Eric is My Prophet, and Hyacinth shall be his Spokeswoman.

In a Castle in Ireland will I station My prophet Eric. And only through his wife shall I allow his Word to be made known to the people. Only through her may any have access to him.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post VIII:
Behold, Eric is to be snatched away in the night. He will be seen no more by those who knew him in this world. And Hyacinth shall be his intermediary between him and the world. No one may approach or petition the Larimar King except by petitioning him through her. Amen. I Am the Lord! I have established this. I have made it so. And no one can thwart My designs.

Eric will be stationed in a castle in Ireland. Will any authorities come and question his legitimacy to live in that land, O’ Lord? That Eric is a citizen of Ireland will be made abundantly clear to all authorities. I will make it abundantly clear. There shall be no dispute. Furthermore, that Hyacinth is wed to Eric as Mary was wed to Joseph will be an understood fact. For though they will live in the same place and sleep in the same bed, no physical contact will come between them. For Hyacinth will be made aware of the holiness of her calling, that she is to be to Eric as Mary was to Joseph. For I have promised Eric, and the promise will not be withdrawn, that he will reign for forty-two years in the land providing he remain virgin and celibate with the virgin wife We will have given him. Amen. For death comes to those who turn to carnal passions. Amen.

But We are assured of Eric’s passage beyond the needs for carnal fulfillment. For Eric is a spiritual man. He is of the highest path, that path that leads to an eternal Kingdom. And Eric would never give up that Kingdom to taste the pleasure of a woman in the flesh. For the two goods are unequal. It is a most unequal trade. It is as Esau did when he traded his birthright for a single meal. The spiritual man who sees the Kingdom would never trade what he is to receive there for the mere sensations of the carnal pleasures of sex with a woman. For there is no comparison between those two goods. Amen.

Lord, since Eric is to be in this marriage to Hyacinth, and since he is to dwell in a castle in Ireland, such that only his wife will be permitted to have access to him, does he then become an ordained priest in the Catholic Church, or does this not come to pass now, O’ Lord? I will encourage and anoint Hyacinth to be granted the right to bring holy communion to the Larimar King. And holy communion will be brought to this castle by a courier who will come from a secret place where the Masses will continue to be said. But no one but Hyacinth will be permitted to access and to see the Larimar King. Amen.

And what of modesty between this couple. What of their showers or bathing or dressing and undressing. Does the Larimar King turn his eyes lest he see the nudity or any hint of nudity in his wife Hyacinth who is to sleep in the same room with him and in the same bed, O’ Lord? It is true, lord Azurite, that you are commanded not to gaze upon the nude body of your wife. And you shall keep to this command religiously. I shall arrange the routine by which you shower and bathe without putting these vows into jeopardy.

Lord, what is this I hear that Masses in Ireland will be forced to only be done in secret? Welcome to the Tribulation, lord Larimar, for it has come. That is why you are to be snatched away in the dead of the night. There is to be no more freedom in this world to worship as a Catholic openly. All Catholic services will be forced to go underground. And it will be forbidden for men to speak the name of Jesus Christ as the Lord God. For whosoever acknowledges the Christ openly will be put to death.

Then, O’ Lord, why will the authorities allow the Larimar King to remain in his castle? Why will they not, rather, come and lay siege to that castle and take away the Larimar King by force? The castle in which you shall dwell will be impenetrable. Only were you to leave the castle would the Antichrist and his forces have the opportunity to seize you.

And O’ Lord, what if they focus their attention on Hyacinth? What if they seek to seize her and hold her hostage, O’ Lord? My angel will accompany her wherever she goes in Ireland. And whosoever approaches her with ill intent will be grievously disfigured by this angel, whom I will command to destroy whosoever comes against her, even should they be an army of a thousand strong fighting men. Whosoever lays a hand upon Hyacinth will find his hand no longer a part of his arm, and this will remain the case for the rest of his days. Amen. No mercy and no healings will come to any who seek to touch or destroy God’s anointed or the wife of God’s anointed. I Am the Lord!

Lord, what if the Monarch of England offers to grant a title of nobility or to confer the rank of Knighthood upon the Larimar King? By the legal situation in which Eric is in fact a citizen of Ireland, this offer is to be rejected. For Article 40.2.2 of the Irish Constitution states: No title of nobility or honor may be accepted by any citizen except with the prior approval of the Government. And Eric is commanded to seek no such approval. For I, the Lord, give to Eric his titles and I assign him to his station. He will not accept vassalage to another Monarch when it is he, not they, who rule all the lands of the Northern Kingdom.

