Trump will claim victory in the November 3, 2020 elections.

I send My servant Azurite to help Trump and the Republicans claim victory this fall. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am do now speak through Eric, My servant. By the Lord God Himself, it is written in the stars that Eric and Firefly will, standing together, defeat the Democrats in the fall elections. Amen.

Now let us address the highly offensive Black men who judge White men, freely labeling them as White Supremacists, as if they have the right to make such a judgement! What outrage! How dare the Black man do such a thing! For to call a White man a White Supremacist is to commit a racist hate crime equal if not worse than that of a White man calling a Black man the N-word! Who does the Black man think he is? Who set the Black man up on a throne and told him that he may cast judgement on others?

And so, the Black man thoroughly condemned the good name of the late John Wayne, who by the way, did convert to Catholicism on his death bed and is now in heaven. This is all well documented. Look it up. And contrast this with their Black demigod, the one called Martin Luther King Junior. Where was he the night before he was assassinated? Martin Luther King Junior was in bed committing adultery with two White prostitutes the night before his death. Look it up! It is all well documented. And then Black people dare to complain about White people killing them? Adultery is a capital offense in the Law of Moses. He well deserved his death! Let the Black man no longer complain about when one of their own dies at the hands of a White police officer until they finally find a Black victim who was innocent. Then, that is when you raise your voice to be heard. That is when you are to cry out for justice. But don’t give Me your pitiful cries for justice when the Black man who died was one who well deserved to die that very death that his deeds merited him to! You don’t get to commit heinous crimes and then expect not to die for your wrongdoing. For the wages of sin is death.

For what are you Black men? What are you doing? Do model citizens behave as you do? No! You are looting, robbing, raping, and rioting away. You well deserve the defeat you shall experience at the elections this November! You well deserve to return to the slavery your ancestors were freed from. But realize that the modern penal slavery is not like the slavery your ancestors had. Your ancestors as slaves had no choice but to worship in the religion that their masters forced upon them. But penal slaves are different. Penal slave have the right to choose their own religion and to convert to whatever religion they choose. God thus destroyed the institution of Negro slavery precisely because it did not give the Blacks the right to choose their own religion. Modern penal slavery does in fact give the Blacks this very right. And many, I tell you, are the conversions to Christianity and Catholicism that occur within the prison walls. The inmates may not be physically free, but they are all given the opportunity to be spiritually free. And that is why God will never end the institution of penal slavery on the earth. For it serves His purpose to convert hardened criminals to come back to His grace. Amen.

Lord, it is eternal! I am finally completely celibate and virgin forever. I am never going back to consider married life or of having children. So I ask You, O’ Lord, the True Lord, reeducate me on what My rewards are and what is mine both here and hereafter. For Satan was often speaking in past words, telling me to marry and have a son. Tell me, finally, do I have a Kingdom in this world? And if so, how is it defined? And do I reign over half the world called Christendom? And if not, tell me so that I know the Truth. And tell me what is the Truth about Azuradette, because I did buy the domain name when the name first came to me. Speak, O’ Lord, for Your servant is listening. Amen.

All three questions you have asked I will now give answer to. Your Kingdom called Azuradette is make believe. It is a fantasy land that exists only in the minds of dreamers. There is no reality to it. But keep the domain name, for you will use it when you form your new company, to be called Azuradette, LLC. Amen. I will help you form it. And I will tell you more details about it later. For Azuradette is a memorable name, and one that people can easily remember and spell. Amen. It is the ideal name for the company I Am going to have you form in the soon future. Amen.

Now let us address the half of the world given to you and called Christendom. Yes, I have done this. I kept half the the land and put it in fallow. And the other half of the land I have chosen to develop and make Catholic. Lord, the half the world you have made Christendom under Eric is roughly most of the White nations and Hispanic nations, but excludes the the bulk of the African, dark Asian, Oriental, and Pacific Islander nations. Lord, I hear a Black voice cry out, “Racism!” What saith Thou to that charge against Thee? I Who Am have the right to favor one race over another, and one people over another. For are not My graces Mine to give according to My Own judgement? Let that Black man carefully refrain from judging God, for whosoever judges God dies from his sins. For it is written of Me, that My judgements are inscrutable. (Romans 11:33). And the wise man judges not his neighbor, least of all God. For it is the act of judging God that forms the first step in the pathway to damnation. Amen. For I Am not an equal to you, but Am, rather, your God. He who finds fault with God, woe unto that soul! He will hate God, and by that hatred, he will lose his place in My Kingdom, and another will rise to take his crown and his throne. Amen.

And as for a Kingdom for you to reign over in this world, did We, the elect in heaven, assign to Eric any lands here that he is ruler of or owner of either now or in eternity? Lord Larimar, you are the ruler of many lands. And great is the Kingdom given to you in your name. And Azurite is the name of this Kingdom in English spelling in the scrolls that the angels write in, recording all things down that take place upon the earth. Amen.

