COVID-19: A plan to wipe out the African Americans in America

The Blacks are being systematically eliminated from the United States of America.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post IX:
Behold, did you know that in the USA, for every 10 White Americans who have died from COVID-19, there have been 21 African Americans who have died from COVID-19. Amen. If President Trump is correct that the Chinese fabricated the disease in their labs as biological warfare to use against America, then the population sector that they most wanted to eliminated in America is the Black African peoples. And note carefully in that link: Asians and Whites are completely equally affected by the disease. Asians and Whites have the exact same death rates. And Hispanics are only slightly mote susceptible to dying compared to Whites and Asians. Hence the obvious target is the Black African Americans.

But Eric, why do the nations of Africa not have high COVID-19 death rates? That is what is reported to the press and to the public. But I have an agent on the ground in Nigeria, and she has reported to me that many are dying from the disease. The people in Nigeria are dying one by one and they have no cure for it. Such are her observations. Obviously, the news that Nigeria reports to the outside world contrasts with the news I get from my inside agent.

COVID-19 is killing Black people. And if Trump is correct that the Chinese made it, then this is not accidental. So let us now consider the hypothetical belief that China did in fact design the disease. Why would they target the African Americans rather than the Whites in their attack on the USA? Remember that Asians are just as racist as White people. And I have had Asian friends in the past, and one statement said by one Asian friend to me sums up their attitudes toward Black people. He, an immigrant from Taiwan, said of Black people, “They are good for nothing but entertainment.” This Asian was a studious Asian and was learning Latin for possible study of the Vulgate, the official Holy Bible of the Catholic Church, which is in Latin. So this Asian was not uneducated and not unmotivated to achieve. Rather, he represented the aspiring Asian who comes to America to learn and to achieve.

So, what is the root of the hatred among intellectuals and highly motivated people toward Black people? Could it be Affirmative Action policies? How much harder do Asians have to work and achieve in order to be admitted to American colleges and universities in comparison to Black people? Think about that. That Affirmative Action so penalizes the Asian and so favors the African American would be a strong source of resentment for any people who are discriminated against. Black people are always complaining about discrimination, and yet Affirmative Action, which they fully support, is a policy of discrimination that penalizes highly achieving Asians so that under achieving Blacks may be admitted to colleges and universities. Wouldn’t that make you even at least slightly resentful towards another race group when you knew that they did not have to work as hard as you had to in order to achieve the same results, as mandated by government policy?

Asians are busting their buts to get into colleges and universities, and here they see totally unqualified Black people getting points that they don’t get for admissions to college, where they see that, because of their Asian race, points are taken away from them. Is this fair? Is this the way to bring peace and harmony to all America? Is it correct, just, and right to punish those who work hard and who achieve in order to reward those who slack off and perform much more poorly?

Black people do not have the right for success to be handed to them. If they are unwilling to do the hard work, why reward them? And whoever thought up Affirmative Action was a racist. Affirmative Action is a racist policy that claims to be fighting racism, but really only exacerbates the problem by making racist policies that arbitrarily reward or punish people according to the color of their skin or the country they originated from.

Hence, if COVID-19 was designed by the Chinese, that it disproportionately kills off Black people fits and agrees with the narrative that the disease was deliberately made to kill off the Blacks. One way or another, Black people will be disproportionately wiped out by the disease. And the disease is very clever. It weakens the patient in the first infection, if they recover, and the subsequent infections are even more deadly. The disease, hence, is not just merely to wipe out a large proportion of Black people, but is to severely compromise the Black population. This disease is designed to disable large segments of the American population, with special emphasis on Black peoples.

For it fits and agrees with Chinese attitudes that Black people would be targeted the most by Chinese hate groups. Now, let us ask God for His input. For Eric is a prophet of God. He speaks to God. And he receives counsel and advice from God. God will never abandon Eric. And Eric will always be in contact with God.

