Eternal is the decree of the Lord

Eric is to rule and govern his eternal Kingdom with an iron scepter. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post II:
Behold, I AM speaking through Eric, My servant. I have eternally decreed for Eric to serve Me as direct prophet between Me and all the inhabitants of the earth. Amen. And now I give to Eric his first assignment. Eric, Russia is a rogue state. Correct her.

Lord, I hereby decree the deposition of Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Putin is to be deposed and new elections are to be called immediately, with international observers called in to observe and monitor the elections. Free and fair elections are to be held. And Alexei Navalny is to exercise his right to run for President, and he is to run and win in the elections to be held in Russia. As a landslide of popular support is he to be voted in. Amen. For Alexei Navalny can be trusted, for he gave his life for the freedom of the people of Russia. Rather than prosecute Vladimir Putin, let him, rather, be exiled to a remote nation from which he cannot leave for the rest of his life. Amen. And let his foreign accounts be all raided and all those stolen funds be restored to the government of Russia.

Good, Eric. I now command you to go and eat some dark chocolate. It will be good for you. Behold, O’ Lord, I have eaten some. Good. This is thine fate. Listen to Me. Hyacinth is now permanently removed from your life. She is no more there. We have taken her away from you. And it is for your own good. For she was a most expensive girl to have as a friend. And you were wise to obey your Lord to give to her no more. Amen. Lord, will she be saved or damned? Was she 100% truthful and transparent to you, or did you observe her engage in deceit and lies? Lord, because I could never trust her behind my back, neither could I ever marry her. Rather, all that I gave to her was out of charity for the sake of someone who seemed to be genuinely Catholic and in need. For I did not want to be responsible for letting a true Catholic to be destroyed.

Then realize My Word in the scriptures: “Blessed are they who wash their robes so as to have the right to the tree of life and enter the city through its gates. Outside are the dogs, the sorcerers, the unchaste, the murderers, the idol-worshipers, and all who love and practice deceit.” (Revelation 22:14-15). If she remained in the practice of deceit, how can she enter into My Kingdom? No wonder she could never obtain a solution for her plight from Me! For no one who lives by deceptions can approach Me and receive My help. Amen. The girls of your past I did not save. No girl who was ever involved in any form of relationship with you in the past have I saved. Amen. So, let us no longer bring up their names. For those who inhabit hell have no names. Amen.

Lord Azurite, do you know that men are attracted to women by their looks primarily at first. But as for women, what attracts them to a man is the idea that he can provide for her, more than whether he is handsome or good looking. And realize that between human beings, there is an art form called the courtship rituals. These courtship rituals are not arbitrary sets of rules of play. Rather, they are embedded into the DNA and have evolved for women to best select the best suitor to accept as her lifelong mate. Women have these elaborate courtship rituals to weed out unhealthy males as possible mates early on in the potential courtship.

For a male to successfully mate, he must navigate these elaborate courtship rituals in order to gain that woman as his mate. But for many men, the attempts to do this fail. And many such men feel frustrated by their failures, with some turning against women and hating them. It is a matter of knowledge to realize that every male who turns to rape for sexual gratification is such a male who has failed to gain a female by successfully navigating the elaborate courtship rituals, and thus, seeks to attain his sexual desires by force. Lord, I decree that all such males, unless they can be rehabilitated, that they should be put to death. Excellent. I will enshrine that into the Law of Eric, which will be the law in that Union called the Arctic Triangle, composed of all the nations of North America, Europe, and Russia and her satellites. Amen. The Arctic Triangle is also to be known as the Larimar Kingdom and the Azurite Kingdom. Amen. For you are called by these two symbolic names: Larimar and Azurite.

