The cornerstone has been laid

The foundation is laid for the eternal age that is come. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post VI:
Behold, the cornerstone to the New Temple has now been laid. Amen. Eric is now eternally given his duty and responsibility. He is now set in that which he is to do. No more is the ambivalence. For the die is cast and the cast is made. Now, Eric, I will answer all your questions. But I warn thee this. Reveal no secrets that are not to be revealed. For you now have a confidant. And you may only reveal your secrets to her. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Behold, Eric is to enter into marriage to a girl. And in this marriage he is to have offspring. And by natural means shall this offspring issue from him. I AM the Lord. And this do I reveal. Lord, what of the one to be called John, son of Eric? What shall become of that one, O’ Lord? The son of Eric who is to be chosen to inherit the Azurite Kingdom shall be called John, son of Eric. He shall be revealed in his time. Amen. And when this John, son of Eric, reaches his fortieth year, the Kingdom of Azurite will be given to him, and he will then reign as Azurite King. Note, Eric, that you will have natural relations with your wife. Whatever issues from your love with her shall be your son or daughter, and you will raise them as I command thee to. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, Eric is not to be numbered among the eternal virgins of Christ? The lower road he shall thus take, O’ Lord? Not the lower road, but the midlevel road. The lower road is that of the fornicators and the adulterers. You do not walk by that way, but rather, the way of those called to the sacrament of holy matrimony. And this is not by your choice, but by the assignment from above. Only select souls who are deemed worthy are permitted to walk the higher road that leads to the highest station in heaven. And that road is perfect celibacy and virginity. Hence, though Saint Augustine walked the higher road of celibacy and sexual continence, he walks lower than thee, for thou hast not violated the covenant of marriage, whereas Saint Augustine lived a life of many sexual sins before he ascended to the road of being a bishop and thereby lived to his calling and station for that office. For the couple who have no sex until marriage I bless. Amen.

Now, what becomes of Mark and David, your two brothers, you should ask? I will now tell thee. For it is important that you know and understand. Neither brother is permitted to see in life you with the girl I have given you. Before she is to be seen by either of them, depart they must now both do from this life. Into burning infernal fires shall both departures take place. In blazing automotive explosions shall both lives be terminated. I Who Am have spoken. Amen. And to accompany Mark on his voyage to the next world shall be his two natural daughters, who issued from his adulterous relations with Marlene, whom I do not recognize as his wife. The three of them will make that journey together, as sparks into a blazing fire. I AM the Lord!

And what of Marlene and her two other daughters, those she had by Scott, her first husband, whom she divorced and who is a Jew? Scott will not accept any of them back into his house, except for his daughters for part of the time. As for Marlene, she will be left alone and in a state such that she has nothing to show for all of her relationship she had with Mark. And the automotive accident will be ruled a suicide by the life insurance company’s arbitrator, ensuring that Marlene never sees any part of that insurance payout that she was expecting to get from Mark’s death. Amen. She will, hence, be forced to return to live with her parents. I Am the Lord.

Then I take it, O’ Lord, that neither of my brothers will enter into heaven? Well, Eric, if one immediately dies in an automotive explosion, there is very little time given to make oneself right with the Lord, is there? What of Sam Kinison’s death, O’ Lord? For it is written here that he was speaking to You at his last moments, having died from an automobile accident. Was he saved or damned, O’ Lord? Did he repent, and was his repentance heard? He died in peace, lord Larimar, but I did not save him. For it takes more than mere repentance at the end of one’s life for one to be saved. Sam Kinison had a few moments to make his peace with Me before his death came. Mark and David will not even be granted those few moments. For both of them have had plenty of time to come back to Me by observing their own brother, Eric, in his conversion and 18 years so far in his devout practice of Catholicism. I have given both brothers 18 years in the witness of their own brother Eric as an exemplary example of a true Catholic. No further time need I grant either of them at the time of their death. Hence, they will die instantly. And in the next world, then they will have endless time to contemplate their errors in the fires of hell. Amen.

Do not think, as the Protestants do, that there is a special formula of words that you can utter to make yourself saved. Nor is there any guarantee for anyone outside My Catholic Church that I would grant them the necessary dispensation to enter into heaven while having died without the sacraments. Let no one promise themselves that they will surely be saved who do not practice Catholicism and practice it correctly. And even the correctly practicing Catholic can go to hell, for dying in a state of mortal sin. Therefore, let no one believe his salvation is assured. And by what measure do I use to decide who is admitted into My Kingdom, you ask? And by what measure do I admit Eric and his wife to be, you ask? I Am love. And I know Mine and Mine know Me. But if you hate your neighbor, so also do you hate Me. And the one who hates others I do not save. But the one who I elect, providing that he perseveres to the end, he I will save. And in this process of persevering to the end, he will be led to enter into My Catholic Church. And those who fail to enter, when given the choice, I do not save. Amen. If any saint comes to offer to pray for you, do not turn him away. Do not reject those prayers. For the man who rejects the prayers of others, I will never save. Amen.

