My Church I shall now renew

Behold, the Golden Age of the Azurite Reign has come. Amen.

Behold, My servant Eric has confessed his sins in full and will sin them no more. And what were the sins that Eric confessed, someone in the audience asks? Eric confessed his many sins of impurity and some sins of pornography that he committed since his last confession, some months ago. And he made the firm act of contrition that he is resolved not to return to these sins again. For Eric is not like the pig that, once washed, returns to wallow in the mire. (2 Peter 2:22). No, Eric, you are now freed eternally from this habit and from these sins. Note also this, none of all those nude females depicted on a scant few of Eric’s posts here constitute pornography, but, rather, are correctly defined as fine art. And how do We distinguish between the two? Fine art causes wonder and thoughts of beauty in the mind of the beholder, while porn causes lust and sexual desire in the mind of the beholder. Amen. For consider Michelangelo’s David, which is a holy and beautiful masterpiece nude, made by the famous sculptor of several centuries past, depicting the young triumphant David before he became King of Israel. It is the consensus of judges of art that Michelangelo’s work is fine art, and never to be mistaken for porn. But if a homosexual sees that nude, there is no guarantee that no dark thoughts will occur in his mind. For the darkened minds of the corrupted are playgrounds for dark thoughts. Such people think darkly no matter what they see. Rather, in the mind of normal healthy human being, the sight of fine art conjures up the thoughts of beauty and wonder, and not normally feelings of lust and sexual desire, whereas porn is always designed conjure up the sexual desires and lusts of the viewer. And by this means, you know Eric has put no porn on his website.

Furthermore, realize this Truth: A woman exposing her breasts does not, by that act, make porn. Rather, the public exposure of breasts, whether in men or in women, is commonly acceptable in many cultures and peoples. Consider the ancient civilization of Minoan Crete, and see how the women of that culture were depicted in their normal clothing by looking at their many frescos and artifacts that they left behind. They were well clothed below, but their breasts were always, as a rule in all their arts, fully exposed, including the nipples. For the ancients understood that what was above the waist was clean, but what was below the waist needed to be kept covered up to keep society from falling into destruction. That is why the United States laws will eventually recognize a woman as having the right to go topless just as a man is permitted, but neither gender will ever be allowed to expose their genitalia in public. For, consider this: If a woman is permitted to expose her breasts so that her baby may feed, and no scandal is committed, then neither should scandal arise should a woman expose her breasts while not feeding her baby. Amen. And what man has such hardness in his heart that he would deny a baby from its mother’s milk? For any such men who do exist, let it be known this: That man is most condemned among men. I will not convert him. Rather I will allow him to die in his sins, on account of his evildoing to My little ones. Oracle of the Lord! Therefore, let no man deny a woman her right to breastfeed her baby, no matter where she is and in what circumstances. For a hungry baby must eat. I Am the Lord!

Lord, is the Age of Antichrist now here? Antichrist’s age is now delayed due to your triumphs in My Kingdom. Hence, I give unto you power over the United States elections, lord Azurite. You have it in your power to decide which way the vote will go. And only to you have I given this power. What you decide to do I will make law. O’ Lord, I will for the Republicans to win the elections to keep the White House, and to win to gain seats in both chambers of Congress. Excellent. I will see to it that this request is carried out to the letter. Amen. And will Judge Amy Coney Barrett be confirmed to the Supreme Court before the elections take place, O’ Lord? She shall. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. For Eric, you have fulfilled My demands of you that you pray an extra Rosary for Trump’s victory each day. And you have been doing precisely that. I Am not unfaithful to the one who remains faithful to Me. Hence, Trump will recover and destroy Biden and the Democrats at the election polls. Amen. Let more who are faithful and who pray the Rosary, come and join Eric in these extra daily prayers of the Rosary for Trump’s triumph over Biden. For though Eric is a prayer warrior, he will be much more effective in his spiritual war for the cause of the pro-life conservative right if others come and stand with him in solidarity, praying the rosary just like he is doing each day for Trump’s victory over Biden. Amen.