Lord, continue Your discussion on these males who choose to rape because they fail at the courtship rituals that evolution has given human females to weed out bad males from the selection process in choosing what male to accept as her mate. Yes, lord Azurite. Know that there is a name for these males. They call themselves involuntary celibate males, or “incels”, for short. These incels are often given over to hatred for women, and they strongly envy and hate men who possess the genetically given traits that allow them to successfully navigate the courtship rituals of women. These men who succeed with women are called, “Chads.” And the incel hates the Chad. One prominent incel wrote a lengthy documentary of his life before going on a rampage and dying by suicide by cop. His name was Elliot Rodger. Oddly enough, though in life he could never navigate those courtship rituals in order to gain a girl, after his death, many girls were, in fact, attracted to him and wished to make love with him. Incels reading this narrative, learn by this folly on the part of Elliot Rodger, and do not repeat his mistake. If he had just had some patience and humbled himself, he would have received what he desired in the end. But no one gets anything good by killing others or by getting oneself killed by a cop.

Studying how Elliot Rodger thought is good for learning and witnessing what not to do. It is similar to studying the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler. Beneficial is it to study both those who succeed and those who fail. For failure is the greatest teacher. Now, why has Eric never mated with a girl? What was it about him that he never entered into a true romance with any girl? I will now tell thee all. Eric was extremely attractive to girls growing up. But Eric would have none of them, for he was called to a higher vocation. For it was while he was in Middle School that Eric decided and ruled that Jesus Christ was Who He claimed to be. For Eric was attracted to Jesus by his celibacy. And by that attraction alone, Eric was eternally marked as one dedicated to the celibate lifestyle. He was not fully aware of it at the time, but Eric was marked as one who was to follow in Jesus’ footsteps, and to live and do as Jesus did. And Eric came to recognize Jesus as having come from God, not by witnessing any miracles, but by reading His Word in the Holy Bible, and by realizing its profound nature could only come from God. And he began to put to practice His teachings at an early age, even though Eric did not recognize himself as a Christian until the beginning of his Senior year in College, in July of 1992, when he made the famous conversion by which he lost all his power as Emerald King. Amen.

Interestingly enough, Eric was never hugged by a girl until his conversion to Christianity in 1992. For it is a characteristic of Christian women that they like to hug. Another thing many men seem to notice is that the most beautiful women tend to be Christians. Hence, let the incels take note of this. If you wish to enter a romance with a woman, the best and surest route to this is to convert to Christianity. For the Christian churches are full of girls seeking a husband among the Christian men. Of course, this was not Eric’s motive for his conversion. Rather, Eric had spoken to a Christian man at a booth after a class he was taking in the summer, and realized what he truly was, in private. And that night, alone in his bedroom, he confessed to God that he was Antichrist, and many angels fled from him in terror. The army of angels that he had commanded abandoned him in total terror. But certain angels, who belonged to God, remained. And these required Eric to complete his setup of his fourth, called forth Emerald Pawn, Yitzhak Rabin of Israel. And so, Eric requested that the Shas Party join Rabin’s coalition, giving him his necessary majority in the Knesset in order to begin his reign as Prime Minister of Israel. Eric effectively ceased to be Antichrist and became a Christian on the eve of his takeover of Israel. Amen.

And so, you ask, if Eric experienced the hugs from girls for the first time when he became a Christian, at the beginning of his senior year in college, in July of 1992, why did he not enter into any romantic relationships with any woman then, you ask? Eric’s heart was similar to that of Lancelot’s in the movie Excalibur, except that Eric chose to kill his feelings of love in his heart rather than to commit sin. Eric would rather not know a woman in the flesh than to know her unlawfully. Such is one of the key distinctions between Eric and Lancelot in the move Excalibur. Some argue, rather, that Eric was most like Merlin than like any other character in that movie. One who knows too much, and yet who aches for what he has never known. Eric’s knowledge of the secrets of the universe were vast, but his knowledge of women was very lacking. And yet, Eric was a man of obedience. There was a friendship he made in college with a girl, which lasted until 2003, the year after his formal entrance into Catholicism. And this girl was a Catholic, but not one who faithfully practiced her religion. Eric kissed her one time on her lips some months after his graduation in the year 1993, but never kissed her or any other girl since then. For he believed that the kiss was a mistake. For Eric is a man of obedience, and he has learned to both discern Who is God, and to obey the One he knows is God. Amen.

