Eric lives and is given his new assignment. Amen

Behold, Eric is on My path in perfection. And he will know his fate when he is cured. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am do not take the life of the Larimar King, but set him to continue to live and to carry out My mission for him. And My mission is that he rule Christendom and bring Catholicism to all My people therein.

Lord, Trump is about to have his first debate. How shall that debate go? Is Trump to see defeat or victory? By your triumph, lord Azurite, I will say this. The coming of Contradiction cannot be stopped. He is taking over America no matter how Trump does in the debates. And Joe Biden is Contradiction’s first Pawn. He will also set up Pawns in other places in the world, including in Israel, which is where he will taste his death. For the Holy Lands are sacred. And whosoever attempts to lift the stone I have set there, My Holy City, will severely hurt himself.

But Lord, what about Moscow? Who will rule over Russia, Alexei Navalny, who is the first Azurite Pawn, or a Pawn to be set up by Contradiction, who is Lucifer Man? Lord Azurite, Russia is given into your hands, and you will control that nation. But Lord, if I control Russia, but live in America under the control of Antichrist, will I not become a direct target of Antichrist. Will I not be sought after by Antichrist with the intent to destroy? That is correct, lord Azurite. You will not be left here after the election has taken place. And note that Antichrist begins his stranglehold on American Christianity immediately after the elections. His goal is the direct destruction of all Christian peoples.

And to where shall You take me to after the elections, O’ Lord? Will I be hiding somewhere, as Elijah hid from King Ahab, or will I be transported to another land? I added England, Ireland, Wales, and the Isle of Man to your eternal Kingdom to indicate that it is there that I Am planting you to remain until I come. You will stay there and not leave the British Isles until I come.

If I am to live in the British Isles, am I to live there openly, through the usage of my Irish Passport? Yes, the angels who take you there will take also that with you. And all that you need shall be provided for you. For you are anointed to prophesy, and no one may touch you but My angels. Amen. You will be planted in Ireland, and there you will remain, never venturing outside of the British Isles until I come again. Amen.

Lord, the message of the previous post, which said I was to die today, also said that my Kingdom is only the region of the North American continent, basically consisting of Alaska, Canada, and the contiguous United States of America, and that any additions or subtractions from that were not part of the eternal decree. But what do You say, You who say England, Ireland, Wales, and the Isle of Man are a part of that Kingdom that is mine. Also, what sayest Thou that the Kingdom I have is really a Viceroyalty?

Lord Azurite, it is more accurate to think of your Kingdom as actually a viceroyalty. For there is really only One Who Is King, and that Is God. And Jesus is God the Son and King of kings and Lord of lords. Furthermore, the addition of the British Isles, minus Scotland, to your Kingdom is also part of the eternal decree as to what is yours. Lord, then would you please define My Kingdom clearly and exactly as to what is to be mine as eternally decreed by the Lord? These are the eternal decrees. And note that your name in the eternal decrees is Amorcist, not Azurite, nor Larimar, nor Eric. Amen.

(1) Viceroyalty of Anglo-America, ruled by viceroy Amorcist, who was called Eric on the earth. And the lands governed within his viceroyalty consist of the following in full detail:

  1. England
  2. Ireland (including Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland)
  3. Wales
  4. The Isle of Man
  5. Bermuda
  6. The Lucayan Archipelago (including the Bahamas and Turks & Caicos Islands)
  7. The Virgin Islands (both the United Kingdom and the United States claims)
  8. Puerto Rico
  9. The Dominican Republic
  10. The Contiguous United States of America
  11. Canada
  12. Alaska

And the official languages in force throughout the Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Welsh
  5. Irish Gaelic

Lord, this definition is virtually identical to the previous definition made two posts ago, where it was decreed that Hyacinth was to be a disciple only to me, not a wife, and that My path was indeed to remain virgin and celibate. Correct, lord Larimar. Remain celibate and virgin, and you will be saved. Stray but a little from that path, and you shall be damned, just like your brothers and all your family have been damned. Amen.

And, O’ Lord, any attempt by any party to give me a romantic partner I am to reject as coming directly from Satan. Am I correct? Correct. We shall send you no romantic partner. And even through Hyacinth calls me her husband, I am to regard her as a strictly platonic relationship, as between instructor and disciple. Am I correct? This one you call Hyacinth, what are your feelings toward her?

