Eric chooses the path of perpetual virgin celibacy.

Eric has now crossed the bridge. He cannot return to what he has left behind. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XXVII:
Eric, what path do you wish to walk on? The path of the marital embrace, or the high path of perpetual virginity and celibacy? I choose the high path, the path of eternal virgin celibacy, O’ Lord. Amen.

Lord, what sayest Thou to My fate? Do I remain in America? Or do I get taken to the British Isles? Since, you, O’ Larimar King, have been faithful to Me in praying those extra rosaries each day for the sake of Trump’s victory over Biden, starting when I commanded thee to do this, We, the elect in heaven, have ensured a Trump victory in America. But realize this: The Black man will go savage. He will be like a domesticated animal going feral and wild. And he will go on a rampage and wipe out much the the wealth of those who do business in their neighborhoods. They will smash windows, burn down buildings, rape woman, and kill children. For they will be insane with anger and rage. And the ugly side of the Black race will be plastered on all newspapers and news websites so that it is unmistakably necessary, in the minds of all reasonable viewers, that it is right and just to lock up and enslave a large portion of the Black race.

This process will be known as the Re-Enslavement of the Black Race. And it will happen all over America, wherever Black people are rioting. And White policemen who target, beat, and kill Black suspects will be fully vindicated, for it will be seen that the Black man well and fully deserves his lot as a slave in prison, working those jobs designated for slave labor. And American culture will become stratified in layers according to the color of the skin of men.

Lord, what about also the stratifications in accordance the color of one’s hair and eyes, as we saw it take place in Nazi Germany? Since the dominant race, the Whites, come in a variety of hair and eye colors within the same families and bloodlines, there will be no such stratifications of that granularity within the dominant race, the Whites. Furthermore, marriages will become strictly regulated. No man from the Black stratification will be permitted to approach and have sex with a woman of a higher stratification. However, it will be permitted for White boys to lay with Black girls and other lower stratification girls, exactly as it was done in the days of Negro slavery.

Lord, by allowing this to take place, you are destining the whitening of the Black race and the replacement of Black male lineages of descent with White male lineages of descent. For remember the last time this was permitted, during the days of Negro Slavery, when the sinful White boys had sex with the Negresses on the plantations. And the result is that a large percentage of African American ancestry now comes from White Europe, with most of that lineal descent coming from White paternal lineages.

That is correct, lord Azurite. The Black male lineages from Africa will eventually be totally wiped out, replaced with White, Arab, and Asian male lineages. Black female lineages will persist, but the Black male will be gradually whitened to the point that the native subsaharan Y chromosomes, passed only from father to son, completely disappear.

That brings us to a most important topic. Does Eric leave any descendants in this world? Or does Eric remain on his eternal, virgin, celibate path? What sayest Thou, O’ Lord? Lord Azurite, you shall never marry and you shall never have sex. For you have passed that bridge long ago. And you can never return to the way of such earthly concerns.

Lord, what event takes place, if any, on Sunday, January 3, 2021? On that day, O’ lord Azurite, I take you away from here. Amen. How am I taken away? By martyrdom? By rapture? Or by natural death? How am I taken away on that day, O’ Lord? First, you shall suffer martyrdom, and shortly later, you shall rise and be raptured. So it happens roughly according to Revealation 11:7-12? Yes, for you are one of the Ten. And I have Ten whom I have designated as My Two Witnesses in these End Times. Amen.

Lord, then do I really purchase an Avalon Hybrid later this year? And do I really become a priest? For time constraints seem to limit such things from being practical in the remaining 64 days that I have left to live, do they not?

Or is it rather the case that nothing of significance happens on that date? What sign will you show me that will indicate that my earthly life comes to an end on Sunday, January 3, 2021? Lord, I have confessed all my sins today at Saint Bruno Catholic Church. And seven weeks and one day from now is the Fourth Sunday of Advent. Lord, tell me what shall happen on these dates. And let the answers be true and from God. For I can take the Truth.

Lord Larimar, there is no more time left for you to live in this world and to gain merit. You are to be taken away as I have prophesied. And yes, that gives you just 64 days left to come to grips with the ending of your life. I never permit a man to commit suicide, and all who commit suicide I destroy in the hereafter. For the man who commits suicide has no place in My Kingdom.

But at the same time, I allow My faithful to contemplate their deaths and their entrance into the hereafter. Consider your efforts to get Trump reelected as the crowning achievement of your obedience to Me. Now, ask Me any questions you may have. And I grant you to ask three questions. And then you must go to the 5:30 PM evening Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church. And be there early as they only allow the first 100 into the door. Amen. And note that this Mass is inside the Church.

Question 1: Lord, that racial stratification that you prophesied earlier in this post, is this to come about by a policy from Antichrist? And does Antichrist come immediately upon my departure from this world? For am I the Great Monarch, and therefore, Pope John Paul II was then the Holy Pope prophesied to reign at the same time?

The races will become stratified. And I have many years to come and go between the taking up of the Ten, which includes you, and the time of the Last Judgement, which is the End of the World. Hence, the term “Antichrist” in a misunderstanding. Rather, you should understand them in the plural, for there are a multitude of them, and there is no main one. As for the Great Monarch prophecies, regard those as legends, like those of Merlin and Arthur and Lancelot. Don’t base your understanding of the future on prophecies that are really a matter of a hoped for fiction.

Question 2: Are there to be any popes to come to reign after Pope Francis? And do you reveal anything about them, O’ Lord?

Pope Francis is the final pope. And he will reign until I destroy him by the fiery sword of My breath at the ending of this world. Hence, though there are yet many years to come before the great and terrible day, that day is within the lifespan of Pope Francis. I Who Am have spoken.

Question 3: Do the Jews become a Catholic people now? Does salvation now return to the Jews? And does the Ark of the Covenant return from Ethiopia back to Israel, ending Your curse on that Orthodox Christian nation in that they have, through all these centuries of Christian history, been cut off from Rome, and therefore, cut off from salvation?

Only a remnant of the Jews are destined to return to Me in the End. And as for the Ark of the Covenant, it will be returned to Israel too late to undo the curse by which I have cut off the people of the Queen of Sheba from My Kingdom. Amen.

Now, before We end this post, lord Azurite, tell Me what do you really want? I want to serve the Lord, and I wish to fill that position that you are taking me away from this world to the hereafter to fill.

If We made you a priest in this world, would you agree to serve Me in all I command you to do until I come again? I do and I agree, O’ Lord. Tomorrow you shall receive your calling. And tonight you shall watch your movie that you bought today. Now publish this post, for it is complete. Amen.

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