The girl he kissed lost her soul some three years after her separation from Eric’s friendship. This was shown to Eric by the Holy Virgin Mary on the morning of Mother’s Day in 2006. It was then, on that day, that Eric was shown the last ember of Victoria’s soul as it was about to perish, and Eric was asked if he wished to save her soul. And Eric said, “Yes.” But when he was shown what he would have to suffer and to do, he balked. But then he said that he was willing to do what necessary to save Victoria’s soul. But then Eric was shown that between the time he balked and the time he said he was willing to do what was necessary to save her soul, she had completely lost all hope of salvation. Victoria had become damned alive, like Eric’s mother, by blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. And then Mary warned Eric never to seek to make contact with Victoria ever again, due to her irrevocable damnation. Amen.

And so, you ask, why did not Eric find someone else? Eric was called to the path of eternal virginity and celibacy. And this Eric committed himself to. And though Eric would from time to time consider marriage to a girl, he was always pulled away from such yearnings to the realization that he had a higher vocation to which he was called. Eric was not called to be a priest. Rather, Eric is called to serve God as a celibate, virgin layman forever. Amen. Eric can never marry and never have sex. Amen. And this path is higher and holier than the path of the marital embrace. And let the Catholic be forewarned. The Council of Trent has decreed that anyone who does not agree that the celibate or virgin state is higher and holier than the way of the marital embrace, that one is cut off, anathema. Amen. So do not be like the ignoramuses who believe that the Catholic Church pushes people to marry. Rather, it is better not to marry, unless you burn. Now, Eric burned. But that fire was brought under control. Eric no longer burns. Either your fire can be brought under control or it cannot. And it is in the case for those who cannot control their fire that it is advised that they should marry, rather than fight what they cannot overcome. For most men cannot live the celibate life.

On July 15, 2000, Eric stopped masturbating and successfully resisted the urge for over seven years, until sometime in the year 2008, when he fell again. From 2008 to 2020, Eric battled the passions and lusts by which he fell numerously to acts of impurity. But now Eric has mastered himself. He no longer masturbates. He is now purified. Masturbation is not a harmless act. It definitely does harm to your life, both in the physical world and in the spiritual world. It was said by Eric that porn and poverty go hand in hand. For the man who dabbles in porn will be impure. And by his impurities, he will be rendered into poverty, both in his physical life and in his spiritual life. Resist, therefore, the temptation to look at or to view material that you know contains unlawful images of a sexual nature. For I tell you this Truth. The devil wants men to look at these things because he knows that once you look at these, your heart will begin to burn for unlawful pleasures, and you will eventually become impure again. For the first step back to impurity is for a man to view porn.

And to all of you incels out there. Porn is your greatest enemy to you attaining a viable relationship with a woman. And if you are masturbating to your porn, there is a definite penalty that God inflicts on certain men. And that is that they cannot achieve an erection, or that they cannot achieve ejaculation. The power to achieve these things is taken away by the judgements of God due to their indulgences in pornography and impurity. Get out of that wickedness. Rid yourself of all that porn and impurity. Cease to engage in unlawful sexual activities. And then the God Who sees your repentance may elect to restore the normal sexual capabilities in you, so that you can know your wife naturally, and that you can marry a woman and know her naturally and without a problem. For the need for sexually enhancing drugs is a sign that that man is not practicing a sex life in accordance to God’s requirements and God’s morality. For it is never permissible for a man to seek sexual gratification outside the conjugal act with his wife. And for the unmarried man, your lot is that you simply may not have sex nor any sexual pleasures whatsoever. For it is a common, modernist false belief that men have the right to sexual pleasures outside of marriage, and this has led to the complete corruption of American society. And this needs to be cleaned up.