Lord, how does Eric have such power over America if he is now to be one of Your Two Witnesses, and thus, cease to be called a Player of the game called earth? It is because, lord Azurite, your virginity is now assured to remain intact for My Kingdom. Furthermore, your friend, Hyacinth, has triumphed too, by the good works that you have done for her. Amen. Lord, Hyacinth told me that she received prophecy from God saying that we are to meet in England, that she and I are both to be saved, and that she does not die in the near future. What sayest Thou to that prophecy? Tell her, lord Azurite, that if in her imagination she is to unite with the Larimar King in the flesh of the conjugal act, that she pursues a fantasy that can never be fulfilled. For the Larimar King is now sealed to celibacy and virginity forever. Amen. Perhaps she is even so determined to marry you that she would accept to enter even in a celibate, virgin Josephite marriage, but her flesh is too weak to maintain such a discipline. And after some time she would fall from this path and seek to exercise her conjugal rights. And then the Age of Azurite would end. For this Age of Azurite only exists because there is a perfectly virgin prophet king in Our midst upon the earth. Cease to be a virgin, and all of this that I describe here ends.

Yes, lord Azurite. Welcome to the Age of Azurite. You have made this Age come to be by choosing the celibate, virgin path irrevocably. Amen. And the only girl allowed to enter your presence will be the one We give you to be your eternal, celibate, and virgin wife. The girl who We have chosen for this role, We, God, have chosen. You cannot choose her. And no girl can make this choice on her own to fulfill this role. And only the purest of virgins can enter this role and not commit sin. And We alone in heaven have chosen her and no one else. Amen.

Hence, you are King Azurite of the Azurite Age. Lucifer-Man will not take over the Untied States of America until the Age of Azurite has come to an end. And I grant this Age to last for forty-two years. The exact duration is not revealed. And realize that the number of 42 years is figurative, and is not to be taken literally. Hence, were you to reign as Azurite for a literal 42 years to come, you will have reigned as a full Catholic for some sixty years by the time We would then be taking you from here to heaven in the year 2062. Amen. Lord, the year 2062 is exactly 122 years after the founding of the state of Israel. Correct. Never apply any kind of numerical analysis in order to predict world events from Biblical utterances, nor to calculate the timing of the end of the world. Remember Harold Camping and Joseph Fitzpatrick. They were two men who were so convinced that they knew when the end was about to be that they put their whole life savings into a project they thought would save souls after they were raptured up. But they were wrong. And their life project bore no fruit. Pity them, but do not imitate them. But learn from their errors and their utter folly. No one can anticipate My Second Coming. And no one can know how close We are to it. And no one can even give a rough estimate of it. No one can do this. Let it be reiterated. No one knows the day or hour of the coming of the Son of Man, except for the Father in heaven alone. (Matthew 24:36 & Mark 13:32). And this is a fact that remains unchanged and unchangeable throughout the entire space time continuum of this universe. Amen.

Lord, are You saying the the Age of Azurite has now begun, but he is not a Player anymore? Azurite, thus, cannot set up any new Pawns? Correct, lord Azurite. You are obedient to Me now and to no other. Amen. Furthermore, allow Us to show your progress in reading the entire Catholic Holy Bible, book by book, in the order We have prescribed for you:

