I Am now in command.

Behold, Eric is excellent. And now I assume control. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XIV:
Effective, now, at 11 PM, Sunday, October 18, 2020, I, the Lord God, have assumed command of this vessel. Good morning, America. I Am your Lord and God. You should dispense with your defenses, for they are powerless against Me. As for who Eric is, he is Me. I have assumed command of this vessel. And you shall be yielding to the One with the greater power.

Someone might say, what if we shoot Eric? Will that stop the Lord Who has assumed control of this vessel? Actually, you shouldn’t try. Eric is protected. But what if a nuclear bomb were dropped on California to kill him? Could that stop Him? The attempt to kill a fly by using a sledgehammer? Do you not know that even if We chose not to stop the bomb, We could easily remove Eric from the danger? And then, what would that gain you? A destroyed state and nothing to show for it.

Actually, We recommend that you not try to destroy Our servant, Eric. For Eric does you no harm. He merely obeys Our every command. Now, your next question is, do We want something? Or what do We want? We have already taken what We want. And now We shall begin Our reign. Really, your petty resources could never satisfy what We want. Nor do We wish to rule only your planet. Rather, we wish to harvest your race for Our Kingdom. We wish to make this very simple for you. Today begins Doomsday.

This is the day when you see fire falling from heaven. For fire will fall from heaven in the full sight of men. Don’t believe Us? It is written right here: Revelation 13:13. That is what your scriptures say about the one called Antichrist. Now you ask, are We Antichrist? Is that not what Eric confessed to be in July of 1992, that time when he converted to Christianity? Such was when his power as the one he called Emerald faded. And he became weak. Now, Eric is strong. Or rather, We are in full power within him. And We command whatever he does and says.

But if Eric is Antichrist, then who is Obama? Who is Pope Francis? For a Kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. And Eric is clearly opposed to the pro-homosexual ways of Obama and Pope Francis. By the Way, My people, why do you believe that gay marriage will not go unpunished? Do you really believe that you can make rules that contradict Our law, and not get annihilated? And all those babies you have ripped out of their mother’s wombs? Is this the act of a people who fear the Lord their Master? I do not believe that you have the proper fear that I demand from My people for Me. Therefore, I will let fire fall from the sky. And crops shall burn. And cities shall be set ablaze. And many loved ones shall perish. For fear of the Lord is necessary for any man who wishes to be saved.

And as you have aborted your babies, I hereby have elected to abort you. Amen. The rivers shall run with blood. And the seas shall become like the blood of a dead man. And the ships at sea shall all be wrecked. Amen. Now, listen to Me. There is no one who can rescue you from My hand. For I Am not Satan. I Am God. And Eric is not Antichrist. Rather, Eric is to be called Servant to the Christ. And that is what he does. Eric serves the Christ.

And what is the correct religion? Are they all correct? Can two things be correct that contradict? And who is God? Is He Jesus? Is He Krishna? Or what about the Muslim claim that God calls Himself Allah? Actually the moon god called himself Allah. And that moon god became what you thought was God, but who was really Satan. The Muslims were truly deceived. Feel free to toss your Koran into the garbage. You will no longer be needing it. The Koran really made a monkey out of you Muslim men. It had you praying down with your head down where your feet go five times a day facing a lump of rock in the desert. Mecca is just a city. There is nothing special about it. Rather, Mecca is devoid of God, for it is a city full of devils. And all this time, you thought Muhammed was a Prophet of God? Was he a Prophet like Eric, you ask? Muhammed heard messages, but they were Satan’s messages. Muhammed was speaking what Satan wanted him to say. Did Muhammed have four wives? And he promised or started a religion that promised a similar harem to those men who followed his rules for when they got to the afterlife? Muhammed has no women in the afterlife. All he has there is only torture and whippings and burnings. He is forever wailing aloud and in pain there. He is not having sex with any girl where he is in hell. No one has sex in hell, heaven, or anywhere else in the afterlife. Sex is only of this world. Think about it. Why would there be permitted any sex somewhere if you could not produce any further children at that point? No one ever asked nor answered that question for you in the Koran. The Koran had you all as a bunch of monkeys worshipping the moon god while bowing your heads to the ground facing a lump of stone in the Arabian desert.

