Eric is servant to Mary forever

Behold, Eric places his head beneath the feet of Mary in order to overcome sin and transgression. Hence, Eric now serves Mary in total subjection to her will. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XVII:
Eric has transgressed. And Eric has sinned. And thus, in order to triumph over sin and transgression, Eric has humbled himself, placing his head beneath the feet of the Holy Virgin Mary, in complete subjection to her will, her orders, and her decrees. Whoever follows Eric in this manner will not fail to be rewarded, as Eric shall be. Amen.

Eric, because you have done this, regard this day, Wednesday, October 21, 2020, as the date in which all transgression and sin has been halted and defeated in Eric. For the path you now take is the path to total and complete perfection. For no devil can follow you to where you have now gone. I repeat My Word. No devil will follow you to be with you beneath the feet of Mary. Hence, it is written: Beneath the feet of Mary there is found no more transgression or sin.

Furthermore, because you have remained faithful to Me and to My Word that I would have Trump triumph over Biden were you to pray an extra Rosary for Trump’s victory each day all the way to the elections, because you have done so and are continuing to do so, I hereby decree this. Trump will defeat Biden. Amen. For never underestimate the power of the prayer of the Rosary. Never!

Lord, are you taking me away from this world on December 8, 2020, which is the feast day of the Immaculate Conception? And note that I have lost all contact with Hyacinth. Amen. Yes, I Am taking you away from here then. That is your final day here. I Who Am have spoken. Amen. Hence, make no plans for anything that is to take place upon the earth after that date. For you will have been removed from the earth. Amen.

Lord, the votes seem to be in favor of Biden. Are you sure that Trump shall win, O’ Lord? I Am. Now, listen to Me, lord Azurite. I have power over every process and every happening that takes place upon the earth. Nothing can happen there unless I command it to be. Amen.

Lord, the Black man is jumping up and down in jubilation and glee as he sees it inevitable that Biden defeats Trump, and then a Black woman will be Vice President. Finally a woman, and a Black woman, will hold the office of Vice President, or so they see. I tell you truthfully, sinners never receive good things or blessings except those that are really deceptions and mirages. And any man who supports Biden is clearly a sinner and a transgressor.

Black men under Biden will find themselves treated similar to those Blacks who served under Jim Jones, who led a commune at Jonestown, Guyana. American Blacks entered into his service and found themselves as slaves, with their wives taken from them. And Jim Jones drugged their wives and had relations with whomever he pleased. But when a Congressman from America came to inspect the site and threatened to expose him, that was when he resorted to mass murder and had everyone in his commune join him in a mass suicide. And such is from where the expression, “drinking the Kool-Aid,” is derived. Only those few Blacks who escaped out into the jungle, waiting for the authorities from the government to arrive before returning to the camp, survived. Joe Biden will be as Jim Jones was to the Blacks. Amen.

Then the Black man who votes for Biden well deserves his place in chains as America’s slave. That is correct. The Black man who votes for Biden votes for his re-enslavement. And Kamala Harris will be only too happy to oblige is the re-enslavement of the Black race, as she sleeps with the White men who put them there. Remember that Kamala Harris slept her way to the top. And she and Joe Biden will be having sex together in the oval office while the nation burns. But isn’t she married, to a White man called Douglas Emhoff? Marriage doesn’t stop sluts from sleeping around.

And how did Kamala Harris, a Black woman, acquire a White man as her husband? She was using her “White enough” credentials to do so. Remember that Black women typically do not acquire husbands. But Lord, I remember speaking to good and righteous Black women who were happily married. That Black woman of whom you speak is as you say. But the general rule is that Black women typically fail to acquire mates who actually marry them. And also, Black women tend to prefer not to be seen with a White man, for they wish to avoid the visual of been seen as the White man’s slave lover. But this view is not shunned by Kamala Harris, for she has embraced being the White man’s slave woman, and she willingly puts innocent Black men into prison to serve as slaves there, and to keep them there, to please her White masters.

