Eric’s fate is discerned and revealed.

Behold, A fine art nude. Her eyes remind me of those of Saint Bernadette.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XXII:
Behold, I Who Am Am speaking. Lord it was said by Eric that there would be no more nudes on this blog. For is it not a disservice to men for Eric to put temptations on his blog, temptations that might lead men to commit sins? Let men get used to such sights, for new laws are coming which will permit women to go topless like men. And when these laws go into effect, all men must get used to such sights as these. For toplessness in women is not sinful, but rather, is a shock only due to long ingrained cultural norms. But when the laws legalize such things as this, such sights will be taken as commonplace, just as it is in many other cultures.

Besides, we needed a topless girl for illustration so as to demonstrate the beauty of Saint Bernadette as she might appear before Me Who knows the complete beauty of all My subjects. For were she to have been granted the permission to expose her flesh before men, a sight such as this would have been displayed. And note the look of her eyes. Are they not in the very image of Saint Bernadette’s? For I created the human body to be beautiful, and the capture of such beauty on an artist’s media is called a work of fine art. For does not the Song of Songs frequently refer to the breasts of women, comparing them to things of beauty found in nature? Do not be deceived by certain groups having an over religious prudence, and who suppress healthy sexuality, for doing so can make children feel guilty about their normal sexual emotions and feelings. For I Am a God of beauty. And I have made women beautiful for men to look upon, but not to touch, unless they are permitted to do this within a lawful marriage. Amen.

Lord, is not Eric to remain an eternal, virgin prophet King? How then can he be involved with women, especially a woman such as this whose appearance is in the very likeness of Saint Bernadette, but in the nude? And is not Saint Bernadette the eternal soulmate of Eric, as the Virgin Mary has decreed? Is this not the case? How then would Mary and Bernadette view Eric were he to get involved with such a woman in the flesh, no matter how holy the union is, and no matter the strictness of the marriage they enter into, and of the obedience to the Lord in all things regarding it to which Eric were to uphold in his relations with such a wife?

Lord Larimar, I decree unto you this day, Monday, October 26, 2020, before dawn: In seven weeks time minus two days, you shall enter engagement with the woman I send you. Six months later, on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, on Saturday, June 12, 2021, you shall marry her. And by your union with this woman, a male child shall be born unto you, and you shall name him John. And this John shall be called great. And he will be made My priest. And he will be given the Kingdom of Alaska as his eternal dominion, over which he shall rule forever and ever. Amen. You are obligated to live out this fate, lord Larimar, for John, son of Eric, is predestined to be born. And he has been destined to come from your loins. Amen. I Who Am have spoken.

O’ Holy Virgin Mary, is this my fate, to marry a girl and have a son by her? And if so, how am I still to relate to your eternal virgin servant, Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, as her eternal soulmate if am to know a woman? Carry out God’s orders as He has decreed them, lord Azurite, and you shall only gain, and not lose, the things you have been given. As for Saint Bernadette, she is exclusively your soulmate forever. And no one can take her eternal place in this exclusive friendship I have decreed to be between you two. Neither Hyacinth, nor the girl God shall give to you, nor any other girl in this world, or that has been created, or that will be created, many take the place of Saint Bernadette as eternal soulmate to the Larimar King..

It was once asked of Eric, “How long is your penis?”, to which Eric replied, “6 inches.” For Eric had measured it in its full erect length in his privacy out of curiosity. But after Eric had answered in innocence this most private of questions, the boys who asked it of him, mocked him, saying “6, 6, 6,” over and over again in order to mock him. Clearly, such was sexual harassment, but Eric was too ashamed to make a complaint. And in another time, at the same place of work, where he slept in a bunk bed in a room full of other guys sleeping, each in his own bunk bed, Eric was accused by one of the boys of masturbating in his bed. And this boy went on speaking of how offended he was of what he heard going on in the night. Lord, what is your judgement of such things as these that took place in Eric’s place of work at the California Conservation Corps where Eric worked at for over a year, until the time of his Martyrdom Breakdowns of June of 1995? These were happenings that took place on the Elkhorn Slough, in Monterey, where Eric was stationed with many other guys, and occasionally some girls.

Eric, both testimonies are true. As for the length of your penis, it is of average length. And your ability to become erect and to ejaculate are normal. This ability is not compromised, as it is in some men, who have lost their ability to have intercourse with a woman. And the man who heard you in your bed was also accurate in his assessment. For though you were in spirit a man who was clean and who sought to attain the perfection of immaculate cleanliness, you would from time to time fall to the temptation to commit impurity. For it was not something you had yet full control over. Such is no longer the case. For you are no longer subject to the temptations that most men are subject to. But the reason why most men in fact do not masturbate as much as you had once done was due to their experiences of actual sexual intercourse with a girl. For this actual experience takes over in sexual precedence to them psychologically, and such men then become more drawn to seeking further acts of sexual intercourse with women, and may seek to commit ever more sexually perverse things in their presence. Hence, such men, in which this has become their reality, are actually less clean than you ever were, lord Azurite. For the sin of masturbation on one’s own, however shameful, is less an offense to Me in My sight than is the act of committing sex acts that bring defilement to another, especially against a woman that I love. And I seriously punish men who violate My women.