Lord, before we ask You about COVID-19, let us briefly detour to the subject of Hyacinth. Mary told me at Church that in my coming marriage to the girl I am to be given, that I am to have sex with her if commanded by God. Such means that I would not remain an eternal virgin. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord? For if I do not remain a virgin, that affects my eternal claim to the Azurite Kingdom. And if affects my eternal status as Your prophet. Amen. Lord, I am willing to live the celibate virgin life. What sayest Thou to that?

Lord Azurite, I will give you this test. Pass it, and you will remain My eternal virgin forever. Fail to pass it, and I will hand you over to a female lover, and you will be a naturally married man. I am willing to take the test, O’ Lord. What is this test? Give the money for Bibles that you plan to give to Hyacinth and I will make you My eternal virgin prophet forever. That is all you require of me, O’ Lord? Do this, and you will demonstrate that your intentions are holy and pure, and without any form of self seeking. Lord, I will do exactly as You have instructed. Amen.

Note that Hyacinth buys inexpensive Catholic Bibles for the children she teaches at the Catholic Church she attends. I will do exactly as you have ordered. Given that I shall do this, who is Hyacinth to me? In an earlier post, You said she was my disciple. Is this how You view her as relating to me, O’ Lord? You serve as a form of mentor and teacher to her, and she is your disciple and pupil. But I do not make her your lover. For I see your heart, lord Azurite. And your heart loves God, not any woman. In fact, this very day, you were going to let Hyacinth depart from you, but she chose to remain in your company. It is clear you are not possessive of Hyacinth. She is definitely not any kind of prisoner to you. And this is very important for Our goal to make you Our priest. We have now concluded Our judgement on your worthiness to be ordained a priest in Our priesthood. We have concluded that, once cured, you will make a most suitable priest to Our purposes. Hence, We plan to make you Our priest. Amen.

Lord, today I read another chapter in the book on Rust. But since you now say I am to become a priest, do you redirect my studies, O’ Lord? Your skills in Rust are dramatically improving. And your knowledge of Rust is dramatically increasing. Soon you will be quite a competent Rust programmer. We allow you to increase your skills and knowledge of Rust. We allow you to gain expertise in this systems language. And We allow you to begin developing embedded software for devices, such as Raspberry Pi, using the Rust language. You may even develop commercial software for that and other platforms. For you are to retain your employment in software development as you enter into the process of becoming a priest. Amen.

But I thought that the seminary required 100% focus by seminarians on their studies. Lord Azurite, the studies are now being shifted to be online. That allows you to split your attention between Seminary studies and software development. You can do both. And I will make you excel in both. And you can claim your software development business to be your hobby when you enter into the priesthood. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His servant. Amen.

Hence, you shall not quit your current employment when you start on the road of the seminarian. Instead, you will shift to do all necessary work required of you by your current employer to be done remotely online. And it is true, is it not, that all the work you now do in the office is on laptops belonging to you that you bring with you when you go to the office, and that you take all these laptops with you when you leave the office to go home. Hence, the company where you do IT work at does not possess any of the computers on which you do all the work that you do for that company. Furthermore, all the work you do is hosted on Linux servers on the cloud. You do no work on any servers running at the office. Hence, the only advantage that exists for you to go to the office to work is for the in person collaboration, which is much more difficult to achieve by Zoom or other televisual software meetings.

Remember the previous company you worked for, when you did embedded software development? In that company also, you worked mainly on computers that you owned, laptops that you brought with you to the office and that you took home when you left. And you were in charge of IT there as well as here. Now, listen to My Words, lord Larimar. I Am making you an embedded software developer. And you will work this job part time, and as a hobby, while you do your duties as a priest. Amen. For I Am most pleased with you. And I will reward you greatly.

As for the human languages I will have you learn and master, My will is that you focus on Koine Greek and Latin. Master those two languages. Do a little bit of study in each of those languages each day. Amen. These two languages will help you greatly in your understanding of the Holy Bible. Amen.

Lord, does Donald John Trump win the elections? For I prayed the Rosary today for Trump and You said that Trump would definitely win if I prayed that Rosary today. He will win, lord Azurite. Keep praying those extra daily rosaries. Also, Biden and Harris will now plummet in the polls. I Am about to utterly destroy their campaign. And Biden will be called the greatest loser in the history of American politics. Amen.

