The Storm Dancer Reborn

Behold, the Storm Dancer is now the Cloud Prancer. Amen

Behold, Eric is now reborn. Eric, who is Hyacinth now to you? She is my eternal platonic friend, O’ Lord. But I will never marry nor ever have sex. Amen. Good, you have mastered your emotions, and your will controls your heart. You are not like the natural men who must constantly satisfy their needs in the flesh. Rather, you are above all flesh and no flesh will turn you. Nor are you under the prison you were once in called that prison of pornography. Yes, pornography destroys souls. And whatever soul visits a porn site and dwells in that garbage becomes impure. Amen. The pure man, though he may gaze upon classic nudes such as Michelangelo’s David, he will not fall to lust nor enter into any shameful behavior. Nor will the sight of any classic nude turn him to look further for unclean nudes, which is the nature of all porn. All porn is unclean and leads to uncleanliness. And thus, if anything leads you to commit wrongdoing, realize it is not good for you and you must avoid it.

Lord, I have been praying rosaries for President Trump. Keep praying your rosaries. And this goes to all Americans who don’t want this country to come under the power of Lucifer-Man, the Player behind Joe Biden. He does not have to rule this nation. He might take Canada, but he will not take the United States of America. And why would You allow him to take Canada, O’ Lord? The homosexuals already have firm control of that nation. Hence, whoever in Canada quotes a Bible passage against a homosexual there is severely penalized and heavily fined. It is not a good place to live for the man who does not want to die in the fire that rained down from God on Sodom and Gomorrah.

Lord, earlier You said that we are now in that time at the end of the figurative thousand years in which Satan has been released, and that it began with the reign of Obama, and the papacy of Pope Francis. In other words, the Player Pyrite ushered in the Age of Abomination in which Satan is now released to cause many to commit sin. Sir Eric, it was not Pyrite or any power on earth or in hell that brought about this age that has come, but rather, God the Father established the appointed day of Satan’s release, an He has released him. Lord the Protestants said the Tribulation lasts for only seven years. But longer, it seems, that the years have been. No one knows the day or the hour but Me, the Father in heaven. But I will tell you this, so that your heart may be at ease. You are not leaving the United States of America, nor are you rising up from this land until I have completely slaughtered the power of the evil one and left his carcass on the fields to be a feast for buzzards and vultures.

Let me tell you another Bible passage that refers to you directly in the current age. “As I was reflecting, a he-goat with a prominent horn on its forehead suddenly came up from the west across the whole earth without touching the ground. It approached the two-horned ram I had seen standing by the river, and rushed toward it with savage force. I saw it attack the ram with furious blows when they met, and break both its horns. It threw the ram, which had not the force to withstand it, to the ground, and trampled upon it; and no one could rescue it from its power. The he-goat became very powerful, but at the height of its power the great horn was shattered, and in its place came up four others, facing the four winds of heaven. (Daniel 8:5-8).

I, the Holy Spirit, will now interpret this passage correctly, lord Eric, exactly as it applies to you. You are the one horned he-goat, a most powerful Player. The two-horned ram you see is Lucifer-Man and Vesper the two Players that you are about to destroy. Their two horns are Lucifer-Man’s Joe Biden and Vesper’s Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Both of these you shall utterly defeat with the speed of lightening coming from the far west, as a one man army that touches no ground. As an overwhelming force, you will completely defeat both the homosexuals of the west and the dragon powers of the east. I Who Am have spoken.

And then what, O’ Lord, after lord Eric has completely wiped out the insolent and reestablished Catholicism throughout all the land? Does the great Unicorn die then? Is his horn then shattered? After you have ruled Christendom for the forty-two years I have assigned you to reign over it, you die. And in your place, I will establish other rulers, dividing the Kingdom of Christendom among those four. One part will be Azurite, the Kingdom over which you are eternally ruler over. Another part will be Latin America, the Kingdom I shall assign to Queen Ester. And the third part will be the Union of European States (UES) which is yet to come to be, but will form under your rule. And the fourth Kingdom shall be Russia and the Russian sphere of influence. over Russia will rule King Dominic for all eternity. And over Europe will rule King Charlemagne II. Amen.

That these four leaders face the four winds of heaven indicates that this passage refers to Spiritual Reign of the Four who rule forever. Amen. What follows these verses in the scriptures is of little concern, for the application of this passage concerns events that are beyond this age and into the eternal phase.