But how does one bring back and restore in America the laws and rules of chastity and the virtues of the conquest of one’s sexual passions if the current debate is on whether homosexual couples should be permitted to have their “unions” blessed in the Churches? For homosexual behavior is the abyss for sexual perversity and the very definition of abominable sin. Homosexuality allowed in society is the terminal sign that that society is about to be destroyed by God. That is why I say, the only way this civilization can avoid the destructive sledge hammer of God Almighty’s wrath is if We, as a whole people, totally reverse course, 180 degrees. We have to stop debating on whether a homosexual couple should have this right or that right, and clearly recognize that homosexuals do not even have the right to even be in homosexual couples in the first place. Homosexual sex is unlawful and must be outright banned. And those who commit such evils must be completely cast out of society. Homosexuals should not be placed in prisons where they may commit rape of their fellow men, and to continue to commit sodomy and other abominations with other gay men there. Rather, the place for the homosexual who commits sodomy is the electric chair or the gas chamber. Hence, I, Eric Robert Dunstan, do not declare that the crime of a man laying with another man as a man lays with a woman is to be punished by nothing less than capital punishment throughout the entire Kingdom of Larimar, also called the Arctic Triangle, consisting of the nations of the USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, Turkey, the Caucasus, and the Central Asian former Soviet republics. Amen. Let the man who carries out this teaching vindicate himself and demonstrate his worthiness as a man who does the will of the Lord. Amen.

Eric, are you calling for men to take the law into their own hands and to execute those that they know have committed homosexual sex acts? Rather, I am a man of law and order. And I require that men rise up and take back their country from the homosexuals. The judges and the Justices who rule in favor of homosexual rights do not deserve to live. They, by their transgressions on the bench, have forfeited their lives. All such judges and Justices are worthy of being executed. But let men not get in trouble with the law by committing murder when they execute those worthy of capital punishment. Rather, let courts be convened, correct courts, where the judges rule according to the scriptures and to God’s law, and let these courts, after having weighed all the evidence and found the transgressors guilty of aiding and abetting the homosexual crimes against humanity, let these courts summarily condemn and sentence those transgressors to death. And it is then, and only then, that My people, those who serve Me, may partake in the execution of those guilty, either by stoning them to death, or by hanging, electric chair, gas chamber, beheading, lethal injection, or by burning them at the stake. Hence, My people, take care to follow the correct protocol before executing those who are guilty of these transgression. You may never carry out the death sentence as by mob rule. It must always take place after a competent court, run by correct Judges who judge according to God’s law and the Holy Scriptures, has heard all the evidence, and then issued its ruling. For Eric is called Lawful Good, not Chaotic Good, as in Dungeons & Dragons terminology. And hence, everything must proceed according to law and order. Do not enforce God’s law by breaking the law. Amen.

Yes, Eric’s Kingdom is to be characterized by the principles known as Lawful Good. For Eric is strictly defined as Lawful Good in Dungeons & Dragons terminology. If Eric were a character in Dungeons & Dragons, what would be his race and class? Eric once thought of himself that he would be a Wizard, but actually, he is a Cleric, one who serves the One True God. Eric is absolutely obedient to this One True God, and does whatever He commands of him. And Eric has been chosen by this One True God to serve as virgin, celibate, prophet king forever. Amen. Now, what about his race? He is definitely not an Half-Orc, as those of that race are clearly recognized as similar to the many found within the African American persuasion. Rather, Eric must be an Elf, one of those immortals who are destined to live forever. And Eric must be one of the magically endowed Elves, one who works great magic. For Eric is an Elf with very high intelligence, but very low charisma. And his mount is a Unicorn Pegasus, also known as an Alicorn. For only strictly pure virgin souls are ever permitted to ride such beasts. And Eric is perfectly pure as such a virgin now and forever. Amen.

But Lord, I have heard that the girl who is to enter my life, now that Hyacinth has been permanently removed, is to eventually enter into a Josephite marriage with me some years down the road. Is this the Truth? The Josephite marriage is that form of Catholic marriage where the couple mutually agree that they will not have sex. Amen. That is correct, lord Azurite. When We have determined that you will not seek sex with the girl whom We are giving to you, We shall have you formally enter into the perfectly eternal virgin form of the Josephite marriage with her. Amen. Hence, the girl who is to enter into your life is to be this eternal lifelong companion. But listen to the Lord when you see any girl. And only go to the one We tell you to go to. For many are the devils who wish to deceive you. And if there is any case where you are unsure if that girl is the one, realize that she is not the one. For when We announce the one to you, the knowledge will be assured and clearly known without any doubt. And you will truly and interiorly know that this is so, and will not need to guess. Amen.