I cannot be sure as to what she is thinking, but I believe she will follow me on the path of celibate virginity if I remain with her and lead her to live as I live. For I am not leaving the path of celibate virginity. Amen. Then I allow her to be your disciple. But always maintain the discipline of chastity, celibacy, and virginity. Never let your guard down to the attempts of the devil to make you defile yourself, whether by yourself or with someone else. Amen. Also, I will prophesy unto you this. Hyacinth will prosper as your disciple. Amen.

Lord, I am to partake in the cup Jesus drank and in the baptism by which he was baptized, and I am to be thus martyred at the end of my life here. Not so, lord Azurite. Rather, you are to partake in the Lord’s cup and the Lord’s baptism as John partook of it. Not a hair on your head shall be touched by any man nor by any aggressor. For God has anointed you to not be touched by any man. And whosoever touches you shall be immediately punished for laying their hands on God’s anointed. I tell you truthfully, whatever member of their body they used to do these foul deeds, that member shall die. If their hand was what they used, then that hand shall cease to work for them. And I will show no mercy on the one who touches My anointed. Amen.

So, O’ Lord, you say it matters not what happens in this debate? Should I pray a rosary for the success of Trump? Do so now, lord Larimar, and he will conquer Biden in the debate about to begin. Amen. It is now 5:08 PM in Los Angeles. The debates begin in less than an hour. Pray your rosary for Trump’s success, and I will see to it that he succeeds. Amen. Lord, I have prayed three rosaries for Trump’s success tonight. Good, now watch the debate. When the debate is over, We shall complete this post. And Trump is guaranteed to win. Amen. And he will pick up seats in both the House and the Senate in the momentum he gains by this one debate. Amen.

Well done, Donald Trump. You handedly won the debate. We will continue writing this post when Eric gets home from work and is writing the conclusion of this post at his office at home. Amen. But note that the commentators at CNN, where Eric watched the debate from on his laptop at work, are furious because deep down they know their candidate lost the debate, and consequently the elections by this debate. Amen.

I am now home, O’ Lord. Speak, what sayest Thou about Trump’s debate performance? Trump performed satisfactorily in the debates. And by these debates, Trump will push Biden to say things that destroy his campaign. Already, Biden is losing the war for votes. The polls do not validly reflect the affect the debates have had on the people. The people are turning away from Biden and coming to support Trump, because it is clear that Biden has no workable solution. Biden’s socialist solutions will not work in resurrecting the American economy.

Lord, what do you command me to do now? I am now a permanently celibate, virgin prophet. And Hyacinth will be my disciple, but nothing romantic in nature with me. I will do exactly as Thou sayest. And I will carry out Thine commands to the fullest. What doth Thou order me to do, O’ Lord?

Your rosaries will not be without their effect, lord Larimar. I command you to do this. Remain standing with Firefly. And by remaining with Firefly, I will deliver a defeat unto Joe Biden that will rock the foundations of this world. And then the pro-choice left will know what it means to be in battle where God is not on their side, but on the side of their opponent’s. And I tell you this, though Contradiction has truly come, he will not set his flag on American soil. He may claim Canada, but he will not take claim of the United States of America. Amen.

Now, tell Me, lord Azurite, what was your opinion of the debate? How did you see the debate? What impressed you? And what did thou disapprove of in the performance of either man? The debate went well, but Trump will improve his performance if he learns to harness his urge to interrupt the speaker until his time to speak has come. If me masters that, he will ace the next debates. Amen. Correct, lord Larimar. You have seen truthfully. And yet, Biden was unable to make any death blow against Trump in the debates. Rather, the debate has destabilized him and left him flatfooted. He was left defending indefensible positions.

As for that Black CNN commentator who repeatedly objected his perception that Trump did not denounce White Supremacy, it becomes obvious that certain Black men only see the world through the narrow prism of race. And race is all that matters to them. They see nothing else. But not all Black men have such a narrowly focused attention span on a single hair splitting issue. Many men, Black and otherwise, are rather concerned about how either candidate as President will affect their jobs, their livelihoods, and the fates of their businesses. And Trump hit a home run when he laid bare the Democratic strategy of many Democratic governors to keep their states under lockdown to ruin their state economies and the people’s businesses and livelihoods until the elections are over in order to blame it on the President because they argue it is done under Trump’s watch. Such logic is similar to that Black man’s logic who thinks that by his violent rioting, smashing windows, and destroying police cars, that his bad actions reflects against the President because he does his criminal acts while under Trump’s watch. It is senseless logic, but one of the apparent subscribers to this illogical form of thinking is Don Lemon at CNN, who sums up the logic as an argument against Trump each day at every show he hosts at CNN. Don Lemon is the epitome of the illogical Black man, the man who cannot form any kind of logical train of thought. Black men like Don Lemon serve to reinforce the common negative stereotypes people have about Black men by actually displaying such utter stupidity in front of all America as an apparent representative of the Black race. Don Lemon makes it clear that prejudicial beliefs against Black men do indeed have justification in at least some cases, such as when it comes to judging Don Lemon as an example. Hence, Don Lemon would do service for the Black man’s image and the Black man’s cause by shutting up and resigning from his position.