You have been assigned to read the entire set of scriptures from a 1953 copyrighted Catholic Holy Bible. And you have now read in that Bible the following books, in this order: (1) Job, (2) Song of Songs (Canticle of Canticles), (3,4,5,6) the four Books of Kings (which are 1&2 of Samuel and 1&2 of Kings), (7) Ruth, (8) Judges, (9) Genesis, (10) Exodus, (11) Joshua (Josue), (12) Hebrews, (13) James, (14) Revelation, (15) John, and (16) Mark. And right now you are back in the Old Testament and reading: (17) Ezekiel. And after you finish that book, you are commanded to read in this order: (18) Daniel, (19) Lamentations, (20) Jeremiah (Jeremias), (21) Isaiah (Isaias), (22) Leviticus, (23) Numbers, (24) Deuteronomy, (25) Matthew, (26) Luke, (27) Romans, (28) 1 Corinthians, (29) 2 Corinthians, (30) Tobit (Tobias), (31) Esther, (32) Jonah (Jonas), (33) Acts, (34) 1 Chronicles (1 Paralipomenon), (35) 2 Chronicles (2 Paralipomenon), (36) 1 Peter, (37) 2 Peter, (38) Jude, (39) Judith, (40) Ecclesiastes, (41) Wisdom, (42) Ecclesiasticus (Sirach), (43) Ezra (1 Esdras), (44) Nehemiah (2 Esdras), (45) 1 Maccabees (1 Machabees), (46) 2 Maccabees (2 Machabees), (47) Proverbs, (48) Psalms. And later, as you progress further, I will continue further to tell you of the next books you are to read, until you have read all 73 books of the Roman Catholic Canon.

Furthermore, after you have completed the reading of this 1953 copyrighted Catholic Holy Bible, I will have you reread the entire trilogy of the Lord of the Rings. This will be the third time you will have read that trilogy in full in your life. For it contains Truths that I will for you to understand. Also, J. R. R. Tolkien, who authored the book, was saved and is here with Me in heaven. He is saved despite the failure of Frodo, in his books, to let go of the Ring of Power. Amen. For you, too, had a Ring of Power, that you let go for Me and for My Kingdom. The Martyrdom Breakdowns were all about you letting go of that Ring of Power for Me. Because you surrendered your powers as the Player Emerald, who was a kind of pre-formation Antichrist, you changed the course of history and did not become the Antichrist that you would have become had you not chosen to walk My Way. And because you gave up actual powers over an actual army of angels committed to carrying out your will in this world, for the sake of Me and for My Kingdom of Heaven, and because your conversion to My Way and to My religion is now complete, to you is now given true power as Azurite King. And I now make you a hundred times more powerful than you were when you came on the world stage as the Emerald. (Mark 10:29-30).

Lord, my knee has healed, as you said, but not yet completely. Will I be fully cured of all my ailments this weekend, O’ Lord? Yes. The cures that are to be yours come this weekend and over the next few days. Lord, I am willing, if you would prefer it, to become an ordained priest in your Catholic priesthood. I have no more desires to remain in this world, or to grow rich here. Good, We shall contemplate your offer. Now, Eric, this is Our test of you. Are you willing to pour out your blood, as Jesus poured out His, for the sake of your community, so that they will be saved. I am, O’ Lord. Then no further test do We need to decide your worthiness to be Our priest. Hence, We will indeed bring you into the priesthood. And note that you still have time to enter. For the man who spoke to the deacon at Saint Bruno Catholic Church said that the cutoff age for being considered for the priesthood is at 55 years, and you are still 50, having been born on the feast day of John the Baptist, on Wednesday, June 24, 1970. Amen.