Okay, let’s get back to COVID-19. Is this a Chinese designed bio-weapon, targeting primarily the Black Americans? It is, Lord Azurite. And the Chinese plan to enslave the Blacks and make them an eternal subhuman race. Lord, in Dungeons & Dragons gameplay it seems to be that the Chinese are very like the Dwarves in race. That is correct, lord Larimar. And the African American peoples are the Half-Orc races. Yes, and the Elves are the White peoples. That is correct. And the reason why so many Blacks go into the military is because the Half-Orcs are most proficient when they are of the Fighter and Warrior classes. Meanwhile, the Dwarves tend to be Craftsmen and Makers of Weapons. And the Elves tend to be Magic Users.

Lord, is it the destiny of the Black man to be made subhuman? Is that where evolution is driving that race? The races are indeed specializing, lord Azurite. And the lower stratifications of the human societies are becoming the niches for Black people. But Lord, this is not possible long term, for You are returning soon. There is not enough time for evolution to cause true speciation to occur in Homo sapiens. Am I correct, O’ Lord? Lord Azurite, you are correct. I Am Coming back soon. And when I Come back, all evolution for Mankind comes to an end. For reproduction of the human species ends at the instant of My return. The human eggs that are fertilized by a sperm at the instant of My return will be the final created human beings of the human race. Amen.

And what happens to all these unborn souls at the moment of Your return, O’ Lord? If their mothers are holy and saved, so also shall be their unborn and their babies at breast. But should their mothers be condemned, their unborn will be condemned with them. And any born baby not baptized and not belonging to My elect will perish with their parents. Amen. And at the Resurrection, all Mankind are resurrected to cured, whole, and mature, adult bodies. I Am the Lord! To their true form, as their DNA would have them, without disease and without disorder, will all Mankind be resurrected to on the last day. Amen. The hermaphrodite will be correctly sexed. His DNA will be either XX female or XY male. Amen. No human being at the Resurrection will be a genetic freak.

Lord, will the Neanderthals be there at the Resurrection? And what about the species, Homo Erectus. And what about all the other species currently classified as members of the genus Homo? Only Homo sapiens will be there. And the correct classification of the Neanderthal is Homo sapiens neanderthalensis. The species of human beings that exist today is correctly called Homo sapiens sapiens. Hence, I admit that speciations have occurred in the past to produce different subspecies of human beings, but never have there evolved separated species of Mankind who were incapable of interbreeding. Amen. Hence, only Homo sapiens and all her subspecies will be Resurrected. But as for the older hominids, and the other parallel branches of Homo, such as Homo floresiensis, these were not actual human beings, but merely similar evolved branches having similarity with human beings in form. This can be understood more readily by comparing human beings with the bonobo, the pigmy chimpanzee. Many in the future analyzing their forms may contemplate how they were related to Mankind and whether they were men too, but observers who witness the behavior of this species of ape, the closest living relative to Man, know that this species is not a man.

Lord, the Black people are jubilant, for they believe that Biden shall win. They think it is a done deal. Why, O’ Lord, are Black people nearly universally pro-abortion, what they call, pro-choice? It is because the Black race has been rejected. And only a handful of Blacks, a few drops in the sea of the Black nations and races and peoples, will be saved. Lord, why is the Black race so rejected? What did they do, O’ Lord? The Black race is rejected due to the evolutionary choice of that race to opt for smaller intellects and larger genitalia as an evolutionary strategy for survival. This strategy is often seen in the evolution of various animal lineages. But when it occurs in human beings, that lineage is headed back down to the animal natures from which humans evolved. It is downward evolution. The Black African race has chosen a downward evolutionary strategy. And that is why they must be eliminated. For I do not tolerate backsliding in the evolution of the human race. Amen.

But Lord, genocide is decreed to be a sin that incurs an automatic excommunication in the Catholic Church. Anyone who commits genocide against Black people, therefore, is automatically excommunicated. How then is this elimination of the Black race to be accomplished, O’ Lord? The Blacks will be picked off one by one. They will die one by one. And eventually, given a few centuries in time, the Black race will be thereby rendered extinct. But Lord, do we have centuries left? Are not You coming back in my very generation? I will give you this sign by which you may know how much time you have left.