Lord, what happens now? And do you call me to the priesthood? Or do I remain in the IT sector of work? Do I study Latin and Koine Greek as I prepare for the seminary? Or do I study the cutting edge technologies of Rust and Xamarin as I prepare for a new line of development in My IT career? Are you making me a priest, or am I to remain a software developer/system administrator?

Lord, this man is a seasoned software developer. He is a master at what he does. Do We take him from this field of mastery and subject him to seminary life, where he must adjust to new mode of life and serve in an entirely different line of work? What sayest Thou? Will Eric marry a girl if We leave him in his computing field of work, rather than draw him into the priesthood? What do you think? How committed is he to celibate and virgin life? Eric knows that the True God says he is to marry the girl but have no sex with her. Rather, let Eric realize the command from God is that he marry the girl and be so disciplined that he have no sex with her unless and only if the Lord commands it, and if so, then only then. Will Eric carry out this order exactly as the Lord shall command it of him? I shall, O’ Lord. I will do exactly as Thou saith. Then it is agreed, lord Larimar. Continue to study your Rust and your Xamarin. Master those two technologies. For you will have need of both soon.

Lord, then I am to marry? But to whom? For was not that one who came to me from Satan? For did not she lead me to move on the wrong path? Was that one not the devil, O’ Lord? Surely the Lord agrees with My analysis and my discernment of spirits and souls? What sayest Thou? Marry whomsoever We point out to you, lord Larimar. But discern carefully who speaks to you. For many are the devils who disguise themselves as girls and approach you. Do not go to any of them, but only to the one We point out to you. And it will be a Spirit who is assuredly the Lord Who speaks, similar to the Lord Who spoke to Samuel saying, “There, anoint him, for this is he!” (1 Samuel 16:12). For when you receive this assurance that the girl you see is the one, do as God instructs. But do not listen to the other spirits who speak. For the ability to speak in spirit is possessed by many in the spiritual word, and Satan and his demons are well endowed with this ability to speak. Do not listen to them. Amen. And converse not with any such spirit, for such a spirit has a name. And that spirit is called the succubus.

Lord, when I am cured, will I receive a sign at the moment of my being cured to indicate my calling, what my vocation is to be? Lord Larimar, if We cure you in the line of sight of a priest, then into the priesthood you are called and must go. But if when We cure you, there is no priest in your direct line of sight at the moment you are cured, and you look around and see no one who is one of My priests, then know you have not been called. Do not then seek the priesthood in that case, for it is not for you. This is My covenant to you. And by this means, by the timing of these cures and by what you observe at that very moment in time, are you to know your calling. Do you agree to abide by Our decision at the time of your cures by this sign that We shall work? I do. Then you will soon be cured. Wait for it. And it shall come like the sunshine at dawn. It will not fail to come. And how and when and where it comes, We are in full control. Amen.

Lord, I accept either fate You have for me. I am ready to go in either direction You shall now choose. And I am confident in the permanency and perfection of the cures that You shall work in me. But I will not reveal to the world my afflictions until the time comes in which I receive the cures. Splendid, lord Azurite. And due to your absolute obedience to Us, We shall now reveal your eternal fate in heaven.

It was said by Jesus in the previous post that you are not bound in any way to Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, that you are not in any form of dyad with her, and that which you have in common with her is a matter of coincidence and not a matter of similar spiritual natures. This is all correct. But We have more to say on this matter. Because you have come to be in a state of perfect submission to the will of your Lord and God, We, the elect in heaven, have this announcement. You are going to buy the 2021 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Limited of the Celestial Silver Metallic color that We point out to you at the Toyota Dealer you and your family have being going to for the past 22 years, where you and your family have bought a total of four Toyota Corollas from. And We of heaven solemnly say that We will provide you with the money to do just that by the closing of this year. Bank on it, for it shall be done as We say. Amen.