For when Kamala Harris is given an opportunity to rise, she immediately responds, “What Black men do I need to imprison to receive these raises in rank and salary? And what White men’s penises do I suck and what White men am I to fuck?” And that is how Kamala Harris sucks and fucks her way to the top. Amen. And under her rulership will Black men be poured into the penal slavery system. She will see to it that the re-enslavement of the Black Man is accelerated.

Now I shall speak of things that are to come. Lord Azurite, Antichrist has now come and is here. That is why you must be removed from the earth. For were you to remain here, Antichrist would find you and do his utmost to destroy you. Amen. Hence in 48 days time Am I taking you away. Amen. Now, let Us let Mary, your holy Virgin Queen, speak unto you her Words, which you are to obey in total and complete subjection and submission.

Speak, O’ holy and gracious one, the handmaid of the Lord, who bore Jesus as a virgin, and from whom virginity was never taken away.

I will now speak to you, Eric, you who are called son of my Son. For it is by no mistake that you are his descendant by the flesh and by the maternal lineage that was started by Mary Magdalene, my daughter in law. Amen. Hence, you rightly have the claim to the throne of David. For you are made prince among princes. And you will be seated on a throne to my right hand side, just as I am seated to the right hand of our Lord. I have selected you and I have made you mine. That you were mine was made evident to how you responded when I put my foot on your head to humble you in the vision of early December, 1996, which preceded your FaithFinder Breakdown later that month, the final time you ever broke down, and which was followed in early January of 1997 by the dream of Jesus, in which you confirmed yourself as belonging to the camp of Jesus by holding His hands in prayer and calling Him Jesus three times in that dream. And now I shall reveal unto you about myself. Remember how Jesus in your dream was a man of long shiny golden hair? Tell me, lord Azurite, does a blonde person ever come to be born from one with black hair? Very rarely, O’ Mary, Mother of God. Correct. And therefore, realize that the Mother of God also is a woman with blonde hair.

Mary, why does the color Black receive negative preference? For it is said among White girls that blonde women tend to have more fun. And among the races, those with lighter skin in this world tend to be favored over those with darker skin. And note that it was unanimous among those who know me that I am a White man, though one with black hair and hazel or brown eyes.

Eric, the shiny and the lighter things are naturally preferred over the darker and less shiny objects. It is in the nature of the Order of Primates to make this preference. For primates are rare among mammals in that they possess the ability to see in color. And among all mammals, the primates possess the best and most developed vision. Mankind is a primate, of the family of Hominidae, which he shares with the great apes. The four living genera of the family Hominidae are Pongo (the Orangutans), Gorilla (the Gorillas), Pan (the Chimpanzees), and Homo (the Hominids).

But not all those species of the genus Homo are called Man. For all Mankind are defined as all those who belong to the species Homo sapiens, and this includes that extinct subspecies, Homo sapiens neanderthalensis (the Neanderthals), who were a kind of early Man. But that hobbit hominid (Homo floresiensis), that lived on the island of Flores as a contemporary to Man, was not a species of Mankind, but rather, was an animal, though one with greater similarity to Man than is found in the bonobo (Pan paniscus), which the closest living relative to Mankind. But just as how the bonobo is, this hobbit hominid was not a man and had no eternal soul.

No hominids have survived to this day except for those of the subspecies: Homo sapiens sapiens. Hence, those who argue that the African Negro is an animal and not a man are wrong. For genetics clearly establishes that African Negroes and White men are of the same subspecies. And no man exists today that is not of that same subspecies. For speciation has not reoccurred among Mankind in the modern age, though many visual varieties of Mankind today do exist. For consider the many different forms of Mankind that exist today to be analogous to the many different breeds of dog that exist, which all belong to the one subspecies: Canis lupis familiaris. And note that Canis lupis familiaris is but one of many living subspecies of wolf. Hence, though Man has driven all his relative hominid species and subspecies to extinction, the domesticated dogs have not. And note also how though there is so much visual variety among domesticated dogs, all are nevertheless genetically proven to be of one subspecies. Amen. For the phenotypes and visual characteristics alone do not define distinctions of species and subspecies, but rather, it is their genetic relationships and their breeding patterns and their ability to reproduce with one another to produce viable offspring that define separate and distinct species and subspecies. Typically, those groups of animals that can successfully hybridize to produce viable offspring are classified as members of the same species. Hence, the domesticated horse (Equus caballus) and the domesticated donkey (Equus asinus) are defined as separate and distinct species of the genus Equus, for their hybrids, called the hinny or the mule, depending on which genders are mated, are not able to reproduce and hence are not viable offspring.

