Eric’s orders are clear

I Who Am give My mandates to Eric. And My mandates are clear. Amen

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XVIII:
Behold, I Who Am now give clear orders to Eric. And he is expected to obey. Eric, what are My orders regarding the one called Hyacinth? What are Your orders, what do You command of me, O’ Lord? For it seemed to me in the last post, that You said she was gone. And yet, she has come back. And now that she has come back, the sign has occurred, and the sign says that I do not leave this earth on December 8, 2020. The sign is very conclusive. But now that she is back, tell me my orders regarding her and I shall obey You.

Good, you have agreed to obey Me regarding her. Discontinue all contact with her, for she is not what or who you think she is. She deceives you. Now, do as I say unto you. For you are an obedient man. And you do not disobey the Lord thine God. Amen. Lord, I will obey You. Just realize that this girl is most insistent, and she seems to not take no for an answer. She never seems to go away, O’ Lord. So, though I obey You, she seems to perpetually attempt to reestablish contact with me. Also, she mentioned a war going on where she lives, with many dying. The military and the youths are killing each other, and the fighting is everywhere. What is more, the internet there is shut down. Amen.

I Who Am Am pleased with your decision to obey. I know well about the war. And I had their internet shut down. The youths there are indeed fighting a full fledged civil war against the government there. And this is a war that these youths cannot win. For the government has the upper hand, and they will crush them and destroy them. For all out civil war has come to Nigeria, and all who live there shall be devastated by this war.

Furthermore, lord Azurite, give nothing further to Hyacinth. That is a direct order. And realize that anything you might send to her from this point onward she would not be able to receive anyways, due to the complete and utter breakdown of that country. Amen. Also, realize that I now effectively cut her off from you. Obey Me in these things and I will set you to prosper. I Am the Lord. Now, go and eat your breakfast. You are working today. Amen.

I am back, O’ Lord. Lord, I heard a message say that I am to marry a girl, but not have sex with her. What sayest Thou to that, O’ Lord? That you are to marry is your predestined fate. But whether you have sex, that is up to you. Just realize that should you have even just one act of sex, you forfeit everything that you were to receive by walking the higher path. I Am the Lord.

Lord, preserve me from all such women who would lead me to walk the lower path with them. If I am to marry, let it be to one who is celibate and eternally virgin and who will not lead me from that higher path. Done. We are giving you a girl who is like your soulmate in heaven, Saint Bernadette, in spirit. Such a one will never lead you astray. We have now spoken in full Our message for this post. Do you have anything that you wish to say, ask, or contribute to this post, lord Azurite?

Lord, what purpose is served by this marriage that I am to enter into? Is it to serve my spiritual needs, or my needs for a companion? It is Our will that you not be left alone, lord Azurite. For you being left alone are known to bring down nations and to conquer kingdoms. Rather, We wish to rechannel your psychic energy to another outlet. I Am the Lord. Now get your things together and go to Church. And after Church you will head to work. I AM the Lord God Almighty. And all that I set in motion will accomplish My will for that motion to be set. Amen. Now publish this and go, lord Azurite. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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