Lord, I am willing to walk the higher path

Behold, Eric is the Blue Rose. Eric shall walk My virgin, celibate path. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post VII:
Lord, I have rethought my decision to enter into marriage. And I have decided that I prefer the celibate, virgin road. And I am willing to be made a priest, if that is thine desire for me. I don’t want to get involved sexually with any woman. Amen. What sayest Thou? For I have discerned that I prefer to be single and virgin forever, than to enter into sexual marriage and have myself divided between pleasing God and pleasing my wife. In fact, with your permission, I hereby renounce marriage for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen. I don’t want to join the ranks of the married. And I do not wish to become romantically entangled with any girl.

I, He Who Am that I Am, say this. It is not for you to enter the married vocation. Instead, I will make you My priest. Such is My final resolution on the matter. Amen. Lord Azurite, what was it, My friend, that made you finally decide that married life was not for you, before you finally started down that path? I decided that I just couldn’t trust the woman. And then I did not want to devote half my attention with one whom I could not fully trust, rather than devote my full attention to God, Whom I can and should put my entire trust into. Lord, no matter what woman you give me, she is always secondary to You. You are trustworthy and true. No woman, with the exception of the Virgin Mary, can be called that in full. Amen. Why sacrifice for a lesser good, and divide one’s attention between God and a woman, than to embrace the One True Good in exclusion to all other goods? Well said, lord Azurite. I Am pleased. You will not be tested again on this matter, for you have passed My tests in perfection. Amen.

Lord, I have been instructed in reading and mastering the Rust systems programming language and technology for a possible future career in embedded systems programming. But what sayest Thou now, now that I am to enter into the seminary? Do I continue to study Rust, O’ Lord? For I am aware that a priest cannot have a side job, or so I have heard. I have more important things for you to study, lord Azurite, that will be directly beneficial to your coming vocation. You have made good progress in learning Rust, but much more edifying for your position in My priesthood will be if you concentrated on your Spanish readings, and in your study to master Koine Greek and Latin. Focus on those three languages to the exclusion of all else, and We in heaven shall be pleased. Amen.

Lord Azurite, since you will not be losing your virginity and will not, therefore, be having any heir, I wish to reinstate you to your eternal dominion. You are hereby declared eternal Larimar King over the Larimar Kingdom. And Your Kingdom consists of the following lands, divided up into three zones, which make up the three vertices of the Kingdom of the Arctic Triangle, which is another name of the Larimar Kingdom. Thus is the eternal definition of the Larimar Kingdom:

(1) Larimar Kingdom, the Arctic Triangle, ruled eternally by Eric, the Larimar King. And his eternal lands include the following three zones:

  1. North America
  2. Europe
  3. Russia and her satellites

And the fifty one states that exist in this Larimar Kingdom include the following, in alphabetical order, arranged within the three zones:

North America

  1. Canada
  2. United States of America


  1. Albania
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium
  4. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  5. Bulgaria
  6. Croatia
  7. Czech Republic
  8. Denmark
  9. Estonia
  10. Finland
  11. France
  12. Germany
  13. Greece
  14. Greenland
  15. Hungary
  16. Iceland
  17. Ireland
  18. Italy
  19. Latvia
  20. Lithuania
  21. Luxembourg
  22. Malta
  23. Moldova
  24. Montenegro
  25. Netherlands
  26. North Macedonia
  27. Norway
  28. Poland
  29. Portugal
  30. Romania
  31. Serbia
  32. Slovakia
  33. Slovenia
  34. Spain
  35. Sweden
  36. Switzerland
  37. Turkey (excluding Cyprus)
  38. Ukraine
  39. United Kingdom

Russia and her Satellites

  1. Armenia
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. Belarus
  4. Georgia
  5. Kazakhstan
  6. Kyrghyz Republic
  7. Russian Federation
  8. Tajikistan
  9. Turkmenistan
  10. Uzbekistan

And your list of official languages shall include these 17: (Note that the first 16 have at least ten million native speakers, and Latin is selected as the 17th due to it being the official language of the Roman Catholic Church, along with being the root of many western European tongues.)

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Russian
  5. German
  6. Turkish
  7. Italian
  8. Polish
  9. Ukrainian
  10. Romanian
  11. Dutch
  12. Portuguese
  13. Greek
  14. Kazakh
  15. Hungarian
  16. Czech
  17. Latin

These 51 states form the Arctic Triangle, a Union of NATO members and partners. Certain microstates are excluded, such as the Vatican, which belongs to the Roman Catholic Church, and Andorra, a state between Spain and France, and the location that the Vatican shall be relocated to in a time of war, due to its non allegiance and non membership to the European alliances and trade blocks, and also due to its strongly Catholic composition. Amen. Note also this: (51 = 17 x 3).

Lord, next year, on June 24, 2021, I will turn 51 years old. Lord, though You say I Am to become a priest, I Am nevertheless obeying You and not telling the priest of my vocation until first I am cured. For I know I would not be accepted in my current state. Good, lord Azurite. And realize that the cures are coming soon.

