I Who Am Am pleased

The jungle reclaims all Man’s achievements in this world

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XII:
Behold, Eric is found pleasing to Me. For Eric was given the choice: the married vocation or the celibate vocation. For these are the only two vocations. No one is called to any other. And all who are not called to be married are called to be celibate. This means that no homosexual is called to gay marriage. And gay marriage is an unacceptable vocation. Whoever enters a gay marriage and whoever endorses a gay marriage incurs mortal sin and transgresses My Kingdom gravely. I have been biding My time before My strike against the homosexual impious men. For they are all to be routed, cast into the fires, and incinerated. Not one homosexual who has supported or partaken in a gay marriage is to be left in the land without his skull removed from his body and prominently displayed as a warning to all those who transgress My laws that this is what shall happen to you. Hence, the laws will be enacted throughout the Kingdom of Northern Christendom that all gays who supported or entered into gay marriages are to be put to death. Any heterosexuals who wish to stand with them in solidarity, Eric and his angels will not hesitate to add them, too, to the bonfires for burning and incineration. Do not think that Eric will respect law and precedent when made by unqualified judges and Justices, such as by that bitch called Ginsburg who died shortly ago, allowing for her replacement by a proper and decent conservative.

Lord, does Trump win the elections? Yes. For I have a secret plan for him to remain in office. I have a secret plan for the election results to say that Trump won. This will involve the disqualification of many votes made by Blacks who are uneducated and without the sophistication to correctly complete the ballot form, resulting in their Democratic vote being tossed. I have a plan to conduct this in a certain way to say that Trump won the vote. Amen. And Trump will secure another four years. Chief Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s ascension to the Supreme Court will serve to discourage partisan challenges to the vote results, should there be any seeking to overturn Trump’s victory in the courts. And now We shall discuss Eric’s choice of vocation.

Eric chose to be celibate and virgin for all eternity. He did not choose the priesthood, for only I, the Lord, can choose that. But he did choose that he will not enter into marriage nor the marital embrace. He will neither have sex nor children. Oracle of the Lord! And so, what do I choose for Eric? Do I make him a priest? Doing so would require significant changes made to Eric.

First of all, Eric’s has a hygiene problem in that his hands sweat profusely at times, and he cannot control it. He suffered many embarrassing moments in his school years and in his career due to his sweaty hands, which he could do nothing to stop. However, having such sweaty hands is not simply a matter of accepting this and being humble about it. Professions that involve using one’s hands to serve people food directly into their mouths are closed to him, due to the hygiene issues. Eric has no means of overcoming this. And for Us to cure it, We would have to fundamentally change who Eric physiologically is. And that We shall not do. Amen.

So, no, Eric, We do not make you a priest. Had We intended the priesthood for you from the beginning, We would not have given you this cross to bear, which completely disqualifies you from handing out the Eucharist. The priest must handle the bread and wine both at consecration and in handing it out, and a priest with sweaty hands would certainly pose a series of health risks. And this is especially true in the new era of COVID-19. COVID-19 is here to stay, folks. It is not going away. There is no cure in the pipeline, and antibodies do not offer any protection from reinfection, but rather, serve to make things worse for the patient. Amen.

Hence, COVID-19 is going to kill a lot of Americans, and there is nothing anyone can do to prevent this. And a great bulk of those killed will be Black. But since Black people are expendable, Black lives do not really matter, except to certain Blacks, when they are not in the act of killing one another, this can be seen as a silver lining to the disease. Hence, COVID-19 might actually serve to clean up some of the excess populations of Black people in the inner cities. Lord, who just wrote this? Do You agree with the statements in this paragraph and its callous regard for human life, particularly of colored life? From a humanist perspective, the statements of this paragraph are clearly heartless, cruel, and cold. But from a purely scientific and logical point of view, it does make a lot of sense. All diseases that do not wipe out a particular population of animals serve to make that population stronger. And the same principle applies to human beings. Hence, all human diseases can be seen in this light that they will in the longterm serve to make stronger, healthier, and more environmentally fit human populations. But when it comes to an individual basis, it is cold and callous to regard an individual person’s suffering in that light that he is just a less fit organism being weeded out by natural evolutionary processes.

Eric, God commanded that you love your neighbor as you love yourself. God did not command you to serve to evolve or breed the human race to reach some sort of genetic goal or ideal. Nor did God command you to seek to improve the human population through the principles of survival of the fittest. A social Darwinist cannot be a true Christian. I Who Am have spoken.

Okay, Lord, we have established that Eric does not marry and that he does not become a priest. What does he do instead? You serve as My eternal, virgin prophet King. And I hereby announce to all the world that Eric is the first of the Two Witnesses described in Revelation 11:1-14. And the one who is to come as the second of the Two Witnesses is Lazurite, who is a Jew who is sent to speak to the Jews. Am I correct, O’ Lord? We allow him to be called Lazurite. And you are correct, Lazurite will know and speak in Hebrew. And he will be sent to Israel to speak to the Jews. Amen.

But Lord, You have Azurite speaking English to the Americans and Lazurite speaking Hebrew to the Jews. But what about someone speaking Spanish to the Hispanics? Or what about someone speaking Russian to the Russians? Or what about someone speaking Chinese to the Chinese. So many people and populations you have left out, who can only hear the Words of the Two Witnesses through translators. Why do You do that, O’ Lord?