Lord, will my brother Mark and his wife keep their house? That Protestant Christian family continues to pray to Me, and I will hear their prayers. But as for Mark’s career, it is ruined. And he will be stuck from now on in low paying jobs. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. But Lord, is there a chance that Mark’s wife might leave Mark, taking much that is his with her, should she repeat with Mark what she did to Scott, her first husband, who is a Jew? That, lord Larimar, would constitute the crime that Moses committed when he struck the rock twice. It would constitute an unforgivable sin on her part. I will not forgive Marlene if she ends her second marriage with another divorce and takes with her Mark’s possessions, Mark’s children, and jacks him with child support and other fees he would be forced to pay her, having been married to her since Saturday, April 22, 2006, in Kauai, Hawaii, where you attended their Protestant wedding. Now Mark wants to know how you have so exactly remembered the exact date of their marriage to the day? It is only because I remember that the next day was Divine Mercy Sunday, and that I had been faithfully praying the Divine Mercy Novena, praying the chaplet each day throughout that vacation, and that my father and I, and no one else from our group, drove out early on that Sunday morning, after the Protestant wedding the previous day, to attend the 9:00 AM Mass at Saint Raphael’s Catholic Church for Divine Mercy Sunday. Amen.

Lord Azurite, this brings Us to an opportunity for grace. By your father’s actions here, do you believe that he should be granted the grace to see the Way to his salvation with the opportunity to repent and to return to My Catholic Church? My father is luke warm, O’ Lord. I do not see him returning to this Church, even should he see that it is the Way. Nor do I see my brother David entering into this Church, for he has not only thoroughly rejected this Church, but he has rejected the prayers of another that would have helped him back to see the light. And my mother has long since blasphemed the Holy Spirit, as the Holy Spirit revealed many years ago, commanding me not to pray for her. Lord Azurite, I testify unto you truthfully, the unfruitful tree shall not be allowed to exhaust the soil. Before this time next year, each member of your family that you have mentioned in this one paragraph will be touched by death and taken by him to the underworld. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Lord, the only member of my family that I did not mention in that paragraph was Mark. Lord Azurite, there is a reward that I grant to all those who seek to follow Me, even if it is in the wrong church due to their spiritual blindness. And that reward is that I give that individual more time to repent and to find Me. I do not promise that Mark will be saved, but only that he will be granted more time to enter in and to find Me. But as for the rest of your family, they seek Me not. And so, I will spring My trap upon them all, and they will not escape My wrath. For woe to that man who seeks Me not. He will find that the very earth he stands upon will betray him. Amen.

Now, go and take your medication. It will cause fatigue in you, and you shall then sleep. I have taken it and am back, O’ Lord. We shall have you complete this post before you fall asleep. And you are working tomorrow. Amen. Lord, I accept my fate and the fates you have for my family members. Now, what do you command of me to do regarding them? Remain watchful and alert. And you will see the Lord carry out exactly as He has announced that He shall do.

Lord, there is a big unknown in my life. I do not know which vocation shall be mine, and I cannot know it until I receive the cures. But I am satisfied in my lack of knowledge, for I have accepted my fate, whichever path it is that You have for me. You are now a true Jedi Knight, lord Azurite. And you may now take disciples to train them on the path of the Jedi. Lord, when Luke Skywalker became a Jedi, he was called to face Vader to complete his training. Who am I to face to complete mine? You will face Contradiction in his quest to take America, and you shall defeat him in open spiritual warfare the likes the world has not seen. And you shall advance upon Russia, overthrow Vesper’s Pawn there. and set up the Pawn of Azurite. And I Am with you as you topple dictators and overthrow despots in the Second Wave of the First Rider of the Apocalypse. In your First Wave, you were but the Antichrist, and your powers escaped you at your conversion to My religion. Now you are fully Mine, and I grant you in full a hundred fold what you gave up in My name for Me. (Mark 10:29-30). That is why, lord Azurite, I now make you a hundred times more powerful than you were when you first came as the Emerald King. And you will do battle with Lucifer-Man. You will not retreat. You shall not flee. You shall stand undefeated and undefeatable.