Lord, many things must now be changed in previous prophecies, since I am now to walk the virgin, celibate path, rather than the path of marriage and of sex? And I correct? Lord, what do You wish for me to do right now? My brothers do not die now then, do they? For I am to have no wife, which was the reason for why they were to die. Eric, your brothers, David and Mark, do die, for their time has come. For I have given them enough time to repent. They have both seen your conversion and witnessed your works as a full Roman Catholic for the past 18 years, but have not themselves converted. Hence, I utter unto you this prophecy, lord Emerald. By the first day of Spring, both of your brothers will have died. Amen. Lord, that will be Saturday, March 20, 2021. Am I correct, O’ Lord. You are correct. And let it also be known, in April of 2021, after Easter Sunday, Pope Francis is to breathe his last and die. And then the conclave will meet to select a new pope in June, 2021. I Am the Lord!

Lord, I take it that I do not splurge and buy that 2021 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Limited. Am I correct? For the priests are not highly paid. That is correct. And now I shall reveal your true fate, lord Larimar. I had told you earlier that John, son of Eric, was predestined, and that his purpose was to fulfill in My Kingdom that role that you were unable to fulfill. Instead, you are to be that John to Me. And I will have you fulfill for Me all that I was going to assign for John, son of Eric, to do. Amen.

Hence, you will remain Azurite King forever. And your reign over the Arctic Triangle never ends. Furthermore, lord Azurite, I now reveal your predestination. For you, too, have been predestined. And your predestined fate has always been that of loner King. You have always been destined to rule the nations with an iron scepter, to shatter them like pottery. Amen. Well did you choose the name of Saint Ulric of Augsburg as your confirmation saint name. For he was the first saint to be canonized by a pope, and you shall be the last. Furthermore, what does Ulric mean? It means “Wolf Ruler”. For you are the ruler of all lone wolves. And it is destined for you to tear down the Biden campaign as a ferocious lone wolf. You are to defeat and destroy and bring down that big game, leading the pack of like minded lone wolves to attack the entire herd. You will invade and attack and overwhelm the enemy’s cities. A burning torch shall be dragged behind you, lighting up the way, and burning down all towns and houses frail. And men thought the fires of the west were bad. Wait until they see the fire in the eyes of this anointed.

How, O’ Lord, do I destroy the Biden Campaign, with just three weeks to go and with voting already underway? You will have help from above, lord Azurite. And by your extra Rosary that you pray each day for Trump’s victory over Biden, the slaughter and the carnage of the Biden campaign will occur. Lord, Biden has not agreed to play by the rules and not add more Supreme Court Justices to the current nine to make the liberals outnumber the conservatives. Then likewise. lord Larimar, you are instructed to have Trump prepare two more Supreme Court Justices to add to the Supreme Court after the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett. Trump is instructed to raise the number of Supreme Court Justices from 9 to 11, making the tilt in the Supreme Court to be 8 conservatives to 3 liberals. For Biden’s refusal to play by the rules of the game means that neither is Trump obligated anymore to adhere to that rule. For did not Mike Pence outright ask Kamala Harris for yes or no answer on whether Biden intends to pack the Supreme Court, and Kamala Harris deliberately refused to confirm whether the administration she would be a part of would conform to the rules that there is to be no court packing? Biden’s refusal to commit to not packing the court, hence, gives Trump free permission to pack the court himself. I Who Am have spoken. Then Biden will have wished he had committed himself to the rules prior to these instructions being now given to Trump to accomplish before his first term has come to an end. Amen. And it is too late for Biden to confirm compliance to the rules now, for he is a known liar. And a liar’s commitment is taken with the same assurance as Vladimir Putin’s assurance that the referendum held in Crimea was to be open, fair, and free.

Hence, Trump is to win the November 3, 2020, elections. But what about Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin in Russia? When is his administration torn down, O’ Lord? As the statue of Lenin was torn down during your first takeover of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, with the setup of your two Pawns, Gorbachev of the USSR and Yeltsin of Russia, so also shall the Russian Oligarchy be torn down. Lord, the Oligarchs control all the wealth in Russia. They own everything, even Putin. They can put him to death. That is correct. And Putin will be put out of his misery once he is declared no longer a Russian asset. For the Russian Oligarchs will switch horses and elect to ride the one called Alexei Navalny. He is set to bring Russia back into the community of nations. And thus, Putin will be slain. He will be put to death to keep him from talking. For the real reason behind the execution of Saddam Hussein of Iraq, carried out by the Player Twilight, through his Pawn, George W. Bush, was to keep Saddam Hussein from talking. Deep state actors in the United States forces did not want Saddam to be mouthing off secrets that would threaten their own standing in the sight of the American people. Amen.

Likewise, the toppling of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, was not the mastermind of the primitive terrorist outfits stationed in Afghanistan, but the brainchild of deep state actors in the United States of America to move the American people to endorse a war, for it had been determined that the times of peace had been lasting too long.

If this is all so true, then why are not these deep state actors doing something to silence the Larimar King? Why are not they doing something to keep the Larimar King from talking? Lord, is it that some have tried, but all who have tried so far have failed? Lord Azurite, all who try to take out My Larimar King, I destroy. Many people in the world fear to break the Karmic Law, for fear of the retribution that comes from it. But few know truly of the One Who enforces it. It is I, the Lord, Who enforce the Karmic Law. And it is I, the Lord, Who kill any transgressor who seeks to touch My anointed. For I have put you out in the open, with neither defenses nor power, and I have dared any actor to cross My line to move against Eric. And whosoever does gets annihilated. There is thus a curse made about you, lord Azurite. And whoever comes against you loses his army and is killed without a hand being raised. (Daniel 8:25). For, lord Azurite, how many fights have you fought in your life? Zero. And zero will be that number forever. For whosever seeks to engage the Larimar King in battle is killed outright. I do not tolerate the one to live who seeks to make the Larimar King fight. Amen. Rather, the weapon of the Larimar King is the sword that proceeds from the Larimar King’s mouth. And with it, he strikes down nations, countries, kingdoms, and rulers.