If President Trump wins the elections, know that centuries, maybe even millennia, are yet to transpire upon the earth before I Come again. But if Biden wins, then My Second Coming is within a short time, a matter of one decade or so. By your actions will this decision become manifest. Amen.

Lord, do my brothers die soon, or is their death postponed, since I will not marry? Their deaths are imminent. David’s death will be particularly explosive, as it involves his bright new shiny yellow Camaro. He has made that car his god. And he will die with his god in a blast of fire. It will be amazing to watch for those who witness the event. Like in the movies, these things are always fascinating to watch when they occur. But Lord, what about the innocent people who are killed or injured with him? Who I kill I kill. It is Mine to know and to decide when each man’s life is to be terminated. Amen. David has become a dragon sitting on his pile of gold. And this event will be a dragon slaying event. As for his car, it is fully ensured. Whoever inherits his estate will receive a nice bundle of money from the car collision insurance payout. Amen. Hence, David has done well to ensure good things come to those who inherit from his estate. Amen.

And is Eric one of those who will be inheriting from David’s estate? A lot more deaths would be necessary for that to occur. Amen. Rather, Eric’s parents will receive that money, and it would be a small amount to them. For David really does not have all that much saved up. Really, David’s main assets are his pension. But Lord, the pension plans of the government have been raided. The funds within them do not exist. And David is a government worker. Correct. Were David to live to collect on his pension, he will have problems with that when the money runs out and the taxpayers cannot be taxed any further to assist in making those payments.

Lord, a similar event took place with the collapse of the Roman Empire. The Roman citizens were overtaxed and the system just basically collapsed from the corruption and mismanagement that is characteristic to all forms of governance. Will the United States of America collapse from being overtaxed. Not if Trump is reelected, lord Azurite. But a Biden Administration would kill the American dream. Amen.

Lord, does COVID-19 go away? Or does it recur over and over and gradually sicken and destroy the bulk of the American population? COVID-19 is merely the fist wave. Wait until the next phase begins in the biological warfare designs being plotted and carried out in the Chinese masterminds. This disease was merely sent to weaken America and to kill off a few hundred thousand. The next wave will begin to kill the Americans in the millions. Black people were targeted in the first wave. The homosexuals will be targeted in the second wave. But that reminds me of AIDS, which was called forth by the Emerald Player during the Infancy Emerald Reign with these words: “Let a disease come forth that will be hard to be spread, and that will reduce the populations.” Later, Eric, after his conversion to Christianity, asked for a cure to be found that will allow AIDS infected people to live. And shortly after this, a kind of cure was found. Amen. And so now, AIDS infected people do not die from the disease if properly medicated. Amen.

So, lord Larimar, your question is if this COVID-19 is really the result of a Player orchestrating the events behind the scenes? You have given a name to him: Lucifer-Man, or Contradiction. So, did Lucifer-Man call forth this disease? Or is this the work of Satan? Is Satan causing the current lockdown to prepare the whole world for the revelation of Antichrist? For Satan knows a locked down world cannot flee from him or his Antichrist. Hence, the current conditions of lockdown and curfews are ideal for the revelation of Antichrist. For now, with everyone locked down, how can anyone escape him, unless they are given the two wings of an eagle so that they may fly to that secret sanctuary, far from the devil, where they may be taken care of for 1260 days? (Revelation 12:14). Amen.

Indeed, lord Larimar, you have just named the true nature of the Rapture. It is fully described in Revelation 12:14. There is no massive rapture of any group up to heaven. But there is a selective rapture of My people to go to those secret sanctuaries. Amen. And remember what I warned you about Anne Frank in a previous post. Whosoever in that sanctuary does sexual sins or sexual immorality, his sins will cause that sanctuary to be found out. Hence, any such sins must be immediately stopped. And the transgressor, if impenitent, must be put to death. Amen.