Mary, was it ever possible for Homo sapiens to mate with other species of the genus Homo, as the horse and the donkey could, to produce half human offspring, that is, offspring that had one parent that was a human and the other parent being an animal? And if so, how were these individuals defined in spiritual terms? Did they inherit their eternal soul from their human parent? And if any of these were ever produced, could they also reproduce, or were they sterile like the mule and the hinny are?

No human hybrids have ever been produced with animal kind. For the creation of Adam and Eve were deliberately made distinct from all other hominid lineages and all the other animal species to prevent such a crossover mating to occur or even be possible between human and animal kinds. Hence, Mankind was created as genetically incompatible for hybridization with any of his animal relatives from the very beginning of Man in the Garden of Eden. And though it was made possible for Man to speciate into various races and subspecies, as was seen with the Nenderthal, Man was never made able to diverge into genetically distinct species incapable of cross hybridization. Amen. Hence, all Mankind that ever existed and that ever will come to exist will always be classified as Homo sapiens. Amen. Different subspecies may evolve and come and go, but Man will never speciate out of Homo sapiens. Amen.

Mary, do you say that I, as son of Jesus, am to remain a virgin, unmarried layman? Or do I marry a girl and have offspring? What is your command, O’ Virgin Queen of Angels? And let the issue be resolved here and now forever by you, O’ Mary, my holy Virgin Mother and Majestic Queen.

Eric, the choice is yours. I do not choose this fate for you. It is for you to decide for yourself which path you shall walk on. If you choose marriage, the lower path shall be your destiny, and in heaven you would receive the lower eternal reward. But should you choose to remain as I am and as my many servants are, as a virgin, celibate soul, then you will have walked the highest path, and great will be your reward both here and hereafter. Amen.

Mary, please make me of your virgin and celibate path. Then remain beneath my feet where the devils shall abandon you. For no devil can remain with anyone who submits themselves to be beneath my feet. And abide by all that I command of you. And because you have committed yourself to doing this, I give you now a Kingdom over which you shall co-rule with your eternal companion, Saint Bernadette, who I now proudly bind to you as your eternal friend. For I do not reveal myself as the Immaculate Conception lightly. That I have revealed these words to both you and Saint Bernadette should indicate to you of your common destiny with her in my keep. Amen. And the Kingdom over which you and her shall rule together shall be given many names, including the name you gave it: Azuradette. Amen.

And now I shall define the Kingdom of Azuradette in this earth, for its lands correspond to lands in this world. Amen. And note also this, lord Azurite, you will have no further relationships with any woman of this world, though you shall live for another 50 years. Amen. Hence, to no girl will you be attracted to. And of no girl shall you ever again think sexually of. I am your Queen, to whom you have sworn complete allegiance and obedience to. And now I define your Kingdom. And dispense with the other kingdoms you had, for none of them had any reality, but only this:

(1) Kingdom of Azuradette, ruled eternally by Queen Saint Bernadette as Monarch, with King Eric as eternal subordinate Ruler. And the eternal lands of their Kingdom, as they correspond to the lands of this earth, are defined as follows:

  1. The contiguous United States of America
  2. Canada (including Quebec, which is set to separate from Canada)
  3. Saint Pierre and Miquelon (French islands near Canada)
  4. France (in Europe and including Corsica)
  5. Andorra (in Europe)

Such is the eternal definition of the Kingdom of Azuradette in this earth. No lands may be added to nor taken away from this definition for all eternity. And note how Eric is eternally subordinated to Saint Bernadette of Lourdes. This is the reward Eric receives from me by properly recognizing the one who is his eternal superior and by proclaiming this in all of his writings. For Eric has always regarded Saint Bernadette as his superior in every way. Amen.