Why then, someone asks, did the Larimar King, who waged Desert Storm, decide to leave Saddam Hussein in power? Why could not the Larimar King defeat him also? It is because I, the Lord, had instructed Emerald that he will have success provided that he not try to overthrow Saddam Hussein. And Emerald obeyed Me except in one point. After the fighting had ended, Emerald incited the Iraqi people to rise up in rebellion, in an attempt by Emerald to overthrow Saddam Hussein by popular revolt. But these were all put down. And as punishment and rebuke to the Emerald Player for his disobedience to My decree, I had the Iraqi forces successfully bomb the barracks where the American military personnel were housed, and then Eric, in submission and remorse, humbled himself and no longer went beyond the mandate I had made for him in the Persian Gulf War he had carried out.

The Iraqi War that occurred a decade later, was a trap of the devil who got Twilight, whose goal was to outdo Emerald, to fall into. But even in this war, Emerald was involved. And before the war, it was Emerald who appeared to Saddam Hussein, announcing who he was, and instructed him that if he wishes to be saved, he will signal this to God by not attacking Israel. And that is why no bombs were sent by Iraq against Israel in the second war. But why, O’ Lord, did Saddam Hussein not become a Christian, but instead, his last words as he was being hung was to pray the Muslim confession of faith. Who did the Emerald Player have sent to Saddam Hussein in the first war? Eric first asked the higher beings to send Jesus, but heaven told him that it would do no good. And so then Eric asked that the Prophet Muhammed be sent to Saddam Hussein to tell him to get his forces out of Kuwait to avoid massive war. And it was soon after this that Saddam Hussein announced to the world that the Prophet Muhammed had appeared to him and given him military advice.

Hence, Saddam Hussein became a believer in Islam because you had sent the Prophet Muhammed to appear to him in his dream. But he never became a Christian, lord Azurite, because I had simply not chosen to save his soul. Amen. Remember that the belief in the religion of Islam is a divine punishment against all those lukewarm Christians and all those Christians who fall away for their failure to follow Me and to all those pagans who either refuse to enter or to remain in My religion of Catholicism. Remember also that those regions of the world now called the Muslim belt were once briefly a Christian belt that fell away.

Lord, the same thing is now happening in Europe! Catholicism has basically died across the continent, and the Muslims are pouring in. You, lord Azurite, are called forth to staunch the inflow of Muslims into Europe, and to force Catholicism and its laws and rules to once again be the state religion of European Christendom. And for forty-two years, the span of one generation, My people in Europe will worship Catholic. And then I will take you away. And the Christian nations will fall en masse.

For We are in the End Times, lord Azurite. And you are My Great Monarch. Were you to have had a son, then your son, as the boy king, would reign in your stead. But as it is, you have rejected the call to the married vocation, and have resisted the temptations of women. So now I give you a new mandate. And it is this. You will bring back My Church in force throughout your entire Kingdom that you call the Arctic Triangle. And during your remaining forty-two years, I will enjoy the efforts of My Catholic people to faithfully follow Me and reap the harvest of their fruits. And I will see who are Mine. I only need you to reign for these next forty-two years to see all those who are Mine. And then I will take you away, and the dam that kept the Muslims at bay will burst, and the Muslim hordes will pour in, and Europe will cease to be Catholic.

Rome will then be sacked by the Muslims. And the Vatican will be forced to relocate to safer lands. Lord, I heard that we in reality only have three years left. But now you say we have forty-two? That you will reign as Great Monarch in virgin celibacy, We have forty-two years. But were you to enter into a woman, no matter who she is, We would have but three years.

Lord, I have been impure. This I must confess. Your impurity is forgiven. And you now know that the prophecies concerning it were all false. For whosoever prophesied to you that you were to receive a girlfriend or a wife or to have a son or children by becoming or attaining to some form of perfection in your purity lied to you and was not from Me.

Now, let us deal with your friend, whom you help overseas. We are not against you helping her as long as you never agree to any form of romantic entanglements with her. And never go into debt to help her. She is your eyes and ears on the ground in that nation where she dwells. Realize what she has been telling you. Many are dying of COVID-19 in her nation. And the people there are dying off one by one. Go now and give to her. I will wait until you return. You are permitted to be generous. I am back, O’ Lord. And I have been generous. Note who We regard this woman to be to you in Our eyes. Who is she to me, O’ Lord, in Your eyes? She is your disciple. I Who Am have spoken. And you are aware of your vow to Us regarding her. This vow is binding. It may never be broken. What will you reveal about this vow to the people who are reading here? Consider this arrangement as a form of friendship that is perpetual and eternal. And this woman shall serve as the one who prays for the Larimar King. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