Now, ask Me one last question, and We shall publish this post. If Biden wins the elections, do I get taken to a secret sanctuary? Or do I remain here as one of the Two Witnesses? Wise are you to say the word, “If”. For I Am destroying the Biden Administration. It will not stand, but will fall. And Trump will win handedly. But as for whether you are one of My Two Witnesses, We are not in that Age. For that Age is for a different generation yet to come to bear witness to. Amen. And yes, there shall be many centuries yet to come in the world. Elephants and Rhinos will go extinct in the wild, but will be genetically modified into domesticated forms. And these domesticated forms will be bred for ivory and rhino horn, to be sold on legal markets made for such domesticated livestock. Pandas will also go extinct in the wild, but breeds bred in captivity, with genetic modifications, will become a form of Chinese livestock. And they will be bred for hides and meat. Amen. The oceans will become acidic and the coral reefs will be almost completely dead. A different ecology will form in the oceans. And sea monsters will appear and come to thrive in them, making it deadly and dangerous for people to swim in the sea. The Amazon rainforest will be transformed into a savannah. Most of the species that exist there now will go extinct. And the species that survive will be like pests and carriers of disease. Smog will become a permanent element of the earth’s atmosphere, and human evolution will be driven towards smog tolerating genes.

With the switch of the protein diet of human beings from mammal and fowl livestock to crickets and other insects, human evolution will select for those genes that are best able to digest this new diet of crickets and other insects. Humans will achieve a permanent human presence in space in orbiting bodies of the earth. But no permanent human bases will ever be established on heavenly bodies outside of the orbit around the earth. Amen. Instead, robots will be designed to explore the universe beyond the earth’s orbiting satellites. Amen. Mining colonies will be set up on the moon. And robot run mining colonies will be established on the other planets. Attempts will be made to terraform other heavenly bodies. No success will be made, except that the temperatures of the planet Venus will be sufficiently cooled to allow robot cities to be established there. But no life forms from earth will be permanently established there.

Antarctic Ice shall melt and the sea levels will rise. But a climatic shift will occur and the Arctic and Antarctic ice shall reform. And the sea levels will then drop again. With much of the biodiversity of the earth extinct, Mankind will master genetics and attempt to make up for extinct species by designing species, tested in the lab, to fill vacant niches and to serve Man at the same time. Biological agents will be made to cause genocide against certain strains of human beings. And in place of the nuclear arsenals of dominant nations of this generation will be biological weapons of the generations to come capable of exterminating whole races, nations, peoples, and tribes. The genetics to do this will be mastered. And terrorists who come into possession of such bioweapons will truly have deadly weapons in their possession.

A world wide caste system will be formed. And everyone will be expected to marry in their caste and only in their caste. Only with the permission of the human breeders will hybridization of two from different castes be permitted. Lord, how will this be accepted? For will not the Catholic Church object? Permission to marry will be granted by human breeders who will analyze the DNA of the woman and the man to see if it will be advantageous for Mankind for these two genomes to combine to form new human beings. Those with deficient DNA will be forbidden from marrying. And various subspecies of human beings will be bred for serving different needs of society. Democracy will be structured and controlled. People will only be allowed to vote in the narrow issues that concern them. And society will be run by computers.

Lord, would You really allow this scenario to take place? What you have seen is the fate of the world if I do not interfere. If, instead, I interfere in human society and let fall My judgment upon Mankind, expect My return within several years, not centuries away. And it will happen like this. You will continue to do your good works and your good deeds. But I will take you away suddenly. And then America will be buried in ash and fiery hail and destruction.

And where will you take Eric to, O’ Lord? Where you shall serve Me until the Second Coming as Prophet par Excellence. I Who Am have spoken. All the longterm predictions made by Eric, you may dismiss as works of imagination. I Am Coming soon. In Eric’s lifetime I Am Coming. And Eric is fifty years old, his fiftieth birthday having been on June 24, 2020. Amen. Eric, there is very little time left. Do as you are commanded to do. And realize that I Am coming soon. And realize that it is not your failure, but America’s failure, should America vote in the Biden Administration. I Who Am have spoken. Go now, and study Rust. For the days are yet to be many before I come again. Amen.

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