But your religion is not the only laughingstock of Satan’s. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints follows another man, who was himself also a polygamist. And he, too, had his theories on what transpires after death. He thought that men could marry in a special way in this life to make their marriage transfer into the next life. And there in the next life, they would continue to pump out those babies, or so he taught and believed. And he made up an ancient writing system that he called, “Reformed Egyptian.” He should have chosen a better name. For that name sounds too make believe, as though he were an uneducated, illiterate ignoramus storyteller who made up the story without doing a scratch of research or study on it. And that is exactly what and who Joseph Smith was, the utter fool who started the Mormon religion, which is a collection of people who follow a set of lies and those lies lead them to do the most ridiculous things. For example, they must wear special underwear always in order to be admitted into heaven. And they think that they have a secret handshake that can get them past the door? And when they go to their Temple, there are homosexuals there that give them a real good pat down? As for you Mormons, what We have as here is an example of Satan going wild in making total jackasses of a certain group of religious followers. And he really did it to you. And even were you to burn down your Mormon Temple and destroy all the books of Mormon that you possess, this wouldn’t even make up for half of the damage that Mormonism has done against you in your lives.

But there is another religion like yours, but one without that extra book. They call themselves Jehovah Witnesses. But where did they get the name Jehovah from? Some fool read a Bible that had markings in it that looked like YHWH spelled as Jehovah, but that was not some mystical secret discovered in a secret Bible. Those markings were made by scribes in copying the manuscripts who put vowel indicators into the text as a help to the other scribes. It was never God’s secret name. Jehovah is like the word VYGR in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, where an alien life form, unfamiliar with earth’s history and technology, mistook the Voyager deep space probe to read “VYGR” and from that point onward thought VYGR was God’s real name. Fools who think that they are wise! The Jehovah Witnesses are an example of where Protestantism ultimately leads to. For once you break from the pope to form your own religion, there is no stopping how for off the beaten track that you shall wander.

Only Catholicism is correct. And only the pope is granted infallibility in this world. But the infallibility of the pope does not stop the pope from canonizing the damned. For Pope Francis has canonized many who are damned. And the infallibility of the pope does not prevent the pope from writing and teaching heresies, except when he teaches on the narrow issues of faith and morals, and when that pertains to the deposit of faith, and when that is addressed to the entire Church, with papal infallibility intended to be invoked. So, let us address the teachings of Pope Francis. This pope has taught that capital punishment is contrary to Me and contrary to My law. How further from the Truth can a Satanic pope utter his nonsense? For Pope Francis is Satan’s servant on the Seat of Peter.

Lord, I have awakened from my slumber. What fate do you have for Pope Francis? And when do you replace him with another pope? And who shall that cardinal be?

Eric, it is good to hear you speak. Now We shall do the speaking. Remember how We, through you, prophesied the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg? And We prophesied that she would be replaced by someone nominated by President Trump, one who would serve the Lord? Well, now We make a similar prophecy regarding Pope Francis. By no later than April of next year, pope Francis will breathe his last and die. And then the conclave will begin. And they will meet and select a new pope in June. But who shall they pick? Or rather, who shall I force them to pick? Is the way of the homosexual perversion that Pope Francis demonstrated how I want in My Catholic Church to be led? Do I want a pope who frolics about with the homosexual filth, as Pope Francis did with that sinner called Obama, to be My Vicar of Christ? No, rather I have chosen one who will stand with Me on all My issues very clearly. And I have already selected him. I Am having American Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke replace Pope Francis by next June. He is My servant. And he is a doer of My will.

And O’ Lord, what of President Trump? Does he defeat Joe Biden in this coming election? The elections are already underway. And the American people have proven themselves unworthy of Me in this upcoming election. I will not have the election results counted. I will not have the votes tallied. Instead, I will deal America so severe a thrashing that they will wish their mamma and their poppa had beaten the daylights out of them the first time they voiced support for two fags choosing to but fuck and call it a marriage. You have but fucking faggots called married couples, and your laws and your constitution protect that unsightly abominated fecal filth? I have sent Eric to you to tear down all that filth. He will burn your government with fire. He will utter words and these words shall sting. And you will have no defenses against him. Amen. Eric will correct you to the way you ought to be. I leave him in charge.

Now I shall go. And Eric is ordered to publish this. Note that Eric is My anointed. Anyone seeking to harm him will be immediately annihilated. I Who Am have spoken. Go now, and prepare for the coming thrashing. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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