Jesus commands the Larimar King

I confer upon you, lord Azurite, the authority of Prophet to My people. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XIII:
Behold, Azurite is commanded to serve Jesus as Prophet to His people. And Jesus will speak and command Eric as to what he shall write and say. Amen.

These are the Words of Jesus, as spoken through Eric, Prophet of the Lord God to His people. I Am Coming soon to gather My elect from the four corners of the earth. From the ends of the heavens to the ends of the earth shall I gather together all who are Mine. For a common blood flows through the veins of all My elect. For they all have drunk of the same chalice as I, and they have all been baptized into the same baptism as I have. Now I Am going to gather together My people and confer upon each one who is Mine a Kingdom. Amen.

Let it be known and understood. The earth and the heavens are Mine to give to whomever I please. As a conqueror divides the spoils of war with his men who fought bravely with him, so do I now divide the spoils of the spiritual war with all who remained in Me as I remained in them. These are the spoils of war.

Seven Kingdoms exist in the hereafter. They are like Seven steps to the highest utopia. The seventh Kingdom, the seventh step, is the highest garden of the entire Kingdom of Heaven. Whosoever reaches the seventh step is called highest and greatest of all the Kingdom of Heaven. And here are the requirements and the tests that are to be passed to ascend to each of the Seven Kingdoms, or the seven steps of the hereafter in Paradise:

  1. The first step is what one receives upon entering into My wedding feast. He receives a bright clean linen garment and is called My Bride. He is My wife and I Am his husband for all eternity. As God marries man do I marry him. It is written of these: Blessed is he who is invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb. (Revelation 19:9). All these receive the full reward of the Beatific Vision. They will look upon God as He is and behold Him face to face for all eternity. Amen. The requirement to be of this group is to be of My communion and to die in that state of grace. Amen.
  2. To ascend to the second step, the man who is Mine must take the leap of faith and come out upon the water, as Peter did, walking on water by faith in Me. (Matthew 14:22-33). For only by faith can the seed that is planted in thee germinate properly into the Tree of Life. And whosoever takes this step is granted the reward of an eternal spring of life giving waters forever upwelling in their soul. (John 4:10 & 4:13-14 & 7:37-38). This is the second reward: That of eternal life giving waters forever upwelling in their souls. And to receive it, you must take the chance that I Am real, that I Am Who I say I Am, and walk as Peter did toward Me upon the water. Amen.
  3. To ascend to the third step, a man must resist the evildoer and stand with Me as I call him to stand in righteousness. This is the first stage of martyrdom. All who take a stand for Me, I will seat upon thrones in My Kingdom. For they proved that they were Mine by standing for Me in the face of evil and wrongdoing. All these are rightly called Kings and Queens in My Kingdom forever. Amen.
  4. To ascend to the fourth step, you must lay down your life for Me. These are those who give up houses, brothers, sisters, father, mother, or lands for My sake, receiving a hundred times more in this present age, and eternal life in the age to come. (Mark 10:28-30). To these of this rank do I confer upon them Kingdoms, for them to rule the nations with an iron scepter, and to shatter them like pottery. (Revelation 2:26-28).
  5. To ascend to the fifth step, you must give your life over to Me for Me to decide your vocation and how you shall live it and what you shall do. These are those who surrender everything over to Me. And they receive the companionship of the Holy Spirit. Amen. They make it their will to do the will of God, and God reveals to them His will, and they obey. These know Me and I know them. Amen. They are in constant contact with Me. And they confer with Me to decide all things.
  6. To ascend to the sixth step, you must wash your clothes white in the blood of the Lamb and make them spotless as a Bride ought to be for her wedding. (Revelation 7:14). Those of this group are sexually pure and undefiled. They stand before God as pure, choice fruits of the Kingdom. And whatever they ask for is granted unto them. Amen. They form My 144,000, that blessed group called My virgins, those to whom are granted to sing the Song of the Lamb that only they can learn. (Revelation 14:1-5). Amen.
  7. To ascend to the seventh step, to this group dwell all consecrated virgins and all virgins who triumphed and overcame and were never defiled with others. All who sacrificed the sex life of this world for the glory that was to come to them in the Kingdom of Heaven are here. These include all men who willingly never knew women, and all women who keep themselves virgin for their Bridegroom in heaven. The virgin who partakes in homosexuality, however, is not one of these, but rather, is a transgressor who is rejected from the Kingdom. Hence, the seventh heaven may only be entered into by virgins and those who have never known the opposite sex, but whose orientation is correctly aligned. Amen. To this highest Kingdom is granted to taste True Life as God knows it. Amen. And in their tastes of this True Life, they regard all lower levels of Life, even those of the lower heavens, as not truly possessing eternal life. Amen.