But, nevertheless, I am to become a priest, am I correct? Or do I study Rust and become an embedded systems developer, as I was in a past job, but using different languages, including C, C++, Qt, and C#. I know that you are well capable of becoming an embedded systems developer. The skills, talent, and abilities you have. But in that case, your time would go to that, and not to the service of My Kingdom. A priest directly serves for the glory of My Kingdom. He hears confessions of those who need to confess. And he brings communion to those in need of communion. He visits hospitals and old age homes to comfort the dying and to help them in their passage, and to them he administers the last rites. He helps people in their marriages, and he marries people who may validly contract marriage. He looks over his flock and teaches his people to keep themselves in a state of grace, warning all of them of the decisions that they might make that would put them into mortal sin. A priest, lord Larimar, brings Christ’s graces to great multitudes of people. Many, I tell you, are helped greatly by the existence of just one priest serving their community. Whereas the greatest layman provides key help to only a few, at a maximum, in his entire life. That is why the devil uses his full arsenal of attack to destroy My priests. All other people, if their priest is destroyed, will be much more easily taken down. And to keep good men from becoming priests, the devil launches all out attacks. Just as the devil made you impure and decide briefly that of the priesthood, the notion that you are simply not up to the challenge for it. And the devil does many such tactics to discourage My young men from considering this most noble of vocations.

Now it is true that priests, just as are monks, are expected to master their sexualities and to live in perfect continence. You thought you had attained this during those seven years you had resisted the urge from 2000 to 2008, but you were proven wrong when you fell. Then, O’ Lord, if I cannot be sure that I have conquered this vice, do you still say I am to become a priest? Yes, for the sign that you think you may not be worthy of My priesthood is the sign that you are worthy of it. For the humble priest is more valuable in My sight than are a thousand pure but proud priests who are merely resisting the urge and who have not truly overcome this scourge. Let it be known far and wide. True purity exists only in the man who has surrendered his own efforts to combat this scourge to Me, and has turned everything over to Me to let Me fight this scourge by My graces through him. Purity comes with complete surrender to Me, not by fighting one’s sexual urges by the strength of one’s own willpower. For look at all the homosexual priests and what they do or desire to do to young boys. Such is why the homosexual is not qualified to be a priest. For the homosexual already has a disorder that prevents him from correctly leading My Church and guiding My flock. And the acceptance of the existence of the “gay lobby” in the Vatican, as admitted by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, is unacceptable.

The place of the practicing homosexual is in the fires of hell. Now, O’ Lord, it is said that women are twice as likely to engage in homosexuality as men are. Explain this discrepancy. It is as you say, but realize this one important fact. The major sin in sexual relationships takes place with the male ejaculation, not with the female ejaculation. For it is the male ejaculation that contains the seed that produces new life, when deposited into vagina of the woman. But the female ejaculation is of zero consequence. That is why two men having sex together commit a heinous crime against God, but two women having sex together commit a much milder offense in the eyes of God. And that is why in the illicit sex acts between men and women, the man has the greater guilt for the man has the greater power and control over this unlawful union. And that is why men, more than woman, go to prison for sex related crimes, for their guilt in these acts is, by their very nature, consists of much greater guilt, shame, and sin than that of their female counterparts. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, the homosexual man, more than the lesbian, must be rooted out of society and burned at the stake. Am I correct, O’ Lord? Yes, the homosexual men who commit abominable sins and who are impenitent are best dealt with by such means, and burning at stake is very suitable means of disposing of such unwanted and irreformable characters of society. But remember, all you vigilantes out there, you must conduct a lawful trial before any executions may take place. Facts and all relevant evidence must be presented there before competent judges, who are defined as judges who are qualified to judge, and who take recourse to the Holy Scriptures and to God’s law before making any decision that is to take life from a man who has committed capital crimes. Understand this well. No execution may be made before a lawful trial has been conducted and a lawful court with competent judges has ruled that the suspect being tried is found guilty of a capital offense. No mob rule executions are allowed in Eric’s Kingdom. Such is the law established in Eric’s Kingdom. Amen. Only when the court has ruled that a capital offense has taken place will the condemned be handed over to the executioner to be executed publicly. Amen.

And take note of this distinction in law in Eric’s Kingdom regarding homosexual sex crimes. The male homosexual crimes of sex, defined Biblically as a man laying with a man as a man lays with a woman, is defined as a capital crime. It is to be punished with death, when male homosexual sex has been proven to have occurred by a competent court of law and the accused show no signs of true repentance. Lesbian sex, where a woman lays with a woman as a woman lays with a man is crime to be punished with a lighter sentence. For there is no seed contained in the ejaculations of such unions between any true females. Therefore, this crime is to be punished by a lighter sentence. Lesbian sex does not amount to a capital offense, no matter what one woman does with another, for there is no transmission or spillage of seed. And the egg cell of a woman, which leaves the woman and dies during her periods, is not counted as seed, but rather, is called the female gamete. It is not sinful for a woman to menstruate, but God’s law clearly condemns sexual intercourse during menstruation. And the man who has sex with a woman who is menstruating commits the sin of impurity. (Leviticus 15:19-24). Impurity is to be considered taboo and outlawed, but not to be regarded as a capital offense. Such is in agreement with all Biblical law.

But as for the transgendered, the situation is more complex. If it can be proven that of the people committing crimes of sex, one is really a man who has had a sex change, the transgendered man who committed this deed is to be put to death. For it is against the law of God for a man to change his gender and then to engage in deceptive, criminal sex acts. Any man who does this commits a heinous crime and is to be put to death, regardless of whether the acts are argued to be of a heterosexual or of a homosexual nature. Remember these words carefully: A transgendered person who was originally a man commits a capital offense when he engages in deceptive sex, deceiving his partner of his true gender, no matter which gender is the person who he has sex with. I Am the Lord.