And what are the lands of the Northern Kingdom, O’ Lord? They are defined as thusly:

(1) The Northern Kingdom, ruled by Eric, the Larimar King. And his eternal lands of his Kingdom are composed within three zones, forming the Kingdom of the Arctic Triangle. And the three zones of the Northern Kingdom consist of the following:

  1. North America
  2. Europe
  3. Russia and her satellites

And of these three zones, a total of 51 states compose the Northern Kingdom, consisting of the following:

North America

  1. Canada
  2. United States of America


  1. Albania
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium
  4. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  5. Bulgaria
  6. Croatia
  7. Czech Republic
  8. Denmark
  9. Estonia
  10. Finland
  11. France
  12. Germany
  13. Greece
  14. Greenland
  15. Hungary
  16. Iceland
  17. Ireland
  18. Italy
  19. Latvia
  20. Lithuania
  21. Luxembourg
  22. Malta
  23. Moldova
  24. Montenegro
  25. Netherlands
  26. North Macedonia
  27. Norway
  28. Poland
  29. Portugal
  30. Romania
  31. Serbia
  32. Slovakia
  33. Slovenia
  34. Spain
  35. Sweden
  36. Switzerland
  37. Turkey (excluding Cyprus)
  38. Ukraine
  39. United Kingdom

Russia and her Satellites

  1. Armenia
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. Belarus
  4. Georgia
  5. Kazakhstan
  6. Kyrghyz Republic
  7. Russian Federation
  8. Tajikistan
  9. Turkmenistan
  10. Uzbekistan

And of the official languages of this Kingdom, there are these seventeen established, consisting of all the regional languages having an excess of ten million native speakers, plus the language of Latin, which is the official language of the Roman Catholic Religion, the one valid Religion founded by Christ Jesus on Peter. Amen.

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Russian
  5. German
  6. Turkish
  7. Italian
  8. Polish
  9. Ukrainian
  10. Romanian
  11. Dutch
  12. Portuguese
  13. Greek
  14. Kazakh
  15. Hungarian
  16. Czech
  17. Latin

This is the Northern Kingdom over which you reign, lord Larimar. You have the power to make your Kingdom Catholic, but you have no power to make My people who have abandoned Me to return to My Church. For whosoever, having known Me and My Church, rejects Me, I have eternally rejected his soul from entering heaven. Amen. And I will accept no one to enter My Church who is not Mine. Amen.

Lord, does Trump defeat Biden in the November 3, 2020, elections? For I have prayed those extra rosaries faithfully. And what of COVID-19? Is this to dissipate in time for the elections, O’ Lord? The American people have become corrupt and unclean. And so I will hand them over to a corrupt and unclean administration. Biden is to win the elections, despite your rosaries, lord Azurite. For though you have the power to make the land Catholic, you have no power to turn the hearts of those who have abandoned Me back to Me. Hence, the restoration of Catholicism has failed in the people of this generation. And therefore, the people of this generation are to be handed over to Antichrist and to be utterly destroyed by him.

Whatever American fails to escape from the United States of America before the elections take place will be caught in the trap and be forced to confess Antichrist as his god. Amen. Whosoever fails to confess this confession will be put to death. Amen. The Rapture of which I spoke of earlier will come to pass soon. Amen.

Lord, what happened that I may not set the heads-of-state of the United States of America? I grant you that power over Russia, for she is a rogue nation. But as for those nations belonging to the community of nations, these all celebrate with the homosexuals their gay marriages. They cannot be My people. Hence, I hereby abandon them.

But Lord, Eric is an eternal virgin. Does he not receive that forty-two year reign, O’ Lord? Your reign is eternal, but not of this world. I tricked you, O’ Larimar King. And it is for your best interests. The Castle in Ireland is poetry for the place out in the desert where My Bride is to flee to to be taken care of for forty-two months. That is where you are going, lord Larimar. To there shall you be taken, together with your virgin wife, whom you will be wed to by Me. I will conduct this marriage Myself. I will provide the necessary witnesses. And I will have a priest of My election officiate the wedding. And all that is legally necessary for its validity to be recognized in My Catholic Church will be provided to them. And you and your wife will be eternal virgins. No sex and no carnal passions will ever pass between you two. Amen.

This event is coming to pass tonight. You are going tonight. You will not see the dawn rise in this land again. Amen. You will be taken from your land, and Hyacinth will be taken from her land, and you will be put together in the land I assign you to remain in until I Come. Amen. Yes, We have reached the Age of the Great Tribulation. That Age is now upon you. It is now upon the people of this generation. And whosoever is caught by Antichrist is either going to die a martyr for Me, or as a servant of Satan. But death comes to that one one way or another. But the one who dies in Me will be blessed. And the one who disowns Me will be cursed. Amen.