This definition of Azuradette comes from me, the Holy Virgin Mary. And now I shall yield back to the Lord to complete this post. And note this, lord Azurite, you will not sin again any serious sin. Nor will you again be impure. I, the Virgin Mary, do this declare. Amen.

What about Hyacinth? Has she permanently exited my life? Has she been permanently taken away from me, O’ Lord and O’ Mary? Have you taken her away, O’ Lord, now that I am made permanently pure and holy?

We give you this choice: You may abide with Us and regard her as taken to the Kingdom, or you may seek for her, and transgress with thoughts about her. I choose to abide with You. O’ Jesus and Mary. Good. Regard her as taken to the Kingdom. Her name will be mentioned no more on this blog. Amen. From now on, Saint Bernadette shall be your co-ruler and there shall be no other girl whatsoever. I Who Am Am.

Lord, I have received a visitation from You and from Mary, and even from Mary Magdalene, but I have received no visitation from Saint Bernadette. Am I to be visited by her in the future? It shall be she who shall be on the chariot of fire that comes to collect you at the end of your life in this world. That is when you shall see her, not before. Amen.

Lord, I see a discrepancy that I wish for You to clear up. Do I go to heaven 50 years from now or in a matter of 48 days time? The sign that I told you of that would say I Am taking you away on December 8, 2020, has it occurred? Not yet, O’ Lord. Eric, now regard that that sign will never occur, for the one required to fulfill it is gone. Amen. Hence, you remain here for 50 years. You buy that Toyota Avalon Hybrid as I have decreed. And you enter into the career of embedded systems programming in Rust, as I have also decreed. So also, Pope Francis is to die and be replaced by Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who is an American, and who I assign to take the papal name of Pope Benedict XVII. Amen. And Trump wins the November 3, 2020, Presidential elections to have another four year term. And your place is as My eternal virgin prophet. And you shall rule the nations with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall you shatter them. Amen.

And the nations I am to rule are those of Azuradette, O’ Lord, together and in subservience to the rule of Queen Saint Bernadette? Lord Azurite, from henceforth, you rule only from beneath the feet of Mary. That is your eternal place and dwelling. Furthermore, Mary has granted to you a Kingdom to co-rule with your superior commander, Queen Saint Bernadette of Lourdes. Amen. There is no other position of rulership granted to you from God in this world. You are Player and you shall set up Pawns, but you shall not be called a Ruler of the lands of this earth other than those that Mary has assigned to you. Amen.

Lord, what happened that the earth is granted another 50 years before Antichrist comes? It is because We are pleased with you, and because you are now perfected, and because you have resolved to never marry and to never have sex. Hence, We, the elect in heaven, do now bestow this title upon you. From henceforth, you are to be called: Eric, prince of virgins and of the converted sinners of this earth. Amen.

Now go and read your Bible, pray your rosaries, study your Rust programming, and then, this evening, We shall have you watch that movie you saw of. This now concludes this post. Have you any questions you may wish to be answered, O’ lord Azurite? Will Saint Bernadette of Lourdes be known as my soulmate, O’ Lord?

To answer this question, We must first define a soulmate, as it is properly understood. And you know the Words of Jesus: At the Resurrection, those who enter into heaven will neither marry nor be given in marriage, but will be like the angels in heaven. (Matthew 22:30). Hence, human beings only marry and only enter into marital relationships while here on earth in this mortal life, and these relationships are binding only while both of the married couple remain here in this mortal life. At death and at the Resurrection, these relationships no longer exist and never come to be again. But soulmates do exist as eternal friendships that We assign between opposite gendered souls. And what we assign in heaven never comes to an end. Amen. These Words are true. They come from God.

