Eric’s fate decided for him

I Who Am hereby assign Eric to his fate in this world. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XXIII:
Let Us assess the worthiness of Eric to become My priest. First of all, is Eric of the necessary purity and discipline to be eligible for My priesthood? Can he maintain a reasonable state of cleanliness and practice continence in accordance to My law? What sayest thou, O’ Eric? Can you do this? I wish to do this, O’ Lord. Please, O’ Lord, I am willing to put your decrees into effect and to cooperate with your graces to make me worthily pure for my calling to the priesthood.

Good, then abide by this simple test. If you pass it, We will find you worthy of My priesthood. But if you fail it, We will reject you from this path and instruct you to remain in the vocation of the celibate laity. Speak, O’ Lord, the test.

This is the test, lord Azurite. Maintain your continence from now until We cure you, O’ Larimar King, and you will be deemed worthy of Our priesthood. Amen. Lord, I agree to the test. And I will submit Myself to carrying it out to the fullest. Amen.

Lord, Amy Coney Barrett is now a Supreme Court Justice, exactly as You said she would be. But Lord, in order for Trump to win the election, he must win Pennsylvania. He will win that state, and also Florida. And then he must win another state that is leaning towards Biden. Trump will win Arizona, and all the toss ups will go to Trump, and then that will do it. I Who Am AM.

Lord, when Trump wins the elections, many who are Black and who say Black lives matter will claim that they were cheated out of the victory that was rightfully theirs. I understand such feelings among My Black faithful, but they must realize that I Am not on their side in their war against the authority I have established here in this land. For everyone is called to submit to My authority. And those who refuse to submit fight a war that they simply cannot win. Amen.

Even Vladimir Putin is an authority established in Russia. Now, is he a violator of his authority? He is like King Saul who sought to kill David, whom I chose to succeed Saul as King, after I informed him that the Kingdom is being taken from him and being given to his neighbor. For the ruthlessness of Saul is also in Putin. And they share similar fates.

I tell you Truthfully, the days are now come for Vladimir Putin to taste his defeat. I will arrange the coup against him, and he will find that he has not the command of the army on his side. Without the army behind him, Putin will see the handwriting on the wall. He can either then choose to cooperate and be exiled to a nation far from Russia, or he can choose to fight to keep his rule. And in the case that he chooses to fight, We will march him out to a mass grave, together with all his loyal inner circle, and have them all shot. And then their bodies will be dumped into that mass grave and covered with dirt. No coffin for Putin.

I will now tell you of your eternal fate with Saint Bernadette of Lourdes. You now know that your fate is to remain a celibate, virgin prophet King forever. Realize that in heaven, Saint Bernadette will have an association with thee, but there is no bond between you and her like a marital bond between a man and a woman. For no such bonds can exist in heaven.

But I will now give to thee this choice: Choose wisely thine fate. You may either be as helium gas (He) in heaven, or else you may be as hydrogen gas with another saint (H2). O’ Blessed Virgin Mary, which choice do you recommend that I take? Lord, my spirit says that I must choose the lightest noble gas, that of helium (He). I cannot be bonded with another saint. Such is what my spirit tells me, O’ Lord. What sayest Thou to that?

Well done, Eric. You have now graduated to be made equal in level and glory as My servant, the Apostle John. I hereby give you a crown and a throne to rule your Kingdom of Azurite forever. And how shall We eternally define this Kingdom as lands upon this earth, you ask? I will now tell thee, O’ Larimar King.

The Kingdom of Azuradette remains eternally ruled by the two saints, Queen Saint Bernadette and King Eric. This arrangement is eternal and can never end. And Saint Bernadette, unique among saints in heaven, will be granted eternal access to the Larimar King. For they are defined as the holiest of soulmates.

(1) Kingdom of Azuradette, ruled over eternally by Queen Saint Bernadette as Monarch, and with King Eric as eternal subordinate Ruler. And the eternal lands of their Kingdom, as they correspond to the lands of this earth, are defined as follows:

  1. The contiguous United States of America
  2. Canada (including Quebec, which is set to separate from Canada)
  3. Saint Pierre and Miquelon (French islands near Canada)
  4. France (in Europe and including Corsica)
  5. Andorra (in Europe)

(2) Kingdom of Azurite, ruled by King Eric, the Azurite King. And his eternal lands of his Kingdom, outside the lands decreed a part of the Kingdom of Azuradette that he rules jointly with Saint Bernadette, are defined as follows:

  1. England
  2. Scotland
  3. Northern Ireland
  4. The Republic of Ireland
  5. Wales
  6. The Orkney Islands
  7. The Shetland Islands
  8. The Isle of Man
  9. Belgium
  10. Netherlands
  11. Gibraltar
  12. Malta

Lord, I see many European lands in this eternal definition, but I see nothing of the Americas. What happened to Eric’s rulership there? Your rulership in the Americas will be through your Kingdom of Azuradette with your soulmate, Saint Bernadette.