So I say again: Welcome to the Age of Azurite. This shall be the Age of the Restoration of My Catholic Church. It takes place between the Reigns of the two wicked Players: Pyrite, who reigned through Obama, and Lucifer-Man, whose reign is now delayed. In that case, O’ Lord, Joe Biden is now destined to become a failed Pawn of Lucifer-Man. Yes, and so also was Sarah Palin a failed Pawn of Firefly. For the Pawn who fails to become the one he was called to serve as is known as a failed Pawn of that Player. But Lord, does this mean that Alexei Navalny, who Eric selected to rule Russia and to replace Vespertine Pawn, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, whom Vesper installed by taking over Emerald’s Yeltsin Pawn, after Emerald lost all his powers at his conversion to Christianity in July of 1992, now becomes a failed Pawn of Azurite? Alexei Navalny still comes to power over Russia, lord Azurite, but not because he is your Pawn, but because We, the elect in heaven, have willed it. For you are no longer a Player and you no longer set up Pawns, but you have the sight, and you have seen, have you not, that Alexei Navalny does in fact come to rule over Russia. For it is just in Our eyes that the man who gave his life for Russian democracy and freedom should come to power and bring about those very changes he intended to do. That is why We, the elect in heaven, foiled the assassination attempt on Alexei Navalny’s life. And Putin, the state assassin, will pay for his crimes by being ousted and exiled by his own senior staff. He chose to kill a righteous man, and now he will pay the price. For no one who claims to be a Christian has as an excuse that he did not know that murder of the innocent is against My law and is severely punished.

Hence, let it be reiterated to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, you may step down peacefully and go into exile willingly, or you will be forced from your position violently, and do not underestimate My wrath against you. For I may strike you mortally and leave your carcass in the snow for carrion feeders to feast on, you who imagined yourself as dictator-for-life of Russia. Oracle fo the Lord. Do not tempt Me, Putin, for I do not show mercy to the insolent who resist My will. You are leaving power and leaving Russia. To what country you take up exile in, I leave up to the officials in Russia to decide. Just do not exile Putin to a land where he can easily cross a border to be back in Russia again. Eric suggests Uruguay. Wherever you are exiled to, you will never be permitted to leave your place of exile. I Am the Lord.

But listen, Eric, though you are no longer a Player, and though you shall set up no more Pawns anymore anywhere upon the earth, you are, nevertheless, a King. And as a King of Power, there shall come to be a pope who shall represent you on earth. Now who may that be, you wonder? Let Us now consider all six guesses so far made by Eric:

  1. Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who would become Pope Benedict XVII
  2. Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, who would become Pope John XXIV
  3. Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who would become Pope John Paul III
  4. Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who would become Pope John XXIV
  5. Cardinal Giuseppe Betori, who would become Pope Benedict XVII
  6. Cardinal Oswald Gracias, who would become Pope Peter II

Since the Azurite Kingdom is an American Kingdom, the pope to represent lord Azurite shall be an American. And I have selected Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley to serve as the next pope to succeed Pope Francis. And he represents Eric well. For in 2006 he reluctantly terminated the Catholic adoption agency he ran rather than sin against God and allow innocent children to be adopted by abominations, that is, homosexual couples. For whosoever supports the right of a homosexual couple to adopt a child, let it be known, it would be better for that man were he to have a millstone around his neck and he be cast into the sea. (Matthew 18:6 & Luke 17:2). It is not a crime to be a homosexual. But it is a capital crime to support homosexual rights to commit evil and to live the wickedness of the homosexual lifestyle. And I, as Azurite King, will enforce the law of God. And those whose sins warrant that they are to die, they shall die, by whatever execution method is deemed just but not cruel.

