plan B is just as deadly, and involves another disease to be released. So don’t think that you are off the hook because plan A was not executed. If plan A is not executed, the Chinese will execute plan B. And expect the second disease to to wipe out two-thirds of the United States of America, and to sicken most of the rest. Amen. And if plan A is not executed today, expect plan B to be executed around the early hours of Cyber Monday. I Am the Lord. For those not in the know, Cyber Monday is the Monday that follows the Thanksgiving holidays. For the Chinaman knows that on that morning, people will be sleeping late, having stuffed themselves with food. And plan B, is like plan A, involving the same strategic invasions. Amen.

Lord, I believe that I should publish this before dawn breaks in Washington D.C. Am I correct, O’ Lord? I will tell you when you are to publish this, lord Azurite. Now, let us analyze the Chinaman’s strategy. Chinaman’s whole strategy rests on this plan not been known or anticipated. If Chinaman realizes that United States intelligence are aware of the plan, it will be scrapped and Chinaman will return to his think tank to think again. For there is nothing worse for the burglar to sneak into a house and find the Master of the house ready and prepared for him and watching for him.

Now, one last Word I will close this post with. The American people cannot be redeemed. Hence, their destruction is nigh. But if the election is allowed to proceed to the end, President Trump will be proclaimed the victor. But even then, Chinaman is waiting, biding his time to launch the invasion. For the Chinese know that if they make no sign that they are about to invade, the time will come when America is distracted sufficiently, and then will be the calculated time for the Axis Powers to make their move. It is only a matter of time. Amen. This post now comes to an end. And Eric, it will be heeded. And America will be ready should Chinaman launch his attack on election day. Amen.

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