I hereby reveal Eric’s calling.

Through the Arch of Triumph is Eric set to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XXVIII:
Behold, the day in which I reveal to Eric his calling has come. Eric, what do you believe or wish for? Do you have any wish for anything to happen for you in this world, beyond the cures that I have already promised to affect in you? I desire to be used by You, O’ Lord, in the most effective means possible for the service of Your Kingdom. Amen. Then this is your calling. Listen to Me.

Today, at Church, when you receive communion, realize that you will have received your calling in full. But before that moment comes, I will reveal your entire fate, both here and hereafter. Amen. For you are to know and be made aware of a great many things. And I do not permit any of My Ten to come to the point of their prophesied martyrdoms without first being cured of every infirmity under the sun that afflicts them. You, too, shall be fully cured. For it is set that you are to be martyred in nine weeks from today. Amen.

Lord, from the beginning of the Age of Mary, which began on Sunday, July 23, 2017, to the day of my martyrdom, on Sunday, January 3, 2021, there are exactly 1260 days. Since this Age of Mary was holy, why was the girl I met on the 77th day of the Age of Mary, on Saturday, October 7, 2017, a deception from Satan? She was a test as to your obedience to God. Now you are in obedience to Me, and you no longer associate with her. And because you are now in obedience to Me, I Am hereby removing that girl from this world. She will no longer be any form of distraction for you as you enter into the final phase of your life here.

Lord, which Mass do you command me to attend this morning at Saint Bruno Catholic Church, at which I will pay my full tithe? Go to the 9:30 AM Mass, O’ Larimar King. Such is My command. And O’ Lord, is there to be any girl to be associated with me in this final chapter of my life? No, for you are a purified virgin Prophet King. No stain of sexuality may defile your suit of shining armor as you ride forth upon your white horse to victory. Amen. You knew no woman in life, and neither shall you know any woman at your death. Amen.

Instead, you shall be given a monument and an imperishable name, in My house and within My walls, far better than any son or daughter could ever be, in the hereafter. (Isaiah 56:3-5). I Who Am have spoken. Now, what of My promise to make you My priest? Do I still do that, you should ask? Is it possible or practical for Me to accomplish such in the mere nine weeks remaining before you are to die? I tell you this Truth. Continue praying to My Mother two rosaries a day, as you have been doing so since I commanded it to be done for the sake of Trump’s victory over Biden, continue these two rosaries a day all the way to January 3, 2021, and I will give you another seven year extension of your life. Amen. I agree, O’ Lord. But I also note that even seven additional years may not justify my becoming a priest, as by the time I become one, my life will be over. Is this not correct? But I will fully submit to the path you set me on, O’ Lord. I will agree and accept the calling You reveal unto me this very day. Note that it is still well before dawn on Sunday, November 1, 2020, as I write these words. Amen.

Lord, Azurite, the seven year extension that I give unto thee is not for pursuing any worldly objective, but in doing precisely My will in all things. And in those seven years, you shall be made My priest. Amen. Do not deviate either to the left nor to the right in the path I now set you on. Amen. And when I cure you in full, you will know what you are to do. Amen.

Lord, is it true that Saint Bernadette of Lourdes is my soulmate? And is it true that together we are to rule the Kingdom of Azuradette, consisting of vast lands of western Europe and of the Americas, O’ Lord? You two are equal friends in My Kingdom, nothing more. Each person is given his own eternal Kingdom to rule over as its sole monarch. There are no co-ruled Kingdoms that I grant in reward to My subjects. Nor is your Kingdom to be defined in terms of lands in this earth. For the earth is to be destroyed and melted with fire. Nothing here that you see in this world remains.

Lord, is it really true that Pope Francis remains the pope throughout the next seven years of life that you shall grant unto me, starting on January 3, 2021? For he will then live to be 91 years of age. Who would you rather see seated on the Seat of Peter during those coming seven years. I would very much prefer for Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke to be made pope to reign during that time, O’ Lord. And what papal name do you think would be most appropriate for Cardinal Burke to take were he to be made pope? Either John XXIV or Benedict XVII, O’ Lord. He will take the name of Pope John XXIV. And thus will I make Cardinal Raymond Burke succeed Pope Francis to become Pope John XXIV. And he will take up the seat of Peter in the following year, in 2021. For I AM taking away Pope Francis’ life very soon. Oracle of the Lord. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Now, O’ Lord, what becomes of Russia? Does she convert to Catholicism? And what about the prophesied ascension of Alexei Navalny to become the next President of Russia, and only the second Russian President to be elected to that position in free and open elections, the first such Russian President having been Boris Yeltsin, who made peace with all of Russia’s neighbors. I will send My Mother Mary to appear before Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill. And if he responds positively, I will convert Russia to My religion through him. But as for Vladimir Putin, his days now come to their conclusion. He is to be overthrown and exiled to Uruguay. And in the free and open elections to follow, I will send Alexei Navalny to enter the race. And he will win decisively and serve two terms as President. And all the legal loopholes used by Putin to remain in power beyond his two maximum terms shall be closed. And the Constitution of Russia will be made such that one man in power will no longer have the ability to change it by himself. For the three branches of government, the executive, the legislative, and the judicial branches, shall be set to have checks and balances, such as it is in America, so that one man cannot come to control everything. Amen.

