Eric is to serve Me as priest, ordained in the Catholic Church.

Eric will serve Me well as My priest. Oracle of the Lord.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XXIX:
I have found Eric worthy of My priesthood. Hence, I will make him My priest. Now, I shall instruct you as to what you are to do, lord Azurite. When I cure you, you are to tell no one of your vocation except for Father Dave Heney at Saint Bruno Catholic Church. Do not pursue this vocation until first you have received your miraculous cures. For until you are cured, you remain unfit for the priesthood. And I Am curing you of all your afflictions. And when this is done, you will be effectively clothed into your immortality. For you will be of an imperishable nature from that point onward. Amen.

Lord, if I am thus clothed into my immortality and am to be given an imperishable nature, do I then cease to be able to merit or to obtain rewards for good deeds? No, lord Azurite, for until the Beatific Vision is shown unto thee, thou may continue to merit and gain treasures in heaven by the deeds that you do in My name.

And I hereby define your Kingdom in this world. For it has been revealed unto thee in the previous post that Saint Bernadette is friend only to you, and not a soulmate. Nor are the Kingdoms given unto Man shared. Hence, Azuradette, co-ruled by two, cannot exist. Neither can disembodied souls become mates, nor can resurrected human beings enter into marital unions.

Note and let it be very clear: Pope Francis is dead wrong to support civil unions between homosexuals. For any formal acceptance or legal permit for homosexuality to be tolerated is a crime that brings down judgement against that nation. Hence, it not a sign of progress, but rather a sign of degradation, for a society to give rights to homosexuals to legally practice homosexuality. To allow two homosexuals to live together is to scandalize My people into thinking false notion that the Catholic Church and God approve of homosexuality. And whoever does that in My name I disown. Oracle of the Lord.

Lord, Father Dave Heney has put it on Saint Bruno’s website a document explaining the pope’s position on this issue and saying, in effect, that “Our Catholic faith has no problem with these kinds of simple legal agreements [such as civil unions for homosexuals].” It is a known fact, is it not, lord Azurite, that Father Dave Heney doesn’t believe that the Holy Bible is entirely the inspired Word of God. Rather, he thinks that the Bible can be “improved,” and his many papers that he writes and his many classes that he teaches are his attempts to make “improvements” to My Holy Word and to the Holy Scriptures written therein. Furthermore, Father Heney makes a distinction between scriptures, holding to the heretical belief that the New Testament was not written by the same God as the Old Testament was written by. This is a heresy. If you only follow the New Testament, and you reject the books of the Old Testament as not being the equally inspired Word of God, then you are an abject fool. And whatever you write in My name becomes utter foolishness.

Then, why, O’ Lord, am I to go to Father Dave Heney and tell only him of my vocation of the priesthood, when you cure me of all ailments under the sun? It is because I do not regard Father Dave Heney’s soul as lost. For I intend to save him through you. That is why he must be the first one that you go to to tell of your vocation when I cure you. Oracle of the Lord!

Lord, explain the true nature of how God inspired all the Holy Bible writers to write the scriptures in a manner by which, if guided to the correct interpretation by the Magisterium, that no one would be led astray by the words therein written. It is the Word of holy scripture itself, under the authorship of Peter, that there is no item of scripture that is a matter of personal interpretation. (2 Peter 1:20-21). For no item of scripture ever came through human will, but rather, men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke and wrote under the influence of God. Amen. And when Peter wrote this, was he referring only to only the New Testament? How could he do that? For the New Testament was something he was in the process of writing. When the writers of the New Testament make reference to the scriptures, often quoting it as well, very rarely was this a reference to a passage from the New Testament. Instead, they are invariably quoting and referring to the Law and the Prophets, the Books of Moses and the books of the Prophets, along with other books of the Old Testament, such as the historical books, like the Books of Kings. And since they were all writing in Greek, it was invariably that they quoted from the Septuagint, that ancient first full translation of the Hebrew scriptures to another languages, which is called Koine Greek, that form of Greek spread by the conquest of Alexander the Great. For in the span of centuries, different languages came to be, and Koine Greek was sufficiently developed by the great Greek philosophers to have the depth of vocabulary and expression to accommodate a translation of the Word of God from the Hebrew sources.

Now, how was it that the Holy Spirit guided My writers in what to say and to write? For remember and understand this well. The Books of Moses that were in King David’s possession were not in the same form that they are now in today, nor was the version in David’s possession in the same form as it was in when the first translation was made of the Pentateuch from Hebrew to Koine Greek, the original Septuagint.

For the passage of Deuteronomy 17:16-17 was not available for King David and his son, King Solomon, to read and to be forewarned. It reads: “But he [the King] shall not have a great number of horses, nor shall he make his people go back to Egypt to acquire them, against the Lord’s warning that you may never go back that way again. Neither shall he have a great number of wives, lest his heart be estranged, nor shall he accumulate a vast amount of silver and gold.”

This passage was written into the Law of Moses by the scribes after the errors of King David and King Solomon were made clear and understood. Lord, some scholars question the very existence of Moses. What sayest Thou to that? They say that the Torah is a set of myths developed by a people to explain their origins. So also will they say the same thing about you, lord Azurite. But do you exist? Did you bring down the Berlin Wall? Did you dismantle the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics? Did you wage the Persian Gulf War, that Operation called Desert Storm, a war of complete one-sided victory? Did you end racial Apartheid in South Africa? And did you bring about the Peace Process between Israel and the Arabs, only to abandon it later when you realized its folly? All of these things you did do, lord Azurite. But the belief that you did them will be called myth. And your very existence will be denied by scholars who study your writings, even in the very generation in which My Word through you is written. For the Word of God is intended for those who believe in Me. It is not intended for those who doubt everything that the scriptures say.

