Eric predicts the winner of the 2020 Presidential elections

Trump shall be victorious, through the Rosary Prayers to Our Lady.

Behold, American University Professor Allan Lichtman uses a system he created of 13 “keys” that he uses to reliably predict who will win the White House. And he has been seemingly prophetically correct in every election since 1984. But note that he does not claim to be a prophet, but rather, he admits that there are things at play that could reverse his current predictions of who shall win. Although Allan Lichtman’s numbers say Biden defeats Trump, a closer analysis of his 13 questions say that a reversal of his prediction is possible: Number 12: The incumbent-party candidate is charismatic or is a national hero, could reverse back to Trump’s favor with his coming victory over COVID-19. And also, Number 8: There is no sustained social unrest during the term, could be mitigated by voter suppression in the areas where this unrest is taking place, especially among those doing that unrest, such as by handing out felony charges to rioters doing damage, and by requiring rioters to appear in court and to pay court fees. Also, Allan Lichtman admits that Russian interference could also change the results to be back in favor for Trump. These last two things Allan Lichtman admits to keeping him up at night. For remember that he is not a prophet. Rather, he is going about these predictions scientifically, using a simple mathematical method that, though it has held up accurately so far in history, since 1984, there is no guarantee that any such scientific model will continue to hold up in the future. That is where science differs from prophecy. A prophet sees the future, or receives instructions from a higher being. His accuracy has to do with who he is listening to, and who is showing these visions to him. In contrast, the scientific method, which Allan Lichtman is clearly using, has no guarantee of accuracy, but only has a track record of not having yet failed. Also, realize that, as a scientific method, the predictions that it predicts changes with changes to facts on the ground. So, for example, Allan Lichtman’s system had Trump winning before COVID-19 came upon the scene. A single event can change anything. And science is not prophecy.

But Eric is a prophet. And God speaks to Eric. And so, let us ask the Lord: Lord who do You say will win the November 3, 2020, Presidential elections? Trump or Biden? What sayest Thou, O’ Lord? Continue to pray that extra rosary you now do each day for Trump’s victory over Biden, all the way to the elections, and I will see to it that Trump defeats Biden. And let those in the audience come and join in this effort with Eric by also praying a daily Rosary for Trump’s victory over Biden. Amen. For that is another factor that is not considered in Allan Lichtman’s model. He does not factor in religion, prayer, and God. And least of all, he has not factored in Azurite.

So there you have it. God guarantees Trump will defeat Biden in the November 3, 2020, elections, providing that Eric, who is called Azurite, continues to pray that extra Rosary each day for Trump’s victory over Biden. But don’t just rely on Eric to do this on his own. If you, too, know the Rosary prayers, and you wish for this victory for Trump in the cause of the pro-life, conservative right, then you, too, must join into this effort by also praying a daily Rosary for Trump’s victory. And also note this, the Rosary prayer only works in praying for those who oppose abortion. But for those who approve of abortion, no amount of Rosary prayers will ever help them in their election bids.

Lord, what is Eric’s fate? Does he enter into the priesthood, O’ Lord and God? Yes, lord Larimar. Your fate is to become a priest, ordained in the Roman Catholic Church. And when does this calling take place? For I have been instructed by God to not tell any priest of my calling until after I have been cured. I will cure you soon. In the meantime, study what you are given to study. You are currently reading a book about the Septuagint. Continue reading that book. For the casual reader, the Septuagint is the name given to the first full ancient translation from the Hebrew Old Testament to another language, which was Koine Greek. Most Jews at that time knew Greek, but not Hebrew. And so this translation was made so that Jews could read the scriptures in their contemporary language. This work was started by 72 translators in Alexandria, Egypt, which had been assumed into Alexander the Great’s Empire, which was subsequently divided up by his generals after his death. But by that conquest, Koine Greek become the common lingua franca in those lands, and it remained such for centuries, encompassing the days of Jesus. Hence, New Testament writers, who mostly wrote in Koine Greek, quoted the Old Testament from the Greek Septuagint, rather than from the ancient Hebrew.

It is because a translator of scriptures must translate a passage as he understands or thinks the original author intended to mean, each subsequent translation from an original source can inject errors of translation. Hence, quoting a Holy Bible is insufficient to prove any point, by the simple reason that that passage in your Bible may contain an error in the translation. Hence, the modern day Bible thumper who says, “Well, that’s what my Bible says,” is a fool. Rather, Jesus set up the Catholic Church and gave her the power to correctly interpret the scriptures free of error. This is called the Magisterium, and it is one of the three legs that support the Church, the other two being the deposit of faith, which includes the scriptures, and Holy Tradition. Eliminate one of those three legs, and that Church will fall. Amen.