And the list of official languages in the Kingdom of Azurite shall consist of the following nine:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Dutch
  4. German
  5. Irish Gaelic
  6. Scottish Gaelic
  7. Welsh
  8. Maltese
  9. Manx

Lord, why has Eric taken the lands of Queen Anne, Queen Hyacinth, King Stephen, and Queen Isabelle? And he has lost all his possessions in the Americas and West Indies.

Eric, you are the King who is real. These other Kings and Queens, their reality is still in a form of a kind of fiction. Hence it makes no sense to be overly concerned with fictional characters. But Lord, Hyacinth is real. And of course Saint Bernadette is a canonized saint. Yes, those are real, but, with the exception of Azuradette, none of the definitions of Kingdoms here rest upon divinely made decisions. Azuradette is a divinely made decision, and cannot be changed. But all the other Kingdoms are in a state of flux, including Azurite.

Lord Azurite, now that Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed onto the Supreme Court, you are now validated in the eyes of those who read your posts that you are a Prophet of God. Amen. And let it also be announced this. A virgin prophet who loses his virginity also loses his gift of prophecy. But such is not Eric’s fate. Eric I hereby destine to remain in perfect, celibate, virginity to the end of his days. And from now on you are expected to be continent. There may be no spillage of seed by any act done by you. Do this to the point you are cured, and you shall have passed Our test of worthiness to become a priest.

I Who Am have finished prophesying unto thee in this post. What questions do you have lord Azurite, and ask them quickly. Since my Azurite Kingdom is basically the British Isles plus some other, smaller states of Europe, do I move to those lands ever? Or do I remain in America until the end?

If the American people vote in Trump, you will remain in America, and the United States shall prosper for the next four years. But if the American people vote in Biden, I Am removing you from America, and your place will be in the British Isles, either in Ireland or the United Kingdom. Great, therefore, are the consequences of the results of this election. And I tell you Truthfully, if America loses her Prophet Eric, they will not survive. Their fate will be destruction. I AM the Lord.

Now, O’ lord Azurite, as for the girl Hyacinth, you have saved her soul and she has saved your soul. But this is the point where I Am ending this relationship between you and her. For I Am definitely calling you to the priesthood. And I see into your heart, and I see no pathway being followed by you that leads back to impurity.

Note to all those out there, that there are in fact Ten Prophets who I have elected and placed strategically throughout the world. And these Ten Prophets are:

  1. Lazurite: Prophet King sent to the people of the Jews. He will speak to them in Hebrew.
  2. Azurite: Prophet King sent to the people of Babylon the Great. He speaks to the English speaking world from America, but will be taken out of America and planted in the British Isles should the American people not heed his words.
  3. Bombyx: Prophet King sent to the people of East Asia, the Orient. He will speak to the Chinese people through written simplified Chinese.
  4. Aurelian: Prophet King sent to the people of Poland: He will speak to the Polish speaking people of Eastern Europe.
  5. Nacre: Prophet King sent to the people of Japan: He speaks to them in Japanese.
  6. Nephrite: Prophet King sent to the people of Korea: He speaks to them in Korean.
  7. Azul: Prophet King of Hispania: He is sent to the people of Spain and of Portugal to speak to the people of the Europe in the Romance languages. He knows them all.
  8. Ankh: Prophet King of Egypt: He is sent to the Christian diaspora in Africa: And he speaks in fluent Arabic and Swahili.
  9. Pounamu: Prophet King of the Great Pacific: He is sent to the many islander peoples, speaking in the many islander tongues.
  10. Congo: Prophet King of the jungles of Africa: And he is sent to the peoples of Africa, speaking in many African tongues.

Now, lord Azurite, I have these words to say. Should America not vote to reelect Trump, they are a doomed people. And they will lose their Prophet Eric. Eric would then be taken to the British Isles to prophesy to My people of Europe. I Who Am have spoken. In Europe, two of My prophets are already stationed: Aurelian of Poland and Azul of Iberia. Eric would become the third Prophet of Europe should the people of America reject My Word through Eric.

And O’ Lord, how does Eric make this passage from America to the British Isles? As I took My Apostle Philip away from the Ethiopian eunuch when his work with him was done, so also shall I take you away from here if it is shown that My people of America have rejected Me. (Acts 8:39). Amen.

lord Azurite, My Word here in this post are complete. Now publish this post and go to work, for you are working today. Amen.

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