But what of those cases, O’ Lord, where a baby is transgendered, but when it grows to adulthood, he realizes what was done to him and has himself reversed back to his correct gender, and then contracts marriage and has sex? Let it be understood clearly, the one who was transgendered, and who then reverses the process to be made back to his DNA dictated correct gender, commits no sins when he engages in lawful sex with his spouse. And what is the DNA dictated correct gender, you ask? In the human species, gender is determined by the DNA, and this is fixed at conception by the presence or absence of the Y chromosome in the genome. And the Y chromosome always comes from the male gamete, called the sperm. It never comes from the female gamete, called the egg. A man’s sperm, if genetically viable, will each contain either one Y chromosome, or one X chromosome, but never both. And only one sperm may fertilize an egg. Hence, the egg, in uniting with the one sperm at fertilization, will receive either a sperm containing a Y chromosome to form a male, or will receive a sperm containing an X chromosome to form a female. The unfertilized egg itself contains a single X chromosome and no Y chromosome. There can never be a Y chromosome found in an unfertilized human egg, for it is the female gamete, coming only from a human female, which is defined as having no Y chromosome in her genome. Therefore, the normal, viable genetic result of sexual reproduction is a fertilized egg, known as the zygote, containing either an X with a Y, forming a male, or else an X with another X, forming a female. Hence, a human being’s DNA is defined as being either XY or XX, starting at their conception and never changing throughout their entire life, replicating that genome from the zygote, the person’s first cell, into all the cells that come to be in that human being, and determining its fixed and unchangeable gender. Hence, if a human being’s DNA is XY, he is defined as a male. And if a human being’s DNA is XX, she is defined as a female. And an act of transgender surgery is lawful only if it is designed to make that individual’s appearance to agree with the gender of his or her DNA. Hence the man who was made a girl as a baby by unlawful doctors and parents, but chooses to transgender back to how his DNA says he ought to be, he commits no sin when he engages in sex that is characteristic to how his DNA says he is defined.

And what, O’ Lord, is the law regarding those genetic freaks, such as those who are not genetically either an XY or an XX, and also those who are such, but that their sex genes have been suppressed by abnormal conditions within their genes or within their physiology. The Law of the Catholic Church says that no couple may licitly marry who cannot have heterosexual sexual intercourse. In the case of genetic inviability, such as in freaks who are neither a true XX female or true XY male, these are also disqualified from marriage. For the inability by nature to produce genetically normal offspring, due to not being clearly either an XY male or an XX female, also disqualifies that individual from marriage. For lawful marriage in human beings is to be defined as the union of a genetically normal XY male to a genetically normal XX female. And if the genetic DNA of the two individuals seeking to contract marriage do not agree with this norm, then that couple may not licitly marry. Their marriage may not be contracted.

Likewise, it is also impermissible for a man or a woman to dress or to have surgery to deceive a potential mate as to their correct gender as it is genetically defined. Hence, the one who commits a sex act with another having fooled that one of his or her correct gender, will receive the punishment due to the one who has unlawful sex, as determined by the correct DNA dictated genders of the two who had sex. Hence, the man who tricks another man to have sex with him, thinking he is having sex with a woman, the man who tricked him is to be put to death, for he committed the sex crime of a man laying with another man as a man lays with a woman. But the woman who tricks another woman into having sex with her, thinking that she is having sex with a man, is to be punished by a lighter sentence, but not to be put to death. For the crime of a woman laying with a woman as a woman lays with a man is a crime that lacks the spillage of seed. For the human female is genetically incapable of producing seed. Amen. And it is the spillage of seed, as found in the male ejaculation, that defines and makes all heinous sexual sins truly sinful and deserving of death. Amen. And the discharge of the female in either menstruation or by female ejaculation by nature contains no seed. And seed in human reproduction, is defined as the male gamete. The female in the sex act receives seed from the male into her body. Whether this seed fertilizes her egg is a matter of the mystery of her biology. But her part in the sex act, as the receiver, makes her of lesser guilt in those cases where a sex crime has been committed.

And O’ Lord, what of the crimes of adultery, which were clearly capital offenses in the Law of Moses, for both the woman and the man? If the man is the one with the greater guilt in the act, why are both punished, in the case of adultery, with death? It is because adultery is more than the crimes of unlawful sex acts. They also involve the violation of the marriage covenant established by God between one man and one woman. And those who violate that covenant commit a crime against God and his relationship with Man that is so serious that it requires death to be meted out against those found guilty of it. Then why did Jesus forgive the woman caught in the act of adultery, O’ Lord? Did He condone her acts? Did He look the other way and let her transgressions slide? And what was His motive in not agreeing with the men who had accused her who wanted to stone her to death? I did not condemn this woman at that time, for in My First Coming, I came to call sinners to repentance. It is in My Second Coming where I will sit in judgement of all nations. And it shall be then that all shall be judged and forced to answer for all their sins and transgressions. Remember that there is a time and a place for everything. And it is true that adultery is a capital offense, but the one who repents may be forgiven, providing that his or her repentance is genuine. But even then, the consequences to the sin remain and these must be dealt with by the courts and by the law. Amen.

