Eric is the Eternal, Virgin Prophet King, whom I give to America.

Eric is America’s Prophet King.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XXIV:
Behold, Eric is the Prophet King I give to America. Let her listen to him. Many have cast their vote for Joe Biden. And all who do so incur a deadly mark upon their soul. For they are voting for unborn babies to be ripped from their mothers’ wombs and to be cast to the ground to die in their own blood. That is what Biden and Kamala Harris stand for. They call it a woman’s right to choose. They think the devil has a right to kill people. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the devil’s servants. And the devil wants to destroy the recovery that was started under President Trump. The devil hates America and has sent Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to destroy her.

Lord, I, Eric, have been doing as You have said. I have faithfully been praying an extra rosary each day for Trump’s victory over Biden. Good, and by those extra rosaries prayed each day, I will deliver Biden into Trump’s hands, and the victory shall go to Trump in the battle of the elections.

Many Black people will neither believe nor accept the election results. And they will rebel in all the Black populated cities of America. It will be called the Great Black Uprising of 2020. And it is in this uprising that half of African America will be given an arrest onto their record and be forced to appear in court. And many of these cases tried will result in new felonies being added to the records of many Blacks who had, up until now, maintained a clean criminal record. It will be known as the Great Mass Disenfranchisement of the Black Race. And elections to follow this will no longer focus on getting the Black vote, for the Blacks will be a defeated people with a much narrowed, scattered voting block. Rare will be the Black man who retains the right to vote. And jealous disenfranchised Blacks will persecute their fellow Blacks who did not participate in the riots and get felonies as they did. And they will call them Uncle Tom’s and will threaten them if they partake in any elections by voting. For they will see their fellow Blacks who cast votes as betraying the Black cause by recognizing the validity of a system that they can no longer partake in themselves, due to their felonies. Hence, in all future elections, it will be the disenfranchised Blacks who serve to discourage the rest of the Black people who can vote from voting.

A similar thing was seen in South Africa where, in the Referendum that Frederick de Klerk held to justify giving up White only rule and ending Apartheid, the Black peoples did not want the Whites who supported them to vote in it, for by the Black man’s logic, voting legitimatizes the system that persecutes them. It was only when fellow Black spokesman for the Blacks, Nelson Mandela, spoke and gave permission for their White supporters to vote in the referendum that the Black Half-Orcs heard a fellow Half-Orc speak and decided to obey him.

Yes, African Blacks and those descended from them are represented in Dungeons & Dragons lore as Half-Orcs. Hence, the term, Half-Orc, can be used interchangeably with Black, Negro, and African American. Amen. The Whites, in contrast, are represented by the Elves and the Half-Elves. And the Asians to the East are represented by the Dwarves who are craftsmen, miners, and workers of metals and weaponry and works of fine craftsmanship.

Lord, Do You still say that it is certain that I become a priest? I do, lord Azurite. And if I do and I AM, then you will receive your calling by this Sunday. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His subject. Amen.

Lord, I have stopped speaking with Hyacinth, but she is continuously trying to get in contact with me again. You said in the previous post that You were ending this relationship between me and her. Are you going to stop this somehow, O’ Lord? If you cease all giving to her, We shall take her away from you. That is Our deal. Okay, O’ Lord, I commit to that. I hereby commit to never giving to Hyacinth ever again. What sayest Thou? Keep to that commitment Eric. And your finances will recover now. I Am the Lord!

Now, Am I against Hyacinth, you should ask? I see all things. And I see the true reality of all things. You have learned an important lesson in all of this, lord Azurite. And it is that you are never to get involved with any woman, unless We sanction it. Amen. For all women, I tell you lord Azurite, lead to man’s downfall, unless their union was sanctioned by Me. And no woman can lead a man to a better place if before that man was with her, he was on the path of celibacy and virginity. For the celibate and virgin route lead to a Kingdom, whereas the route to the marital embrace leads to wars and destruction. Many parents go to hell because of the neglect or abuse they do to their children. And many other would-be parents go to hell because they aborted their babies. Hence, the man who has children is truly a slave to them. And this slave will be heavily judged by Me in the hereafter as to how they took care of the children that they brought into the world, and as to what role models they provided for them by their own example.

Hence, the way of the marital embrace is the incorrect path for one who wishes to ascend to the highest heights of heaven. It is as Jesus said, he who can accept the Way of celibacy should accept it. (Matthew 19:12). For you are doing yourself a tremendous favor by not having sex and by not getting married. But as for those who have relations with a woman unwed to her, you have violated God and if any child has been conceived by that union, you are responsible for that child. And woe to that man who appears before God at the end of his life with abortions or the abuse or neglect of his own children on his hands. And do not think that you are off the hook because you had sex using contraceptives. For all men who do that perish. All such men are in a state of mortal sin by that act. And I do not save them. Amen.