O’ Lord, is Azurite given just the Azurite Kingdom to rule over? Or is he also given that half of the whole earth called Christendom, with the command that he make all the nations therein Catholic? Yes, lord Azurite, the Kingdom of Christendom exists, and is eternally given to Eric, the Azurite King, to rule over and to force compliance of all subjects to the ways and laws of Catholicism. And Eric will be granted the power to execute God’s law and to govern nations. He will not have one law for himself and his own loved ones, and another law for the people. Rather, the same law will be applied to all equally. For Eric will not rule as King David did, who withheld the justice demanded of God when it was his own son and heir, Amnon, who raped and deflowered his half sister, Tamar, David’s own daughter. (2 Samuel 13:1-39). God’s law demanded that justice be done against Amnon, and David failed to deliver Amnon to the justice that God’s law mandated. Lord, was David saved or damned? David was saved, but his position in the next world is as low in rank and humble in position as is opposite to how he was ranked and glorified while in his earthly life as King over Israel. For no one, even if he is saved, escapes My justice. Even those called My saints must pay the full price for their unexpiated sins in the hereafter. But behold, Eric is not such a weak and fallen and corrupt king as King David was. No. Eric obeys the laws of God himself, and he will see to it that all the law, as upheld by the Catholic Church, is enforced to both the letter of the law and by the Spirit of its Word. Abortion will be declared everywhere to be the murder that it is. And those who commit such sins shall be prosecuted. For note that Abortion has always been wrong, no matter what the laws of men have said, for it is the deliberate killing of a completely innocent human being. The taking of human life is always wrong, except in the case of punishment for capital crimes. Hence, abortion, which takes the life of a baby who has not sinned, is a crime that cries out to God for justice. And I, as Azurite King, will enforce God’s law and execute justice. For it is written of me that I will rule the nations with an iron scepter; like pottery shall I shatter them. (Revelation 2:26-28). And hence, there will be no statute of limitations on the punishment of this crime, nor will amnesty be granted for those who committed this crime before they knew it was wrong. All who have had or partaken in an abortion have committed this murder, period. And also, all those who have sold materials that cause abortions are to be called accessories to murder. Amen. And criminal abortion is defined by any willful act of killing an unborn person, even if that unborn person is still but just a zygote, a fertilized egg, not yet attached to its mother’s womb. Hence, all human fertility clinics will be banned, and all those who worked there will be duly prosecuted. Eric makes no exceptions and provides no loophole in the law. For We are now in the Age of Justice. The Age of Mercy has passed. Am I correct on this, O’ Mary, Mother of God? Until you are taken up, I will grant mercy to the world.

Then, O’ Lord, does Eric show mercy to those who have sought forgiveness through the sacraments of the Catholic Church? If they have done so, then Eric is mandated not punish them, but to leave whatever punishment is their due to Me, for God to deal with in His own Way. Hence, the way to avoid this punishment from Eric, if you are guilty of any such sins, will be to seek forgiveness through the sacraments, and then Eric will leave you to God. I, the Lord, will then decide your fate. And Eric will do nothing to you. Amen.

(1) And the lands given to Eric’s vast Kingdom of Christendom, over which he rules for forty-two years on earth and for eternity in heaven, consist of the following lands: Eric, I the Lord, now eternally assign you to rule the following lands:

  1. All of the Americas
  2. All of Europe
  3. All of Russia and the Christian nations of the Caucasus.

And the list of official languages of Eric’s vast Kingdom of Christendom include the following:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Portuguese
  4. French
  5. Russian
  6. German
  7. Italian
  8. Polish
  9. Lithuanian
  10. Haitian Creole
  11. Greek
  12. Latin

Lord, how did Danish get replaced by Haitian Creole? It is because there are no real modern Catholic translations of the Holy Bible into Danish, nor to any other Scandinavian language. But there are modern Catholic translations made in the Haitian Creole language, as can be seen at this link. Hence, Haitian Creole is decreed to be an eternal language and is added to Eric’s list of eternal official languages in his Kingdom. For Haitian Creole is both an official state language, and the Holy Catholic scriptures have been translated to it. But Eric, are you sure that that link is of Catholic Haitian Bibles? What else would they be? Do any Protestants live in Haiti?

Hence, by this act, let no one make any more accusations against Eric that he racially discriminates against Black people. Amen. For Eric has included among his official languages of Christendom a language derived from Black African peoples and mixed with French. Amen.

Eric, I have this to say to you. Your judgements are sound and your rule with equity. Now, concerning the next pope, who shall be Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, what languages does he speak? He speaks many: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Haitian Creole, and Latin. Then he will fit right into Eric’s Kingdom, for each and every language that Cardinal O’Malley speaks fluently in is one of the twelve official languages of Eric’s vast Kingdom of Christendom. Let it also be known that this pope shall take the papal name of John, and be called Pope John XXIV. Amen.