Ask any Protestant why his particular translation of the Holy Bible, such as the King James version that many Protestants in English speaking countries like, is guaranteed to be without error, and he will have no answer. If he says the Holy Spirit guided the translators, then ask him from where is the belief based? On what basis does this belief rest? Is it based on anything written in the scriptures? No scriptural passage prevents a translator from mistranslating scripture. This is simple common sense logic. And by what authority did the Protestants acquire to make their own translations free of error? No Biblical verse gives them such authority. If God did give them such authority, why do they have so much differences in what the translations say. For the Holy Spirit would not contradict Himself. Furthermore, if a Protestant firmly believes his particular Church is correct, why are there so few such churches in the world? And if he then believes that there are multiple correct churches of different denominations, then he is a blasphemer, for Christ said clearly that he has only one flock. He does not lead his people in many flocks, but has only one. (John 10:16). Amen.

Eric, do you rule over any Kingdom anymore upon the land? No, for all of that was make believe. I have no Kingdom and I am no King. Maybe I will be given a Kingdom to rule over in the Age to come, but I have no Kingdom in this world. Amen.

Correct, Eric. You rule nothing in this world. And all who think they do are dupes of Satan. Amen. Hence, there is no Kingdom of Azurite. And there is no Larimar King, nor an Azurite King. And the time I was Emerald was when I was heavily deceived by demons that I had power over the world. But in reality, it was just demonic power, which is worthless, and which cannot be used to do anything that is truly good. So, O’ Lord, the setting up of the Emerald Pawns was of no value? All this effort to change the world comes at the expense of changing oneself inwardly so that one finds Jesus and is saved. For the world and what is in it are distractions. The man who follows Christ learns to let go of all worldly things. That myth of the Jedi being the guardians of the universe is a false teaching. The universe does not need to be guarded. Rather the true monk of the true religion enters the Kingdom inwardly. He goes inside himself and finds God inside.

Now, O’ Lord, it is written that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. Yes, the only Way into My Kingdom is to become attached to the vine. And that vine is the Catholic Church. He who is cut off from the vine dies. Hence, all churches that broke away from Catholicism are dead branches fit for burning. For the center of Catholicism is the Mass, which has the feast of the body and blood of Jesus in the species of bread and wine. Without consuming that spiritual food, no one can be saved. And those who consume it regularly, providing they do so in a state of grace, these produce much fruit for My Kingdom. But those who are cut off from this vine are dead, even if they go through the same motions, as can be seen in every Orthodox and eastern Church cut off from Rome. Amen.

Lord, is it necessary for the Catholic Church to remain based in Rome? For what if the Muslims overrun Italy and sack Rome? Can the Catholic Church base its popes somewhere else and remain the one valid Church? Yes, Eric, and this has happened before in the Avignon Papacy, from 1309 to 1376, in which seven successive popes were based in Avignon, which is now a part of France, instead of in Rome. Hence, there is nothing magical about Rome that requires the papacy to be located there. If Europe became too dangerous a place for the pope to reside in, he could move the seat of the papacy to the Americas, such as locating the papacy to the very safe Catholic nation of Costa Rica, where one may drink water from the tap. Also, Costa Rica is very close to the Panama Canal, and has both an Atlantic coastline, in the Caribbean, and a Pacific coastline. Hence, Costa Rica could be an ideal place to relocate the Vatican in the event of a Muslim takeover of Italy and Rome.

Eric, why not relocate the Vatican to a place in the United States of America or Canada? The United States Constitution may prohibit the United States government from giving a city to the Roman Catholic Church, or a part of a city, as the ruler of Italy did for the Roman Catholic Church, where Catholicism was the state religion. And Canada now has draconian laws against the Catholic Church.

But I thought you were now ruler over all these nations. If you are such a ruler, why don’t you flex some muscle and force Canada into compliance with Catholicism. Not even God can transform a people who have rejected Him back into a God-fearing nation.

Then of what value is your Kingdom, Eric, if you cannot make them Catholic? The true Kingdom is the Hidden Kingdom, known only to Christ Jesus. And it is He, not I, who rules over this Kingdom. And the Hidden Kingdom consists of every person who belongs to Christ, everyone that He acknowledges as His. Amen.

Then there is no real Kingdom but this hidden Kingdom. And every other kingdom under the sun consists of just lines serving as borders drawn into the sand. That is correct, Eric. You are well endowed with understanding, knowledge, and wisdom.