Lord, since I die at the shattering of the horn, who then rules the Kingdom of Azurite? Do I somehow come back to life? Am I resurrected? Or does My rule over that Kingdom exist in heaven and no longer on the earth? Or is this a matter for the eternity to come? The prince who then rules your Kingdom of Azurite is King Larimar II, the second King of your two-king Dynasty. He succeeds you to the throne. But that cannot be, for I will never marry and I will never have sex. But lord Eric, have you not also said you will obey? When We say to you, “There she is, that is the one,” Will you heed Us and obey Us? Or will you reject the calling of the Holy Spirit for you to enter holy matrimony with the girl chosen for you by God? By what sign will you send to me by which I will know that God intends for me to marry her and that this is not Satan and one of his tricks? This is the sign. Your brother Mark will convert and enter into My Catholic Church at the first sight he has of the girl I Am giving to you when he sees you and her together in complete holiness and sinlessness. Amen. That is My deal with you. And you well know that Satan is powerless to work any real conversions. Amen. Now, obey Us when We give you this girl, and when you see the sign I have now told you of, you will remember that this was the sign I told you of beforehand, and you will then be assured that this girl you will have received is from Me, and that you are meant to marry her and have a son by her. Amen.

Okay, O’ Lord, I am not a man who rejects signs that clearly come from God. I am not like the unbelieving Pharisees who said to Jesus on the cross, “Let the Messiah, the King of Israel, come down now from the cross that we may see and believe.” (Mark 15:32). Apparently, you scoffers in hell, and I know you hear me, Jesus chose to let you die in your sins and go, consequently, to hell where you are now. Let that teach you a lesson, as you burn in those ghastly fires of your horrific damnation, and in your eternal pains as you are burned and tortured by the host of demons laughing and jeering at you for all eternity unto eternity. Amen.

Lord Larimar, do not mock the dead. For you, too, shall die. And then you, too, will see the many ways in which you were mistaken and how you were misled. No one goes through life in this world without falling into some sort of folly or error that has to do with this world. Therefore, mock not the dead, but pity them. For the dead can no longer correct their mistakes. The dead can no longer repent or undo any of their errors and sins. There are people who outright hated someone in this world only to find out, on the other side, how much they had totally misunderstood the one they had hatred for.

And imagine the horrors that await those who have aborted a baby. In the next world, that slaughter of that baby in their womb is replayed before their very eyes over and over again. And they see that dead baby there, hanging and alone and condemned for all eternity, having been denied by their actions from the very possibility of being saved. And if that parent is somehow saved, imagine their welcome to heaven. Imagine them facing Jesus and Mary. How can such a soul look them in their eyes? Are they entering into heaven after having killed their unborn? Does God love them or favor them over the unborn baby that they sent to hell? How can they even bring themselves to face God? Answer Me, Eric! Does any girl who has aborted her baby ever go to heaven? Answer me now! Only if by the sacraments offered by the Catholic Church, the guilt of her evil deeds has been removed. Good, lord Larimar. I approve of your judgement. You will make an excellent priest.

Lord, If I become a priest, I cannot marry. Do you now say I am to be a priest? If I make you a priest, will you remain in your state of perfect celibacy and continence? Yes, for that is what is called for on the part of your ordained priests. Excellent. Yes, I do make you a priest. And now I tell you another Truth. We were only testing you regarding King Larimar II, son of Eric. There shall be no such soul. Okay, O’ Lord, I look forward to entering into the seminaries. When do I enter? I will now utter a prophecy unto you. If this prophecy comes to pass, then you will know that your pathway into the priesthood is assured. And if not, marry the girl We give you who by your brother Mark’s conversion, We show to you that she is from God. Do you agree to this test? I agree and will comply, on condition that the signs you show prove to be of divine origin by coming to pass. I now swear under My Throne unto thee, lord Amorcist, that you will be approached by a girl. Lord how is that a sign? Any devil can send his Succubus to me and lead me to hell if I follow her. And the girl will beckon you to come to her. Tell me, O’ Lord, are you Satan? As you step one step in her direction, you will experience all the cures I have promised you. Amen. That is My sign that you are to obey the instructions that this girl gives to you. Answer My question, O’ Lord. I AM God, and Mary is the Mother of God, Virgin of virgins, Mother of the Divine Word that came from her womb, having come down from heaven, and Who lived on the earth, taught and preached, and healed the multitudes, and died on the cross, rose from the dead, and is seated next to Me at My right hand for all eternity unto eternity. Amen. When you see this sign, obey this girl and do as she says. Do you agree? I do, O’ Lord. It shall be the Words of this girl, not the sight of a priest, who shall explicitly tell you precisely what your vocation is to be. And you will be bound to do as she says when this sign comes to pass, for by this sign, which you will know Satan cannot replicate, you will know I sent her. For Satan is not a healer, but only God. Amen.