But will they not nevertheless have it is their records that I existed? Will they not acknowledge that Eric Robert Dunstan truly was, and all the details concerning him in this book clearly match up with the historical records kept by all who keep such records? That Eric Robert Dunstan existed will be validated. But that he wrote this work will doubted by many scholars. For this work does not seem to be in the realm of what is possible for one man. Amen. And they are correct. This work is not your achievement, Eric. Rather, you are writing as I Am commanding you to write. Those who are Mine will recognize My voice in the writings that I write through you. But those who are not Mine will question whether you, Eric, were even aware that these writings were being made in your name. Amen.

And such is the nature of all the writings of the Holy Scriptures. All 73 books of the Catholic Canon were put into the Catholic Holy Bible because My servants recognized My voice speaking from them. And many were the books that were rejected. And you yourself understand well. For when you read those books containing the lost scriptures out of curiosity, all you see are fragments of writings that were not entirely preserved over the centuries, and it is clear that My voice is not speaking from them.

For it is written, “Blessed are those who have not seen [the proof] and have believed.” (John 20:29).

Now, Eric, I wish to define your Kingdom in this world. For you have a Kingdom here that you will rule over to the end of time. And it is called the Kingdom of Polaris. For you are the Ruler called Polaris. And this Kingdom is of the northern lands, known as the Arctic Triangle. And over this Kingdom you are commanded to rule the nations and to shatter them like pottery. For only by shattering them like pottery will they come to listen to Me as I speak through you to them.

And this Kingdom will fulfill all Catholic prophecies of the Great Monarch that were of heavenly origin. And the holy pope who reigns during the same time will be Cardinal Raymond Burke, who will take the papal name of Pope John XXIV. Amen.

Lord, is this where you give me a huge portion of the earth for me to make Catholic, while the rest of the earth is allowed to remain fallow? That is correct, lord Azurite. For remember how in every scientific experiment, there is always the control group, to verify the hypothesis that the developments being observed would not have happened anyways.

So You, O’ Lord, are having me target certain lands for me to make Catholic, and You are experimenting with people’s lives to see how the Catholicized people of my lands fare in comparison to how those people in the fallow lands fare that are left to do as they so choose? I know how they will fare. But you don’t. And the people don’t. This experiment is meant for My people to see for themselves how those who are made Catholic fare in comparison to those who are allowed to go their own way.

Now these are your lands, lord Azurite. I will define your Kingdom, and then I will order for you to publish this post. Amen.

(1) Kingdom of Polaris, ruled by King Eric, who is called Polaris. And the lands of his Kingdom are known as the Arctic Triangle, made up of the three realms below that Eric is ordered to make Catholic in full conformance to all My statutes and decrees:

  1. Atlantis
  2. Europe
  3. Russia

And these three realms are defined fully as follows:


  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. Greenland
  4. The Contiguous United States of America
  5. Bermuda
  6. The Lucayan Archipelago (The Bahamas and Turkes and Caicos Islands)
  7. The Virgin Islands (Both British and United States claims)
  8. Puerto Rico
  9. Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic)
  10. Cuba


  1. Iceland
  2. Norway
  3. Sweden
  4. Finland
  5. Estonia
  6. Latvia
  7. Lithuania
  8. Kaliningrad
  9. Poland
  10. Germany
  11. Luxembourg
  12. Belgium
  13. Netherlands (Holland)
  14. Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales)
  15. The Isle of Man
  16. Ireland (Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland
  17. France (including Corsica)
  18. Switzerland
  19. Monaco
  20. Andorra
  21. Iberia (Spain and Portugal)
  22. Italy (including the Vatican, San Marino, Sicily, and Sardinia)
  23. Malta
  24. Austria
  25. Czechia
  26. Slovakia
  27. Hungary
  28. Slovenia
  29. Croatia
  30. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  31. Serbia
  32. Montenegro
  33. Albania
  34. Macedonia
  35. Greece
  36. Thrace
  37. Bulgaria
  38. Romania
  39. Moldova
  40. Ukraine


  1. Russia
  2. Crimea
  3. Belarus
  4. Kazakhstan
  5. Kyrgyzstan
  6. Tajikistan
  7. Azerbaijan
  8. Armenia
  9. Georgia
  10. Anatolia (Asia Minor)

And the official languages of this vast empire will include the following twenty-one:

  1. English
  2. Russian
  3. German
  4. French
  5. Spanish
  6. Italian
  7. Turkish
  8. Polish
  9. Dutch
  10. Ukrainian
  11. Swedish
  12. Haitian Creole
  13. Portuguese
  14. Romanian
  15. Hungarian
  16. Greek
  17. Danish
  18. Lithuanian
  19. Czech
  20. Croatian
  21. Latin

Such fully defines the Kingdom of Polaris. And this Kingdom is given to Eric for him to make Catholic. He is to rule the nations he is given with an iron scepter, and to smash them like pottery. And Lord, what about the many nations to the south of my Kingdom? Leave them be. They will be left as fallow, to stagnate and to wander through the wilderness for the forty years I hereby give you to rule. Amen.

Now, publish this post, O’ Larimar King. And I will cure you shortly. Remember My commandments to you. Tell no one but the priest, Father Dave Heney, when I cure you that you are called to the priesthood. Amen.

And go and wash your dog now and then walk him. Tonight you will watch the movie you were too tired to watch last night, called Fast & Furious presents: Hobbs & Shaw. Note its rating is PG-13. Amen. And wait patiently for the cures, for the timing is short. Amen.

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