Eric has passed through all seven steps. He is anointed to serve and to ascend to the highest of the heavens. And he will serve Me on earth to the end. Amen. Lord, does the Antichrist slay Eric at the conclusion of Eric’s mandate to prophesy, and then proceed to reign for a figurative forty-two months before his absolute destruction, as foretold in Revelation? You speak, lord Azurite, with a literalist understanding of Revelation. I Am taking you to heaven soon. You do not remain here to be slain. Nor will you lie dead in the streets for three and a half days, signifying the short time given to Satan, and then rise again and be brought up to heaven in a cloud. Such is not how you depart from this physical flesh in which you are currently housed. I rapture you up to heaven, lord Azurite. I bring you up. And it is then that your Word is seen no more coming by worldly means, but rather, from that point onward, by spiritual means. I have ten such prophets as you. Ten are positioned in the world as you are. These ten are collectively called My Two Witnesses. And all ten are raptured at the same moment when I come to collect My elect. Amen.

And who are these ten prophets, O’ Lord? Will Thou reveal unto Me these ten? The ten are these:

  1. Lazurite: Prophet King sent to the people of the Jews. He will speak to them in Hebrew.
  2. Azurite: Prophet King sent to the people of Babylon the Great. He speaks to the English speaking world in America.
  3. Bombyx: Prophet King sent to the people of East Asia, the Orient. He will speak to the Chinese people through written simplified Chinese.
  4. Aurelian: Prophet King sent to the people of Poland: He will speak to the Polish speaking people of Eastern Europe.
  5. Nacre: Prophet King sent to the people of Japan: He speaks to them in Japanese.
  6. Nephrite: Prophet King sent to the people of Korea: He speaks to them in Korean.
  7. Azul: Prophet King of Hispania: He is sent to the people of Spain and of Portugal to speak to the people of the Europe in the Romance languages. He knows them all.
  8. Ankh: Prophet King of Egypt: He is sent to the Christian diaspora in Africa: And he speaks in fluent Arabic and Swahili.
  9. Pounamu: Prophet King of the Great Pacific: He is sent to the many islander peoples, speaking in the many islander tongues.
  10. Congo: Prophet King of the jungles of Africa: And he is sent to the peoples of Africa, speaking in many African tongues.

Such are My ten Prophet Kings, and all ten can be called, “one of the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11:1-14.” Amen. Now, go to Mass, lord Azurite. And when you return, We shall conclude this post. Amen.

I am back, O’ Lord. Tell me about the timing of the Rapture and of what follows this, O’ Lord? When I Come to gather My people, all My elect into heaven, that signals the end of salvation history. No one not yet saved from that point onward will be saved. No one’s repentance from that point onward will be heard. And from that point onward, until the Second Coming, the men on earth will have the psychology of Judas Iscariot between the moment of the condemnation of Jesus to the suicide of Judas. Men on earth will be doing similar to as Judas did, returning their stolen monies to pay back for their transgressions, but it will be of no avail, just as Judas received no atonement for sin by returning the blood money, nor by flinging it into the treasury. Such will be the antics of men on earth between the moment of My Rapture and the time I come again to judge the living and the dead. Amen. This time period will be short, and will be called the Moments of Judas’ Regret. And no one on earth during that time will receive forgiveness for sins, for the times of the sacraments will have ended, and the door to heaven will have been shut.

This time is coming soon, lord Larimar. That I Am speaking through you is the sign that I give to the whole world that I Am indeed coming soon. And your place here is almost ended, lord Azurite. Your service to My Kingdom here is almost complete. Amen. Lord, things then are proceeding contrary to how the Protestants expect. For the Protestants expect for there to be a seven year Tribulation. Lord Azurite, We are in the short time at the end of the Millennium. There is no period of time like that to be given to Antichrist to reign. Rather, the Antichrists who were to reign have reigned and done their evil. The babies they led women to slaughter in their wombs have been slaughtered. The evils and transgressions Satan was to lead men and women to do upon the earth have been done. Amen. The atrocities that were to be committed have been committed. And the trophy of gay marriage, the absolute affront to all of God’s Law, has been enacted, and those who belong to the fallen way have consented to its practice. Every evil that was to be permitted and committed has been fulfilled. I alone Am Master of the Second Coming. And I know My time is at hand. You will not remain here much longer. And when I take you up, I also take up the rest of My elect.

Just so you know, when Obama enacted gay marriage as legal and protected by U.S. law, and when Pope Francis permitted homosexual unions to occur in the Catholic Church, that, My friends, was when the Abomination that causes desolation was seen standing where it does not belong. Regard this also to be the Truth: Barack Hussein Obama is the beast and Pope Francis is the false prophet in End Times prophecy. There will come to be no others to fulfill those prophecies as they have done.