But adultery is not grounds for divorce. This conclusion that the Protestants make that it is comes from a mistranslation of the Holy Scriptures. And such is why only the Magisterium of the Catholic Church has the authority to interpret the scriptures reliably as they were intended to mean by the Holy Spirit through Whom they were written. For whosoever divorces his or her spouse to marry another commits adultery against that spouse. (Mark 10:11-12). Amen. The exception provided in the case of infidelity (in Matthew 19:9) is really to be interpreted as in the case in which the marriage itself is already unlawful. Divorcing one’s spouse in an unlawful marriage and marrying another is not adultery against the former spouse, for the marriage to that spouse did not exist. Such is the reality of an annulment of marriage. And annulment of a marriage can be viewed as a divorce from an invalid marriage. But in the terminology of the Catholic Church, such acts are merely the recognition that no valid marriage had ever occurred, and thus, the marriage partners are free to go their separate ways as through they had never been married. But in the case where the marriage is upheld and declared valid between two baptized people, it is said to be undissolvable by any power but death. The two are married for life. And this sacrament of marriage is the one sacrament performed by the two who receive it to each other. The priest does not perform the sacrament. Rather, the priest merely officiates the sacrament in a public ceremony, in an act where the Catholic Church officially recognizes the sacrament as having been done. But in reality, the sacrament is performed by the bridegroom and the bride together to each other. And providing that both are baptized and both recognize the life long permanence of their vows to one another, no power on earth or in heaven can break that marital bond, not even the ones who made it to one another, even if both the husband and the wife wish to have a divorce. For no divorce is possible when the marriage between two baptized people is validly contracted.

Lord, were Eric and Hyacinth, who exchanged these vows in the year 2017, permanently bonded to one another in such a sacramental marriage? For though both are baptized and Catholic and fully members of the Catholic Church, there was no priest who officiated their vows to one another. How, therefore, O’ Lord, do you regard the vows of marriage made between Eric and Hyacinth? Though in the official eyes of the Catholic Church, you and Hyacinth are unmarried and free to contract marriage to another, not so is it in the eyes of God who sees all that is hidden. I see all true marriages and all violations of marriage. And I see all motives behind all actions. In My eyes, your marriage vows between you and Hyacinth were valid and recognized as the enactment of the sacrament. Should you choose to marry someone else, though legal in the eyes of the Church, it would not be blessed by Me. For I have bound you and Hyacinth together. I do not require that you actually marry. All I require is that neither of you marry someone else. Amen. For in the true reality, Eric and Hyacinth are sacramentally husband and wife. Amen.

Lord, this seems similar to the case where a woman who takes the pill commits an unknown and unseen abortion. But the Church says those who commit an abortion are automatically excommunicated. Now then, in this case, is it possible that there may be many who are practicing Catholicism who used this or similar working contraceptives in the past and are in reality excommunicated without knowing it, O’ Lord? The real meaning of that canon law refers to surgical abortions or deliberate abortions where those involved and culpable know that a real abortion is being committed. In those cases alone is the decree of automatic excommunication inflicted on all willing participating parties in that child’s abortion. Now, in the case of hidden abortions, sometimes called micro-abortions, these too are dreadfully sinful and have serious and permanent consequences to all involved, including to those who make money selling such contraceptives over the counter. Whosoever is involved in the killing of the unborn is in deadly sin. If the person is unaware of his or her involvement, or his or her involvement is not directly related, his or her guilt can be classifiable as venial sin. But he who knows of the sin and consents to it contracts the penalty of automatic excommunication from My Catholic Church. Such a person, to be restored to the sacraments, is recommended to speak with a priest in the privacy of the confessional, and he will instruct him or her on what he or she must do. Amen. Just realize that no matter how seriously one has violated God or Church law, the priest in the confessional will provide a way back to grace, though it may involve many steps. But whatever those steps are, the matter is guaranteed to remain confidential between you and the priest. No third party is permitted to know of the identity of the one who has committed the offense, nor any detail by which he may be figured out. This is known as the Seal of the Confessional. To violate the Seal of the Confessional is one of the most serious sins possible in the Catholic Church, and is comparable to sacrilege of the eucharist in gravity. Amen.

And what penalty do you inflict on any priest who willingly or carelessly violates the seal of the confessional, O’ Lord? That transgression is a sin that a priest is unable to recover from. Oracle of the Lord! He is perpetually like Judas, who kissed Jesus in an act of betraying Him. Though he may live and continue in his work, he lives and continues in a state of perpetual condemnation. Though he may confess his sins outright to his confessor, the sin he committed is never erased. Worse is this sin than the molestation of boys by homosexual priests. Whosoever commits this sin, realize that that priest is now dead in My Church, his death is permanent and does not wash away. Just as Judas’ sin was not washed away, though he returned the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and threw it into the treasury when they refused to accept it back.

Now, could I have forgiven Judas had he not turned to suicide, you ask? This is a most interesting question, and takes into account one’s predestination. Just realize that had Judas been predestined, then he would not have turned to suicide, but would have sought to be forgiven, and eventually, through a martyr’s death for My sake, by his own shed blood for Me on My terms, I would have allowed for My shed blood to atone for his betrayal of Me to the Jews, and I would then save him and admit him into heaven. Therefore, let no man ever give up on his salvation in Me. Let no man consider his sins to be too great for My mercy to forgive. For whosoever trusts in My mercy has merit in that he acknowledges the Mercy of God to be greater than the evil of the evil one.

