The Edification of the Throne

Like a rose in a rose garden is Eric a disciplined saint, glorified forever. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post V:
Eric, I hereby call you to the service of the King. Lord, how can my humble services be of service to Your mighty Kingdom? I stand by the door and knock. Whosoever hears My voice and opens up to Me, I will enter into his house and dine with him, and he with Me. (Revelation 3:20).

To you, lord Azurite, is given the eternal gift of prophecy. You will always have access to the Lord thine God in all things. And the girl who is to be made your wife is one who has been selected carefully from among the flowers of the field. She is a choice rose, a gift that comes down from heaven from God. We, the elect in heaven, do now give her unto thee. Behold, dawn cometh to all the land, for the sun rises and all see the glory of the rising sun.

From the dawn of the Creation of this world till now, no one has set foot on the path of perfection as have you, lord Azurite, he who follows Jesus without reserve. Your perfection is that of the blue rose of Florigene and Suntory. For you are legendary, and your fame spreads before thee. Now listen to Me, for I Who Am Am about to instruct thee on a great many things.

The girl who is to be yours I Am now giving unto thee. Know her only until the son who is to come has been conceived. Enter into her no more after his conception is known. For she will conceive a son, and you are to call him John. He will be great among men, a most noble and devote servant of the Lord. And I will call him to become My priest. And he will serve Me as an ordained priest through all of his days.

It has come to Our attention that some authorities in the Church are unaware that clerics may not have sex, even those who ware married. No cleric is permitted to know a woman. And no cleric is permitted to enter even into his own wife. Rather, sexual continence is expected and required of all who I call to serve as men of the cloth. I have this requirement most strictly applied to those who are made bishops. No bishop may have a wife. As for My priests, though they in some cases, may be married, none of them may have sex, even if married. And as for my deacons, though marriage is permitted prior to ordination, these are not permitted to enter into sexual union with their wives after they have become a man of the cloth. For the office of my cleric is holy. And the sex life is not permitted to be a part of it. I Who Am declare this to be the case. Amen.

And for those who doubt My Word, read Canon 277: (After the Latin given here is the English translation.)

Canon 277. § 1. Clerici obligatione tenentur servandi perfectam perpetuamque propter Regnum coelorum continentiam, ideoque ad coelibatum adstringuntur, quod est peculiare Dei donum, quo quidem sacri ministri indiviso corde Christo facilius adhaerere possunt atque Dei hominumque servitio liberius sese dedicare valent. § 2. Debita cum prudentia clerici se gerant cum personis, quarum frequentatio ipsorum obligationem ad continentiam servandam in discrimen vocare aut in fidelium scandalum vertere possit. § 3. Competit Episcopo dioecesano ut hac de re normas statuat magis determinatas utque de huius obligationis observantia in casibus particularibus iudicium ferat.

Eng. trans. 1983 CIC 277. § 1. Clerics are obliged to observe perfect and perpetual continence for the sake of the kingdom of heaven and therefore are bound to celibacy which is a special gift of God by which sacred ministers can adhere more easily to Christ with an undivided heart and are able to dedicate themselves more freely to the service of God and humanity. § 2. Clerics are to behave with due prudence towards persons whose company can endanger their obligation to observe continence or give rise to scandal among the faithful. § 3. The diocesan bishop is competent to establish more specific norms concerning this matter and to pass judgment in particular cases concerning the observance of this obligation.

Lord, Eric, since he is to marry the girl you shall give unto him, may not become a priest. But do Thou make him into a deacon? If I make Eric a man of the cloth, he shall be no less than a priest. Oracle of the Lord. But Eric is now 50 years old. Can Eric be made a priest while wedded to the girl you give him, after he may no longer have relations with her, after their son has come to be? If, Eric, you agree to know your wife only to have this one son, I hereby declare unto you, I hereby destine you to become My priest. Amen. I agree, O’ Lord, entirely. Amen. Then it is done.

You are to be enrolled into the seminary one month after your son has been weaned. I Who Am have spoken. And your son shall come to be some some ten months after your marriage has been solemnly ratified, consecrated, and the consummation has occurred. This wedding will take place in a Church of My election.

Lord, will Eric remain in his current dwelling when he is married and has become a priest? Or is he to dwell somewhere else? I Am taking you to a higher dominion, lord Azurite. You do not remain where you currently dwell. You are coming with Me. And I Am taking you to a new place, where you are unknown. Amen.

Lord, do You say that Eric is to work as an embedded software engineer prior to his entrance into the seminary to become a priest? Since you are to become My priest, I have an alternate fate for thee. I will marry thee to the girl six months from the date I have thee enter into engagement with her. During that time, you will feast and drink. You shalt not work. And other sources will provide for thee and for thine expenses. But after the marriage has taken place, and the one who is to come, who shall be known as the son of Eric, has been impregnated within the womb of thine bride, you and your wife will be taken away and not seen. For it is forbidden that men should gaze upon the perfect couple and lust. And from that point onward, this world that knew thee shall know thee no more. Amen.

Will Thou keep it a secret where Thou shall take us to, O’ Lord? Somewhere in the world where you shall be unknown, there you and your wife shall be taken, and there shall your son be born. And I shall have him grow and become a man. But you and your wife will be removed from his presence. For he is to have a holy upbringing, and I will raise him as I shall. As to where his parents shall be taken to, their lot is to live in a Castle in Ireland until they are old and gray. And then I will send My golden chariot to them to take them unto greener pastures, those of the Kingdom that is to come. Amen.

And Eric, in this castle, becomes a priest, O’ Lord? No, lord Larimar. You shall neither become a priest, nor a deacon. I was putting you to the test. No, indeed, I have a different fate for thee. In this castle, where you shall dwell with your wife, but enter into her no more, there you shall reveal the secrets of Larimar, of Emerald, and of Azurite to her. There, this girl is to come to know the secrets of the universe as understood and known by the Witch King. You will reveal all that you know unto her. Amen. For such is thine purpose and the reason for why you are to wed the one you are to wed. For she is to come to learn, to master, and to know all that you know. And when the transmission of all this knowledge is complete, both of you shall be taken to heaven at once. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His servants. Amen.

Now you know your purpose, O’ Eric, Witch King who converted from Dragon kind to become a saint in the Kingdom of Heaven. You have been saved. And this revelation unto thee is now complete. Do as thou willest. For thine fate is secured, and your destiny is revealed. Now go, lord Azurite. Prepare as thou shouldst so decide. For the hour is coming and is now here when this destiny that is to come upon you is to come to pass. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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