Lord, forty-two months from now brings us to April of 2024. Is that the time when You will come and put an end to Antichrist par Excellence? Forty-two is a symbolic number. None of the numbers in the Biblical prophecies can be used to calculate when I come again. None of them! But I will come again soon. Only that prophetic mystery will I allow to be known and understood. Amen. But let no man be so foolish as to count down the days. Amen.

Joe Biden in America will be like King Ahab. And Kamala Harris will be like Jezebel, his wife. And the two of them will conduct great evils deeds together. Their works will prove wicked. And they will lay cunning traps to entrap all those who stand for Jesus who remain in the land. Remember what I told you: When you see the abomination that causes desolation standing where he does not belong, flee and do not return to your house to acquire any possession that you have left there behind. For all who return for anything will be caught. And their captivity will end either with their martyrdom for Me or else their reception of the mark of the beast or the number that stands for its name. Amen.

The Second Coming is imminent, but before that happens, the Antichrist is to be allowed to reign and to destroy powerful peoples by stealth. Lord, is it possible for those outside your Catholic Church to enter in? Those who waited until now to join My Catholic Church have waited too long. And the opportunity is no longer there. You will seek to join, but will find that the Churches are vandalized and the priests are slain or vanished. Many of My priests will be taken into captivity and converted to the religion of Antichrist. Amen. And this conversion will be forced. And all who accept it will die the spiritual death.

Lord, the praise, “the Castle in Ireland,” is not to be taken literally, but is a poetic reference for the secret and secure location set up, far from the devil, for those known as Your Bride to dwell in in safety and security during the times of Antichrist until You Come Again. Am I correct, O’ Lord? Yes, you have answered with understanding. I do not publicly reveal the locations of My many secret sanctuaries. But let those who go there be forewarned. Anyone taken to such a sanctuary who falls to commit serious sexual sins will be found out and go into captivity. Remember Anne Frank. She wrote a famous diary of her time in a secret refuge that the Nazis knew not of. How was her refuge found out, you ask? I removed the protections and the concealment of that refuge when Anne Frank began having sinful sexual relations with the boy who was stationed there with her. That is why they were found out. Do not repeat their errors. Do not do as they did, but keep to the cleanliness of your station, and your hiding place will remain hidden from the enemy. Amen.

For there shall be no priests, except on rare occasions, available to hear confessions in these secret sanctuaries. And communions will be served by couriers who will serve the remaining hidden priests who will be conducting private masses in secret. And the satellites will be used in the sky to hunt for Catholic and Christian leaders. Therefore, most of these secret sanctuaries will be hidden within places such as is described as a castle or a fortress. Amen.

Lord, do I continue to prophesy to the people? You shall prophesy to your wife. And then your wife, in her own less articulate words, will prophesy what you told her to the people. Amen. Lord, if my wife is prophesying Your Word through me to the people, will not Antichrist par Excellence become aware of where I am? You are the one exception to the rule. Everyone will know the location of the secret sanctuary in which you shall dwell. And a thousand strong fighting men may be sent to take the sanctuary, but not one of them will return alive to tell the tale of their lost battle. Amen. Any attempt to overwhelm your defenses with armies of troops will be like a flood of water pouring into a crack of the earth to never be seen again. (Revelation 12:15-16). It will be like D-Day launched in the Bermuda Triangle. No one mobilized against your sanctuary will survive. All of those sent against you will vanish. Amen.

Lord, this phenomenon makes me think that I am one of the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11:1-14. Am I correct? And if so, who is the other of the Two? The other of the Two is the one you call Lazurite, one whom you have not witnessed, but one you only know about via theory and conjecture. He will prophesy to My Jewish people in Israel, while you prophesy to My people in America, which is called Babylon the Great. Then, O’ Lord, I am not taken from this land? Saints will flee Antichrist. But My Two Witnesses shall flee not. For all who come against them perish. Amen.

Lord, will then Hyacinth come to live with me, or will she remain where she is stationed? She is to be your live in wife. And you will live in the same house and sleep in the same bed, but no physical contact shall come between you two, for you will both be holy. And your marriage will be sealed as was that of Joseph to Mary.

So I remain where I am? That is correct, lord Azurite. Amen. Whoever launches an assault on your house dies. And his armies die with him. Will my computers still work in that age? Will my internet still work? Will my iPhone still work? None of that changes. But what does change is that many, I tell you, shall be dying in the streets. Amen. Death will come suddenly and swiftly upon the inhabitants of the earth. And all who are not Mine or who do not remain Mine will perish in the fires that will descend upon the earth at the end of that age. Amen.

Now, We have spoken to you in full. Go and publish this post. And then prepare for bed. I will awaken you shortly and you will know that the new age has come. Amen.

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