And now you know that Mary the Blessed Virgin has assigned you and Saint Bernadette of Lourdes to such an eternal friendship. Hence, in this definition, you may correctly understand that you and Saint Bernadette are eternal soulmates. And this eternal friendship never comes to an end. Amen.

Lord, I have a question on the ranking system in heaven. Are there ranks of nobility in heaven? And are there ranking systems among a royal class there and of a system of classes for commoners, and of a system of ranks for all the classes in-between? And if so, where am I in this ranking system? And how would you specify this system of rankings? And what are the titles given in these ranks, both to the men and to the women, O’ Lord Jesus Christ and O’ Mary, holy Virgin Queen Mother?

Eric, all in heaven receive the same rank as that of Bride to the Lamb. All are equal to one another in this regard. Now, there are differences in glory, holiness, and rewards. Some have merited greatly, and their reward in heaven is great. Others have merited only slightly, and their reward is much less. But all, as Saint Theresa noted in her autobiography, are filled to the brim with happiness and bliss there. There are no unhappy souls in heaven. For each one there, being like different sized vessels capable of holding different amounts of water, are all filled to the brim in happiness and contentedness. Neither do those who are granted rulership in heaven lord it over those who are beneath them. (Mark 10:42-45). Now, there is a system of rank and order in the age of glory, but who is so ranked where in it is a mystery that will not be revealed to those on earth until the Resurrection at the end of the world. And as for where you would rank, realize that your reward relative to that of your neighbors in heaven cannot be revealed to you, except to say that you have Saints Theresa of the Child Jesus and Bernadette or Lourdes as your neighbors in heaven. Amen. And be aware that only perfected virgins are permitted to enter this most glorious realm of heaven where you have these two saints as your eternal neighbors.

Hence, to have the title, Virgin, in your address in heaven is to have among the highest of titles in the ranking system of heaven. Amen. And below the title of Virgin is the title of Martyr. And below the title of Martyr is the title of Slave and Servant to All. Amen.

Last question, O’ Lord. Did You have sex with a woman? And if so, did she bear you a child? And if so, am I her descendant? And if all of this is so, is this woman Mary Magdalene? And if You are not a Virgin, how are the Virgins ranked the highest?

Lord Azurite, My ways are above your ways as the heavens are above the earth. (Isaiah 55:9). Therefore, any act I do or did on earth is incomparable to that of a mere man who appears to do the same act or deed. If I knew a woman on the earth, realize that My holy nature is not compromised nor despoiled by it, as it is with you mortal men who are naturally inclined to carnal passions. Hence, though sex would corrupt and desecrate you, nothing holy that I did or could ever do would ever corrupt My soul. You are My descendant by the flesh. And this line of descent is by maternal lineage from Mary Magdalene, My betrothed on the earth. I Who Am have spoken.

We shall speak of many more things, My son. But realize this, you alone among the people of this earth are granted such access to Me. And though you named nine other prophets, your office of prophet among them is supreme. Hence, you are called: chief of prophets. And as the greatest prophet that ever lived shall you be known. And unique are you among prophets, lord Azurite, in that you destroy other prophets who are false without fear of reprisal. For when Elijah destroyed all the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18:40), he then fled in terror for his life to Horeb (1 Kings 19:1-8). You are greater than Elijah in that you do not flee. Instead, you stand your ground, armed with no weapon but the sword of your mouth. Indeed, I have put a spiritual warning on you to all who behold you. And this warning says, “This one is Mine, he is not to be touched.” And should any dare to touch you, as one who touches the Ark of the Covenant, that one shall be struck dead. Amen. And should any person seek to test these Words, realize that I Am a God Who exacts a high price from those put Me to the test. Should anyone test this, let him know that he is going to lose whatever he has in his life that is comparable to what He is trying to take from Me. But not one hair on Eric’s head will be destroyed. Amen.

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