Very well, O’ Lord, I agree to all of this. But what about Satan and his girls? What if Satan sends his own girl to approach me and it is she who beckons me to come to her? Eric, do you remember that stunningly beautiful girl you observed many times at Church? And do you remember why you never went to her? It is because, O’ Lord, You had revealed to me the impurity of her soul. Then, if the Holy Spirit revealed this to you in that case so that you never approached her, will not the Holy Spirit even now also reveal to you the spiritual nature of the girl you will see beckon to you? Yes, O’ Lord. I know that You will tell me her true nature, and whether I should take that step towards her or whether I should not. Now go and feed and walk your dog. When you get back, we will continue this post. Amen.

Lord I am back, and I have reflected over my fate. And I have realized that my vocation cannot involve any girl. It can only be celibacy and virginity. I cannot marry and have sex, no matter who says what to me. Amen. Hence, that is the wrong answer to say the Kingdom of Azurite is inherited by King Larimar II, the son of Eric. For there is no and never can be a son of Eric. So answer the question. Who rules over the Kingdom of Azurite when I die and ascend to heaven, and the Kingdom of Christendom is divided up to the four winds? For I will no longer be here to reign over it, right?

I have appointed you to reign, Eric. There is no girl in this world who will come close to claiming you as her husband. Hyacinth will never be granted to have that access to you. And whatever other girl fancies you, I will prevent her approach. Rather, your place is the throne where you shall rule My Catholic nations, enforcing My Catholic edicts, and you thus shall bring about the prophesied Great Restoration of the Catholic Church. There is no other like you, nor shall there ever be. I will keep you alone and solitary. And you will walk the Way to heaven that have led you on to your utter perfection. You have drunk from My cup. You will receive My baptism. But not a hair on your head will be touched.

Lord, is Trump vulnerable to contracting COVID-19 and possibly dying or being forced to resign from the Presidency, making Mike Pence the President? Yes, he will come down with the disease. And he will be incapacitated by it. And yes, Mike Pence will be the acting President then. Is this how the Presidency of Trump comes to an end, O’ Lord? Look at the news, and I will tell you. Lord, I have looked. What sayest Thou? Tell Me, lord Larimar, how many months has Trump reigned as President so far? He has reigned 3 years and 8 months and 11 days. That is 44 months and 11 days. And what do the Oriental cultures say about the numeral 4? They say it signifies death. Yes, the Chinese cultures say the number 4 is a bad omen and an unlucky number and a sign of death. And from where did Trump say COVID-19 was sent from? He believes China sent it on purpose. Lord, the news says Trump has tested positive for COVID-19, and this has occurred 44 months and 11 days into his Presidency. Will he die? Will he be incapacitated? Or will the effect it has on him be mild?

Lord, allow me to make My vows and decrees. I hereby vow myself to be eternally celibate and virgin. Let no girl approach me seeking to take that away from me. Amen. Good, lord Larimar. Consider that prophecy mentioned earlier as having vanished. No girl is approaching you. And the only girl that would ever beckon you to her will be the impure succubi that the devil sends to you to destroy you. And what about Hyacinth? She is a perennial romantic interest in my life. Will you take her away before anything terrible happens between us, O’ Mary Mother of God and my Lord Jesus Christ? Very well, Eric. Since you wish to be free of her, We make you free. Yes, the girl who seeks romance with Our candidates for the priesthood, We definitely take them away from them when they request it, every time, absolutely. Well, my Lord, then I do make that request. Take Hyacinth away from me. I do not want to lose my celibacy and my virginity with her or with any other. Please take her away from Me O’ Lord and O’ Mary. Amen. Eric, this is Our sign with you. If you never hear from Hyacinth again then you are called to the priesthood. Amen. And you know that no power but God can take away that perennial romantic interest from your life. I agree to this sign, O’ Lord. Let it take place. And if it takes place, I promise I will never give up on the quest to become Your priest. Eric, you will only give up on this quest if no bishop agrees to make you his priest. We will send you where you are to go. Do not shop around for a church that will sponsor you. If the church we send you to rejects you, then return to your IT sector job. For that will be Our sign that you have been rejected to enter My priesthood. Amen. For I Am not a man that I make mistakes. And it will be to Father Edward Becker of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church that I will send you to. And you will be sent to him immediately after you have been fully cured. And I Am curing you this very weekend. Amen. For you are worthy and I have found you qualified for My priesthood. Amen.

