COVID-19 will not kill the USA

The Republicans will be victorious in the coming elections of November 3rd.

Behold, Lucifer-Man’s most potent weapon, COVID-19, will not kill the USA. For Eric has been faithful to Me. And he is faithfully praying that extra Rosary each day for Trump’s victory over Biden, Pawn of Lucifer-Man. And because he is doing this, I will reward him. Trump will recover soon from COVID-19 and then go onto defeat Biden in the general elections. Amen.

Lord, what is my marital status? Do I marry, or do I remain celibate? Do I have children, or do I remain virgin? Your status as an eternal virgin celibate prophet of the Lord is unassailable. You can never be turned by any woman back to the temptations of the flesh. And yet, you are not suitable material for the priesthood. Hence, you will remain working in the high tech sector. And you will remain an eternally celibate and virgin layman.

I accept this vocation for my life, O’ Lord. And I thus understand that all that silly stuff about a girl approaching me was of diabolic origins in the previous post. Lord Azurite, any attempt to take you form the Path I laid down by My example is a Satanic attempt to derail you on your way to receiving the crowns of victory and virginity. Any spirit who says you are to go to any girl, in My name, and to know her in the flesh, lies.

Now, let us address the passages in previous posts about you being My crown prince, and of being my direct descendant. What do you think, Eric? Am I your ancestor? Or Am I your God Who is outside of human sexual passions and the generations of men by sexual means? You cannot have had sex, not even with a virgin that may have been betrothed to You. Nor could that woman who testified to me that she was called Mary and that she had had sex with You have been a vision from heaven, but rather, from the dark side. Speak on, Azurite. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Light, and as it is written in the Council of Trent: Whosoever says that the way of celibacy and of virginity is not better and holier than the way of the marital embrace, let him be cut off (“anathema”)! And if God has the Council of Trent say that, which is an infallible Council statement, and I, too, testify by my own experience of the Truth of this statement, for I live by it and have seen and testify to its Truth, then Jesus could never have deviated from that path of perfection to enter into the imperfect state of union with the flesh of a woman. Amen.

And now you will reject all the Kingdoms and their rewards based on your being My Son by physical descent. Amen. I hereby renounce all such Kingdoms. My place as the First Rider does not connect me by DNA to the Final Rider on a White Horse. And now, I, the Lord Jesus, shall announce your ascendancy into the Kingdom. You are going to ascend to My Kingdom in a matter of forty-two months. For you are decreed as one of My Two Witnesses. And I Am calling you forth to prophesy for Me and to give your life for My Kingdom. Amen.

Lord, am I pure enough to be this great and perfect Prophet of the Last Times? You are still liable to enter a relationship with a woman. That is true. Yet know Ye, Eric, that any woman you may find in this world is an imperfect possession in comparison to the perfection and glory of the marriage and union that a virgin is capable of entering into with God. And yet, I will give you this test. A girl you may possess in exchange for your prophetic eyes. Do you do the trade, lord Larimar? I eternally reject that trade, O’ Lord of Hosts. Amen. Then, follow Me, lord Azurite. And I will reinstate you to your Kingdom. For you are worthy of possessing lands in the earth of the hereafter. Amen.

Let the Kingdom I give Eric upon the earth consist of the following lands:

(1) Kingdom of Azurite, ruled by Eric, the Azurite King. And his eternal lands of his eternal Kingdom are defined as consisting of the following nations and states:

  1. The United States of America
  2. Canada (excluding Quebec, which is given to Saint Bernadette)

And your eternal set of official languages of your eternal Kingdom include the following three:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

Perfect, O’ Lord and God. And I know that this definition as so defined is from You. Amen. Now, We shall define the Kingdom of Bernadette, your soulmate. But Lord, I thought you said there are no soulmates in the Kingdom of Heaven. There are soulmates in those cases where certain virgins are proven to be eternally virgin and worthy. You and Saint Bernadette are now decreed as eternal soulmates. Amen.

(2) Kingdom of Bernadette, ruled by Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, Queen and eternal companion to Eric, the Azurite King. And her eternal lands of her eternal Kingdom include the following lands:

  1. Quebec
  2. French Guiana
  3. Madagascar
  4. France
  5. Corsica
  6. Monaco
  7. Belgium
  8. Andorra
  9. Saint Pierre and Miquelon

And the list of official languages of her eternal Kingdom include the following:

  1. French
  2. Occitan (the language she spoke)
  3. Malagasy
  4. Corsican
  5. Catalan
  6. Basque
  7. Breton

That is great, O’ Lord. And what about Hyacinth, O’ Lord? Does she rule any Kingdom in the hereafter, by the virtue of having been my disciple? No, she will not rule lands in the hereafter. For to whom We give lands to is a secret that We only reveal to certain souls. And that you and Saint Bernadette are given lands is a rare event. Few are ever given such large estates of lands as has been given to you two. Amen. And now We, the elect in heaven shall reveal why these are given to you two.