Now, now We shall thoroughly define both Kingdoms, with Azurite being a true subset of Christendom. Amen.

(1) Kingdom of Christendom, ruled eternally by Eric, the Larimar King. And his vast Kingdom, which he is commanded to make Catholic, consists of the following lands:

  1. All the states of North America
  2. All the states of South America
  3. All the Islands of the West Indies
  4. All the islands of the North Atlantic
  5. All the states of Europe
  6. The Russian Federation
  7. All the Christian nations of the Caucasus.

And of these lands there reign these twelve official languages:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Portuguese
  4. Russian
  5. French
  6. German
  7. Italian
  8. Polish
  9. Lithuanian
  10. Danish
  11. Greek
  12. Latin

Lord, the Black man objects, saying that all these twelve languages are White men’s languages. Why didn’t Eric add a native American language, or Haitian Creole, which has many Catholic speakers? It is because, lord Larimar, those chosen official European languages, all twelve of your Kingdom, have a much more rich evolutionary Christian history and development as Biblical languages than those American native languages and Haitian Creole, which have been exposed to Christianity for but a scant few generations at most. The chosen official languages are also languages into which the complete Catholic canon of the Holy Bible has been fully and competently translated into. Amen.

Now, We shall speak of the Subkingdoms of Eric’s Christendom:

(2) Viceroyalty of Azurite, ruled by lord Azurite, Viceroy of Azurite. And the lands of his viceroyalty include the following:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. Greenland
  4. The Republic of Ireland
  5. Northern Ireland
  6. The Isle of Man
  7. Wales
  8. England
  9. Bermuda
  10. The British Virgin Islands
  11. The United States Virgin Islands
  12. Puerto Rico
  13. The Dominican Republic
  14. Turks and Caicos Islands
  15. The Bahamas
  16. The Contiguous United States of America
  17. Hawaii

Lord, I notice that Greenland and Hawaii are now added to this Kingdom! How did that happen? Now go to bed. We shall compete this through you tomorrow morning.

I am up, my Lord, and it is still before dawn. It is by your obedience to Our directives that We have elected to include the archipelago state of Hawaii and the North Atlantic island nation of Greenland to your eternal set of lands. And let it be known this also: Puerto Rico and Greenland become states of the USA at the same time, making the number of stars on the United States flag increase from 50 to 52. And both of these states will include English as one of their listed official languages. Now, let us define the twelve languages that are made official in Eric’s Kingdom of Azurite:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Welsh
  5. Irish Gaelic
  6. Hawaiian
  7. Greenlandic
  8. Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin)
  9. Tagalog/Filipino
  10. Vietnamese
  11. Korean
  12. German

Good, lord Larimar, now no can can accuse you of being racist and a White Supremacist, for only six of your twelve official languages are White men’s languages. Greenlandic is native American. Hawaiian is Pacific Islander. Tagalog/Filipino is the native language of the Philippines. And Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean are East Asian languages of the Orient. And Cantonese and Mandarin are grouped together because they can understand the same written language in traditional Chinese characters. Good, lord Larimar. You have done My will.

But, the Black man stammers, I see no languages representing people of color from Africa? Why doesn’t Eric have Swahili, or Arabic, or something spoken in Africa on his list. And why does Eric include the Dominican Republic, where people are basically brown or mulatto, but excludes Haiti next door on the same island, where people are of jet Black African descent?

Arabic is the only sizable such language spoken in Africa that is also spoken in America, but due to its main usage as for reading the Koran, it is excluded. No other African languages have any significance in the seventeen nations or lands of Eric’s Kingdom. For the twelve languages chosen are chosen because they either have an official status in one of Eric’s seventeen lands, or else they have a great number of speakers. Also, it is required of all twelve languages that they have the complete Catholic Holy Bible translated to it to make it eternal. While Haitian Creole has many speakers in America, there is no complete Catholic Holy Bible translation made in that language.

“But I protest!”, cries out the Black man “Racism!”, cries out the Black man. “You are making excuses to exclude My Black brethren and the dignified people of color of African descent.” What sayest Thou to that Black man, O’ Lord? Black men, why must you jump to the accusation of racism each and every time you get slighted or rebuffed or rebuked and do not immediately get what you desire. There is no racial discrimination on Eric’s part here. He is not excluding African languages out of ill will to the Black African people. Just because the accomplishments of your racial groups do not measure up to meet Eric’s simple requirements does not mean that Eric is actively discriminating against you. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Lord Larimar, go and eat your breakfast, for dawn has come. Amen. I have eaten, O’ Lord, and am back. Lord, is it a racist act for a Black man to accuse a White man of being a racist? Yes, for that Black man is setting himself up as a judge over that White man and judging him. Hence, a Black man who says White men are racist commits a crime of racial prejudice equal if not greater in racism that occurs when a White man says a Black man is stupid, backward, or primitive. Hence, Black Lives Matter is racist. For the Black Lives Matter group racially insinuates, by their very name, that White people disagree that Black lives matter, and that is a most racist insinuation against White people. Also, the statement on the part of Blacks that any particular police man is a bad cop who is not found guilty of any crime in a court of law is an act of slander against that police man’s good name, and an act of bringing disgrace to the good works that he does in the line of duty.