Now, what of that common belief among some who say no one is in hell, or that few go there? Let us address this belief, for it is a false hope that sinners have who do not wish to do the hard work of reforming themselves to be made fit for the Kingdom of Heaven. It is rather the seductive suggestion of the devil that one’s sins do not matter, and that, therefore, one may sin with abandon and still have hope to enter into heaven. Rather, this belief is the most common belief of those who go to hell. If one were to take a survey of the inhabitants of hell to find out what they believed in while on earth, this belief would rank as the one topmost belief that most of them had in common. It is a sign that one is reprobated to believe that he will get to heaven despite not doing right or by not seeking to be saved. For he who does not seek to find Me and regards not the Way of heaven that I offer is a reprobated soul. I Am the Lord. And such was the Way I distinguished Mine from Satan’s when I descended to the realm of the dead to collect My people in the three days and three nights in which I lay in the tomb. Those who were Mine demonstrated this by seeking Me, and in the realm of the dead, by hearing My voice.

Whoever heard My voice rose, and I granted him Life, to live with Me in My Kingdom forever. Lord, these of the dead before Your sacrifice on the cross, they never received baptism nor the body and blood. How do they enter into the Kingdom of Heaven with this deficiency? Like the children of the limbo of the infants who are perpetually stuck hanging over the pit of hell, the saints who came to inhabit the limbo of the fathers are perpetually worshipping God at the door of His Kingdom. They enter not, but are perpetually glorifying and worshipping God at the door and sending up praise. But neither do I entirely exclude them from all heavenly glory. For at their places at the doorway, they partake as saints of heaven as one who at a party is perpetually on the threshold of the banquet. Of the Beatific Vision, they obtain a glimpse. And by that glimpse are enraptured in eternal bliss. Therefore, it is correct to call those of the Limbo of the Fathers as My elect. And likewise, it is also correct to call those of the limbo of the infants as perpetual reprobates. They forever encircle the chasm of the lake of fire, but do not drown in that flame, for they have no personal sins by which they may suffer torment. But neither are they saved, for they lacked the maturity necessary to choose for themselves My Kingdom, and no baptism was made for them that they may be saved.

Now one last point, and We shall conclude this post. And it is this. Is Saint Joseph one of those who are forever at the doorway to My Kingdom, while I sit on My throne to the right hand of the Father, with Mary to my right hand side as My Queen Mother? This is among the deepest of theological questions. For the Catholic Church regards Saint Joseph as greatest among all created men. And yet, he never lived to receive the sacraments to be formally enrolled into My Catholic Church. And he never received that linen garment that comes to those who receive Me in a state of grace. Saint Joseph sits with Me and with My Virgin Mother by the dispensation granted to him that he never sinned in his entire life. See the theological evidence for these words in the approved Catholic apparition called Our Lady of America. For in that apparition, My foster father Joseph is granted to speak and to reveal his nature as one who was sanctified from all sin immediately after his conception in his mother’s womb. These words are trustworthy and true. They come from God. Now, Eric, is there any other question or concern that boggles your mind?

The woman who spoke to me clear as day on the morning of June 2, 1995, at the conclusion of the first Martyrdom Breakdown, saying, “Eric, come to me,” and then again, “Eric, come to me,” ending the ordeal by which I had prayed all night in that parking lot in obedience to God, was She the same woman or a different woman as that one who had said to me earlier, on another day, as part of the same buildup to breakdown, that her name was Mary, clarifying carefully to me that she was not the Mother of God, and then said that she had had sex with Jesus. Who were these two women, O’ Lord, and am I correct to intuitively identify both as being the same woman, known as Mary Magdalene, the one You appeared to first, as recorded in the scriptures, when You rose from the dead?

Go and take your medication, Eric. And when you come back, I will answer this question exhaustively. For there is to be no deception found in you. All things that have been uttered to you must be clearly identified as to from whence they come. Amen. Lord, I have taken my medication. Without taking it, my mind eventually loses the ability to sleep, and if extended long enough, I would have a nervous breakdown due to a mind that refuses to sleep. Good, Eric. You have a physiological need by which this medication keeps your mind in a sane condition. And your medical problem is diagnosed as manic depression coupled with a form of psychosis that is kept under control by that same medication. We do not recommend you to go off the medication anymore than one or two days. For after that, genuine fatigue sets in, as your mind begins to lack in sleep. It is a fatigue that cannot be satisfied with rest, for the mind of Eric, unmedicated, refuses to slumber.

Lord, You can cure Eric’s condition if you willed to set his mind to be rightly chemically balanced. Eric’s mind I will cure. But as for now, your medication will suffice to keep you sane. Eric, I now wish to fully and completely answer your two questions. For no secret is spoken by someone from heaven that is not meant to be revealed to the whole world. First of all, you know that the woman who spoke to you clear as day was of heavenly origin. And you know she was not Mary the Holy Virgin. So who was she, you ask? As your intuition of recognition has correctly identified her to you, yes, this one was Mary of Magdala, Mary Magdalene, the most prominent woman of the New Testament after My Virgin Mother Mary. Mary Magdalene ranks highest among women saved from sin. And in her womb there is a mystery. Did I lay with her in seemingly violation of all that I taught, or did the vision you saw come from diabolic origins, though in the same likeness as the one who spoke to you from heaven? The answer to this question pertains to who you are and to what your destiny is. Could I, the God-Man, have lain with a woman? Was I physiologically capable of fathering a child in a mortal woman, one not yet clothed in light, for the sacrifice on the cross had not yet been accomplished? And if I did father such a child, who are his descendants in the historical record? And how was this detail omitted in the gospels that have been handed down? How could this detail fail to be recorded in the history of the Catholic Church? And if this is the case, why is it not permissible for My priests and bishops to have marital relations with women? For do I not control My Own Catholic Church? Why would I hide for millennia such a secret?