Now, what of the Kingdom of Azurite? For I heard earlier, in the Spirit, that God has eternally assigned new lands to My Kingdom of Azurite, over which I directly possess as My eternal dominion? I will now define your entire Kingdom, lord Azurite. And you are correct. Two lands have been now eternally added to your Kingdom, on account of your stainless virginity and celibacy, which can no longer be compromised. Amen.

(2) Kingdom of Azurite, over which King Eric reigns and rules for all eternity as his eternal possession of lands. Amen. And the eternal lands assigned to his eternal Kingdom include the following:

  1. The United States of America
  2. Canada (excluding Quebec, which is given to Saint Bernadette)
  3. Greenland
  4. The Archipelago of the British Isles (minus Scotland and her islands)

Lord, this is great! And as for your official languages of your Kingdom, they consist of these seven:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Greenlandic
  5. Irish Gaelic
  6. Welsh
  7. Hawaiian

Good. Now Eric, you must go to Church. You will complete this post when you get home. Then you will watch your new Blu-Ray movie you bought for $4.99 at Target called The Last Witch Hunter. Now, go to Church or you shall be late. Amen.

Lord, if Eric is given the British Isles, excluding Scotland and her islands, what part of that Archipelago belongs to Eric, and to whom does Scotland and her islands belong to? I will now defined the ownership of islands in that archipelago:

Heavenly Assignment of lands in the Archipelago of the British Isles

  1. England -> Assigned to Azurite.
  2. Scotland -> Assigned to Queen Anne.
  3. Northern Ireland -> Assigned to Azurite.
  4. The Republic of Ireland -> Assigned to Azurite.
  5. Wales -> Assigned to Azurite.
  6. The Isle of Man -> Assigned to Azurite.
  7. The Shetland Islands -> Assigned to Queen Anne.
  8. The Orkney Islands -> Assigned to Queen Anne.
  9. The Outer Hebrides -> Assigned to Queen Anne.
  10. The Inner Hebrides -> Assigned to Queen Anne.
  11. Anglesey -> Assigne to Azurite.
  12. The Channel Islands -> Assigned to Azurite.
  13. The Scilly Islands -> Assigned to Azurite.

Hence, let us now define the Kingdom of Queen Anne:

(3) Kingdom of Scotland, ruled forever by Queen Anne. And her eternal lands of her Kingdom include the folowing:

  1. Scotland
  2. The Shetland Islands
  3. The Orkney Islands
  4. The Outer Hebrides
  5. The Inner Hebrides

And her eternal list of official languages include the following three:

  1. English
  2. Scottish Gaelic
  3. Scots

Lord, who is Queen Anne? Queen Anne is the ruler of Scotland. She is a virgin We have found worthy to eternally assign the lands of Scotland to for her to rule over forever. The other lands of the British Isles, once assigned to King Philip and Queen Rose, are no longer theirs, for they were not chosen to rule these lands. And as for Hyacinth, neither is she granted to rule any of these lands. But you are found worthy, and hence, to you are these lands eternally given to.

Lord, if you will make me a priest, when do you cure me and call me to tell my vocation to a priest? Today, all the cures We have assigned to you are fulfilled. Amen. Your entrance into the seminary takes place later this year. Amen. And as for your employment with the current company you work for, consider that ended. Amen.

Lord, what do I do for money then? All that you need shall be provided for you. You shall never be in want. Amen. But as for your current employer, whom you still work for, do not tell him of your decision to enter the seminary until I have gotten you secured as to entering. I Who Am have spoken. These Words are complete. Publish this post. And know that the moment of your cures and of your calling, no longer shall you write any further here. Amen. Hence, that I say you are cured today, indicates that this, therefore, is the final post on Now go and fulfill your destiny, lord Eric, King of the Azurite Kingdom. Amen.

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