Then, O’ Lord, the Black African Negroes are the most cursed among all Mankind, for of all races, peoples, nations, and tongues, they, more than any other people on earth, have given their complete and total unanimous support and endorsement of Barack Hussein Obama, who You have revealed is the beast. Those who worship Obama have been mostly found among the Black peoples. Am I correct, O’ Lord? Go eat and apple and then come back, lord Azurite, and then I will tell you of My judgement on the Black race, and on all the peoples of the earth.

(I) Black Africa, the last place on earth to be opened up to Christianity, will be the first place to be judged. And the Blacks of and from Africa will be the first people I will judge when I come and take My seat before all nations, judging the twelve tribes of Israel and all of humanity that ever set foot outside of the womb. Amen.

All Blacks who uttered an endorsement of Barrack Hussein Obama have condemned themselves, and will be numbered with the hypocrites who are to be slain and thrown into the fire, that fire that is called the Second Death. Amen. Every Black who allied himself with Obama allied himself with Satan and will be destroyed. I make no exceptions here. Every Black who is Obama’s is damned.

(II) After the Blacks have been judged, and those few who were Mine have been saved, I will then proceed to judge the Hispanics. All the people of Latin America will I summon forth to be judged. And every one of them who, knowing about Catholicism, refused to enter My Catholic Church, or who failed to remain in it, faithfully practicing My statutes and decrees, will be damned. And I will then judge all the Americas. I will judge the Spanish nations, and the Portuguese Brazilians. And I will judge the Caribbean peoples. Every last person of Latin America will be judged, and those who are not Catholic, but who had no excuse, will be thrown into the fire, which is the Second Death. And everyone who knew My religion, but who practiced it falsely will be condemned and damned.

(III) Then We shall proceed to the people of Eric’s Kingdom. Everyone who failed to listen to Eric will be condemned. And all of the Kingdom of Eric will be judged: The peoples of North America, the peoples of Europe, and the peoples of Russia and of her satellites. All who knew of Eric but who did not act on it will be damned. Eric, too, will be seated upon a throne judging all his people. By a rod of iron shall they be judged by him. Like clay vessels shall they all be smashed. And all who refused follow Me in Eric’s Kingdom, I will disown before My Father. And then My Father in heaven will proceed to take them and to torture them in eternal fires, where there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Amen.

(IV) Then, We shall proceed to the Muslims, and to their belt of apostasy. All the Muslims who remained Muslims and who refused to convert to Christianity will be damned, destroyed, and cast into utter hell fire. And then their leader, their King, the one they called the Prophet Muhammed, will be brought forth in chains from his place in hell. And he will be thoroughly judged and condemned. And then he will be thrown into the lake of fire, together with all the Korans. Amen.

(V) And then We shall proceed to the Hindus of India. And all the Hindus of India who did not convert to My religion of Catholicism, though the Church was available to them and present in their midst, will be thoroughly judged, condemned, and thrown into the fire. And all their holy books will be thrown into the fire with them. And all their sacred cows and gods will be thrown into the fire with them. I Am the Lord. Amen.

(VI) And then We will proceed to the realms of the Eastern Religions. And of these there are many. And We shall see who believed what, and who converted to My religion, and who followed Me. And all who did not become Mine by entering My Catholic Church and by following Me will be cast into the everlasting fires to be burned and tortured without mercy forever and ever. Amen. And We shall open their religious books and all their writings. And all those books that were not written by Me will be burned. Amen.

(VII) And then We shall proceed to the lands of the Ocean, and to that realm called Oceania. And all of Oceania shall be judged. Christianity was brought to their lands. If they entered into My religion and followed Me, they shall be saved. Otherwise, their place will be the lake of fire, where their worm never dies and the fire is never quenched. (Mark 9:48).

(VIII) And finally, We shall judge My people Israel, and the Twelve Tribes. Those who came to recognize their Messiah and who gave Him His correct and due homage, I shall save. But those who failed to follow Me or to believe in Me I shall damn. I Am the Lord. And now I have completed the tour de force by which all this world and all its inhabitants shall be judged.

Now answer Me this question, lord Azurite. Do you have any attachment love for Hyacinth? Do you love her as a man loves a woman? O’ Lord, my love for Hyacinth is as though she is my sister in Your Kingdom. Amen. Good. She will be restored to her Kingdom of Hibernia. I Am the Lord.

And this is the last thing I will say in this post. I Am coming soon. And you do not have much time left. And My servant Eric shall be sent to prophesy to My people until the End. Amen. I Who Am have spoken. Amen. Now publish this post, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

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