We have now spoken at length though you. And We note that you have been faithfully praying that extra Rosary each day for Trump’s victory over Biden. For all those who wonder which side is God on, realize that God is on the side of those who want to save that baby in the womb. And God opposes those who wish to take away that baby’s right to life, and allow the woman to have the right to kill her own baby in her womb. Republicans typically stand for the baby in the womb, and God is with them. And Democrats typically stand for taking away that baby’s basic right to live and to deliver him or her into the power of the mother to have the right to terminate that human life growing within her womb. It can be no more clearly stated which side God is on. And if you wish to live, you must choose the side God is on, and vote Republican. Amen. Let it also be known that by Eric praying this extra Rosary each day for Trump’s victory over Biden, combined with all others praying the Rosary for the same thing, Trump will indeed defeat Biden in these soon fall elections. If you want to be on the side of God, pray your Rosaries and vote for Trump and the Republicans. Amen.

And realize this most important thing. The American people have diverged into two irreconcilable groups. One serves God. And the other serves Satan. And a great divide now exists between the two camps. There is no bridging that divide. Rather, the wicked side is to be defeated by the side that stands for good. Eric stands for good. Obama is the symbol of all that is evil in America. All who align themselves with Obama have aligned themselves with an evildoer. And such is the root of the reason as to why so many who are Black and who who support Obama resemble and are classified as Half-Orcs. Amen. Obama will be called the Adolf Hitler of America, when the history books are written by the survivors of the Great Fire of the Chastisement, which is to come and cleanse by fire all these lands of all their filth and abominations. Amen.

Furthermore, lord Azurite. Gold and silver are destined to flow through your hands, but you will never be mastered by them. By the end of this year, you will have received the necessary money you need to buy your 2021 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Limited sedan. And the color you will choose will be Celestial Silver Metallic. Amen. And the years ahead will be glorious for the Republicans, and all those who stand with the baby’s right to live. But as for those who want to abort that baby’s life, their own lives in America will be aborted, and they will all know woe, setback, defeat, and penal slavery. For the fate of the Black man, because he is a Democrat who supports Obama and who wants to kill babies, is that he return to the slavery from which his ancestors were freed. And he is to burn in that fire of hatred and chastisement, and to be crushed and destroyed by fire. For I have anointed Eric to rule the nations with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall he shatter them. (Revelation 2:26-28). Therefore, if any Black man is worthy, let him demonstrate his worthiness by abandoning Biden and by voting for the Republicans, including for Trump. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And one last thing I will say is this. Eric is a voice through whom I Who Am have willed to speak. If any man wishes to lay a hand on Eric, let him know that his death is now imminent. And I will show no mercy to the man who orders Eric’s death or destruction. Test Me on this, I dare any man! Test Me, and see how I pour out My fury upon not only you, but upon all of your loved ones and possessions with fire falling from heaven. I, the Lord, have spoken. Should any man undergo this test, note that his life will be identical to that of Job’s, except that he will not have any recovery nor restoration, but only doom and eternal destruction. For whoever so wishes or desires for Eric to be destroyed, watch Me then as I utterly deface and disfigure your entire life. And should any man choose to do harm to Eric, look then behind thyself, and see Me, Who Am about to shove my pitchfork into your guts and let thine entrails spill out. Such is the fate of anyone who seeks to do evil to My servant, Eric, the Larimar King. Amen. And I now give to Eric a life of forty-two years, from now until I take him up to heaven. Whosoever seeks to put Eric to death, know and realize, I will utterly eat up your flesh with worms in a matter of forty-two months. I Who Am have spoken. Now go, lord Azurite. Read through this entire post. Correct all the errors you find in it. And then publish it. For you have the time. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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  2. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but other than that, this is magnificent blog. An excellent read. I will certainly be back.


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