But Eric, what I don’t understand is why you chose a mammoth to represent the victory of Trump and the Republicans in the coming November election. For isn’t a mammoth an extinct elephant? I chose the mammoth to represent a revival of the past. Eventually, the mammoth did go extinct, but during its day, it was one of the most successful megafauna upon the earth. Another question that may follow this is what does the Republican Party do when all elephants have gone extinct in the wild? For elephants are on retreat everywhere. Before they go extinct, there shall be an effort made to genetically miniaturize the elephants so that they can be bred and raised on small plots of land. And the same technique will be applied to the rhinos. Imagine the lucrative opportunities of breeding miniature elephants and rhinos to produce high quality ivory and rhino horn for the then legal markets open to such farmed livestock? Lord, is this destined to take place? If time left allows for such, then men shall unravel the mysteries of genetics to allow them to do such feats.

Also, note that in the kitchens of the future, the protein sources of foods will be based on crickets and other suitable insects that can be bred easily for food. And to My Jewish friends out there, realize that crickets are fully defined as clean foods in the Law of Moses. (Leviticus 11:21-22). Were John the Baptist to have truly subsisted on a diet of locusts and wild honey, those locusts, which are like crickets, would have fully satisfied all his bodily protein needs. (Mark 1:6).

Lord, what now happens with my father, mother, and my two brothers, David and Mark? For I am not going to marry nor have any form of girlfriend. And my father and mother seem to be both slipping into dementia in different ways. David is like a dragon hoarding his mountain of gold. And Mark seems penniless and broke and hopelessly in debt, as he struggles to provide for his family, which always seems to be on the brink of divorce. Only your brother Mark do I plan to save. For only he is following Me, though imperfectly in a Protestant church. But I will bring him into My flock and save him. As for the rest of your family, they all stopped following Me decades ago and never returned. So I have rejected them Do not even mention their names. For those who inhabit hell have no names anymore. Amen.

Lord, do you still plan on me buying a new car by this year’s end, and giving my current car to Mark for free, or charging a tiny amount to keep taxes low for Mark? The promise that you were to buy a new 2021 Avalon Hybrid was from Satan. I make no such promises to My people. Rather, I promise to always provide for all My people. And how you measure out, so shall it be measured out to you. (Matthew 7:2). What you need, I will provide, but luxuries and excesses of wealth are never from Me. I Am the Lord.

Now, one last thing I will say unto thee. And it is this. Trump is an obtuse and bumbling man, but he serves the interests of the Christian right in their war for survival against the wicked. That does not make Trump a saint or a saved man, just as Roman Emperor Constantine’s great services to the Catholic Church did not make him a saint or saved. For I know who are Mine. And I save those I know. You are known to Me. And Mark is entering into My knowledge. But as for the rest of the people of your family, and people in general, very few, even among Christians, even among Catholics, do I know or acknowledge as Mine. For whosoever believes that they follow Me, but who hates their neighbor, they have deceived themselves, and My Truth is not in them. At least Mark is trying to find and to follow Me. For it is written, “A bruised reed I will not break; a smoldering wick I will not quench.” (Isaiah 42:3 & Matthew 12:20). For whosoever seeks Me I will protect and lead him. And if his faith in Me is proven, I will not allow him to die outside My Catholic Church. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Eric, this is your final post on It is the 277th extant post. And 277 is the 59th prime number. And 59 is the 17th prime number. And 17 is the 7th prime number. Amen. You are free to do as you shall from now on. And you are no longer a prophet called to prophesy to the people. Hence, you prophesied from Sunday, July 23, 2017 to Sunday, October 4, 2020, inclusive, which is a total of 1170 days. I hereby release you as My prophet. I will still speak to you, but no longer for public consumption. Nor will you return to writing in secret journals. Know that you have been saved. Keep your promises that you have made to Me regarding Hyacinth. You are to send her no more money. And as for your purpose in this life, whether it is the priesthood, the married life, or the celibate laity, realize I do not bind you to enter any of these vocations. Instead, follow Me as I have led you. And I will continue to lead you to green pastures and clear running waters. And Mary, My Mother, loves you and will help you in all ways. If Trump does not win the elections, the world is not lost. And if you fail to keep yourself perfectly clean, confession is always there to restore you to grace. For I expect perfection from no man and from no woman. What I expect is that My people never give up on Me. And whosoever never gives up on Me, I will not give up on him. Amen.

Lord, I cannot be one of Your Two Witnesses then, am I correct? Only Revelation 6:2 ever was applied directly to you in all the scriptures. And the times of the fulfillment of that prophecy are now permanently in the past. Amen. You are now free to go, Eric. Nothing more do you owe to prophetic history. And note that no one, not even you, can know or have any ideas as to when I shall come again. I Who Am have spoken. Go now, Eric, and pursue what thou shall. For the days are many until the end. Amen.

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