Note that Alexei Anatolievich Navalny is to be known as the third Russian Pawn of Eric, the first two having been Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev and Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin. Recall that Eric was the Primary Player of the game called Earth. When he played before, he played under the name of Emerald. Now he is to be called Polaris. And this coming reign is to be called the Polaris Reign. And his Pawns in this reign are to be called the Polaris Pawns. For I hereby give to Eric the name of Polaris. For by the light that I shine through Eric, many ships will be successfully guided to safe harbor across the treacherous seas. And note that when I walked the earth, I, the Lord, the star now called Polaris was not the north star. For the earth wobbles on its orbit around the sun. And the point in the heavens that the axis of the earth points to gradually shifts. It is in Eric’s time, two thousand years after the time of Jesus, that the north pole is pointed at Polaris. And thus, it is most fitting that My servant Eric be named after that star. Amen.

And what about the other Nine prophet Kings of the holy Ten, whom You have designated as Your Two Witnesses, O’ Lord? Do they also have reigns? And do they get to be named similar names? And do they also receive seven year extensions to their lives, O’ Lord? Only you of the Ten will survive the time of Great Distress. The other Nine are to be martyred. I Am the Lord! For did We not see something similar when it came to My Apostles? John, alone among them, did I grant to live into old age and to die of natural causes. The other Ten died as martyrs. And the one who betrayed Me went by suicide, which is the most accursed way to leave this world. Amen.

Lord, why did You not have it so that there were Twelve Prophet Kings instead of Ten? For is not Twelve the holier number? For Ten sounds very like the Ten horns of the Beast. I chose Ten to see who among these Ten would prove worthy. And of the Ten I have found One, you. The other Ten were not found worthy to persist into the next age upon the earth. Amen. But what about the number Two? Are not the Witnesses to be at least Two in number, O’ Lord? And which of the Nine would you judge to be worthy to stand with You as the other of the Two? Lord, the most heavily persecuted place on earth right now for Roman Catholics is in China. Hence, King Bombyx, if he were to triumph there in You, he would be found worthy, would he not, to stand with me as one of the Two? King Bombyx is indeed worthy, should he triumph in that place of extreme persecution. Thus, pray an extra Rosary for King Bombyx for the next three days. And if you do this, I will see to it that the Catholic Church in China conquers the Chinese Communist government. Amen.

But as for who shall stand with you, lord Azurite, as the second of the Two, only I can be the judge of that. I Who Am have spoken.

Now, one last thing that I wish to say unto you in this post is this. I Am coming soon. And no one on earth has much time left. But the Catholic Church and her sacraments will persist and remain in force until the day I come, the last day. And then you shall be seated on your throne, along with all My other saints, also seated upon their thrones. And then they will proceed to judge all the inhabitants of the earth. And all who are resurrected to glory shall be presented with their eternal reward. And all those resurrected to condemnation will receive their eternal punishment in hell. Amen.

But the righteous will shine like the stars of the firmament. (Daniel 12:3). These are the Words of the Lord. Now, lord Azurite, I will permit you to ask any questions that you may have. And I will answer them in full. Amen.

Question 1: Do I study and master Latin? And do I also study and master Koine Greek? And do I buy that Avalon hybrid by the closing of this year, O’ Lord? And what about Hebrew? Should I study that also?

Yes, you shall master Koine Greek, as well as Latin over the next few years. But as for Hebrew, that is too difficult for you to master. For you are limited in both time and abilities. Let Hebrew be mastered by the other of the Two Witnesses, the one who shall stand with you as the second of the Two. Amen. For Lazurite will be made worthy to reign during these last years. And all the other Eight will suffer martyrdom. Amen.

As for buying that Avalon Hybrid, I will grant you the necessary money to make that purchase before this year ends. Oracle of the Lord! Amen.

Question 2: What do You require us in America to do to the homosexuals in order to save this nation from destruction? Do we slaughter them? Do we burn them at stake, O’ Lord?

Let them go their way to their destruction, lord Azurite. But as for you, you are to keep yourself clean and keep yourself holy. And I know of that conflicting law brought about by the homosexuals, called, “gay marriage,” You are not to recognize any gay marriage as an actual marriage that exists in My sight. Rather, you are to recognize that all gay marriages and all domestic partnerships between two homosexuals are the abominable unions that characterize the city in which you live, which is called Babylon the Great, the mother of all harlots and of all the abominations of the earth. (Revelation 17:5). You live in a diseased and putrid city. There is nothing living there. Only those few who are Mine among that city shall I save. Amen. And the rest of that city I shall utterly burn with fire. Amen.

Question 3: Do I remain working at the company I work at, until I enter into the seminary, O’ Lord? Or do I quit earlier and work somewhere else?

Remain working at that company until I take you from it. And you shall increase your expertise in Magento and Linux while working there. For there is a girl who shall come to work at that company, replacing the salesman who you note is no longer able to make sales. She will not tempt you to commit sin, but she will tempt you to enter into marriage with her. And this will be Our final test of your sanctity and of your suitability to become Our priest. Amen. For all men who enter into My seminaries do I test with women to see their worthiness to be made My priest. For whosoever gets a girl pregnant cannot remain in My priesthood. I Am the Lord. Amen. And whosoever chooses to marry rather than to become My priest, I will not make My priest. Amen.

Question 4: About at what time do I actually enter the seminary, O’ Lord?

Next year, in the fall, you shall enter in. I Am the Lord. And now this post comes to its end. I Am well pleased with you, lord Azurite. And from this day forward, you shall be called Polaris. For you are the north star that I have set up into the sky to guide My many ships in safe passage across the treacherous seas. I Who Am have spoken. Go now, and publish this post. And then begin your three rosaries for the day. Amen.

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