Eric conquers and triumphs

Eric shall be rewarded with good things to come.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post IV:
Behold, I Who Am Am pleased with My servant Eric. And I will now reward him with good things. Lord, what sort of things will you reward Eric with? What is to be his reward, O’ Lord? You have shown mercy to Hyacinth as We, the elect, have permitted you. And for doing this deed, as a celibate man, expecting nothing in return, We, the elect in heaven, shall give unto thee the eternal office of prophet. You are a prophet forever, in the order of Elijah, of John the Baptist, and of John the Apostle. We will speak unto thee always. And you shall never be without counsel and guidance. Welcome to the anointing of eternal prophethood. You can never lose your office of prophet for We are confident and assured that you are a virgin forever. For only to the eternal virgin saint can this reward of the office of eternal prophet be granted to. Amen.

Lord, does it not matter, then, that Eric’s eyes gaze upon the nudity of women? He cannot fall, nor his fire overwhelm him? I hereby cast this blessing unto you, lord Azurite. No woman will turn you and no sight will destabilize you. For you are permanently enrolled into the ranks of the Lamb’s virgin saints. And your purity is now declared eternal. It is sealed and will never be taken from you. Nor will you ever violate the continence to which you are now called. You will neither spill seed, nor will you excite your member to ejaculation, for you are purified and sanctified forever. And this is My oath unto thee. I swear by My throne in heaven that I hereby give you, lord Azurite, Eric, the Larimar King, the throne of David. You will judge My people on the earth, and your Kingdom in heaven is eternal. Amen.

Lord, how do I sit on the throne of David? For You, O’ Lord, are the Messiah, the King of kings and Lord of lords. Is it that you are sharing your throne with me? For I am but a man, whereas You are God. Is not the throne of David reserved only for the God-Man, Who is only Jesus Christ, the Lord God? I am but a man and a sinner. Nor am I a Jew. And if I have any ancestry that goes back to the Jewish people, this I am totally unaware of.

I anoint you, lord Azurite, Eric, the Larimar King, to sit at My right hand and upon My throne forever, judging all twelve tribes of Israel. You will judge them, and I will grant you lands to rule over and palaces to take your rest in. All will behold you and bow, for you are greater than mortal man. I have made you eternal.

Lord, do I live upon the earth forever, in my present flesh? Or do I get raptured up? Or am I at some point changed? The earth upon which you stand is but a shadow of the true and real earth that is to come. I Am soon taking you to Myself. For I have need of thee. And I have a position to fill. Amen.

Lord, I am willing to go at anytime. There is nothing of this world that keeps me here. I am willing to be taken and to fill this position You have for me now and forever. Amen. Good, lord Larimar. I Am destroying the Biden campaign. They will soon be plummeting in the polls, and Trump will easily defeat them. Furthermore, I Am changing your career soon. I Am bringing you to work for a software developer company that makes embedded software. And you shall be working in the Rust language for them. I will notify you shortly when this opening opens up. In the meantime, you will completely read that Rust programming book you have.

As for the cures and the girl, this is what I decree shall take place. A woman who is fertile shall be made your wife, in a special celibate wedding. She will know you until she is pregnant. Do not enter into her after her pregnancy is known. The son she is to conceive is to be consecrated to the Lord. He belongs to God and will be taken when he has been weaned. Then you and the woman will be sent to live together, but remain in your perfect continence. And by this obedience, what is given to you as an eternal virgin will never be taken away from you. For just as Mary did not lose her hymen when she gave birth to the Son of God, neither will it be regarded of you that you will have lost your virginity when you lay with this woman without deviation from the mandate of God. Amen.

As for the cures We shall enact upon your flesh and mouth, these are the things We shall do for thee. Everything that ails in thee shall be cured and made whole. Nothing that is damaged will be left uncured. And all things about you shall work and perform with perfection. Once We cure thee, go immediately to the girl who by being with you are cured, and take her by the hand and say unto her these words: “The Lord God pledges me to be thine husband for life. Accept this as my proposal for marriage. For it will not be taken from thee. And let this be the sign that I am not Satan. You will find that your loved ones, who were ill, are now healed. Amen.”

Lord, the prophecy given on September 2, 2000, seemed to have as its image triplet sons, or three sons. And yet, this prophecy seems to say that there is but one son. What is the meaning of this discrepancy? The meaning is that this son, whom you are to sire, is to be as three sons. For he will be great and renown. But only one son is to come from you and your wife. I Who Am have spoken. Now, go and prepare for Mass, for you are going to Mass in one hour. Amen.

Lord, what preparation do you suggest for me, O’ Lord? You should wish to make thyself presentable and honorable. Dress casual but with holy garb. Now, be off with you. For this post is complete. And you must publish it at once. Amen.

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