I have sent someone to speak to the Chinese. And his codename is Bombyx. And he will speak unto them in written simplified Chinese. He will write My Word, rather than speak it. And he will keep himself secret and anonymous. Amen. He is the Asian prophet whom I send into Asia to speak to East Asians of the Orient. All who wish to listen to him will need to read simplified Chinese or to find a translator.

But Lord, what about the other language groups? What about Catholic Spanish America? Are not they good enough to have a prophet speak to them in their tongues? I will send a translator to translate the Words I write in English through you into Spanish. Amen. And who shall this be, O’ Lord? She shall be the one I give to you as a platonic friend. You will not have sex nor a romantic relationship, but I will give you a platonic friendship with a girl. And she will be the one who translates your Words, the Word I write through you, into Spanish. Oracle of the Lord! As for the Russians, let them exercise their English skills, or else acquire a translator to translate My works to their own language. Amen. Such is My Word. Amen.

Lord, is this girl who is to be my platonic friend a person who goes by the codename of Ester? She is. And hence, now you know that the Queen of Hispania-Aztlan is the one I have designated as your platonic friend. We shall not call her your girl friend, just as Lois Lane and Clark Kent in the original Black and White versions of the Superman movie series were not called boyfriend or girlfriend, but just platonic friends. This is hugely important. The character of Superman today is evil. He has transformed from a moral hero to degenerate lowlife. The correct version of Superman does not make out with, nor fornicate with, nor marry Lois Lane. For the correct version of Superman is a truly moral man. The incorrect, modernist version of Superman has him sleeping with Lois Lane and other women, in a mess of immorality that makes him no different from those called the supervillains. To be a superhero means you are moral. You do not fornicate. You do not commit adultery. And you do not make out with women. Immoral men are the ones who do that. Immoral men have sex before marriage. Immoral men are often found among those who have to pay child support. And immoral men have affairs and do every kind of evil transgression under the sun.

And so, O’ Lord, when does this Queen Ester enter my life? We are about to make that happen. Also realize that her Kingdom really overlaps your Kingdom, lord Azurite, for Aztlan has claims to California where you live and over other southwestern states of the United States of America near Mexico. Amen.

Lord, does Greenland ever join the United States of America? If they choose to do so, it would be by their own referendum, and they would not require permission from the European Union nor from Denmark to do so. Amen. Hence, Trump should seek for this decision to be made by the people of Greenland, and not be offering money to Denmark to purchase her, for Greenland is not a possession of Denmark anymore, but rather, is an independent state in a kind of Commonwealth association with Denmark. Remember that NATO did not need permission from Moscow to bring Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia into NATO membership. Amen. Rather, they were independent from Moscow, and they chose to join of their own free volition. And Ukraine’s membership in the CIS will not stop her from entering into both NATO and the EU. Amen.

Lord, I would have it that both Puerto Rico and Greenland enter the United States of America as the 51st and 52nd states at the same time. They will, lord Larimar. That is how it will pass through the Congress, for both Parties will see themselves as gaining seats by this dual admission of these two new states to the Union. Amen. And Greenland is of particular significance in that she has immense untapped mineral natural resources, including several very significant rare earth element resources that will rival those of China. And Puerto Rico will be an important addition due to their possession of a true tropical rainforest in their large Caribbean Island. For with the transformation of the Brazilian rainforest into Savannah in the next few years, those nations that possess true tropical rainforests in their lands will have an immensely rare and important natural resource to utilize and maintain, serving for things such important needs as medicine and horticulture. Hence, Puerto Rico is valuable to the USA and should not be rejected. And their population is small and can be easily assimilated into the English speaking USA.

Now, does Eric get that car he was going to buy, O’ Lord, now that he will not become a priest? Yes, lord Larimar. By the closing of this year, you will have the funds and will use them to purchase for yourself a 2021 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Limited, of the Celestial Silver Metallic color. And you shall purchase this car at the very same Toyota dealer where you bought your current 1999 Toyota Corolla (of the Sand Drift Metallica color) from back in November of 1998, new for $13,750, full cash, no loan. And your family has bought 3 other Corollas new from this very same dealer. Amen. Hence, this will be the fifth Toyota bought by your family at this dealer, but this time it will be a Avalon Hybrid Limited, not a Corolla this time. I Am the Lord.

Now, Eric, I order you to publish this post and then go to Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe. And when you get back, you are to continue your study of Rust. For your expertise is becoming complete. And soon you will be a master at that language. For those who do not know, Eric masters the computer languages and technologies that he knows by first reading the books on them from cover to cover, and then he goes forth to program in those languages, gaining first hand experience. Soon, very soon, I Am placing you in a job where your Rust skills will be utilized, and you will make more money at that job than in your current job where you set up commercial websites and administer them, hosted on Linux servers on the cloud. Amen.

Eric, the girl who is to be your platonic friend. is coming into your life very soon. Realize that your decision to choose celibacy and virginity as your vocation is irrevocable and cannot be undone. Now go to Mass, lord Azurite. For you have passed My tests. And you shall triumph. Amen. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

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