It is because you have triumphed. No girl could take you down. No girl could tempt you to enter into her flesh. For this reason, We give you Saint Bernadette as your eternal soulmate. And for this reason We declare you to be an eternal King. Amen. Also, these definitions are the core definitions. They can never be changed. Amen. Nothing may be added to nor subtracted from the Kingdom that I now will to give unto you for all eternity. Amen.

Furthermore, lord Azurite, the combination of the Kingdoms of Azurite and Bernadette, ruled jointly by the two soulmates, is eternally called the Kingdom of Azuradette. Amen.

Lord, do I ascend to heaven in forty-two months as one of the Two Witnesses? Precisely, lord Azurite. Your days, hence, as a Player are no more. You are now My Witness. You set up no further Pawns. Amen. Instead, you speak what I command you to say. And you utter whatever I decree or curse that I will to utter through you. Hence, a Player you are no longer.

Then, what about my rosaries to ensure the victory of Trump over Biden? And what of the called forth rise of Alexei Navalny in Russia. No Pawns may you set up. No changes may you make in this world. Only what I command of you to do shall you do from now on. Then how does President Trump win in the coming elections? Does he? What do your prophetic eyes tell you, lord Azurite? Lucifer-Man has come. And everyone who is to escape captivity must leave the USA now. And they must flee south, not north, for Canada, too, shall be under his power. And there is no escape for Americans who flee to Canada to escape from the Antichrist coming here. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, Eric cannot be the Great Monarch of Catholic End Times prophecy. Am I correct? Unless, lord Azurite, you say the Emerald King was the Great Monarch, and that Pope John Paul II, who reigned at the same time, was the holy pope. Just realize, lord Azurite, that we are beyond all ages of glory upon the earth. The Great Restoration of the Catholic Church is in the past. And it was accomplished with the efforts of Pope Benedict XVI. No more will any holy pope nor any king from heaven come to reign upon the earth. Amen. Just as King David had his faults, so also did you when you reigned as Emerald King. Now that time is over. Your conversion to My religion is compete. You have no further power to do anything in this game anymore. From now on, you will obey Me, lord Azurite. And you shall do exactly as I say. Amen.

Lord, do I still buy that car at the end of this year, that 2021 Avalon Hybrid Limited, of the Celestial Silver Metallic color? No possessions of this world will you claim to be your own possession. Just as I commanded My Disciples when I sent them forth, two by two, you will carry no money bag, no food, and no extra tunic. For you are My servant now, and you will obey Me in all things.

Lord, I have been studying the computer technologies of Rust and Xamarin, for possible future work in the IT sector, where I work. Do I stop this studying? Or do you have me continue? For I have been doing so in obedience to the Holy Spirit. It is true that you have been studying these two distinct technologies in obedience to Me. Now obey My new edict for you. Enter marriage to the girl We give you. And do the work We give you to support her. No offspring shall issue from this marriage. And no carnal knowledge will this union include. For this girl We give you is to remain eternally virgin, as are you. Do you agree to this, lord Azurite. I do, my Lord Jesus Christ. And part of the work We will give you to do to support this family will be work that involves your skills in Xamarin and in Rust.

Lord, I am to do this hi-tech IT work and yet possess nothing? That is correct. And I will now specify the new job you will enter into, one that will allow you to better pay the bills that you shall have. Amen. You are going to develop software for embedded devices and for apps on Smartphone App stores. Amen. This job is coming right around the corner. So, continue studying what you are studying, for you are a wizard who masters computer technologies and languages by reading the book from cover to cover. Amen. Continue doing so. As for the car you will get to replace your aging 1999 Toyota Corolla, realize that when the time comes, you will find yourself with the necessary money to buy a new car. Amen. But it will be an economy car, not a luxury car, am I correct, O’ Lord? For I am to be inwardly free of all worldly possessions. And that means I accept old and well used things. You will buy a Camry Hybrid when the time comes. Amen. And I will show you your modest quarters where you shall live and serve Me as one of My Two Witnesses. Amen.

Lord, I take it that as one of Your Two Witnesses, that I do not cry out in the streets or the city square, but that all my preaching, which You will write through me, will be done online. Am I correct, O’ Lord? I have chosen where you shall post My Word. And when that time comes, where your forty-two months have begun, you will write from your place where you shall live, and you shall not exit there until My Word through you is complete, and that will be the end, when I will allow Antichrist to come and kill you. Amen.