You will no longer see nudity on any further posts to be made in this book. For it is not suitable for married life for a husband to view the nudity of another woman. Now, will Eric reveal here in this book the one he is to marry? Not yet. Only after the prophecies have occurred, and the deaths of those doomed have transpired, shall I have Eric reveal to the world the one he is to marry. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

So, O’ Lord, Eric does not become a priest? He cannot become one. Nor will I allow him to become a deacon. Instead, Eric is to remain a married man have have many children, with a wife some two decades younger than himself. She will bear him offspring, and I will bless their marriage together. And they will marry some six months after they are formally engaged. I AM the Lord. Amen. Lord, where will this marriage take place? Where you were baptized, made your first confession, were confirmed, and received your first holy communion, there also shall you receive your sacrament of holy matrimony, as officiated by the priest. Only two sacraments will you have not received in your life: the sacrament of the last rites, and the sacrament of holy orders. I Am the Lord! For I am not allowing you to die. Rather, I am taking you and your wife to heaven at a time I have chosen, long after all your children will have been raised to adulthood. Amen.

For you are a holy man. And as a holy man, I will not allow your flesh to see decay. Before you and your wife are disabled by old age, both of you shall be taken to heaven. Lord, am I given to rule the Azurite Kingdom forever, or for only forty-two years, and then to pass it onto my son? You, lord Azurite, are the head of the Azurite Dynasty. And legendary will be your name. For it will be known that you spoke with God, that you were made an eternal prophet of the Lord. And I will set in your line a long lineage of kings. And many will be the rulers who arise from your progeny.

And is the definition of the Azurite Kingdom the same as was described earlier of that Kingdom known as the Arctic Triangle, consisting of North America, Europe, and Russia and her satellites? All of those lands you mentioned are of your eternal Kingdom, belonging to you and to the line of your descendants. Only a few micro-states in those lands are not yours, such as the Vatican, which belongs to My Catholic Church, and the tiny nation of Andorra, between Spain and France, which is to where the Vatican shall be moved in time of war. Amen.

Lord, I take it that I cannot be the Great Monarch if I am to have an Azurite Dynasty, a long lineage of kings to descend from me to rule this Kingdom? Actually, just one King is to descend from you. And your reign is to last for three years. And in just three years, all that you see of the things of this age shall be gone. Amen. You and your wife will be taken to heaven in three years. One son shall you have. No other children shall issue from you. And should you impregnate your wife again after John, son of Eric, is born, the child in your wife’s womb you will find fully grown awaiting to meet you in heaven when I take you and your wife there after this age is come to an end. Amen. For the unborn and babies at breast of raptured mothers ascend before them to heaven at the moment of the rapture. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Lord, who will all those be who will go up in this rapture, which you now say is in three years time? All who have entered into My fold and who are dressed in their wedding garment will be raptured up. And all those who have not entered into My fold, or who do not have their wedding garment on will not be raptured. And who are those with the wedding garment on, O’ Lord? Whoever receives Me in a state of grace and who is in communion with My pope in Rome will I take up in the Rapture. And when I say, “My pope in Rome,” I do not require him to literally reside in Rome. For when the papacy was for 67 years in Avignon, now in France, those who died in communion with the pope in Avignon were saved, and counted just like those who were in communion with the pope in Rome, in those years when the valid pope was residing in Rome. Amen. All that matters is that the correct successor of Saint Peter, as decided by the conclave of cardinals, be regarded as the valid pope by My faithful Catholics, wheresoever he chooses to reside. Amen. Hence, that separated branch, known as the Society of Saint Pius X is not a part of My flock. Amen. For they have broken from the vine and cannot be saved, unless they return. Amen.

So now you know that this Age ends in three years time. But you are to lose your virginity with your wife to be and have a son by natural means before those three years have passed. This is required, for this child is predestined. And he will rule in your stead as the Boy King when you and your wife have been taken to heaven. Amen. Hence, a Two-King Dynasty is prophesied for you to have. And when this boy is an adolescent, I Am Coming again and will seat him upon My throne to judge the living and the dead. And he shall be given the most glorious title: John, son of Eric, son of Jesus, son of David, son of Abraham. This is all that I will say for now. Go now, and study your Rust programming. For the position I told you of earlier I am going to place you in soon, and you must learn and master Rust, which you are progressing towards swiftly. Amen.

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