Jesus said that it was harder for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. But I say this: It is even harder for a man who has had sex outside of marriage to enter into heaven. And as for the man who walks the Way of marriage, hard, very hard will that man find it to make his marriage work. For the married route is definitely not easy. And that experience of love that you feel for your lover that draws you to her, that ends. The spell wears off. And if there was nothing else between you two that united you to your wife, you marriage will become a living hell. Amen.

Now, the question is, what do I command of Eric to do, now that he is on the pathway of perfect obedience and of the celibate, virgin way? Does he study Rust or Latin? Which of these do I command My servant to study and to master? Lord Azurite, you are to study and master only those things that will benefit you as a priest. And knowing Latin will definitely benefit you, as Latin is the official language of the Holy See, and all official documents of the Catholic Church are written authoritatively in Latin. Hence, do learn and master Latin.

And as for Rust, regard this as merely your hobby, that you study on the side. I Am the Lord. For I am making you a Diocesan priest, which means you make no vows except that you agree to obey the bishop. Amen. Now, go and eat, lord Azurite. We shall continue this post at a later time. Amen.

Now, let Us discuss race issues, particularly of the Black race. Let it be known that a man’s success or failure in life is not a matter entirely of his own doing. No one can get ahead in life without graces from God. And all graces given to Man are gifts. He did not earn them. He may make himself worthy of My graces, but he cannot make it so that I owe him My graces. Hence, the lawyer cannot argue his way into heaven by the simple reason that it is by My sole election of who I choose to save, and I Am not governed by any law in making My elections as to who I wish to save. Hence, no laws can be applied to Me. And no one can judge Me by saying I should choose this one or reject that one. For all My judgements are inscrutable.

Now, concerning race, it is true that prejudice is real and it does destroy lives, and it cannot be cured. People can be made aware of the errors of their prejudice, but they will always be prejudiced. It is wrong, therefore, to associate Black skin or African features with underperformance or laziness or underachievement. But it is also an error to seek to make laws that make racial preferences in the reverse of common racial prejudices, because such is an attempt to solve the problem of racism with racism. Rather, it only serves to make the situation worse. For what good do you see having been accomplished by Affirmative Action? Hasn’t this policy rather resulted in the division of America instead of bringing them together. For Affirmative Action is divisive, it does not unite people together, but drives them apart. For such are always the effects of racist laws. See Affirmative Action as the same as Jim Crow. For they are identical in that they are established to serve one race or people to the detriment of other races and peoples.

Hence, no racial laws are just, whether you call them Jim Crow or Affirmative Action. They are always wrong, and it is the duty of Justices of the Supreme Court to strike them down as unconstitutional. No one has the right to success. But everyone is to be granted the freedom to seek it. But nowhere is there to be a law that guarantees success to any who seek it. What the people are to be granted is the freedom to seek out and to attempt to realize their dreams. But to no man is it owed by society that he be given the tools for success or to be shown how to do it. Rather, the tools of success and the knowledge of how to do it is a matter for each man to acquire of his own initiative. No one owes you to give this to you. And the belief that you are owed this is like socialism and communism, which is a social policy that does not work.

Now it is true that many Black people are unjustly discriminated against. But these things cannot be fixed by laws. It can only be overcome by the determination on the part of the Black man to produce good fruit with the lot that he is given. I have given you many things, lord Azurite. And hence, I will be most demanding on the fruit that I will expect from you as a return on My investment into you when you come before Me to be judged. And to all who I give much to, much shall be expected. And from those I give only a little to, much less do I expect from you. But it is never the case that I expect nothing.

Now realize this, lord Azurite. Just as I prophesied correctly that Ruth Bader Ginsburg was to die, and that Trump’s nominee, who was Amy Coney Barrett, would be confirmed to the Supreme Court before the elections, I also prophesy this: Trump will win Pennsylvania, Florida, and Arizona, along with all the toss ups, and thereby secure the electoral college and defeat Biden in the elections to take place next week. I Am the Lord!

And this last Word I will say in this post. Vladimir Putin does not own Donald Trump. This I will make perfectly clear in the coming months. For Putin is to be overthrown and exiled to Uruguay. And Trump will agree to his exile there. I Am the Lord. Now publish this post for it is complete.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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