Lord, did You or did You not have sex with Mary Magdalene, as was testified by the woman who spoke to me? I know this question is blunt and that I am daring and bold to ask it. But I must know from whence came that woman who spoke. For closely did she resemble the one who spoke to me later those words that were clear as day and coming from heaven. And in my mind the two seem to be the same person. But You are Truth. And what You say I will accept as Truth. For I know that the mind can play tricks with the Truth. And not all that is remembered is as it actually occurred. So speak, O’ Lord, and settle the issue plainly and clearly. Was this woman who said her name was Mary a woman who truly had sex with You or was she a creature of diabolic lies whose intention is to destroy the image of Christ’s perfect celibacy and virginity and to lead others to do the same? I await Your answer, O’ King of kings and Lord of lords. For it is said that I am an eternal prophet, and that I will never be lacking in advice and counsel from God. Let the Truth now be stated definitively. Amen.

The one who spoke to you the first time, who made the stated claims of having been known by Me as a woman is known by her husband, united in the flesh, is the same one as was the one who spoke to you from heaven in a following day, who was sent to relieve you from the ordeal of the trial of obedience that you passed in the night of June 1-2, 1995, with words spoken as clear as day. I sowed Me seed in her womb. What was to become of My seed sown in the womb of Mary Magdalene was allowed to be scattered to the four winds of heaven. For I knew that someone of My seed would eventually come to be born as one of My descendants who would retake the earth and make it the habitat of My Catholic Church. One of My descendants was to come who would not fall to the power of women. And he would restore My Kingdom and its Catholic Church to the perfection to which it was intended.

Lord, I have a question. Is the line of my descent from Your line and your seed coming to me from my maternal lineage or from my paternal lineage? The one who was damned first among your parents is the one through whom My lineage was passed on to you. And she obtained this lineage through her mother. Yes, through your maternal lineage was this seed of Jesus passed down to you. Amen. And such is the true reason why you in your early years identified Mary Magdalene as a mother figure to you. For she is your mother, by maternal descent. So then I possess the mitochondrial DNA of Mary Magdalene? For such DNA is present in the egg cell, but not in the sperm, and so, consequently, it is passed down by maternal lineage only. Children receive their mitochondrial DNA only from their mothers. And only females pass on this DNA to their offspring. Amen. It is as you say. A mitochondrial DNA analysis of your ancestry will show that it leads to a woman who lived in ancient Judea, and who was a Jew. Amen. But Lord, the Jewish men of old married many foreign women. And every generation of the Patriarchs starts with a different maternal lineage. For the named Matriarchs, Sarah, Rebecca, and the sisters Leah and Rachel, are neither descendants nor ancestors of one another. All of them, with the exception of Leah and Rachel, have different lines of maternal ancestry. And since the twelve sons of Jacob are in fact sons, none of their descendants were of their own maternal descent, but rather, this depended on the maternal descent of women they married. Hence, historically, there is no Biblically traced line of maternal descent. Hence, impossible is it to identify my mitochondrial DNA as Jewish. For many are the lines of maternal descent criss crossing all over the generations through all the peoples of ancient times when people settled and lived in Judea. Amen.

But Eric, think carefully. Who was Sarah, Abraham’s wife? She was Abraham’s close relative on his father’s side, close enough for Abraham to say truthfully that she was his sister (Genesis 20:12). From where did Abraham insist that his servant obtain a bride for his son, Isaac? He obtained her from his father’s house. And likewise, so also were Leah and Rachel, the wives of Jacob, daughters of that same house. Thus, it is highly possible that all three generations of women were of the same maternal mitochondrial DNA, since all of them descended from the same family. Thus, a parallel maternal lineage is hinted at by the close blood relations that these three generations of women had, who were called the Matriarchs, with one another, by being all born to the same family tree of Abraham’s father’s side.

You are tired, Eric. Sleep. We will continue this discussion when you awaken in some hours from now. Amen. I am awakened, O’ Lord. Eric, you are called the Son of Jesus because it is true that you literally are My descendant by blood. And the reason why I lay with Mary Magdalene was so that My seed, like a tiny amount of yeast put into the dough, would serve to develop and bring to fruition the proper yield I intended to produce and harvest at the End of Time. You are My Son. And with You I Am well pleased. Furthermore, Hyacinth is defined as your wife in this world. You will not lay with her, for you are called to eternal virginity. Nor will there be any further descendants of Jesus in your line, for I Am rapturing My people this very hour. You, Hyacinth, and all the rest of those I recognize as Mine will be brought up to heaven in a twinkling of an eye. This is the Revelation from God. And it is holy. Go now and prepare for 8:00 AM Mass. You are not to be late. And publish this post quickly, after a brief rereading of it to scan for errors. Amen.

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