As for President Trump, he has been infected with the virus, COVID-19, but he will only be mildly impacted by the disease. Now, do as We say and obey Our commands. Lord, does Joe Biden win in the elections, or does President Trump? Will you remain standing at Firefly’s side in her battle against Lucifer-Man? Yes I will, O’ Lord. I promise You that. Pray one extra rosary each day for Trump’s triumph over Biden all the way to the elections, and Trump will defeat Biden. I promise to do this, O’ Lord. Good. Then expect Trump to win another four years. Amen.

Lord Eric, I hereby grant you a life with a girl. It will not be with Hyacinth, but with another, one whom We have selected for you. And you will marry her but never have sex. Amen. We will cure you soon. If the cures We cure you with take place not at any Church, nor in the presence of any priest, take this as the sign that you are called to this celibate married life that We now announce to you. As for who this girl shall be, realize that We will send her to you immediately. You will see her immediately after this post has been published. Amen.

And by these signs, you will know you are to remain in the IT sector of work. As for your current line of employment, if you are going in to the office today, regard it as such. Your boss will convert to My religion, and his company shall be saved. But should the next time you go in be next week, realize We will have taken you away from him, and his company shall founder. Amen.

Now promise Me this, and all will go well with thee. Promise Me that whoever We send to you, should you see the signs of which We have spoken, that you will remain with her to the end of time. I promise You this, O’ Lord. Then We have a deal. The one We will send to you comes this weekend. Go to confession this coming Saturday. After you have confessed all your sins, the girl We are sending to you shall enter into your life. Oracle of the Lord. And you will remain in perfect celibacy and virginity with her forever and ever. Amen.

Now, go eat your breakfast, and when you come back, We shall conclude this post. Amen. And note that you are about to realize your destiny. Amen. Lord, my right knee hurts. Today it shall be cured. Amen. Lord, I am back, and I heard the report that Biden is to win the elections. Is this the case? It is, lord Larimar. And you are to be to the Biden Administration what My Prophet Elijah was to King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. For Joe Biden will rule as did King Ahab, and his Vice President, Kamala Harris, will rule as did his wife, Jezebel. Amen. And you will be the voice of one crying out in the desert, but this voice they will not extinguish, until My full Word has been spoken through you. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

So, Trump loses and Biden wins? That is correct. How long does Biden reign for? Until 2024, when you conquer Lucifer-Man’s Pawn with your own. So let us now refresh our look at the Twelve Players of the game called Earth:

  1. Emerald (1st of 3 Elven Kings) Gorbachev, Reagan, Bush senior, de Klerk, Yeltsin, Rabin. – Pope John Paul II.
  2. Ebony (1st of 7 Heads) Nelson Mandela.
  3. Crimson (2nd of 7 Heads) Wars in the Caucasus, the Balkans, and Somalia.
  4. Vesper (3rd of 7 Heads) Bill Clinton, Ehud Barak, Vladimir Putin, and others.
  5. African Death Grip (4th of 7 Heads) Wars, Deaths, and Destruction in all of Africa.
  6. Twilight (2nd of 3 Elven Kings) George W. Bush, Ariel Sharon, and others. – Pope Benedict XVI.
  7. Pyrite (5th of 7 Heads) Obama. – Pope Francis.
  8. Firefly (3rd of 3 Elven Kings) Sarah Palin, Trump, Bolsonaro, Boris Johnson.
  9. Mercury (6th of 7 Heads) Arab Spring.
  10. Contradiction (Lucifer-Man) (7th of 7 Heads) Biden – 666 – Pope Peter II.
  11. Azurite (who was Emerald) (1st of 3 Elven Kings) Navalny – Pope John XXIV
  12. Jesus Christ (King of kings and Lord of lords) – Himself

So, O’ Lord, you say that the next two popes to succeed Pope Francis will be Pope Peter II, followed by Pope John XXIV, in that order? That is correct, lord Azurite. And after Pope John XXIV reigns, Jesus comes, O’ Lord? That is correct, lord Azurite. Amen. And Jesus comes to be the final Player in that game, O’ Lord? That is correct.

Now, ask Me anything, and then you shall publish this work. Amen. Do I reign over the Kingdom of Azurite, as it has been defined, forever? And do I reign over all of Christendom for forty-two years? To both questions I answer with yes. There shall be no son nor heir to follow you. Hence, you shall retain your rulership forever. And over Christendom, this Kingdom is never divided up to the four winds, for this time the unicorn horn does not shatter. This time, your reign does not come to an end. Amen.

One last piece of advice I give unto you. Do not look back at any of the things I Am taking you away from. And you are going the moment the Antichrist is revealed. And that Antichrist is the power behind Joe Biden. Amen. Now publish this post, for it is complete. Amen.

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