The sex act with women unwed to them is a horror for the one who does it when he sees his sins on the other side of the veil. Blessed, therefore, is the man who stopped his sexual sins at the point of masturbation and sought to end such sins and sinned no more. Cursed is the man who replaces his sins of masturbation with sins committed with a woman. And even more accursed is the man who explores homosexuality or bestiality. And whatever adult encourages a child to consider homosexuality, that adult I will subject to so much torture that he will wish he had been late termed aborted from the womb of his mother.

But as for that man who accused you of impurity, he was judged severely. And if in him was found worse uncleanliness than was found in you, I revealed it to the entire assembly, and put on public display all his skeletons in his closet and all his secret sins. For the man who brings shame to another, let it not be found out that he also is guilty of the same in his hypocrisy, or woe unto him! He will be judged by the same standard and his chastisement will be seven times more profound than the chastisement he brought against his neighbor, whom I love. Amen.

Now, go watch your movie, lord Azurite. And We shall conclude this post later, before you head to work tomorrow. Amen.

Lord, I do not believe that my impurity will be cured by me entering into a marriage with a woman. For if I am impure outside marriage, so also shall I be impure inside a marriage. Hence, let no man think that marriage is the cure for impurity. And let’s face it, my impurity is a very hard thing to cure.

Lord Azurite, do not think that you are the only sexual sinner. For everyone has some sort of sexual sins in their closet. Then what do I do, O’ Lord? What solution do You have for me? How am I to be saved?

Those you have seen committing sins with one another, do not seek to imitate them. And do not follow an object of sexual desire, for that leads to ruin. That movie you saw, what moral lessons did you take away from it? Everyone commits sin, even those who seem to sin the least. Correct. And what then is the solution if everyone is sinning? The solution is to withdraw from this world and its temptations and to embrace the celibate, single life that You have assigned to me.

For I do not have a girl as my sexual objective. Rather, I wish to follow Your straight and narrow path. For only on that Path will I find True Life and the light that leads to it. Amen.

Because you have said this and come to this conclusion, the girl We are sending to you shall have no power over you. Rather, it is men like you that I seek to make My priests. And thus, that is your destiny, lord Azurite. It is not to enter the marital embrace of a woman, but to enter the responsibility of overseeing My flock. As for the movie Eric watched to gain this morality it was Yes, God, Yes. For in that movie, it was seen that everyone sins and that much sin goes hidden.

Lord, then what sexual standards do You expect from Your priests? For You are now going to call me into the priesthood. Humility and patience and the recognition of the reality of sin and of Man’s fallen nature do I require more from My priests than their success at remaining perfect in their continence.

Also, let the pope beware. The priesthood is neither for married men nor for homosexuals. For the pathway that I lead My priests on is to remain holy. Know this, to whoever is pope, the day you contemplate opening up My priesthood to married men is the day your descent begins of your papacy. And I will not allow any pope to relax My requirement of priestly celibacy. For remember it is as Eric has found: The path to marriage is not a cure to impurity. Only God and the pathway to Him can lead to that cure. Amen.

Lord, should I change the image of the nude girl at the top of this post to something more decent? No, lord Azurite. Let it remain. Such nudity is not porn, but a work of fine art. To be a work of porn, there would need to be sinful activity being done or suggested in the image. And such is not seen in any of the nude fine arts you have put here in the posts of this blog. Furthermore, the upcoming change in law will further equalize the sexes, allowing women to bare their breasts as do men. Amen. And I AM not against this change, for social norms are always changing.

Rather, what I stand against is the general acceptance of homosexuality everywhere. That men have accepted this abomination as normal is a direct sign that the people of America now reject Me. And now someone asks, why are heterosexual sinners easily forgiven, but homosexual sinners are outright condemned? It is because the heterosexual sinner does what is natural, as according to the natural world. But the homosexual sinner does what is unnatural and abominable. Even Satan and his devils turn away in disgust once they lead a man to commit sodomy. For Satan and his devils are still creatures made from light. And they are repulsed by the wickedness of the unnatural man. For though they want him to commit it, they do not want to observe it.

Hence, sexual sins occur in three grades:

  1. Homosexuality and Bestiality: These are called the Abominable sins.
  2. Adultery and Fornication: These are the mortal sins that afflict most people.
  3. Uncleanliness and Solo Impurity: These sins can happen either mortally or venially, and the state of the sinner must be discerned correctly for him to be guided back to correct morality.

I have now spoken in full. Publish this post, lord Azurite. And note that I guarantee you that you shall be made a priest. And to prove that this is so, in seven days time, you will receive your calling. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His servant. Amen.

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