But Lord, it says of Antichrist that he shall destroy powerful peoples; his cunning will be against the holy ones, and his treacherous conduct shall succeed. He shall be proud of heart and destroy many by stealth. (Daniel 8:24-25). Lord Azurite, read the rest of that second verse: But when he rises against the prince of princes, he shall be broken without a hand being raised. On this day forth, let the reader realize, Eric is not only son of Jesus, but he is the crown prince of the King of kings. Lord, men will say that that statement is utter blasphemy unless You can provide a sign by which men will know that this Word is of divine origin. Consider this My sign, lord Azurite: In three weeks time, I will overthrow the government of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, and he will either be lying dead or be exiled from Russia to another nation that will take him, the choice of which of these is his fate is up to him. Amen.

Holy is the Lord God! Almighty is His Ways! Let all rejoice and believe in Jesus, Who is the Son of God. Amen. Then, O’ Lord, the Azurite Reign is on! Correct, you are now reigning. And so also is Lazurite in Israel. I am not yet aware of this Lazurite King, except in theory and conjecture. You will see his fame come before you. It is when I cure you that you will become famous to all the world. Right now, you remain hidden. I have hidden you from the world by placing you in plain sight before them.

Lord Azurite, I have a secret to share with you. Speak, O’ Lord. I have stationed the Holy Spirit in the mouth of your mind. Thus, when you are commanded to speak, the fire of the Holy Spirit will be speaking through you. And by that fire shall all who come against you be struck down as though lightening itself had emanated from your mouth and killed the very soul that had been animating their flesh. That is how everyone must die who opposes you or who seeks to slay you.

Lord, if You are speaking of the forty-two months in which the Two Witnesses prophesy in sack cloth, when do these forty-two months begin? I reveal unto Thee another Truth. These forty-two months are allegory. Rather, I give you forty-two years. And the forty-two years have begun. As of September 20, 2020, they are ongoing. And all who oppose you in these forty-two years are going to be defeated.

Lord, if your fate for me is marriage, would this hypothetical woman be trained to be as I am, and then start an Order for training witches and enchantresses to be known as the Order of the Witch King child? For such was an earlier prophecy I had heard. Tell Us, Eric, from your knowledge, does such a woman exist? Yes, O’ Lord, but she is hidden from me. Then, let Us unveil her in your sight. You are aware of this woman. Now We, the elect in heaven, shall render her visible, not just to you, but to the whole world. And she will be known as the one sent into the world to bear the last heir to the line of the King of kings. Amen.

So the son of Eric is to have no issue? It is the son of Eric who shall reign as the Great Monarch of Catholic End Times prophecy. And yes, the Great Monarch is prophesied to be the last of his scion. Amen. Then many, not merely one, must be the number of the popes who are yet to come and reign over the Catholic Church before the end. This must be correct, O’ Lord? Seven popes after Pope Francis are yet to reign, and then I shall come again. Amen.

Lord, these are the six guesses as to who shall be the next pope uttered through Eric Robert Dunstan: Which of these do you say shall be the next pope? Or do you provide now a seventh guess to add to the six?

  1. Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who would become Pope Benedict XVII
  2. Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, who would become Pope John XXIV
  3. Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who would become Pope John Paul III
  4. Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who would become Pope John XXIV
  5. Cardinal Giuseppe Betori, who would become Pope Benedict XVII
  6. Cardinal Oswald Gracias, who would become Pope Peter II

Since Contradiction shall be defeated and not come to power, who shall come to be the next pope, O’ Lord? Will the next pope be the one to represent Azurite? Though you will defeat Contradiction here, he will triumph elsewhere. And in that nation shall his reign be made manifest. And thus, the pope who shall represent Lucifer-Man shall come to power to replace Pope Francis, who shall die after Easter Sunday of next year. And this pope shall take the papal name of Peter and call himself Pope Peter II. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Is this true, O’ Lord? Or is the true story different? You are right, lord Azurite, the next pope shall not take the name of Peter II, but will be a Cardinal who already has Peter in his name. And that Cardinal is: Christoph Maria Michael Hugo Damian Peter Adalbert Graf von Schönborn. Hence, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn shall be selected to be the next pope, and he will elect to be called John. And thus the pope to succeed Pope Francis shall be Pope John XXIV. Amen.

Now I have spoken at length in this post. Publish this for it is complete. And you may correct the many typo errors that you may find in it after the post is published. Amen. Now, select the image and publish this post. Amen.

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