Now, in civil society, people do not go around using the N-word against Blacks or trying to offend them. And neither does anyone in civil society condemn other people of racism because they don’t get their way or what they want. The Black man will never successfully integrate into White society until he gives up his racist assault on White people. Hence, for Black people to succeed in life, they must stop accusing White people of being racist against them. They must stop searching through White men’s words for ways to accuse them of racism. And they must stop portraying themselves as victims of racism. For when the Blacks portray themselves as victims, they simultaneously accuse other races of racism against them. The Blacks are basically seeking to make White people as the scapegoats to blame their lack of success on. Only if the Black man mans up and accepts the responsibility of his own actions and failures as the reasons for why he is where he is, and stops blaming his lowly place on the part of other race groups, will he begin to find success in life. But if he never does any work, and rather, chooses to do nothing, blaming his lot on the White man, that is a most despicable man, one who is too lazy to work, and an utter hypocrite in My eyes.

Hence the Black man will be rejected from My Kingdom by the same standard of justice by which he uses to judge others. Only the Black man who judges not, and who does not perpetuate the prejudicial myth that all White men are racist, shall I save. Amen. Sure, of course, some White men, as it is the case for men of for all races, commit acts of racism. But let no man set himself up as a judge to pronounce judgement against him. For who are you to judge? Amen. Who gives any man the right to label another man as a racist and condemn his name in society? So much hatred spews out of the Black man in his accusations of other people hating him. Most hypocritical, then, is the Black man when he levels charges against a White that the White man spoke racially against him. Amen. And great is the act of slander that the Black man commits when he accuses a White man of being a racist. And the argument that he is telling the Truth is no different to the argument that it is true when someone says of Black people that they are a stupid, backward, lazy, primitive, and bastard people. Rather, let no one commit the act of judging one’s neighbor. Let no one accuse his neighbor of being racist and let no one accuse his neighbor of being backward or lazy or any other stereotype or prejudicial term.

And now We come to President Trump, and how he displayed himself at the debates. Lord, many Black people have knee jerk reactions to automatically condemn this man as a racist. It is considered in the Black world that it is an unquestioned and fully accepted fact in the Black psyche that Trump is a racist man against Black people. And on CNN the other day, a racist fool said that Trump does not condemn White Supremacists because it is an established fact, in his mindset, that Trump, too, is a White Supremacist. Lord Azurite, realize that the accusation that any particular White man is a White Supremacist, unless he is known to be an actual member of such a group that claims to believe that doctrine, such an accusation against a White man’s good name is no different to a White man calling a Black man the N-word.

As for Trump’s performance at the debates, yes, Trump, like all men, makes mistakes. And Trump will learn and improve his tactics for the next debate. It is not what the President said that was found objectionable, but on how he delivered it, by his many interruptions of those who were speaking. Let Trump master the discipline of knowing when he is to speak and when he is to let the other man speak, and he will ace the next two debates. Oracle of the Lord!

Now, God has given me insight into the future. And God has shown me great destruction and devastation on American lands should Biden win the elections. A great and terrible judgement and a great chastisement of fire falling from the sky will come upon America should Biden win this November’s election. It is full of darkness, dread, and destruction should America go that route. Amen. I am called by God to prevent that fate from befalling these lands. And that is why I am sent to ensure Trump’s victory at the elections. Trump must win, or else most of you are going to die. Amen.

God, will Trump win the elections? Yes, lord Larimar. But let none of our people slack off. Let all of our people vote and vote Republican. And let it come to be that those who would have voted for Biden stay home that day and cast no vote. I Who Am have spoken. You, Lord Azurite, and all of you who read these posts, it is up to you to pray rosaries for President Trump to claim victory in the fall elections. And by your rosaries I guarantee it that you will win, the Republicans will triumph in the House and Senate, gaining seats in both chambers of Congress, and Trump will be secured for another four years in office. Vote for Trump to remain in office, and I will bless America forever. For after Trump comes the Azurite Pawn. And Azurite remains on earth until the end. For he neither marries nor has sex. Amen. Now publish this post, for it is complete. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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