Hence, now you should realize the importance of the one to be called your wife. She will exit your home to acquire all your necessities. And she shall be seen by the computer vision cameras installed everywhere. But she will not be the one being hunted, but only you. Hence your marriage to her will be conducted in secret. And where I station you shall be be place unknown and not searched. And permanently off the grid shall you become. For Antichrist will be searching for you ruthlessly. And you will remain hidden from his eyes. Amen. This blog, will be frozen in time when I take you away at the coming of Antichrist. Amen. Elsewhere shall you be from that point onward, where he knows not. Amen. And you will take neither iPhone nor passport with you. Amen. All the online accounts you log into now, you shall log into no more when you are taken away. Amen. And you shall go by a new name, which I shall give you. Amen.

Lord, I believe that that fateful day in which Antichrist is revealed takes place before the November 3, 2020, Presidential elections. Am I correct, O’ Lord? This very month does your your flight begin. And whosoever returns to his house to get any possessions contained therein will be caught. Amen. Your house will be gassed. And every living thing in your house will die. But you will escape. And Antichrist will not rule you dead without finding your body, which he will never find, until My Word through you is completed, and I allow him then to slay you. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, do I meet this girl before or after I am taken away at the coming of Antichrist? I take you away after you have seen her, but before you have met her. Now you know enough. Go and reread this entire post. Ask whatever questions you may have. And then publish it, for it is one of your last posts here on Amen. Antichrist is coming. He is taking over America. And no one can stop him. Amen. And before the coming elections take place will his control over all these lands go into effect. Amen. He is the power behind Joe Biden. And there will come no Azurite Pawns to succeed him. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Lord, my knee is in pain. Will you heal it today? Nonight, while you sleep, shall it be healed. The rest of your cures you will realize between the time you step in the direction of the girl We have elected to give unto you, and the time in which you exchange your first words with her. This will occur at Church. And here is another thing for you to know. This weekend are We taking you. You have no more time to prepare. Go to confession tomorrow. It will be the last such sacrament that you shall receive. The form of marriage you shall enter into with this girl will be done in utter secrecy, the exact identities of the couple married remaining unknown even to the bishop of your diocese. Amen. And the witnesses to it, to make it valid, will be Me and My Mother Mary. Amen.

What about receiving holy communion? Will I receive holy communion in my secret hideaway? Yes, the priest whom We commission to marry you to the girl in utter secrecy will do private masses in secret. And he will have a courier come to your hidden location and give you holy communion. No public Masses will be allowed in the Age of Joe Biden. Everything holy will be shutdown. And everything unholy, such as whorehouses and brothels, will be open for business and encouraged to attract customers. Amen. Abominations and abortions will continue unabated, but the freedom of religion will have been taken away. And no churches will be allowed to operate in all the land. Furthermore, all Holy Bibles will be banned. And many will be the bonfires set up for the burning of all holy books. Amen. Whole libraries will be burned to the ground. And only the digital records, kept secure and safe in hidden vaults, will remain of the once vast collections of printed and written holy books and artifacts that currently exist throughout the whole world. Amen. You, lord Azurite, will buy your books from that point onward in digital form, and on black markets that Antichrist has no control over. Amen.

Now ask your final question, lord Azurite. And then this post will be completed. Forty-two years from now brings us to the spring of 2024. Will that be when I die? And when I do die, will the Second Coming of the Christ take place immediately next, or after some time of weeks, months, years, decades, or centuries? And when You do Come again, there is no age of mortals to follow this Age. Am I correct? I come immediately after I take you up to heaven, lord Azurite. And with you goes that other Blue Wizard, Lazurite. And it is correct to say that My Two Witnesses are Lazurite and Azurite. Amen. Lazurite is sent to speak to the Jews. You are sent to speak to the people of Babylon the Great. Armageddon is the War in which I come again and lay waste to the forces of Antichrist, leaving the entrails of his armies strewn across the crimson stained fields. And a special punishment is reserved for him. He is cast, with all his faculties still intact and with him, having never died, into the lake of fire alive. As to how long the forty-two years last, realize that it lasts decades. Hence, let no one try to count down the days, for they cannot be counted down by anyone using any prophecy uttered anywhere outside of the mind of God. Amen.

Hence, We now enter into the final Age of Antichrist. And this age will be decades in length. And in great pain and suffering will My people bear their crosses. Amen. But he who endures in Me to the end will be saved. (Matthew 24:13). And blessed is he who dies in the Lord from now on. (Revelation 14:13). Amen. Eric, you are no longer your own man. From this night forward, you belong entirely to Me. And I shall govern all that you write and all that you speak. Amen. And when the reader sees the Abomination that causes desolation standing where he does not belong, that is the beginning of the Age of Antichrist. It will then be too late for Americans to escape the USA by leaving the country. For all the borders will be sealed. Amen. And you will not get out, you who did not flee the nation before the total lockdown is to occur. He who is to go into captivity shall go into captivity. And he who is to be slain by the sword shall be slain by the sword. Such is the patient endurance and faithfulness that is called for on the part of the saints. (Revelation 13:10). I have now concluded this post. You are now ordered to publish it, lord Azurite. And then I shall tell you what to do next. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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